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Rhaella (Ray-Ella)

Rhaegar (Ray-Gar)

Viserys (Viz-Er-Ys)

Rhaenyra (Ray-Near-Uh)

Daenerys (Dan-Er-Ys)

Rhaenys (Ray-Niece)

Aegon (Egg-On)

Valaena (Val-Eh-Na)

Baela (Bay-La)


As the storms raged on, wails and screams mixed into the noise as the Queen of Westeros labored on. Exhausted and in absolute pain she was pausing between pushes with the midwife telling her while her two-person maids held her hands, encouraging her despite the war raging on as well. Queen Rhaella had dreamed of two beautiful girls both pale-skinned, white-haired; one with violet eyes the other dark indigo. Both Targaryen; both queens. One wore a gold open circlet with intricate designs around the black and red gems, the other a bronze open circlet with runes of the First Men. When she had spoken about this to her handmaidens they all said that there will be twin princesses. The Queen's thoughts were cut off by another bout of pain just minutes after the last.

"Mother," a voice called Rhaella looked to see her eldest son and child, Rhaegar, came inside. "How do you fair?" he asked, pressing a kiss to her forehead. One of her sweet boys had come to check on her.

"Painful. They will be here soon," she announced as he smiled soothingly.

"I cannot wait to meet my sisters. You must stay strong Mother," he urged holding her hand in his.

"The girls? The children?" Elia asked as she braced herself.

"They're all safe and tucked away," he smiled before frowning softly but with love. "I must leave now Mother. But stay strong," he repeated before Rhaella screamed, the voices of the birthing maids came back as she pushed. Shouts of encouragements were only heard as the Queen pushed her first child out, the wails and screams took over as Rhaella panted, staring at the newborn.

"Good job girl," the woman praised as she took the child, the maid to her right dabbed her forehead.

"The second is coming along," the woman spoke as the queen felt it. Once again she squeezed the hands, Rhaella pushed as the second babe started to pass through, it took a bit shorter than the other child. Her second daughter had been born. "Congratulations, Your Grace. You gave birth to two healthy girls," the woman spoke as she showed Rhaella the twins; on the right was the violet-eyed babe the other held the indigo eyed child. "This is the eldest," she motioned to the right.

"Very well, she shall be named Rhaenyra, the other Daenerys," she smiled, feeling weaker by the minute.


Stannis Baratheon was a war riddled man, nothing phased him, but this. Staring at the former Queen of Westeros, the eternally beautiful Rhaella Targaryen, but now the once young-looking queen laid tired, weak from the birth, a wailing newborn on her chest.

"Please," she called, it was dull and low, she would not be long in this world. "My daughter," Or one of them at least the other was smuggled out with the surviving male, Viserys. "She just needs her first name, Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra Stormborn," She requested a Stannis smile softly. Ever so gently, he removed the newborn, a Targaryen maid stood nearby, tear-filled eyes, he gently holds the quieting girl. Rhealla smiles, her pale purple eyes dulling.

"I promise, My Lady. Your child will be raised in a high house," Stannis swore. If Robert were to try and kill the child, he would protect her. The former queen took a final breath before going still as the maid cried out. Immediately the knight, Ser Davos, covered the queen with a white sheet after closing her eyes. The maid was teary as Stannis approached her. "Have the Lady Rhaella buries among her kin, seal the tombs," he ordered, not wanting anyone to desecrate the ancestral family.

"Of course, My Lord," she curtsied, placing a hand over her stomach as she left, going to round up the remaining household to do so, that left Stannis and Davos to watch over the newborn as she wiggled.

"Do you require help My Lord?" the man asked having cared for a babe before. Stannis shook his head 'no.'

"No, I once held my younger brother when he was a babe. It's been a while though," he amended making the knight smile.

"Well, they are all different, what worked for my son might not work for the little princess," he cleared his throat suddenly. "Sorry, I guess she is not a princess anymore," he countered the new information, Robert had just been named King. Negating the child's own titles as a Targaryen, but that did worry Stannis. With his brother an anti-Targaryen, there was a strong chance he might kill the indigo-eyed child who gave him a bright smile.

"No matter her current titles she will always be a Princess," the Lord spoke. This child of Old Valyria will always be a Princess. "But I will keep my promise to her mother in raising Rhaenyra. Should Robert order her death, I will take her into my home," the leader spoke as they exited the chambers while the Silent Sisters took care of the Targaryen burial. Walking outside he saw many of his loyal men, having refused Lannisters to join. "Saddle up we're heading back to King's Landing," Stannis called as everyone mounted up.


Eddard Stark slowly approached the doors blocking him from his best friend and foster brother, Robert Baratheon, now their King.

"STARK! Get in here, now!" the King roared, startling his little bundle. The baby let out a wail, making the tired man sigh, immediately a soldier appeared taking the child so Ned could go to Robert. As he came to the door Ser Barristan Selmy also came, his bandages were seen as he calmly greeted the Lord of Winterfell.

"He sounds angry," the northerner spoke as the former Targaryen guard nodded.

"Yes, he does," together they entered the throne room that once was the showroom when Tywin Lannister showed off his loyalty by showing off the bodies of Rhaegar's family. His wife, Elia Martell, who had been brutally raped and murdered by Gregor Clegane and their children Rhaenys and Aegon. Ned remembered the horror that came across the people there; the Starks and Baratheons, the Aryn and even some of the Lannisters, Jaime especially if the Lord had seen right. But now they were empty save for the new King and the new Hand. There were just a few others, Ned automatically noticed Stannis and Renly Baratheon, Robert's brothers, the youngest had been hidden away from the war. But when Ned focused he saw the intensity on Stannis' face as Robert looked angry.

"You are a pain in my ass Stannis," the man growled before his brother snarled back.

"Give her back then! I will take her," he ordered as Jon came closer to soothe any fights.

"No," Robert simply said, silencing them all. "Ned, follow," he ordered as he led Jon, Ned, Barristan, Stannis, and Renly to a secluded room. There was a cradle, an Arryn guard standing there before he moved away at his lord's request.

"What is this?" Ned asked, confused as Renly ran around to one side, peering inside with a small smile. A soft coo caught his attention, slowly he approached before spotting a child, purple-eyed and pale hair. "Gods," he breathed in shock. Most babies were naturally blue-eyed, then their eyes would change color to their natural color. But Targaryens must be different as this child had her Valyrian heritage showing bright and true.

"Her sister and brother fled to the East by a loyalist, but she had still been in her mother's arms," Stannis explained as Barristan came closer before staring in awe at the former princess of a long dynasty.

"Stannis wanted to keep her," Robert spoke up as Jon joined in staring at the girl, a soft look on his face.

"By the Gods, Robert she is just a babe!" Stannis growled trying not to yell.

"A Targaryen!" Robert's voice boomed alarming the baby. "She grows up and can take back the Iron Throne!" he spat as Jon got Ned's attention.

"A child of Valyria for the North, you can raise her to be loyal and a good person," the old man must have gone crazy. A Targaryen in the North after what her father and brother caused? The poor thing might be killed. "She is just a babe! One of high blood!" Jon whispered before Ned thought.

"Robert," the silent lord called stopping a brother battle of arguments. "What if I raise her in the North? Marry her into the family," Ned spoke as Robert paused. "You don't want to be considered a baby killer, just after ascending to the throne," the man claimed many already heard of Rhaegar's family and thought it wrong. "Catelyn told me we had a boy, I could marry them. Bind her to the throne," he finished as Jon looked to Robert for his response. The King was silent as he looked at his best friend before glaring at the cradle.

"Take her and now," he claimed the northern lord setting to get everything ready, and now transporting two babes instead of one.


The march had been uneventful, many had been slightly alarmed to find that one of the two babies was the daughter of the Mad King. But others were calmer, especially with how quiet, she naturally was. While the Lord of Winterfell watched his men march through before spotting a very pale woman walking despite her dark cloak trying to cover her. The white-haired shocked him as he moved to her, seeing the woman tense, but not run, she allowed him to walk her inside. The guards would no doubt take the babes to the Maester.

"Who are you?" he asked as she removed her hood. Showing off her bright blonde, almost white, hair, her eyes a light blue-like his, but much brighter.

"Valaena, My Lord," she spoke, her tone demanded respect but her demeanor and face were peaceful and calm.

"Surname?" Ned asked as she narrowed her eyes.

"Velaryon," Valaena claimed as Ned almost swore.

"How were you part of the Targaryen household?" he asked as the woman frowned softly.

"It is my family. The Velaryons and Targaryens have been allies and family for a thousand years," she claimed and Ned knew the meaning, their lines went further than Westeros. "I was in the Queen's household, I was a cousin to them by our grandfathers," Valaena finished as Ned sighed as his eyes fell to her belly that was a bit big.

"The father?" he asked as she looked down.

"He is not allowed to claim us, his oath prevents it," she said tears thick in her voice.

"I'm so sorry for that," he apologized, this woman, now in the North, had to raise a child alone.

"I was originally at Dragonstone during Queen Rhaella's labor, I snuck into Lord Stannis' army before doing the same here, a fellow servant had given me food to leave, I stayed hidden among the animals," she explained.

"So you'd be able to care of the Princess?" Ned asked her, surprising the woman. "How far are you?" he asked as she thought. She had barely been pregnant when she left to Dragonstone but now she was showing.

"Six, seven maybe. My family has always given birth to small girls," she laughed, sitting with his help on a bench.

"You should not have made the march this close to the birth," Ned gave a soft scold.

"I had to leave King's Landing as fast as possible. With Robert now King, my child and I would be dead, regardless of the name," Valaena spoke knowing he would've thought her a Targaryen.

"Then you will live in my household, as the caregiver and once your little one comes possible wet nurse," he offered as she nodded. Thankful, she would not have to raise her child with struggle.


Valaena was accepted into the household quickly, Maester Luwin taught her what to do until her child's birth. Princess Rhaenyra was carefully accepted by the North and remaining Stark family. Catelyn felt remorse for the girl, no family to know, but a place that her family almost completely ruined, so she took the infant dragon into her family. Jon Snow, Ned's proclaimed bastard, was brought into the Stark family, despite the anger she had towards her husband, she knew it would be wrong to aim it at the child too but she could not help but feel some anger at having him here. But with Rhaenyra she seemed to give some leeway, as the two grew so did their bond to Robb, the heir to Winterfell and Rhaenyra's betrothed.

When Ned left to go fight the Greyjoys he returned with another boy, Theon Greyjoy, a ward of Winterfell like the Princess. Together the four were menaces within the castles, tearing through the halls of Winterfell. Rhaenyra and Robb knew they were to marry, Valaena had been right about giving birth to a small Valyrian girl with blue eyes, they along with Lynara, a loyal friend of Ned's, cared for and protected the Princess.

Rhaenyra Targaryen was no fool though, from the looks and whispers, she knew many were waiting for her to follow her father into madness. But she wanted to do her best to heal the North for what her family caused, though everyone saw her sweet and ladylike nature among her 'warrior heart' as a Rodrik claimed. Loving her friends and the Starks as her own, swearing to do well as Lady Stark.


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