Wow, I was beginning to think I'd never reach this moment. The final chapter for this fic is here. Thank you to everyone who has read and/or reviewed, I really appreciate every single one of you.

Chapter 6: Virgil

Nightmares. They kept coming, bombarding him with memories from that moment: The sight of that missile heading straight for him, the inner panic when he called through to Base and Scott in Thunderbird One. The anxiety easing when his big brothers calm voice took control and talked him through what he needed to do. Sheer relief when the first missile only damaged his tail unit. Then adrenalin once again rushing his system when that second hit and Thunderbird Two started to fall. He knew he lost consciousness for a brief time. Not surprising with the fire, heat, and the shock. Scott's urgent calls brought him back around. Yet, the ocean heading straight for him was the first thing he saw. Thankfully, with his big brother's steady voice he was able to pull Thunderbird Two up from her dive and begin his journey home. Still, sickening terror slithered through his entire core when the wheels collapsed, and he could no longer hold her.

Within those thirty seconds his whole life flashed before his eyes: His childhood, his beautiful mothers face. The emptiness her loss brought. Graduating, beginning International Rescue. His family. His brothers. His father. His grandma. His found family: Tin-Tin, Brains, Kyrano, Penny, Parker. He pictured them all. Felt what his loss would do to them, because he knew what losing one of them would do to him. The memory of his mother's loss, although many years ago, still punched through layers that had been put in place, shattering them again-and-again. There was also another loss, one that he did not want himself, his family, or the world to experience, and that was the loss of his beautiful Two. His green girl's wings had been clipped. She was falling, screeching across hard concrete, she was dying. People would lose a symbol of hope because he hadn't been able to avoid a missile and land her afterwards. Okay, this wasn't his fault, he knew that, and blaming himself in that moment didn't help. He just knew that he had to hold on. Cling to life, for his family, and for those that would not be saved if he let go. Nevertheless, the darkness called, grabbed hold, and wasn't letting go.

Thankfully, the determination to survive was the driving force that willed him back. Seeing his dad and biggest brother upon waking, then discovering his bird was being rebuilt, then sneaking down to the hanger to have a glance at her had helped the horrors from that moment begin to fade. No, they hadn't completely gone. Yet with his family by his side, they would eventually pass. He would beat this, he would heal. Physically and mentally.

He was Virgil Grissom Tracy; he was a member of International Rescue and there was no stopping him!