Duty waits.
His steps on the dirt road emitted a soft noise. He walked with an easy pace, not really on a hurry.

The weather was fine, Kanto was known for its mild and stable seasons. His partner slept away on his shoulders, the yellow rodent seemingly not having anything to worry about. Ash gave it to his partner, enjoying the simple things in life was most amazing.
The teen closed his eyes, letting his feet guide him to his destination. He would never get lost here, having walked through this trail countless times. The path had been engraved into his mind.

Ash pondered for a while about his latest journey that had just finished. Kalos has been a real roller coaster of emotions, what with once more dealing with world ending events, legendaries, crazy teams and the ever usual routine that was bound to follow him.
He let out an satisfied huff. The trainer opened his eyes and glanced at the road, seeing the edges of his hometown. He let a tiny smile settle on his lips. He made sure his partner was safely secured and started a slow jog. The day was just beginning, the sun rays still not shining full force.
A few minutes later he was in front of his home. The house was impeccable, the paint was new, the garden was tended to, a new white picket fence had been erected. He hoped that the key door was still the same. It was.

He entered his home and a wave of nostalgia washed over his frame. It has been a long time since I have been home!
He left his dirty traveling boots by the shoe stand and went to the kitchen to grab himself a drink. Ash placed his sleeping partner on the table and went to the fridge. He grabbed a carton of juice and brought to his mouth, drinking it in mouthfuls.

The back door leading to a bigger garden opened up and its angry caretaker steeped inside, his sharp voice shooting lines at Ash.
The teen looked back at the Mr. Mime, the juice carton just about empty, and waved to the pokemon. The psychic-type momentarily smiled and waved back before he realized the trick and angrily stomped on the ground, acute voice raising to a higher pitch.
The empty carton was, now wrapped in blue psychic energy, pulled from his grasp and found its place in the trash bin.

"Hey Mime, I see you're up early." The statement was met with a stare from the fairy/psychic. Ash smiled and offered his hand to the pokemon. After a few seconds under the scrutiny of the fairy/psychic, the pokemon accepted his handshake.
Ash let go and pulled a chair for himself and the pokemon, sitting and dropping his heavy backpack on his side. The pokemon didn't sit down, preferring to use his powers to hold the heavy load and direct it to the laundry room. The trainer thanked the 'mon once more and finally relaxed.
He took off his hat and ran his hand through the mess that was his hair. Need to get a haircut soon, mom is gonna be snappy if I don't.

His partner stirred, stretching himself and acknowledging his trainer. Pikachu squeaked and sat on his hind, letting Ash pat his head and tame down any wild fur.
He shed off his traveling jacket, fishing his Pokédex and setting the device atop the table. Professor Oak would want the data he had acquired over on Kalos for sure.
"Dear?" The womanly voice he missed so much.
The teen turned to the source, seeing Delia Ketchum descending the stairs from her room. The woman was still, her mouth open as she tried to formulate words. Eventually she gave up and proceeded to finish her descend before approaching and hugging him. He let her do as she pleases, she deserved it after all.


"It hurts, mom!"
"That is what you get, you cheeky brat! Do you know how worried I was when I saw you on the TV? Risking yourself like that! I almost had a heart attack!" Her barrage was to be expected, since he hadn't really exposed her to the most dangerous parts of his travels, only the light and fun parts. Delia didn't need to know what he truly faced when he exited home.
That didn't meant, however, that her pulling his cheek didn't hurt!
She continued until his face was a beet red color. He massaged the stinging area, Pikachu quietly pretending to be air.
Delia picked the rodent as one holds a dear plushie and pat the pokemon's head. Ash grumbled under his breath about the unfair treatment.
"Have you eaten breakfast?"
"Couldn't commit the sin of coming home and not stuffing myself with you food!"
That earned a smile from her. Soon enough the woman was displaying her amazing skill in the Kitchen. Giovanni has been a retard to leave such a wonderful woman for his criminal bandwagon, but that wasn't Ash's business. The past was the past.

"What happened to that amazing shaving set I gave you? Have you even used it?" Delia asked as she finished her own plate.

Ash rubbed his hand over his face, feeling the growing facial hair. A bristling noise emitted softly. "Honestly? Yeah, I used it everyday. It did last a while, but it worn out halfway through the journey. Couldn't be bothered to buy another one." He said nonchalantly. His mother sighed and let a wry smile adorn her lips.
"Have you seen the Professor yet?" She drank a bit of coffee and asked.
"No, I came straight from Viridian to here. After my latest adventure on Kalos, I figured I needed a bit of a vacation. I want to relax for a while." Ash sipped from his own mug and looked to his mother. "I remembered that ever since I came from Sinnoh, you have been wanting that vacation to Alola. Since I have some time now, I figured we could go there a enjoy for a while."
The smile that his mother displayed was barely contained in her own face. Her eyes lit up and she stood from her seat, almost gushing with enthusiasm. Mr. Mime followed her, almost as happy as the woman.
Ash looked at his mother with warm eyes. He should not allow her to worry about him. She deserved the world. He picked his partner up, the yellow fur ball riding to his right shoulder almost immediately. He felt the slight static as his buddy touched the skin exposed by the black tank top he was wearing.

"I'll be at the lab with Prof. Oak! If you need any help with packing your stuff just give me a call!" He shouted, receiving a complying shout from his mother. "Let's go Pi." Pikachu squeaked in delight, reuniting with his peers would no doubt be joyous.
The trainer put his boots back on and exited his home, slowly treading the way to the lab. He checked his pockets for the Pokedex chip containing the data on Kalos' pokemons, finding the little bugger inside his rear pocket.
As he walked, the chirp of the Pidgey served to remind him of the start of his journey, when he was just a snot-nosed brat. Although seven years normally would only amount to a Experienced Trainer, he had earned the League's highest level, Experienced Senior. Of course there were a few levels higher than that, but any of them meant tying himself into being League Staff.
Many trainers craved for those positions. Gym leader, Gym apprentice, Ranger, Ace; all of these came with their special bonuses, yet none really called out to him, their limitations were not something Ash wanted to deal with.
Should a war break out (the possibility of one happening normally would be null), trainers were to present themselves as soldiers for their home Regions. Hierarchy would be decided either by the local Gym Leader or another League high ranking officer.
Realizing his thoughts were going to a dark place, something that was happening quite constantly, he discarded them in favor of appreciating the sight of Oak's corral.

He caught sight of the usual dirt cloud, his herd of Taurus rampaging around. Even from this distance, Ash could hear the sound of the wooden face being impacted. The vision brought a smile to his lips.
King, the leader of the herd, bellowed. He had caught sight of Ash.
The teen approached the wooden fence with a quickened pace, hoping to dissuade any wide-area move that the bovines might do while in joy of his return. One Earthquake was bad enough, now imagine 30 Taurus doing the same move combined. Yeah, terrifying!

King approached the fence by himself, the herd raring to meet their master. The trainer met his pokemon, patting the head of the powerful creature, making it release a pleased huff.
"Ah ah, none of that King. Last time you guys did Earth Rumble, Proffesor Oak wanted me skinned alive." The mock-anger didn't get to the bovine, who simply let loose another bellow. "Yeah yeah, missed you too. Let me pass by the lab and then we can have a group meeting. Can you please call the others?"
An affirmative nod.
"Great!" Pikachu squeaked and jumped onto the back of the three tailed behemoth. "Thanks Pi. I'll get you guys some tasty treats." The duo of pokemon went their way happily talking with each other, the herd calmly following behind their leader. Some came by Ash and head butted the fence, the usual sight of affection. Ash gave head-pats to those that came.

"Professor, you alive?" The trainer had stopped in front of the white building, none of the usual helpers by. Many apprentices came for tutelage under the famous Samuel Oak, none of them present. Ash guessed that either the applications were rejected or the old man had sent the bootlickers into "field research".

Receiving no answer, he simply opened the front door. With his many studies and the isolation provided by basically secluding himself in the boonies, the old Oak could afford to leave his front door unlocked. Not like anyone was foolish enough to attack Samuel motherfucking Oak.
Ash made his way over to the research area. Knowing the man, he had probably passed out, hungry and sleep deprived.
As he passed the "Starters area", Ash entered the research area where notes and documents where kept. Over one of the tables, buried under many pages, Ash found the good Professor.
The teen sighed. Maybe Daisy was right and the old coot needed to get himself a new wife, or a permanent apprentice, or a maid. Whichever was the most convenient. Ash made his way to a coffee vending machine in the corner of the room. A pokedollar in, some steaming black coffee out.
"Good morning, Professor!" The trainer spoke, the pile of papers exploding to reveal the Elder. The man looked frantically all around the room until his eyes found Ash close by.
"Good heavens, if it isn't Pallet Town's pride!" The joke was old by now. He had been "Pallet Town's Pride" together with Gary since their first League. Their rookie year, yet both managed to settle into high ranking positions. A good memory of how far he had come.
"You really have to improve on your jokes, sir!" The teen offered the steaming cup to the Elder, the man taking it and immediately downing the whole thing.
"Ohh that hits the spot! Thanks, kiddo!" The Professor sat back into his chair as the teen went and grabbed another coffee.
"Another all-nighter?"
"You don't know the half of it! But before that," the man took another sip of his coffee before standing up and opening his arms to hug Ash. "Welcome back kid!"
Ash answered the gesture.
"Thanks Old timer, I'm back!"
The duo sat down. Oak managed to clean some space into his table, allowing Ash to put the Pokedex chip card into visible space.
"I take it that you enjoyed your time offer Kalos?" Oak asked while pulling a device out of his pocket. It looked similar to Ash's pokedex, just a bit more high tech. He inserted the card into a slot and the screen displayed the loading status. Samuel left the device on the table as he turned to the trainer.

"Yeah it was great! Met new people, saw new sights, got some new partners, you know the deal." The teen proceeded to talk about his travels while in Kalos. He kept the more "world-ending" details to himself, but outside of that was fair game.
The two spent quite a while talking, the Professor has even gotten his hands into a notepad and started writing some of the details Ash imparted upon him.
It was more of an abridged version, since the teen still had to visit his friends. Their impatience to see him was clear, if the slight quake he felt was anything to go by.

"I will see how my friends are doing. How about we talk later over some dinner and a few drinks?" The Professor had one eyebrow raised. "Kalos has been quite generous with me sir!" He left the joke hanging as he made his way to the back exit. Samuel laughed boisterously.
"Sure thing, my boy! I, myself, need to wash up and eat a decent meal. Daisy would nag me if she were the one to discover me today. At 21:00 is good for you?" The professor ran his hand over his greasy hair and rubbed his tired eyes.
"Sounds good." Ash gave his answer as he exited the building.
Pikachu came sprinting him way, his flying buddies just in tow. The trainer fixed his stance, easily letting the rodent climb up. The red blur that settled onto his left shoulder was ease enough to recognize, Swellow, ever so proud.
The invisible weight that perched over his right was a dead giveaway, Noctowel. The illusion faded to reveal the the shiny owl, big eyes and sideways head staring at him.
The duo of birds left their perch as the white and grey predator slammed over the trainer. Staraptor had gotten faster!
Unfeasant was the most gentle, her gentle coo enough to show just the required amount of affection.
He had little time to react to everything else, seeing as Gible appeared from underground and chomped at his right hand. His attention grabbed by the land shark, he couldn't avoid the following:
-Snivy smacking dab into his face;

-Bayleef smothering hiim with her entire body;

-Oshawatt hugging one of his legs, not letting him move it.

He could hear the commotion as his friends gathered all around. The trembling earth meant that Torterra was approaching too.

Ash let out a joy filled laugh. He managed to make the Unovan grass starter let go off him, and even had to resort to neck rubs on Bayleef to make her let him go. Oshawatt was fairly easier than the two overly affectionate grass types, only needing a headpat and a quick promise that Ash would play with him by the artificial pound. A fact he was very quick to be reminded off by a eager Squirtle. Totodile did his part too, jumping and skipping in his usual cute and dumb way.

The teen spotted the others around, slowly making their way towards him. Sceptile and his "Too cool for school" attitude were always amusing to see, as were Infernape's calm and collected warrior vibe. He was about to call the duo over, but before that happened, vines appeared before him. The two green plants wrapped around his remaining hand as if to simbolize a handshake. He answered by holding tight the vines and shaking them up and down, as if he had just struck a big deal. Another loud noise, this time slower and heavier than what most pokemon. Even the ever so glutonous Snorlax had come.

He enjoyed the group hug, a tradition they had. At times like this they would catch up and introduce the newer family members into the group.

Ash got all the pokeballs and let out those who had been his partner this journey. Only three flashes of light happened, which surprised the group. Normally there would be a full team, six or seven were expected.

Noivern, the most intimidating of the bunch, was the first to look for Ash. Finding him buried under unknown pokemon immediately set danger alerts into the dragon-type. He was about to unleash a rather destructive Boom Burst, however.

"Noivern, Stand down!" The order was given, the order was done. Father-Ash was always right, so while Noivern wanted nothing more than to have these strangers off Father-Ash, he complied. "Good boy!" Noivern perked up. Father-Ash had complimented him!

"Hey guys. How you all doing?" He asked the Kalos team. Halucha flexed his muscles, doing his usual presentation. Talonflame had stayed quiet, only observing the surrounding pokemon. The avian came to a quick conclusion. What monsters! Only Greninja, the second strongest pokemon from the Kalos team, would be able to spar against some of the pokemons here and have a minimal chance. When Pikachu said that Ash truly was playing fair for the Conference, he wasn't kidding.

The fire bird also felt something strong roaming the skies. A powerful flame, someone that not even full Kalos team could defeat, even when fighting together. With both Greninja and Goodra absent, they had to play good, less they be defeated under the overwhelming power that these other mons emitted.

-One of the confident Green Forest Hunter (Sceptile) that Greninja had battled, except this one dwarfed the young one they had met. While the young one needed his trainer and the power stone to activate his dragon powers, this one in front of him felt as if surrounded in a thick aura of Grass and Dragon-type energy.

-A Fire Ape(Infernape). Talonflame had heard countless stories of the fighting prowess of the Fire Apes, even before he met Ash.

To list them all out be foolish. Even those who had not reached their peak in evolution emitted a powerful energy. Talonflame's sharp eyes focused on the other flying birds and knew that while he was strong, he would still lose in a match against them. Hawlucha had already gotten in their middle, talking without a care in the world.

"These guys here have been my friends accompanying me through Kalos." The newcomers displayed their friendliness to the more experienced and elders. Their response was the same, a friendly approach. "Guys, these here are all my friends from my journeys from before Kalos. Everybody, let's get along and catch up." Many cheers and happy cries, the older mon giving a warm welcome to the new members of the family.

Ash let them know each other. Hawlucha was getting along just fine with everyone, typical behavior. The trainer noticed that Talonflame had been quite unsettled. Being a powerful Flying type known for their bravery and ability, it must have been a hard hit seeing his seniors were much stronger than him. He let the avian to its' own business.

As he looked around the field, he still hadn't found the figure of one old friend. Smirking at the rather playful behavior for a so serious pokemon, Ash looked at the sky. A few flying pokemon, nothing too special. Except the black blur that was still in the sky, poweful wings keeping the heavy body of his strongest pokemon airborne.

The smirk in his face attracted the atention of the Kalos team. They all looked up, eager to know what their trainer-friend was looking at.

"Charizard," Ash's tone flickered from easy-going to battle tested. "Down!"

A loud roar rippled the skies, scaring the smaller Flying-types away. The older pokemon didn't seem to care for the shout, but the newcomers felt the power difference. If Alain's Charizard had been a great obstacle, the monster that descended upon them might as well be a imovable montain.


The heavy weight slammed on the ground, bringing a cloud of dust with it. The strong wind kept the Kalos team from opening their eyes. When it settled, the flyers looked at the behemoth in from of them.

A gout of flame was spat skywards, the roar of the Fire\Flying dragon enough to command respect. Pikachu's squeaking complaints were heard, the rodent making sure that the flame pokemon was being lectured. Not that Charizard seemed to be paying attention to the electric mouse's complaints, if the yawning maw was anything to go by.

Ash approached the flying flamer, his hands massasing under the neck of the orange menace. A deep rumble emerged from the depths of the fire lizard, the beast closing its' eyes as he enjoyed his friend's touch. "Missed me much?"

Charizard snorted, his nostrils emitting smoke. Soon enough, the trainer was once more surrounded by his companions, many nudging and pushing themselves under his hands, yearning for the soothing touch only their trainer could provide.

"I know, I know. Gather everything you can, we are partying it up tonight!" Many cheers broke out from the crowd of pokemon. "We will party until all of us drop!" More cheers, the area around them quaking lightly. The flyers took to the sky with a single, practiced flap of their wings, shooting to the forest in high speeds. The herd of Taurus mooed and bellowed, going for their usual run. Ash approached the small, green saurian and gave it a headpat. "Mind watching over them, boy?" An affirmative nod and Bulbasaur was gone, using his vines to latch unto one of the Taurus.

"Infernape, Bayleef," The called pokemon perked up. "We're going to a local shop get some provisions, wanna come with me?" The fire simian flanked Ash, covering his back. Bayleef rushed to his side, neck vines tangling around his left arm, as if to establish dominance. Ash laughed. "Sceptile, Torterra, Leavanny and Buizel, gather some forest fruits and berries for us, okay?" The green hunter shifted his twig around his mouth and nodded, powerful legs carrying him, the pokemon seemingly unaffected by his extra weight as the sea weasel rode his shoulders. The continent pokemon let out a rumble of his own, making his way to the forest at his own pace. He also had the Insect type hanging from his large tree.

The others also dispersed on their own, hurrying to find something to help the party with. Kalos team felt a bit lost under the sudden and new enviroment. The only one that hadn't left was Charizard. The orange dragonoid lightly huffed and motioned for the team to follow the trainer. He was waiting for them by the corral's exit gate. "Thought you guys had decided to stay and relax." His statement was answered with the following: A Hawlucha flexing his muscles, showing his usual vitality; Talonflame perched on his right shoulder, mindful to avoid angering the Grass-type currently attached to their trainer. Noivern took to the sky, easily following the group as he maintained a easy flight over them.

Ash closed one of his eyes, smile tugging at his lips. He didn't even need to look backwards to feel the heat and presence Charizard emitted. "Come on then!"

"THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!" The clerk, a grown uncle with a trimmed mustache and a potbelly waved to Ash from the entry of his simple shop. The man had tears coming out of his eyes, his hands tightly holding the high value pokedollars Ash had paid for the wares he bought.

Ash waved back. He walked calmly through the town. Pallet had had its' fifteen minutes of fame whenever their "Prodigees" appeared in important events, which led to a few new habitants. Some greeted him, others looked awed as he walked with the powerful pokemon behind him. Infernape was holding a few heavy looking bags, Bayleef had some lighter ones drapped over her body and Hawlucha held a big cardboard box. Ash himself was carrying some bags as he walked the Town towards the lab once more.

Some kids were playing around, many starring star-eyed at his pals. They pointed to his buddies, many fingers pointed at Charizard. Pikachu also had many pointed his way, the rodent avoiding eye contact with them. Kids didn't hold back their curiosity, and many had a habit of pulling on his lightning shaped tail. No self respecting Pikachu allowed such an offense, but Pi was a forgiving mon, so he preferred to avoid contact altogether. The parents watching their kids waved to him, some hoping that he approached, but Ash pointed to his watch, motioning that he was out of time. Many whining kids were the result.

A few novice trainers also appeared, some even daring to challenge him. They also took one good look at Charizard and decided to "spare" Ash from his eminent demise. He laughed away, thanking them for their "kindness". Pikachu sweat-dropped, watching the kids run. One had even brought out his Rattata, only for the purple rodent to immediately pretend it was dead, a few leg twitches added in for good measure.

The group made their way back to the corral, a few coolers already separated and opened. Bulbasaur was bringing pile of berries with him, Heracross just behind the green saurian.

Depositing the bought goods that needed storing inside the provided coolers, the teen separated what was going for who. His flyers seemed to have relaxed somewhat. Bayleef left him, rushing somewhere in her boundless energy. Infernape was helping him separate the groceries while talking with Talonflame and Hawlucha. Noivern opted for some shade, hanging upside-down from a tree a few metes away, looking exactly like a Zubat, except that he was a 85kg dragon bat instead of a tiny cave dweller.

The shierking noise high in the skies signified that the flying team was back. The first ones to descend were Staraptor and Swellow, carrying more berries and a few terrified looking Caterpie.

"Put the berries over on the pile there. As to the Caterpie," Ash popped a Oran berry in his mouth, "It's your prey, your decision." If birds beaks could smile, the birds of prey would have full blown grins. As it was, the Insect-types were left trembling as they dangled from the sharp talons of their predadors.

"Glalie! Some ice over here please!" The floating rock approached and with a quick display of his abilities, the cooler full of beverages was encased in a thin layer of ice. Ash patted the mon, a weird gurgle of hapiness sounding over.

"Now we just need to wait for the others and the professor." The teen wiped a few flecks of sweat from his forehead. He also sniffed his shirt. Time for a bath, now!

He looked at the returning mons. Or, we could...

"Ahhh, this is heaven~" Ash groaned, soaking inside the quickly built "Hot spring". Nothing too fancy really. Donphan's Rollout to dig, Torterra's weight to flatten the soil and Totodile's hydro pump to carve a path from the nearby pond to the square hole dug. To heat the water was the easiest part, Charizard's mere body heat enought to make the water a warm bath, not truly hot to scald the skin, just enought to relax the muscles.

Everybody was back already, many jumping right in the water. Others opted to enjoy closeby, already digging into the treats he had brought. The floating Squirtle wearing shades and drinking juice a proof of that.

"I see you already made yourself comfortable, Ash!" Samuel was walking their way, finally wearing something that wasn't his Professor labcoat. In fact, the summer-like fashion was a new sight, seeing old Samuel in shorts, flip-flops and a flower-themed shirt. As he reached Ash, the teen grabbed the nearby cooler and pulled a few cans, cracking one open with a loud ~hhhhhiiiiiiissssssssss~.

The elder Oak swallowed dry, a lump stuck in his throat as he looked at the chilled can.

"Have a seat Professor!" Ash offered the can. Samual wouldn't be tempted.

He would resist. His hand wasn't reaching for the can. No, you shut up, he was-...


*Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp*

"YEAAAWWW, How much I missed this!" Ash laughed hard, seeing the usually calm and collected professor let loose and down half a can of beer that fast. He grabbed one for himself, opening it and taking a long drink.

Hawlucha brought over a foldable chair for Samuel and went back to the pond, backstroke swimming. Oak sat down close to where Ash was, the small height difference ignored as they clicked the cans, enjoying the fair weather.

"I thought that we were supposed to meet later in the day, what brought the change?" The trainer asked.

"Daisy." Prof. Oak left it at that. Ash nodded, knowing how fierce the girl? could be. She is the older one, right? Calling her a woman, while true, didn't exactly match the image he had of her.

"Well, I bought lunch and we have a few coolers to go through. Professor Oak is out of comission due to unforseen circunstances, but my great friend Samuel Oak can drink without worrying about work, right?" The elder caught on quickly.

"But of course! The Professor is out for now, but I, Samuel Oak, have plenty of time for a relaxing drink with an old pal! HAHAHAHA!" Both laughed out loud.

"Get ready kiddo, I'll drink you under the table today."


Night Time, Pallet Town's Outskirts.

Oak Family Residence.

"Grampa, you are reeking of booze!" Daisy complained, coming from the living room after hearing the noise of the front door opening.

"Oh granddaughter, Grampa just followed your advice and went to relax! Here, give your greetings to Ash." The coarse and slightly slurred voice from the elder Oak gave away the type of relaxing he had been doing. Wait, Ash?!

The teen was lending his shoulder to the older man, both having flushed cheeks. Samuel was deposited on the couch, relaxing as he leaned against the soft leather.

"Going to drink me under the table, huh?" Althought presenting clear signs of alcohol ingestion, Ash seemed to be mostly fine. "Heya, Daisy." He waved at her as she came to cheek the older Oak.

"You guys really went at it, didn't you?" Her voice came nasalled, as she had pinched her nose to avoid the strong smell of alcohol coming from the sleeping man. Her eyes settled on the younger man. He blinked, a tiny smile fixed on his lips. Yeah, you are more than tipsy, alright!

"Well, I just came to drop Professor by. Good night Daisy." He exited the house. Daisy stayed by the door, seeing him off. Little Ash became a big boy, huh? Gary is going to flip when he sees this. She looked at the sleeping man on the couch and laghed lightly. Finally beaten by the younger generation eh, old timer.

Morning hours.

Ketchum Residence

Ash sat by the kitchen table, sipping on some coffee. Pikachu was over his shoulder, utterly sapped of any energy. Spending the night over on the breeding area of the the lab did that to a pokemon.

Delia was happily zipping over the house. Already having bought the tickets for Alola, the woman was in cloud nine, having her son home and safe from the world, even if only for now. She was so happy that staying still was impossible for her right now. She was so anxious and happy that both her and Ash's traveling bags were already done. She was aware she had some selfishness in her, seeing as he had just arrived home and wanted to spend some time with his pokemon. However, she had also missed her baby boy so much.

The trainer let the flow take him, allowing her to buy the tickets for the ferry boat that would take them to Alola. Melemele Island to be exact, seeing as the islands that made up Alola weren't really united under a banner. Hell, they didn't have neither Champion or even a stron connection to the Pokemon League. That made it the perfect place for vacations, and for him to lay low for a while. Lance had really been a pain in the ass, trying to contact with him.

The trainer understood it was the Kanto Champion's job to make sure there were no threats to the Region. However, that didn't meant that Ash had to comply with the Dragon Master's every wish. Besides, while the League could talk beautiful politics, when it came to threats, if it didn't directy attack the headquarters, the League was somewhat slow to respond.

Short on staff? As if such an excuse would work!

Forget it for now! Vacation! You came home and are going to Alola for vacation!

The raven haired teen finished his coffee and stood up. Better hurry up and leave. With his G-man around, skulking like a bunch of Gastly, maybe Wataru already had news that Ash was back in Kanto. He thanked Arceus that his mother was in such a hurry too.

"Pi, do me a favor please." Ears perked, Pikachu squeaked. "You already know the drill. Give my apologies to everyone and tell then that they can enjoy the rest of the treats and drinks. Come back quick, we need to book it." The Kalos flyers already had some knowledge of the his predicament, so they ccould explain it better to the others.

Pikachu quickly made his way out the house and over to the lab.

"Mimey!" The Fairy poked its head from the backwindow of the kitchen. "Grab your stuff if you're going to bring anything. Carry mom's stuff too and be ready." A firm nod from the pokemon. The teen made his way to his room and found his bag over on the bed. It wasn't his trainer's traveling backpack, but it would do for now.

His Pokedex blipped, he was being called. Great, wonderful, really!

"Mom, your stuff packed?" He shouted, receiving a positive answer. "Good! Now, our ride should be here by-..." The draconic roar made the trainer let out a relieved sigh.

He grabbed the bag and his wallet, making sure his Trainer I.D and Bank card were safe and sound. His current clothes, while not bad (simple blue pants and a black tank-top),certainly could be better. Eh, it's okay.

Down stairs, Delia looked ready to travel, Mimey just behind her carrying her bags. He looked outside, seeing both Charizard and Pikachu waiting for them.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds, his mother not noticing it in favor of exitting the house, and they were covered for just a second with a blue flare.

Mind using Teleport to give Mimey a lift to Cerulean? You know I'd prefer to travel by normal means, but-...

[Worry not, friend. The major port, right?]

You know it!

"Ash dear, Mimey dissapeared!"

"Yeah, I asked a friend to give him a lift. But, since we still have some leasure before boarding time, I decided to take us to Cerulean port." Ash handed Charizard his bag as he mounted him. He took it back and fixed its position, as to give area for his mother to hold onto him. Delia sighed, thinking this was her son's usual antics.

Charizard opened his wings and with one quick burst, he was airborne. Both Ketchums were safe, Pikachu too, tucked inside the toasty bag Ash held.

"He left, sir."

"I can see that!" Even riding his fastest Dragonite, Cloudskipper, Lance had arrived late to talk with the troublesome boy. The League needs his power, but tying him down has been impossible! If he just stopped and let me explain. Orre has been pushing far too much, and the Orange Islands need their Champion, They can't call him and bind him to the throne since when he won they weren't important for the League, thus not officially crowing him.

The Orange Islands need a king to rule over, Orre needs someone to keep them behaving, the Ranger Union has been insistent in making him Head Ranger. Dangerous S-class incidents have been stopped that kid, yet the League still insists that they have priority in negotiations. The little punk is good at running.

The League's patience is thinning Ketchum. Please, don't give them a reason for another war!

The Kanto champion looked at the paper sheet once more:

Trainer: Ash Ketchum

Age: 17

Trainer Rank: Experienced Senior. +Military-grade rank: First Leautenant Officer


-Has been sighted near Every major incident with correlation towards S-class pokemon.

-Orange Islands current champion.

-Has personal connections with various High-rank League staff.

-Sponsored under Professor Samuel Oak.

-Rumored Aura Guardian, has backing from Rota and Togepi Kingdoms.

-Active participation in defeating Team Rocket's main fighting force, including its Leader.

-Recorded to have participated in all Major League Conferences, and visited all current Regions under the League.

An experienced survivalist-type trainer, records show high physical prowess and fighting capabilities, combined with unconventional tactics focused on terrain-control. Resources should be pooled to include trainer into League Exclusive connection. Is known to have worked together with multiple factions on many ocasions, aiding damage control and proving to be too valuable an asset to be left for other factions. High chance of being in possetion of valuable information on Legendary class pokemon.

Au notes: Spicy, right?