Villains, their minions, and all others who were hired sat at around outside Delightful Manor in the cool evening air at folding tables the caterers had set up.

They told tales of their fights on the moonbase in great excitement as they guzzled down bottles full of soda and bit down on pulled pork sandwiches.

In the caterer's tent, Father was on a call with a contractor, heatedly trying to convince the man on the other side of the phone, that the request was when saw his Delightful Children returning to the tent for seconds.

"Hold on a moment, Children," he said.

They stopped and looked at him as he approached.

"Yes Father?"

"Where's Mr. Fizz at?"

"We believe he's on the other side of the mansion sir."

"Good. Well, we had a little issue with the soda."

"Do you want us to go fetch him?"

"No, actually, you shouldn't. You see it looks like I've bought to much soda for the evening. I would drink some myself, but I need to be sharp when I call back the contractors. So…"

Father reached into the cooler and brought out a bottle of finely aged grape soda and poured some in five cups.

"Go ahead and have some."

"But Father that's against the law."

"As long as no one who cares sees it, there won't be a problem. Besides, this could be your only chance to have soda until teenhood, I'd take this opportunity."

The Delightful Children stared at Father, wondering if this was a test of some sort, but they could see no malice in his eyes, it was actually a look they couldn't place as they hadn't seen it before.

Risking his possible wrath, they grabbed the cups and took a sip. It was perhaps the greatest thing they would ever taste.

"Thank you, Father."

"Don't mention it." Father's phone then began to ring again. "If you'll excuse me-"

The Delightful Children walked away and Father answered his phone. "Look, it's a ship that can sail the suburbs, is it that unrealistic to think that it may end up in someone's roof?"

"Father, this is Mr. Boss."

"Mr. Boss! If everything's going well up in the Artic Base, why not pop on by, we still have plenty of soda and BBQ to go around."

"I've heard, but something else has come to my attention and you need to hear it."

Father's tone turned from jovial to businesslike. "What is it?"

"The Consultant found something when he was on the Moonbase, he told me to take down a memo for you."

"Well, what did it say?"

"It says: 'Father, during the mission I broke away to investigate the holding cells for my son, when he wasn't found among them, I checked the computer. After some investigation, I now know where my son is. I can't say too much, I don't know if they could be listening. All you need to know is the following, I'm taking an escape pod and traveling to an undisclosed location until further notice. Secondly, beware, your enemy is far bigger than you've ever imagined. The Consultant.'"
"Cryptic. You got any idea what he meant by that last part?"

"I didn't at first, so I had my employees steal as much data from the computer before the base was destroyed. We were only able to find bits and pieces, but we found what we think is the name: G:KND."

"G:KND? I'm 99% sure what the KND stands for, but not the G."

"Same here, but what we've found combined with what the Consultant said and how he said it… I wonder if by destroying the moonbase, we bit off more than we can chew."

Father thought for a few moments. "Well, we should investigate as thoroughly as possible, but right now, let's not worry our heads on what we essentially know nothing about. Why not come on down?"

Mr. Boss was silent for a moment. "I may come by a bit later."

"Suit yourself." Father hung up the phone and turned to grab some food himself.

As he filled his plate, he couldn't help but wonder what this G:KND was, but at the same time, his thoughts were on the Consultant, and though he would never admit it out loud, he was happy he was one step closer to finding his son.

Glancing over his shoulder, he saw his Delightful Children taking a seat with some Teen Ninjas near the tent, and though one couldn't tell, beneath his silhouette suit, he was smiling.

A Final Note From Your Author: I understand it's taken me a longer time than most would to finish this story, and so I'd like to say thank you for not only reading, but being patient with me as I wrote this.

I'm uncertain at the time if I want to write a sequel to this story and continue the cannon I've developed. Here, on the one hand, I'm content with the story I've written, and the things I left vague such as the Consultant's disappearance and the exact location of his son would keep my story interesting to readers who wish to theorize where they are and perhaps build off this cannon in their own minds.

On the other hand, the idea of fleshing out this cannon is somewhat enticing as a way to challenge myself, improve myself as a writer, and continue to provide entertainment for those who come across my profile.

What I can say with certainty is that I am happy I have finally finished this story, and regardless of how you feel about it, thank you once more for reading any amount of it.