This must be what fish feel like, as they're reeled up from the water. A gentle pull, slowly increasing in resistance until the surface of the water is broken. Sunny's head felt like the fish, slowly extracting itself from the dreamlike fog until it broke through into consciousness.

That makes it sound so poetic, waking up calmly and with a clear mind.

What actually happened was that Sunny was asleep on a bench, she tried to roll onto her side, and she fell off, jolting herself awake. Her head felt as though it was stuffed with cotton, and the rest of her felt numb. Slowly, her limbs regained consciousness, making themselves known with little pinpricks of feeling, the way one's leg might feel after being asleep. Eventually, Sunny became aware of a hard rectangle pressing into her stomach. She slowly drew herself up into a sitting position, and picked up the rectangle from the floor. It looked just like a plain black box. Sleek and shiny, with no discernible buttons on any of its sides. She gave it a tap and it suddenly lit up, harsh light jarring to her still woozy senses. Sunny blinked a few times and cautiously reopened her eyes.

Greetings, [Sunny Sycamore]!

Ultimate [Fisherman]

Please proceed to the baggage claim on floor 2

Baggage claim? What in the— oh. It was then that Sunny finally took notice of her surroundings.

"Why am I back in the Orlando airport?"

Had she missed her flight after all? No, she remembered falling asleep during the safety demonstration. Was she kicked off of the plane for falling asleep after being explicitly told not to? That couldn't be right. There had been something weird about that whole interaction though. Why had the flight attendant been so focused on her? This was just too much. Sunny tipped her head back onto the bench and stared up at the atrium's glass ceiling. The sunlight streaming through felt quite peaceful, and the rushing water of the fountain was soothing enough to lull her back to sleep.

No. This was not the time for sleeping. There was something going on, and she needed to figure it out.

Sunny shakily got to her legs. The sudden movement made her feel a bit dizzy, but the feeling passed as soon as it started. She picked up the rectangle and gave it another tap. The welcoming screen popped up again. Sunny tried swiping in another direction, but the screen did not change.

Well then. There was nothing to do but go to baggage claim.

Wait, was that a fish tank? Baggage claim could wait. Sunny turned left towards the food court, and sped towards the fishtank.

The tank was in the center of a food court, but Sunny paid it no mind. The tank was gigantic, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, and was illuminated by a soft, blue light. There were dozens of different fish swimming inside it; swordtails, rainbow fish, loaches, although there were no sunfish in sight. It was incredibly calming.

"Heya! Whatcha starin' at?"

Sunny whipped around at the sudden voice, and it suddenly occurred to her that she had been completely alone in the airport until now.

"Uh, hello?"

The speaker suddenly popped up in front of her, leaning forward and extending a pale hand.

"Hi there! I'm Yasumi Tsuru! It's nice to meet you? What's your name?"

Yasumi was tall, even taller than Sunny, and thin as a twig. A brown peacoat hung from her thin frame, unbuttoned over a blue v-neck and a pair of corduroys.

"Sunny! Sunny Sycamore. Nice to, uh, meet you too!"

"So, Sunny-Sunny-Sycamore, why are you so enamored with this tank of fish? Don't get me wrong, fish are great, but you seemed, like, drawn to it."

"Oh, I'm— I'm, uh, The Ultimate Fisherman. Y'know, that school for talented stu—"

"No way! I'm the Ultimate Ornithologist! Gosh, what a coincidence. But, wait… if you're the Ultimate Fisherman, wouldn't it make more sense for you to have some sort of vendetta against fish? Not be totally enamored with them?"

Yasumi Tsuru

Ultimate Ornithologist

"I mean, I guess. I try to release all the fish I catch though. I think they're really neat animals."

"Yeah, no, I get that. Makes sense," Yasumi mused, twirling one of her long brown ponytails around her finger, "total topic change, but do you have any idea what's going on here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, where are we? And why are we here? It seems incredibly coincidental for two Ultimates be just stuck in some random building."

"I mean, I can answer some of that. We're in the airport in Orlando, Florida."

"That explains why we're being asked instructed to go to baggage claim."

"You got that message too?"

"Yeah, see?" Yasumi pulled an identical rectangle out of her coat pocket, and turned it on.

Greetings, [Yasumi Tsuru]!

Ultimate [Ornithologist]

Please proceed to the baggage claim on floor 2

Sunny pulled at her necklace in thought. Something was going on here, that was obvious, but what? She woke up in a completely empty airport, with some fancy tablet giving her directions, and in all that mess she just so happened to run into another Ultimate.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Yasumi's lilting voice, "Whatcha thinking about?"

"Just—this is so weird. We're all alone in a totally empty airport, with little tablets giving us instructions. I don't even know how I got here or why I'm here, and everything just feels...wrong?"

"Hmm. Yeah."

The two stood in silence for a moment, neither sure what to say to the other.

"Yoo hoo!" The sound of another girl's voice rang out from the other side of the fish tank.

Sunny squinted through the glass, eyes landing on a petite girl in a plaid dress. She was quite thin as well, and nearly half a foot shorter than Sunny. She sort of reminded Sunny of a porcelain doll, with braided auburn hair, rosy cheeks and dark green eyes. Although, on second thought, maybe she was more like a lumberjack action figure than a doll. She had on a green and black plaid beanie, in contrast to the red plaid on her dress, plus a long denim coat and shearling boots.

"Hello!" Yasumi grinned.

The girl waved and smiled back, then skipped around the tank to where Sunny and Yasumi were standing.

"Hi there! Who are you people?"

"Well, my name's Yasumi Tsuru, and this is my friend-of-two-minutes Sunny…?"

"Sycamore. Sunny Sycamore. Do—"

"Well, it's so very nice to meet you, I hope we can become good friends soon! I'm Suika Momiji, the Ultimate Lumberjack, and don't you forget it!" Giggled Suika.

Suika Momiji

Ultimate Lumberjack

Wait a minute, another Ultimate?

"Another Ultimate?" asked Yasumi, clearly on the same path as Sunny.

"Oooooh! Are you guys Ultimates too? Wowie, what a coincidence!"

Yeah. A really huge coincidence. If it wasn't clear that something was going on before, it sure was now.

"Would either of you know where baggage claim is? I found a tablet telling me to go there but I am unable to triangulate the location."

"Uh, I don't think that's what triangulate means—"

"You got a tablet too?" Yasumi pulled hers back out of her pocket and showed it to Suika. "Isn't that weird? Geez, I have so many questions."

Sunny, unsure of how to reenter the conversation, settled for ambling around to the other side of the fish tank, where the actual food court was. It sort of resembled a food court, except much more...lifeless. The walls were a bland shade of beige, although it was a different beige than the tiled floor, which made for an unpleasant visage. It was conspicuously clean, too. The last time Sunny had been there there was trash strewn all over the floor, and on the tables as well. The signs above the restaurants were missing, although Sunny could make out the faded outline of the McDonalds logo above one of the eight counters.

Her stomach growled, loudly. Everything looked closed, but it was worth a try, right? Sunny chose the counter furthest to her left, the one with a happy green countertop that might've been a Sbarro at one point. Once Sunny was actually standing in front of the counter, she realized that she didn't have a clue what she was doing. There were no menus, no register, and from what she could see, there was no kitchen equipment either. How was she supposed to feed herself now?

She could jump over the counter, just to see what's back there. If she found something to eat in the process then what's the harm? Yeah, good plan. She couldn't see any flaws.

As Sunny hurled herself over the countertop she realized that there was one small issue. She hadn't counted on the fact that there would be someone asleep on the floor behind the counter. Sadly, Sunny reacted too late and fell on the poor guy's arm.

"What the—"


That did not alleviate any tension whatsoever. The guy just stared at her, irritation clear on his face. Sunny was intimidated, to say the least. This man was tall, incredibly muscular, and he looked ready to tear her limb from limb. The scars on his face and knuckles weren't exactly reassuring either.

"What's going on?"

"Heh. Uh, funny story actually, I—uh—I have no idea," mumbled Sunny. "Hey, is this yours?" She pulled out another black rectangle that was pinned under her leg.

"Why would that be mine?"

"I mean, it was on the ground near you, so I assumed that maybe, uh, maybe it was yours?" Sunny held the rectangle out in the man's direction, and he grabbed it from her hands. He gave it a tap and winced at the bright screen, similar to how Sunny reacted when she first turned it on.

"So…" Sunny did her best to fill the silence, she hated those awkward lulls in conversations, even though she always seemed to be the one to cause them. "I'm Sunny. Sunny Sycamore. Sorry to be nosy right off the bat but are you an Ultimate?"

"Why? But, yeah. I'm Rhett Greenfield. Ultimate Street Fighter."

Rhett Greenfield

Ultimate Street Fighter

That explained the roughed-up look then. Rhett had on a black button down, but nearly a third of the buttons were undone, and the right side of his shirt had come untucked from his similarly dark colored jeans. His boots were black too, with iron tips. The only color he had on, aside from his spiky red hair, was a red jacket with yellow sleeves, one of which was pulled up to his elbow, exposing a tattoo of flames crawling up his forearm.

"You?" Rhett asked, interrupting Sunny's train of thought.

"Me? Me what?"

"What about you? Are you an Ultimate?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm the Ultimate Fisherman. Sorry. For the weird question. It's kinda hard to explain."

Rhett stared at her, waiting for the explanation.

"Okay. Well, uh. I don't actually know. I woke up on a bench and I also found a rectangle telling me to go to baggage claim, by the way, we're in the Orlando airport, which explains that, but anyways, I've been exploring since the airport is totally empty and I've only run into two other people, both of whom were Ultimates."

"Huh," Rhett nodded, perhaps still too out of it to question Sunny any further.

"Anyways. Before I landed on you I was looking for something to eat but there doesn't seem to be any… well, anything really left back here."

"There's a fridge over there against the wall." Rhett inclined his head to the back of kitchen, where a conspicuously large freezer sat. Sunny darted over to the freezer and tried to pry the lid up, but it was too heavy, so she settled for staring awkwardly at it instead.

"Do you want some help with that?"

"Uh. Yeah, thanks. For your services I'll offer you half of whatever's in there."

"My services?"

"Oh—uh—it was a joke. It wasn't really good, sorry." Sunny tugged at her bracelet, as if that would somehow relieve her stress. The freezer opened with a muffled whump, and Sunny practically dove into it, only to find that it was full of...


"Well. Do you want half of the breadsticks, I guess?"

"I'll pass."

"That's fair. They're rock solid anyways." Sunny grumbled, displeased at the lack of readily edible food. Still, she stuck one in her pocket, hoping that maybe her body heat would thaw it out. "I'm going to keep wandering then. I'll see you around, I guess?"

Sunny awkwardly crawled back over the countertop, and headed back towards the fish tank. Yasumi and Suika were gone, probably to go find baggage claim, which was where she should be going, except she wanted to explore some more. But where to go? The hall that connected to the food court went in two directions, one way led to an open space that connected back to the atrium, and the other way led to a hall with shops on either side.

At least, that's what used to be there.

The framework of the stores were still there, but just like the food court, the stores were completely gutted too. No signs, no products, there weren't even doors. The stores were all redone in black and white, with red paneling in place of where the doors had been. It was weird; the middle of the hall still looked like the rest of the airport, with some ugly blue armchairs and end tables on stained green carpet, but the stores were so different. Confused, Sunny went in to the nearest store, hoping that maybe something inside would give her some clue as to what was going on.

Standing inside the store felt like standing on a chessboard. The floor was checkered black and white tile, and the walls had the same pattern. The only thing in the store was a vending machine, also covered in black and white squares. Sunny couldn't see into the vending machine though, there was a giant screen in place of the glass, kind of like the tablet she still had in her pocket. Curious, Sunny pulled it out to compare it to the vending machine. They looked identical. Sunny brought her screen parallel to the vending machine, but nothing happened. She shoved the tablet back in her pocket, slightly embarrassed at her useless maneuver.

"Yeah, I tried that too. Weird, isn't it?" Said a voice from above.


"Hey! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I'm up here," Sunny glanced up to the top of the vending machine to see another tall, muscular guy sitting on top of it. "Yo. Name's Ginjiro Kitsuneda, Ultimate Bounty Hunter. 'Sup?"

Ginjiro Kitsuneda

Ultimate Bounty Hunter


"What?" Ginjiro cocked his head, dark purple curls spilling across his forehead and over the heart-shaped sunglasses perched atop his head.

"Sorry, uh—you. You're up, 'cuz you're—uh—sitting on a vending machine. Why are you sitting on a vending machine?"

Ginjiro shrugged at her, "Why not?"

"Makes sense. Wait, did you say Ultimate Bounty Hunter?"

"Yeah. What of it?"

"Nothing. I've just—well. You see what's going on, right? The empty airport? I've only seen three other people and they've all been Ultimates too. Also the Bounty Hunter thing."

"The Bounty Hunter thing?"

"Yeah. It's, uh. I mean I've really only seen bounty hunters on those awful reality TV shows, and not to be rude but, you don't look like any of them." Ginjiro really didn't. He had on a frayed black tank top covered in paint splatters, with a white shirt unbuttoned over it, sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He had on a pair of torn black jeans, the same shade as the aforementioned heart-shaped sunglasses, and a ton of ear piercings. Most of them looked like plain silver cuffs, aside from one made of black glass beads.

"What do you mean, 'I don't look like a bounty hunter', what's a bounty hunter supposed to look like?"

"Uh. I don't know. I was just thinking of those old guys on TV with the really long beards and camo pants."

"Yeah, well that's not what I look like, is it?" Snapped Ginjiro, who didn't seem pleased.

"I—uh—sorry? I'll just, uh, I'll just go now."

Sunny awkwardly ran out of the store, and darted into a nearby bathroom. At least that still looked normal. She squished her face against the wall, willfully ignoring the thought of how many germs were on it. Sunny loved meeting new people, she really did, she was just terrible at it. She stuck her tongue out at her reflection in the mirror, although it didn't accomplish anything. Really, it just made her notice how unwell she looked. Maybe it was just the fluorescent airport lighting, but her brown skin looked clammy and ashen, and even her curly hair looked wilted. She had the sudden urge to try to make herself look more put together, most of the people she'd just met looked presentable, shouldn't she? Not to say that she didn't look presentable, she just wasn't...neat? Her cargo shorts were seriously frayed at the ends, and her once bright orange Fanta shirt had seen better days.



A fragile-looking girl in a navy blue business suit had stepped out of one of the bathroom stalls and screamed at the sudden appearance of Sunny, who, not knowing how to respond, screamed back.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! Or intrude, or whatever. I was just—uh. Whatever. I'm Sunny. Sunny Sycamore. What's your name?"



"No! No, I'm Dajeong Kwon! Who are you and where the hell did you come from?! The ceiling?! Don't tell me you're a vampire!" Yelled Dajeong, slowly becoming more hysterical.

"No, I—uh. No? I came from outside the bathroom? Is that what you're asking?"

"I don't know! What the hell is going on?!"

"I don't actually know. Uh. We're in the Orlando airport? That's all I've got. Oh! Everyone I've met seems to be an Ultimate. Speaking of…?"

But Dajeong didn't respond to Sunny's prompt. She was shakily tugging at her light blue tie, and staring a hole into the ground.

"Uh, Dajeong?"

"GAH! What?" Dajeong gave her tie a final tug and faced Sunny.

"I was just wondering if you had an Ultimate? Since everyone else I've met here has, uh, has one."

"Yes! I am the Ultimate Crash Site Investigator."

Dajeong Kwon

Ultimate Crash Site Investigator

Sunny, not sure if she should be relieved or more confused, continued blabbering, "Wow. Cool, I think? Does that mean you know what's going on? Wait, no, you just asked what was going on."

Dajeong's steely eyes bored into Sunny, and even though she was slightly taller, and a lot more muscular, Sunny was intimidated.

"Gah, I don't know what's going on and I hate not knowing what's going on, I hate it. I must've pissed off the deity of the skies or something, that's what's going on."


"What?! Don't question me! This is the work of some unforeseen force, I'm sure of it, oh, god get me out of here." Dajeong was starting to hyperventilate. Sunny took the chance to exit the bathroom and flopped down in one of the ugly armchairs in the hall. That was not something she knew how to deal with.

She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes in exasperation, and leaned over the armrest of the chair. She could just take a nap right here. Ignore whatever was currently going on. Yeah, that sounded nice. The chair wasn't too bad, it was actually pretty comfortable, in a decrepit sort of way.

Sunny was about to drift off to sleep until she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Erm, excuse me?"

She blearily opened her eyes to a small young boy leaning over her chair, waiting for a response. The guy was kinda tan, and his dark blue hair was slicked back into a short ponytail, with a few strands falling into his face, the rest pinned back with a crescent moon-shaped hair clip. His neat appearance sort of reminded her of a librarian, with the pink sweater on top of a black collared shirt, and a pair of dark blue jeans.


"Hi." Sunny awkwardly maneuvered around the boy and out of the chair so that they could be on an even level, only to see that the boy was eye-level with her shoulder.

"I'm sorry to w-wake you up, but I was wondering if y-you were an Ultimate? I ran into these two girls who mentioned that everyone they r-ran into here was an Ultimate, so I wanted to f-find out for myself."

Two girls, was it Yasumi and Suika?

"Uh, yeah. I'm Sunny Sycamore, the Ultimate Fisherman."

"Ah, okay. My name is Kaiga Nakajima, and I am the Ultimate Scuba Diver. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Kaiga Nakajima

Ultimate Scuba Diver

"Wow, Scuba Diving! That sounds so cool. Do you get to see all the weird fish? Or all the not-fish sea creatures? I'd love to see a squid, that'd be cool. Or a sea slug. I really only ever see the garden variety kind of fish so any ocean creature would be cool." Sunny paused her fish rant to breathe and saw that Kaiga looked a little unnerved. "Sorry. I, uh, I really like fish."

"N-no! No, me too! Whenever I dive I get to see all these fish swimming around and—uh—I agree."

Cue the awkward pause. Kaiga fiddled with the red bow around his collar, and Sunny resisted the urge to chew on her necklace.

"I'm, uh, assuming you got the thing telling you to go to baggage claim?"

"Oh! Y-yes, I did. I'm not sure where it is, though."

"No problem! I can show you where it is! If—if you want, that is."

"Yes, please."

The two went back down the hallway with the strange color scheme, and through the food court. Sunny babbled on about nothing useful throughout the entire walk; She did not do well with silence. She talked about fish mostly, with Kaiga throwing in the occasional nod or the polite, 'mhm.' They were halfway through the atrium where Sunny had woken up when they saw a young woman sitting on one of the central benches facing the fountain. If Suika was a doll-lumberjack-action figure, this woman was the epitome of a porcelain doll. She was slim and pale, and had the prettiest hair Sunny had ever seen. It was long and wavy, and it faded through multiple pastel colors; from blue, to green, yellow, and then pink. Part of it was styled up in a braid crown, but the rest cascaded down her back in a beautiful array of colors. In contrast to her colorful hair, the girl was dressed entirely in black and white. Black ruffled shirt with white flowers, tucked into a knee-length black skirt with knee high white socks and black flats.

Sunny, ever the extrovert, decided to try to strike up a conversation.

"Hi there!"

The girl jumped slightly, "Oh! Hello there. I didn't hear you come over."

"Oh, uh, sorry. The fountain's kinda loud, isn't it?"

"I suppose, but it sounds quite nice, doesn't it?"

"Uh, yeah, it's pretty relaxing to listen to. Sorry for switching topics, but are you an Ultimate?"

"Yes, yes I am. I am Rivka Adina Levine, the Ultimate Classical Composer."

Rivka Adina Levine

Ultimate Classical Composer

"Wow. That's—uh—that's pretty fancy. Oh, uh—this is Kaiga. He's the Ultimate Scuba Diver?" Sunny glanced back at Kaiga for confirmation, who gave her a nod, "Yeah. Scuba Diver. I'm showing him where the baggage claim is. Do you want to come?"

Rivka looked confused, "Baggage claim?"

"Uh—yeah. Did you not see the rectangle thing with the instructions?" Kaiga coughed very conspicuously, and pointed at the white cane leaning on the bench next to Rivka.

"OH! Oh, crap sorry. I'm—uh—I'm not the brightest person around. Clearly. I will—uh—not… do that again?"

"That's alright, however, can you please explain what you mean by baggage claim?"

Sunny recounted all she knew of their situation so far; the airport, the ultimates, and the total emptiness. As Sunny told the story, Rivka grew increasingly more worried looking.

"Oh dear. I do hope that Y-my husband is here as well. I was trying to find him earlier, but I wasn't able to. I decided to sit here instead, especially since the fountain sounded so nice."

Kaiga chose the perfect moment to join the conversation, "D-do you want to find the baggage claim with us? Perhaps your husband might be down there?"


The now trio cut through the other half of the atrium, at the end of which was an immobile escalator with a giant screen above it.

"Huh. That's supposed to be moving, I think."

"It still works as stairs, does it not?" Rivka mused.

"Oh. Yeah. Duh."

The lower level of the airport was generally reserved for baggage claims and for people to find their rides. It too was essentially a long, beige hallway, except the chairs down here were green. There were ten baggage carousels on either side of the escalator, twenty in total. Each one was comprised of a square hole in the wall, attached to a long conveyor belt that twisted back and forth across the ground, until it went into a different hole about twenty feet away. There was only one carousel in use, and there were 9 identical black suitcases traveling around it in circuits. There were two girls standing off to the side, each holding the handle of the same black suitcase, and one man trying to wrestle a suitcase off of the conveyor belt.

"Hey! Do you want some help over there?" Sunny half-yelled, jogging over to the poor man.

"Yes, please, that would be much appreciated."

The suitcase itself was pretty small, about the size of an average carry-on, but it was practically stuck to the conveyor belt. It took both of their combined efforts to get the suitcase off of the moving platform.

"Thank you, that was greatly appreciated. I'm Viktor Voss, and before you ask, yes, I am an Ultimate. The Ultimate Neuroscientist, to be precise."

Viktor Voss

Ultimate Neuroscientist

Viktor was average height, and seemed to be quite toned, despite the issue with the suitcase. He had auburn hair that seemed mostly neat, aside from short bangs that seemed to keep falling in his face, and a small goatee of the same color. Viktor had warm brown eyes, in front of which sat a pair of dark brown glasses that were a mix of oval shaped and rectangular. Viktor had on a white dress shirt with a black collar, similar to Kaiga's, over which was a green sweater vest, and a light blue tie with black and white stripes.

"Oh—uh—okay. Cool. I'm Sunny Sycamore, I'm the Ultimate Fisherman. And these are…"

"My name is Rivka Adina Levine. I'm the Ultimate Composer. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"I-I'm Kaiga Nakajima. I'm the Ultimate Scuba D-diver."

"Ah. Well. It is a pleasure to meet all of you as well. How exciting to meet so many different people, all from different sorts of places, it seems. I'd suggest you find your bag on the baggage carousel, if you miss it it may take a while for it to come back around again."

Rivka's bag came by first, indicated by her name printed across it in small white letters, and Viktor, seeming like more of a gentleman by the minute, snatched from the conveyor belt for her. Kaiga's suitcase was next. Sunny tried to pull it off and used too much force, expecting it to be stuck like Viktor's, and smacked herself in the face with the bag. It took a while, but her bag eventually emerged from the hole in the wall, and was retrieved from the conveyor belt.

Sunny, confused, took the suitcase over to a nearby chair. This didn't look like the suitcase she had planned to take with her to Hope's Peak. That bag was bigger, an awful shade of green, and a lot more beat up too. This bag was small and sleek, and its plastic surface was completely blemish free. On the front of the suitcase was a rectangular indentation, the same size as the tablet Sunny found. She'd investigate that later though, right now she wanted to know what was inside. Sunny carefully unzipped the bag and flipped the lid up, exposing the bag's neatly packed contents. On one end was a sleeping bag, rolled up into a gray compression sack, and an inflatable pillow was tucked in next to it. Beside that was a black toiletry kit, which, upon further investigation, contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a hairbrush, and a small stick of deodorant. The next item confused Sunny. It was her fishing vest and matching hat. How in the world did they get there? Still, she pulled both items on, like some sort of khaki armor against her weird situation. The last item threw Sunny for a loop. She remembered putting it in her carry-on when she was packing. What was Ray the stuffed sunfish doing in this random suitcase? That was downright creepy. Sunny kind of wanted to give the fish a hug, but the weirdness of the situation stopped her. She closed the suitcase instead, slamming the lid down a little bit harder than she needed to. Time to investigate the outside of the suitcase, specifically, the rectangular hole. Upon further investigation, Sunny found a tablet charger embedded into the bottom of the hole. Maybe this was meant for holding those weird rectangles? Sunny stood the suitcase on the ground, and plugged the rectangle in. Right as it snapped into place, the suitcase gave a beep, and sped off down the baggage claim.

What the fuck?