Disclaimer: Just borrowing them, will return safely. (Italic speech is not mine and comes from the original episode)

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I've been wanting to write something for 'Terror in New York City,' for a while now, and due to today's sad news that the great Shane Rimmer has passed away I felt inspired to write this short piece.

Really hope you enjoy, and there maybe more in the future featuring the rest of the family and their individual reflections on Virgil's crash.

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Dedicated to the memory of Shane Rimmer - Voice of Scott Tracy, Thunderbirds, OS.

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Chapter 1: Scott.

"The wheels have gone; I can't hold her… I'm… I'm going to crash!"

Scott's heart lurched at the pure panic emanating from Virgil's voice, but there was nothing he could do as he watched Thunderbird Two squeal across the runway with dark heavy flames springing forth. Finally, and thankfully she came to a stop and the pure white foam rained down on her distinguishing the blaze… But his little Brother was still inside… "What's going on," he yelled over his communicator, "why is no one getting him out?"

'T…They're on their way Scott,' Brains replied, 'I'm h…here to a…assist you with l…landing.'

'I don't need any damn assistance, get the med bay prepped for my brother!'


Okay, a bit harsh maybe, but Virg was in there… He'd attended too many fire related incidents, he knew the consequences if someone wasn't rescued quickly… God damn it, they had to get him out… Finally, bringing Thunderbird One into the hangar, Scott unbuckled and shot out of his chair. The further procedures he was required to run through could wait… Virgil needed him more.

"How is he?" He puffed out, racing over to his father just as his two brothers were bringing Virgil out of his singed bird.

"Unresponsive… Head injury, smoke inhalation, possible broken ribs," Gordon reeled off.

"Let's get him to the infirmary," Jeff said, allowing his two youngest to go ahead with Virgil before looking back to Scott, "are you coming?"

Scott heaved out a breath and nodded. "Yeah, I'm coming!"

A few days later…

He stared down at his sleeping brother, it could have been so much worse, and the words from that moment still danced in his mind…

"Thunderbird Two from Thunderbird One, come in Virgil... Virgil are you okay? Virgil, pull her up… Can you hear me? Come in Thunderbird Two... Virgil, you're crashing… Pull her up… Virgil, get a grip on yourself, you've got to pull out of that dive!"

If his brother hadn't dragged himself out of that dive at the last second, he wouldn't be here… And to be honest, he didn't know if he would be either. He would have dived Thunderbird One in after her sister ship, and tried everything within his power to pull Virgil out, but it wouldn't have worked, and both of them would have gone down…

"You did good son."

"Ha?" Scott mumbled, looking to his father who was standing beside him.

"You did a good job. You talked your brother through a very severe situation, and you got him home. You saved his life Scott, and because of that he will be back to himself before we know it. Now, stop thinking about the alternatives."

"How did you know?"

"I know you," Jeff nodded towards Virgil who was shifting in his bed, "looks like he's waking."

Virgil groggily forced his eyes open.

"How, are you Virgil?" Jeff questioned.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!" Scott added.

Virgil sat himself up. "What happened to Thunderbird Two?"

'TYPICAL!' Scott inwardly chuckled while his father went on to answer. If his brother was already worrying about his bird, then his dad was definitely right… Virgil would get better, and soon they would both be out there together again.