Bright colors, laughing children, porcelain painted ponies. Who doesn't love a trip to the carousel?

For some it's a place of peaceful reflection while for others it is a place of troubling times.

Frank Castle sees a reminder of all the things he lost. Dinah Madani gets a reminder of the first person she trusted with her heart betraying her. For Felicity Smoak it's a reminder of how her daughter is growing to fast. For Laurel Lance it's a reminder of the times before her and her sister walked on eggshells around each other.

No matter the memories, good or bad, new ones can always be made, good ones can be expanded upon while the bad ones become loving and cherished.

What will they find?

The Central Park Carousel: Dusk

Frank and Dinah walked hand in hand with Amy right in front of them. The park was packed as was normal for a Saturday evening during the summer.

Some people gave sideways glances or whispered to the person next to them as Frank walked by. He had gotten used to it but not Dinah. She had to keep herself from verbally or worse physically assaulting them. If it wasn't for Amy she probably would have though.

They found an empty patch of lawn and laid their blanket down. Amy watched as her parents set up a small picnic and groaned to herself. She was too old for all of this but she went along with it for their sake. If it hadn't been for them wanting to bond, she would've stayed home and watched a game on the television.

"Do you mind if we squeeze in right here?" a soft voice said. Amy looked over and saw two women and a girl who looked her age and wow was she beautiful. Golden hair as bright as gold and blue eyes that were as deep as the ocean. Suddenly Amy was really glad she didn't just stay home and watch a game.

She was shaken back into reality when her dad said "of course" and like the gentleman he was, go up to help them set up their blanket. The three ladies thanked him but looked a bit annoyed at him when offered to carry back any chairs they might have. After assuring him that they were just sitting on the blanket and thanking him again her dad sat back down.

Amy was about to say something to the young woman when not only Karen and Matt got there but Foggy and Brett and Curtis and David. Sitting down feeling defeated she watched as the adults started their introductions and the blonde goddess she had seen vanished in the sea of people.

After a few minutes everyone had squeezed themselves into the area and was anxiously awaiting the music and lights. All except Amy who just wanted to get out of the crowded area.

"Feeling closed in?" asked a soft voice from next to her. Jumping just a little she looked over and saw the blue eyed girl. Her mouth went dry and she felt goosebumps. "Ya, I don't care for crowds" Amy said as soon as she was able to get her mouth to listen to her brain against

"Neither do I, by the way my name is Mia" the girl said extending her hand. Amy shook it replying "my names Amy nice to meet you".

Mia was about to say something when the famous carousel music began to play. Amy watched the excitement build in Mia's eyes as each of the horses lit up one by one as it turned. She was so used to it but it was exciting for her to see someone else's excitement for it.

After about twenty minutes the music and the lights died down and life went back to normal. They opened the carousel for rides and people started chatting all around them.

Amy looked over at Mia who was staring at her and both girls blushed. "So your dads the punisher huh?" Mia said breaking the silence. "Ya but he isn't as cool as a dad as he is the punisher" Amy said making both of them laugh.

Silence hung between the girls for another couple minutes before Amy asked "so you seeing anyone?" Causing Mia to blush again as she shook her head no. Amy's insides started doing a dance at that news and she looked for something to say and only came up with "neither am I".

Before either of the girls could get in another word, Felicity came up behind Mia and said "it's time to get back to the hotel". Mia nodded a silent agreement as she stood up.

Amy stood up too and said without thinking "how would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow"? Felicity looked at Mia and back at Laurel who nodded with a smile on her face confirming what Felicity was already thinking.

Frank came up behind Amy placing his hands on each of her shoulders. "There's a nice restaurant right next to the park if you want to meet there" Frank said pulling Amy close. He wasn't ready for this but he knew it would happen and he was going to be as supportive as possible.

Felicity, who was feeling the same way as Frank said "that would be nice, what about around twelve thirty"? Frank nodded and after a few more goodbye's and an invite to lunch extended to their other guests, everyone headed off in their own directions.

Amy and Mia watched each other as long as they could. Both girls feeling a strong urge to run back to the other but neither one sure enough to do so.

Unbeknownst to any of them, they were being watched by a mysterious figure hiding within the shadows.


Love at first sight. The first taste of love is really sweet for these two young girls but will it last once one of them leaves? Will they want a long distance relationship?

Also, is this mysterious figure friend or foe?

All will be revealed when everyone goes for lunch at the diner, can you wait that long?