Author's note: Welcome, Welcome! Prologue Part I out of two in this story, and as you can guess, Dive to the Heart.


Destiny Islands: One day before it fell to Darkness

Station of Awakening

"W-Where am i?" a boy with brown spiky hair says in a weird place he'd never seen before... Just where was it? He was on top of a green-glassed floor with a beatiful woman, with a pale skin, black hair, and a blue and yellow dress and red details and looking as if like she's sleeping, while holding a bitten apple, with seven dwarfes' photos belongside her.

'So much to do. So little time. But don't be afraid. Take as much time you can do, do not be afraid.'

"Who's there?" the boy replied to the mysterious voice.

'The door is still shut. Can you step forward... Sora?'

"That's it! Who are you?! Why do you know my name?!" the boy, now known as Sora, demanded.

No replies.

"Okay then..." Sora said, while stepping forward.

'Power sleeps within you. If you give it form, it will give you strength. Choose wisely.'

As the mysterious voice said that, three platforms rose from the ground. In each, appeared a silver-bladed sword, with a mouse icon, blue and yellow handles, a magic staff with the same mouse icon and having a wizard hat, and to top it all off, a black and red shield appeared, with that DREADFUL mouse icon again. [Little extra: Square Enix and Disney SURE did make Sora's Dive to the Heart have a lot of Mickey's icon.]

Sora then walked to one of the platforms, which was about half his size, which he was glad, because he easily jumped to the one with the sword, picking it up.

'The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of destruction. Is this the form you choose?'

Sora thinked a little while, maybe this was his best choice, maybe not, but eventually he nodded, "Yes." The sword immediatly dissapeared, leaving the fourteen year-old shocked, and gasped a little.

'Your path has been chosen. Now, what, will you give up in exchange?'

"So i have to give up one of the two..." Sora mumbled to himself. He had no unamity, and walked over to the magic staff platform, picking the staff.

'The power of the mystic, a staff of wonders, a staff of inner ruin. Inner strength is waiting to be released. Is this the form you seek to give up?'

"Yes." Sora quicky went to the point. He didn't want to lose time, even though the mysterious voice said to take his time. After that, the staff quickly dissapeared into oblivion, as what Sora thought, at least.

'You've chosen the power of the warrior. You've given up the power of the mystic. Is this the path you choose?'

Sora only nodded to himself. Then as soon as he started nodding, the platforms started to sink into the ground, or glass for that matter. He almost fell. "WHOA!" was the only reaction Sora could say.

Then, the glass platform started to... SHATTER APART?! Sora was looking left and right, however he could not avoid falling when it fully shattered apart.

Now, he was falling into what it seemed like everlasting darkness... Was there anything to hold his body?

However, when Sora looked down, there was a stained platform just like the one from earlier, and was pink and purple-colored background, and pictured was one of his best friends and had a crush on her. To her sides, a photo of himself(Sora) and a silver-haired boy with blue aquamarine eyes, a blond man with a beard and orange eyes, and a blue-haired woman with blue eyes. He was wondering who were the last two... just who they were to her?

He safely landed in the glass floor, just out of words right now. Suddenly, the same sword he picked showed up on his hands

'You've gained the power to fight.'

Sora then did a few slashes, to generally feel how the sword is like.

'All right! You've got it.'

And then, a shadow suddenly appeared from the ground, shocking Sora, but then two more shadows appeared from the ground.

'There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong.'

Sora then proceeded to fight the little creatures, inofensive by looks, but very deadly apparently, quicking slicing through it, "This sword is quite effective actually..." Sora thought. He easily took down all the shadows, except for one.

'Behind you!'

Sora heard the voice and looked behind, only to see the shadow dissapearing behind a dark hole, and it suddenly expanded, shocking Sora. He then started to sink in a darkness hole, shocking him completely.

He then landed on a purple-ish platform, which had a door at the end of it. It was translucent, which meant...

"I can't open it..." Sora thought to himself. When he looked behind, a chest magically appeared. He walked up to it, and tried to open it with his sword, suprisingly the chest opened.

Then, a crate suddenly appeared too, shortly after the chest opened, if this dream wasn't weird enough.

'You can push large crates.'

However, Sora had another idea, he decided to slash the crate, destroying it.

The outer line of the door glowed, showing a barrel, but he didn't mind, as the door could finally be open.

When it did, a burst of light appeared, and Sora decided to walk towards it, before being completely blind by the light.

The first sight he could see, he was back on his home world, The Destiny Islands.

"Wait... This is... Home?" Was the only thing Sora could say.

'Hold on. The door won't open yet. First, tell me more about yourself.' Sora then walked to Selphie, with she saying: "Sora, what's important to you?"

Sora thought for a while, but he eventually said: "My friends are important to me, Selphie." He said.

"Is friendship such a big deal?" Selphie replied. Sora gasped a little, but then she suddenly dissapeared.

Sora then walked to Tidus, immediatly saying, "What are you afraid of?"

"Being indecisive." Sora only said.

"Being indecisive? Is that what you're scared of?" Tidus said, and like with Selphie, he suddenly dissapeared. Sora then walked to his friend Wakka, and, like the last two, he said:

"What do you want outta life?" Wakka said. Sora thought for a little time, but he eventually said:

"To broaden my horizons." He easily said. Wakka then only replied with:

"To broaden your horizons, huh?" Wakka said, and just like with Tidus and Selphie, he dissapeared.

'Your friends are important to you. You're afraid of being indecisive. You want to broaden your horizons. Your adventure begins at midday. As long as you keep your light burning, your partnership with a knight will be a pleasant one.' "Huh?" Sora thought to himself. He didn't know which knight was, but he thought it could be a very kind and strong one.

'The day you open the door is both far off and very near.' And then, Sora was suddenly spawned to a glass floor in which included a princess, with thorns on each end of the glass floor.

But then, many shadows appeared from the ground, which caused Sora to summon his sword, going into a battle stance.

The shadows made their first move, jumping and diving to hit Sora. But he easily rolled away from them; starting a counter-attack, slicing and slash each one of them. Sora easily defeat all of them.

Then, a glass pathaway formed on his left, suprising Sora a little bit. He didn't mind, he immediatly went to walk in the path.

Once he arrived, another glass floor, with an what looks like an Arab princess, with a sand-like color, and an royal palace as one of the floors.

Then, a light appeared on the middle, and Sora walked up to it.

'The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes.' When Sora looked at his shadow, a MASSIVE monster formed from his shadow, shocking him a lot.

"W-WHAT IS THAT THING?!" Sora exclaimed and gasped at that thing.

'But don't be afraid.'Sora took a few steps back, the monster landing on the ground,

'And don't forget...'

Sora had ran to the limit of the floor, nearly falling over it, and when he looked back, the monster was in full rage, then he took his battle stance and summoned the sword.

[Boss Fight: Darkside Heartless]

Sora begun to slash the monster as fast as he could, while the monster was charging up something in his right hand. It then HARDLY punched the ground, causing a shockwave to be formed and a puddle of darkness to be formed around it. Sora took quick noticed and walked on the arm, managing to slash his head several times, before going back on the ground, while he not noticed, Shadows had appeared from the aftermath of the punch, and the monster's punch retired from the ground, and soon after that, Sora begun to easily slash away the shadows, then going back to the monster, jumping and slashing its hands, nonstop, and when he was charging his attack, Sora managed to deliver the final blow to him.

The monster, seeming as in infuriated, delivered two punches to the ground, shocking Sora, as he dissummoned his sword away, falling to the ground and stepping away, and then a puddle of darkness formed around him.

'But don't be afraid.'

But then, he started to sink in the puddle, not noticing he was sinking to everlasting darkness

'You hold the mightiest weapon of all.'

When Sora noticed, he was already sinking into the puddle, unable to struggle away, with the monster behind, he held his hand, which was swallowed by the darkness, and he lost conciousness.

'So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door, and: You are the one who will help the Dark Knight.'


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