And here's Chapter 2. Ame wrote this one and it will be in her writing style.

(Ame's P.o.v)

Good question. Are we in coma?

I boop Adi's nose.

"Did you feel that?"

Adi blushed.

"U-umm...yeah?" He says, flustered.

"Well, good news, we aren't in coma."

I reply, slightly amused.

Adi's eyes widen.

"Holy shit...that means we're in the Overwatch universe...well Overwatch AU..." He says.

I shrug. "Could be worse, ya know?"

"Yeah. At least I-" He stops.

Hm? Why'd he stop?


After that, he starts panting. I hug Adi, trying to calm him down.

"Thanks...sorry about that outburst. It's just that I realized how fucked we really are..." he says between pants.

"It's fine. Just relax." I try help him, but I know, that sadly, stress is something that I nor Adi can control.

"A-all right...I-I think we'll survive as long as we have each other and stick with them." He says, calming down slightly.

He start's chanting to himself about everything being okay.

"Everything's okay.." I mumble, recalling a song I used to know. I notice, that Adi seems to be calming down.

"Thanks, Ame. You're the best." He grins at me.

The signature grin of Adi. Heh.

"You are too, Adi." I smile, still trying to recall more of the lyrics.

'Awww' is all he said before hugging me. Adi is such a sweet though.

"What's going to happen. What does the future hold? So many things that I put off. Assuming I'd have time.."

I whisper to myself, finally remembering the lyrics.

"What song is that?" I hear Adi ask.

I blush a little. Did he hear that?

"It's called "What's going to happen." I just call it "Everything's okay.""

"Oh. Well, you have a beautiful singing voice." He smiles, pacing around the medical room.

I turn away. No I don't. And I know that for a fact.


I hear a sigh. After a bit of silence, I hear some singing.

"Monday left me broken~

Tuesday I was through with hoping~

Wednesday my empty arms were open~

Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love~"

I hear Adi sing.

Wow. He is a good singer...

"C'mon, I think singing shall cheer us up" Adi grins.

"It does."

I reply, smiling like an idiot.

I don't want to admit, but I like singing, but only alone, really. Adi proceeds to rap various Eminem songs.

He goes overboard with the expressions, making me laugh.

He is funny, as always. Im trying to recall another song. I start to sing a little more.

"Believe me I know, I've sunk pretty low, but whatever I've done you deserved. Im the bad guy, that's fine. It's no fault of mine, and some justice at last will be served."

Adi smiles and sings along. How the hell did he hear me?!

"Now it's time to step up, or the time to back down, and there's only on answer for me!"

Adi even dances a little!

"And Ill stand up and fight 'cause I know that Im right!"

Should I dance then?

Adi then stops for a moment and adopts a thinking pose. What's going on?

Mama always told me don't you run ~

Don't you run with scissors, son~

You're gonna hurt someone~

Mama told me look before you leap~

Always think before you speak~

and watch the friends you keep~

Adi starts to sing.

Stay along the beaten path, never listened when she said~

Sharp edges have consequences~

I guess that I had to find out for myself~

Sharp edges have consequences~

Now every scar is a story I can tell~

He sings with a dance.

We all fall down

We live somehow

We learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

We all fall down.

We live somehow.

We learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


Stay along the beaten path, never listened when she said

Sharp edges have consequences

I guess that I had to find out for myself

Sharp edges have consequences

Now every scar is a story I can tell

He finishes with a grin.

I grin too.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire! You told me you were bad at singing!"

He tilts his head in confusion.

"I was good?" He asks.


I humm, still smiling.

He blushes and scratches his head. "T-thanks. I didn't know if I was good or not." He smiles sheepishly.

"Well, now ya know, Goofball!"

I smile, trying to tease him.

Adi chuckles at that.

"We find out we're trapped in a another universe and we end up singing song. Only us..." He laughs, putting on his red hoodie. It was removed and set on a table next to him

"Only weird squadgoals!"

I laugh, adopting a more optimistic pose.

"Yup!" He says, mimicking my pose.

"If it's the universe I think it is...all the stuff involving Gods should be a thing too..." He says.

I nod.

"We're not very safe here if we're ever seperated from Firey and Angie" He sits on a chair.

"That is very true. But we also need to know, which timeline we are on. I can say, that Angela and Firey dont have kids yet."

I say, trying to remember the whole story. Crap, there is a ton.

"Hmm...from what I can tell...they are dating..." He says.

He then perks up and snaps his fingers.


"This could be the rp we did in PM. Right before our original Rp started!" Adi deduces. He then looks around for something

"True! But where the frick are we?"

"We're in a hospital..." He says.

"Wait...did you see Angela's clothing?" Adi asks me.

"She was wearing civilian clothing with a lab coat. Her badge...Her badge represents this hospital!" He exclaims

Where is Adi going with this?

"And if she's dating Firey...This is after the fall of Overwatch and before the recall!" He deduces.

"How the frick do you remember all of this?!"

I laugh, amused by all this.

"Well, I read through a lot of lore when I wrote my fanfics. And the not easy to forget the most fun I've had in my life." He replies with a weak smile.


Adi is smart. Very smart.

"Heh. I dont remember all of that.

You have quite the good memory!"

I say, smiling also.

" did convert the 'prequel' to a fanfic, remember?" He smirks.

"You can't forget loveable stories!"

Adi tells me.

"The one with Genjo the Ninjo?"

I reply, trying to hold back a laugh.

" The one and fucking only..." He grumbles.

The eternal grudge againts Genjo the Ninjo, the overwatch ninja-wannabe-playboy.

We wrote Genji to be a jerk, because we wanted a person that would just be stupid and hate Firey and love Angela. Well, we got that done. Firey and Genji had multiple fights in our stories, and we made Genji quite the yandere.

Back at the first roleplay, with Wlfman, the Genjo there was not that active, nor roleplayed that nicely. Back then, our shinaniganshad no meaning, really, and a lot of stuff happened. Ky was locked in a basement, Adi tried to make me date a Genjo(xD), Pharah was brainwashed...

"I hope we dont meet him."

Adi points out.

"Yep. That would not end well."

I reply.

" be honest. He was written with a childish-bratty personality." Adi states.

"Along with the playboy persona."

"Yeah..." He shakes his head in dissapointment for the character.

I yawn.

"What time is it?"

I feel really tired...

Adi looks at his phone, only to find out that its screen is cracked.

"Crap..." He curses as he slumps his shoulders.

"Let's ask Firey and Angie when they get here." Adi stares crestfallen.

"Im sure we can fix your phone, too!" I try to cheer him up...

"I doubt it's gonna work" He says.

"This is technically the future. They won't know how to fix 'primitive tech'." He adds.

Wow. He's really thought of everything..

"Hmm. Well... Then we'll get you a hologram phone "

I try again, but he is hard to cheer.

" Yeah... probably..." Adi says.

"Don't be sad. We can try to fix it though!"

I will not give up!

"Well, the best thing we can do is stick with Firey and Angie." He States.

"Very true." I reply.

"They are our best shot at getting back home. But we need to mentally prepare ourselves too" His expression turned serious.

Ah fuck.

This was unsettling. I only know of one time where he was very serious...

The times when we talk about our pasts. Me, Adi, and Ky.

Those moment's are serious. Those times, we listen, and think deeper. We try to stay strong, to be strong.

And we dont always succeed, sadly.

Adi never really is dead serious. He is more of a bubbly, kind, and a humoristic person, with a lot of personality, and heart to share. He is the kind of person that you can trust. A person that wont continue serious or sad, but spreads positivity.

I dont think any of us is that serious, on that note.

I snap out of my thoughts as Angela walks in. She looks very happy

"We are done you two!"

Angela says, her expression joyful.

"Huh?" Adi looks at the blonde doctor with a raised eyebrow.

"You goof."

I whisper to him.

"You mean we can leave this hospital?" I ask.

"Correct. Firey is waiting outside in his car!" Angela chirps.

"Neat! Let's just get my...ohh. I don't have my stuff. Only my phone." The goofball realizes.

"Lets head out then!" He says

"Yeah!" I smile.

We follow Angie out if the room.

When we are outside, we see Firey, in a car.

He was waving to us. Adi waves back in a similar fashion, making me chuckle.

A guy waving at his OC. It's funny thinking about it.

We step into the car.


This day has been nice.

Hopefully, it stays that way...


And thats a Wrap.

Hope ya enjoyed it! :D