"Ronald and Ginevra Weasley and Luna Lovegood yes?" Narcissa gently asked. To Hermione the question sounded more like a statement, one that the older woman wasn't expecting an answer to but even so she nodded her head. Fear coiling tightly around her fast beating heart.

"They were your.. our friends from many years ago." She knelt down in front on the floor, her pale hands trembling as she gasped Hermione's own. Stunning blue met cinnamon eyes. "We grew up together. The Weasleys and Lovegoods were our families old friends, well our parents preferred to call them acquaintances." Narcissa chuckled, brushing a stray tear from her cheek. "But we knew better."

An unladylike snort interrupted their affectionate gaze. Bellatrix still in her panther form leapt onto the couch much to her youngest sister's dismay. The once beautiful silky black furred creature transformed into her no less beautiful human self.

"Give us a break already."

Hermione glared at Bellatrix, her fingers curling tightly around Narcissa's. "What about the boys? They know who I'm talking about..." They do know right? They must do. Unless I..

Bellatrix cocked her head to the side, her tongue clicking against her teeth. Their eyes locked and she shook her head, confirming Hermione's theory.

"You grew up in an orphanage. In a time that didn't belong to you and you were far away from home. You were deaged and young children are impressionable while no one obviously knew this, they just went along with your quirks." Andromeda says quirks as if acid upon her tongue, a dark glaze taking over her stormy grey eyes.

She bit her lip, tasting the metallic copper of her blood. "They thought I was mad." She didn't know what to make of her friends believing that she was mentality unstable.

"We believe you never lost your memories but somehow repressed them to the point that you couldn't retrieve them. While the world may thought you mad you wasn't, it was your previous memories slowly coming back to you." Andromeda explained. "You somehow managed to keep the names of your annoying friends though.. how.. unfortunate."

Narcissa rolled her eyes but Hermione saw no malice in her behaviour more like affection from her sisters teasing.

"Ignore my sister love.. she has always been jealous of our friends. Couldn't quite detach herself from Bella long enough to make her own."

Andromeda threw her head back and laughed. "Salazar Cissy no.. absolutely not. You two," she pointed a finger at Hermione and Narcissa "were so wrapped up in each other I'm not surprised that you don't quite remember why I couldn't stand the redheaded weasel."

"Oh do tell sister." Narcissa bit back, making herself comfortable in her chair by the fireplace. Her eyes shimmering in mischief. This was the first time Hermione had seen the three Black sisters sitting together without one of them trying to seduce the other or in Narcissa's case trying to back herself out of the older sisters unrelentious flirting and failing miserably.

"Ronald was obsessed with me. Everywhere I went that redheaded menace would follow always in my bloody shadow." Andromeda groaned. "And because you two were sneaking off to play healers and patients with one another it was left to Bella and I to entertain him and the girls. At least Luna and Gin were something pleasant to look at."

Bellatrix wolfishly grinned "the boy would watch you and I together."

"Don't remind me. He was a creepy perv." Andromeda smiled at Bellatrix "though it did make some very interesting times didn't it?"

Narcissa winced, turning her full attention on to Hermione. "And I think we have lost them my love." She gracefully stood from her seat taking Hermione's hand in her own. "Why don't we continue this alone? I would like to try and see if we can retrieve more of your past."

Hermione could hear the soft desperation in her cousins voice and she didn't have the heart to turn the woman down even if she wanted to, which she didn't. Any time alone with the blonde was what the brunette had come to crave.

"Alright lead the way." She smiled reassuringly at Narcissa, who smiled brightly back.