AN: I don't really plan on including very man notes in the future but I decided to give a brief description on my idea of this story. I got the idea reading "A Seventh Path: Path of Swords" by A Dyslexic Writer on where, due to a failed experiment, Rin and Shirou are reincarnated into the narutoverse. I thought the author did a good job depicting the personalities of the two, but especially Rin. Her being the Hyuuga heiress and Hinata's older sister was good idea but I thought that Shirou's family's background was kind of boring.

So I asked myself, what about an Uchiha? I tried to see if I could translate Shirou's abilities into what the clan is know for and, without spoiling anything, I found several ways to make it work. I've been reading a bunch of fics online lately and tossed around the idea of doing one myself, I just never had the motivation until now.

Just a warning beforehand, I don't claim to be an expert on either franchise but I'll try to keep it as honest to both as possible. The timeline in the nasuverse, for those wondering, is UBW Good End.

All rights to Naruto and Fate characters and settings go their respective creators.

The existence once known as Shirou Emiya was in a state of shock. How did he get here? Where exactly was 'here'? Oh, he knew where he was. He also knew that 'here' didn't exist in his world. He began to wonder if this was all some ploy to alleviate that damn vampire's boredom but quickly threw that notion away. Zelretch may have had the ability to put him here but he couldn't have given him a new body.

Six years ago, Fugaku Uchiha and his wife, Mikoto, announced the arrival of their third child, named Shirou for his unnaturally white hair. During those six years, Shirou Uchiha lived the life you'd expect of a child of a clan head with no knowledge of his prior history. His kind heart and warm smile proved infectious to those around him. His many fights with bullies sent him home with a fair share of injuries, though not as many as he could have. Sasuke, his older brother by a year, always had his back with pure loyalty only found in a brother. Shirou's tenacity, his will to protect, and sheer stubbornness had dissuaded his parents from further lectures long ago, seeing that they could do nothing to stop him, Fugaku instead opting to spend more attention to the training of his sons. If he could not stop them from getting into fights, he would just have to make sure they could defend themselves. His oldest brother, Itachi, was caring and, as often as his Shinobi career would allow, aided in their training.

So Shirou lived the early years of his childhood in ignorance. Until today. Mikoto had brought Shirou and Sasuke along for a trip to the market when her youngest had suddenly stopped dead an his tracks with such abruptness that Sasuke had walked right into him.

"Watch what you're doing—Shirou?"

The pure look of terror on his face did not go unnoticed by Sasuke. Almost two decades of information—history, experience, joys, sorrows, and love—had flooded into him all once, the trigger unknown. Everything that was once 'Shirou Emiya' was now whole once again inside Shirou Uchiha. Almost everything. He could not remember how he died. Or, at least, he assumed he died. Shirou had no problems with the idea of dying, he'd give his life in a heartbeat if it would save someone else's. No, the fear that chilled his bones was due to the last thing he could remember before his rebirth. He had been with Rin and Arturia.

Did they die too? He couldn't stand the idea of those two being anything other than perfectly safe. His fear turning into frustration at himself for not knowing their fate. That frustration turning to helplessness as his head began to send sharp pains to every nerve in his body.



His brother and mother's calls fell on deaf ears as the strain of an entires life's worth of memories being uploaded into the brain of a six year old finally took its toll as Shirou collapsed.

Rin was not having a good day. She had come to terms with the fact that she had been reborn into some 'barbaric village,' as she called it, a couple years prior. The second child of Hiashi Hyuuga had an agreeable lifestyle, if she said so herself. It was only suitable for someone of her stature to be reborn into nobility. When she had first regained her memories, it had taken her a day or so to acclimate but she didn't let it hinder her.

She had immediately began reading anything and everything she could get her hands on, trying to gain as much information of her new setting as possible. There were several theories on space-time jutsu that she had found but nothing concrete.

I'll just have to make my own then, she had thought, so she asked her new 'father' to start her training as soon as possible. Hiashi, of course, agreed, happy she was taking a greater interest in her shinobi career than her older sister, Hinata. Though the eventual ramifications this would have on Hinata worried him. Rin's obsession on space-time jutsu was oriented towards a single goal: getting back to her world. She wasn't sure what or who had sent her here but she had no idea of Shirou and Saber's whereabouts and it worried her.

Her bad day had started off by getting woken up early by Hinata. The ensuing blind rage was enough to send the shy and stuttering Hinata running with her face pale as a ghost. Her bad luck had only continued throughout the day as misfortune seemed to stalk the six year old Hyuuga princess. After lunch, she had locked herself in her room and immersed herself in her books. Her poor demeanor had drastically improved as she stumbled upon a breakthrough. Only to fall once again as the theory she was reading was centered on the Sharingan instead of her own clan's Byakugan.

Her concentration was interrupted by various people talking loudly throughout the clan compound. Her anger growing as her patience wore thin, she barged out of her room to see what was so important as to intrude upon her silence. Stepping out onto the grounds, she grabbed the attention of the nearest passerby.

"What has everyone so worked up that they don't understand the concept of 'peace and quiet'?" she asked with her most threatening fake smile.

The man, a member of the branch family and one of her attendants if she remembered correctly, winced at the terrifying aura this child could emit with such angelic expression before answering.

"My lady, the youngest child of the Uchiha Clan head has apparently fallen ill."

"So? He's an Uchiha, right? The well-being of an individual from our rival clan should not merit this response."

"Ah, I see your point, my lady, but Shirou Uchiha has helped several of the children—"

"What did you just say?" Rin interrupted, the fake smile wiped from her face immediately, replaced by one of deadly seriousness. "Please explain in as much detail as possible what you know of this person."

The abrupt change in attitude did not go unnoticed by the branch member as he nervously told her everything he knew.

Arturia was an orphan. As an orphan, she had been assigned to stay at an orphanage but she rarely ever found herself there, instead spending her time training as often as possible. As she was a unique heroic spirit before her reincarnation, she, unlike Rin and Shirou, had retained the memories of her past life quite seamlessly. Like the other two, she had no idea of their status and worried for them constantly. She knew not how find them or even what she could do in the meantime so she threw herself into training, getting stronger the only solution she could think of. Even now, she was in a clearing, swinging a piece of timber around, practicing her "Kenjutsu" as they called it in this new world.

"Eh, why are you always out here, Art? Not like swinging that thing around is gonna do you any good, ya know?"

Arturia paused to look at the speaker. Naruto Uzumaki was brash, loud, and hyperactive but Arturia had to admire his perseverance. It was the reason she befriended him, even though she could not convince the blond that she was a girl. Every time she would try to convince him, he would laugh it off as a joke. It was ironic really. In her youth, circumstances had forced her to abandon her identity as a woman for the sake of her country. Then she met Shirou, and for the first time, she had allowed herself to succumb to her own wishes and wants. And now that she was so open with her own identity, people were reluctant to believe it.

"Because nothing is gained from sitting idle," was her curt reply.

"Well, academy starts in two weeks, and we're gonna show 'em what we're made of! Believe it!"

Arturia allowed herself a smile at this. War tactics in this world were vastly different from those of her own. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't as excited as her friend. Perhaps the shinobi school would bring her answers to the numerous questions.