"Wow so this is where Winter used to rule at." Joey said in awe.

"Well could we all get familiar with each other?" Sky asked.

"Of course." Yami answered.

"Well then my name is Sky Millennium, Winter's younger sister and the formal keeper of the Millennium Key. Plus in your world you guys know me as the Blue Eyes White Dragon." Sky introduced.

"My name is Lucy Gem and I used to be the keeper of the Millennium Necklace. Also I'm Samuel's little sister and also I'm the Dark Magician Girl in your world." Lucy introduced.

"Name's Samuel Gem and I used to be the keeper of the Millennium Eye and also I'm the Dark Magician in your world, plus I'm Lucy's older brother." Samuel introduced.

"Tyler Stone, formal keeper of the Millennium Rod and the Red Eyes Black Dragon in your world." Tyler introduced.

"My name is Tea." Tea introduced.

"Joey Wheeler." Joey introduced.

"My name is Tristan." Tristan said.

"My name is Yami." Yami said.

"Um Yami." Yugi started.

"Yes Yugi." Then he turned around to see that Yugi was standing right behind him.

"Sky what's going on?" Yugi asked.

"It looks like since that you guys are separate spirits, our world must of separated you two. But when you return should become one once more." Sky explained.

"Now where do we go next?" Joey asked.

"Straight to the throne." Samuel answered.

"Lets go." Lucy said.

Once they made it to the throne room…

"I demand you to make me the Pharaoh, Winter!" Then he slapped my face.

"Like I said I'll never make you Pharaoh ever! Even on the cost of my life!" I stated while picking myself from the ground.

"Big sister!" Sky cried.

"Oh so you want her back now do you?" then Charles grabbed a knife and pointed it to my neck. "Take one more step and she dies."

"Winter we will save you." Samuel promised.

"Don't even promise Samuel. Even if you guys mange to save me from Charles, the curse that he placed on me all so long ago will take me." I said.

"Don't say such things Winter." Lucy said.

"No I still need you to make me Pharaoh." Then Charles pulled out a black Duel Monsters card and said a spell. Then I was placed inside the card. "Now she wont see you anymore and she'll start fading away until she gives up and makes me Pharaoh."

"That's just sick." Tristan said.

"How about we duel for her soul then King of Games." Charles suggested.

"It's time to duel!" Yami shouted.

"I'll go first. I think that I'll summon 30,000-Year White Turtle in Defense and I'll end my turn with 3 faced down cards." Charles played.

"First my draw and now I summon Dark Magician Girl in Attack mode." Yami said and then Lucy appeared out on the field dressed as Dark Magician Girl.

"Ah but you don't get it do you. Every person in this world is somehow connected to a Duel Monster card and so if that card goes, so does the soul who is connected with it." Charles cackled.

"Oh no." Yami said. If we duel like this we're going to lose the souls that are in this world.

"Don't worry about me all I care about right now is saving Winter so do what you need to do ok." Lucy said.

"Alright I place 2 cards faced down and end my turn." Pharaoh played.

"Too bad because now White Turtle Attack!" Charles played.

"Not so fast Charles because I activate a Trap, Magic Cylinder. This makes your monster's attack points go straight to your life points." Yami said.

"Good job Yami, now he only has 1900 Life Points left!" Yugi cried.

"Doesn't matter how many Life Points that I lose I will still win. Now for my draw, excellent now I have all I need to win." Charles smirked.

You know what I'm so sorry but I'm to lazy to do all this math unlike the duel with Kaiba vs Winter. Real sorry. Let's continue!

"Now Dark Magician take the rest of his life points!" Yami commanded.

"To bad because I activate the soul card of Pharaoh Winter." Then I appeared out on the field in the way of the attack.

"What the?" I was shocked at what was happening. Then all my abilities went right into my head.

"Now that your precious pharaoh is out on the field, you wont do anything." Charles taunted.

"Why you-" Then I interrupted Yami.

"Although even though that they refuse to do anything, I activate my special ability to use brain control to switch myself onto Yami's side to attack you and so with that he'll win the duel because of my other special ability to allow one free stack directly at your life points." I explained grinning a big smile. And with that all of Charles' life points vanish and he disappeared into no where. Then Samuel & Lucy were transformed out of the duel monster cards clothing's and into their normal clothes. I looked at myself and saw that a purplish-black smoke was coming off my body. My curse it's gone!Then without realizing it I started to cry.

Author's note: if you really want me to go into deep details with the duel that happened with Yami and Charles please tell me.