At my house at 5:00…

"Knock, Knock!" Joey said while banging the door.

"Joey if you do that she might not let us in." Tristan said.

"Oh I don't think that she would do that. After all you did call her creepy and look she got your deck back." Yugi said.

"Yugi right you better not insult her anymore Joey." Tea warned.

"Hey you guys," I said poking my head out of the window.

"Wait how much did you hear?" Joey asked worried.

"Oh just all of it." I answered. Then I walked down and opened the door to let them in.

"Wow this is a nice place Winter." Yugi complemented.

"Thanks. So what do you guys want to do?" I asked.

"Wait so you didn't plan at all?" Joey asked.

"Well I didn't know what you do at a party or a sleep over." I admitted.

"Wait haven't you had friends before you met us?" Tristan asked.

"No." I replied quietly a little embarrass.

"Well how about we play Truth or Dare after we settle into the room where we'll sleep in." Téa suggested.

"Ok." I agreed.

After they settled down…

"Now how do you play truth or dare?" I asked.

"Well you asked a person truth or dare. And if that person says that they choose truth. You asked them a question that they have to answer truthfully. If they choose dare, you have them do something really embarrassing or have them do something." Tea explained smirking.

"Ok." I said.

"You know what I might not play this game." Yugi said.

"Well what if the Pharaoh wants to play?" Joey asked.

"Pharaoh?" I asked.

"Joey your really not at keeping secrets are you?" Tristan said sarcastically.

"What are you talking about? Everyone in this room knows about…" Joey realized.

"Look just ignore what Joey just said ok Winter." Yugi said.

"Well it wouldn't of mattered if Joey hadn't said that. I kind of already knew that there was another spirit sharing a vessel as Yugi." I admitted.

"What do you mean Winter?" Yugi asked.

"Well is your friend going to play or not?" I asked.

Then Yugi switched minds with the Pharaoh.

"I guess I'll play." Pharaoh answered.

"So when we want to ask Yugi or Yami truth or dare they'll just have to switch." Tea realized.

"Yup." Yugi answered.

"Well then Winter truth or dare." Tea asked.

"You really had choose me first, well then I choose dare. I'm not tell you guys anything right away." I said.

"You really should of choose truth Winter." Tea smirked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well you'll see." She said. Then she went right up to my ear and whispered, "For your dare, I dare you to kiss Pharaoh on the forehead."

Then I blushed slightly.

"Well you got me there but I'm not going to back down easy." I stated, then I stood up and walked to Pharaoh and sat right in front of him and placed both my hands on both sides on his head and then kissed him on the forehead. After 5 seconds I walked back to my seat to sit down. When I looked at Yami and he was all red. "You ok?"

"Yeah." He replied looking away from me.

"Well it's my turn. Yugi truth or dare?" I asked.

"Truth." Yugi answered.

"Well I was hoping that you would choose dare but oh well." I sighed, and then I walked towards him and whispered, " is it true that you like Tea?" when I looked at him, he wasn't even blushing.

"I'm sorry Tea, but I don't have any romantic feelings for you." Yugi replied looking down.

"Well it's your turn Yugi." I said as I went back to my seat.

"I pass my turn onto Yami." Yugi said.

"Alright Yugi." Yami said. "Now then Winter truth or dare?"

"I guess truth." I answered.

"How did you know that I was sharing a vessel with Yugi?" Yami asked.

"Man straight to the point." I said. "Well I read your mind."

"What?" Yami asked.

"You'll just have to ask me your next question when I choose truth." I said. "I pass my turn to Tristan."

"Thanks Winter." Tristan said. "Joey truth or dare?"

"I'm not a chicken. Dare." He answered.

"Hug Tea." Tristan dared.

"Nice one." I said smirking.

"Well time to do my dare." Joey said while standing up.

"Wait your really going to do it?" Tea asked.

"What else?" Joey asked as he hugged Tea. After he did that he walked back to his seat. "I pass my turn to Tea."

"Ok. Winter truth or dare?" Tea asked.

"Truth." I replied.

"What's your darkest secret?" Tea asked.

"Look she doesn't want to answer that question but, asking me to tell you that will give her secret out anyways." A spirit said.

"What who are you." Pharaoh asked.

"Isn't that a question that you could answer on your own." He asked.

"Wait so you're the darkest secret that Winter holds." Pharaoh said.

"Nope not even close." He replied.

"Then who are you?" Joey asked.

"Name's Slither the Sky Dragon." Slither replied.

"I do apologize about what he said." I said.

"So what's your darkest secret?" Téa asked.

"It's the fact that I'm not from this world." I said.

"What?" Pharaoh asked.

"Your heard me, I said I'm not from this world." I repeated.

"What do you mean Winter?" Pharaoh asked.

"In my world I destroyed the country that I vowed to protect." I said.

"I'm sorry Winter I shouldn't of asked you that question." Tea said.

"It's fine Tea don't worry. Well since that secret is out to you guys I might as well tell you guys everything." I sighed.

"Ok." They said.

"It happened 10 millenniums ago when I failed to stop the Gods from taking over my country." I started.

"Wait what do you mean? Slither the Sky Dragon is an Egyptian God and he shares a vessel with you so you stopped one of them." Joey said.

"Fine I'll start from the very beginning." I said frustrated, "It was when I used the Millennium Puzzle to banish an old friend to the Shadow Realm for trying to murder me. Right before I banished him, he placed a curse on me. A curse that would never allow my spirit to rest in peace for a few millenniums and once my spirit does rest in peace it would disappear forever. A week later after that happened, the Egyptian Gods came and destroyed Egypt. The only way I could stop them was if I placed their spirits within my own but the cost was high and I did not know that my closest loved ones would disappear on me. After I stopped them it was too late Egypt was gone, so I wished on the Millennium Puzzle to save my kingdom that I failed to protect, even if they would all hate me. The city started to rebuild itself and all the Millennium items float towards me and they spoke to me. They told me, I should go to your world to possibly start a new life. I did, I went through a portal that brought me to your world. Then the Millennium Items became a part of my spirit but then I understood my curse. When I died I was reincarnated again and again every time I died. The day I joined your high school I discovered that on the day that I was cursed is when I shall perish. So you understand now? The Millennium Eye gave me the to read Yugi's mind and to learn that there was another spirit sharing the vessel with him."

"I'm so sorry Winter." Yugi said.

"Now then I'm going to- Watch out!" then I pushed them towards the door. Away from the window where a man in a cloak broke in with a knife.

"Finally found you Pharaoh." He said.

"Guys get out of here now!" I yelled.

"No we wont leave you." Tea said.

"I wont loose more friends cause they wouldn't listen to me." Then I started to cry. "Please."

Then they started to run.

"How did you get here Charles?" I asked standing up.

"That doesn't matter now, all that matters is that you make me Pharaoh of the world that we come from." Charles cackled.

"Like I said before I banished your evil soul to the Shadow Realm. Even if you some how become the citizens of my country would never bow down to someone like you." I stated.

With the Gang…

"We shouldn't of left her." Yugi said as they got outside.

"I know but she begged us to leave." Tea said.

"We have to go back right now." Joey proclaimed.

"You're right Joey, lets go back." Tristan said.

"Excuse me but have you seen a girl named Winter?" someone asked.

"Wait who are you?" Tea asked.

"My name is Sky Millennium and we're looking for her right now." Sky said.

With me…

"Fine then I'll force you." Then Charles pulled out a potion and forced me to drink it.

"What are you doing?" When I looked at myself my spirit was separated from my body. And then grabbed my soulless body and threw it out the window.

"Look at what your soul looks likes Winter." Charles instructed. I looked at myself and fell to my knees. "Even your soul shows you that you're the Pharaoh of your country.


"Winter!" Yugi cried as he ran to the body.

"We're to late he succeeded. He has Winter's soul now." Sky cried.

With me…

Wait that was Sky's voice? How is that possible, she's dead?

Then Charles placed a collar and chain and started to drag me into a portal.

"SKY!" I yelled.


"Winter?" then Sky ran inside.

"Wait for me Sky." A blonde hair girl cried as she followed them. Then they all started to run inside my room to find a portal to my world.

"Look I know that you guys might not trust us but will please help us save Winter?" Sky asked.

"Well I'm in." Joey said as he jumped into the portal.

"Knucklehead! Don't jump into portals without knowing where your going!" Tristan said while jumping into the portal.

"Well it looks like we're going save Winter now." Yami said jumping into the portal.

"Wait for me!" Téa cried as she jumped in the portal.

"Winter made some friends." The purple hair boy said.

"I'm happy for her." The black hair boy said.

"Now then lets go save our Pharaoh." Sky proclaimed and then they all jumped into the portal.