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Lucifer finishes the last of his drink as he finishes preparing to head down to Lux for the night when his cellphone rings and he grins a little as he looks down at it. "Detective!" He answers in a cheerful tone. "Rather late for a case, or maybe you just-"

"Lucifer." Chloe interrupts, her voice sounding a little ragged and hoarse, with a serious tone that makes Lucifer stop in his tracks.

"What is it, Detective, what's wrong?" Lucifer asks more seriously, already picking up his car keys and heading for the elevator. Whatever is wrong, it can't be good, for her to sound like that.

Clearing her throat a little, Chloe takes a deep breath before she speaks. "There's been a fire. At.. at my house." He was her first phone call after the EMT's checked her and Trixie out, even though she knew she should call Dan first, she also somehow knew that her partner would immediately pick up. And despite herself, his smooth British tones do more to soothe her nerves than she would have anticipated.

"I'm heading to the car now. Are you and Beatrice alright?" Lucifer asks, an unfamiliar fear slicing through him as he thinks of either Chloe or Trixie being seriously hurt. He conveys to Maze with a look that he'll be gone, and with the phone to his ear and the look on his face, the demon can guess the cause, so she merely nods in response.

"Yeah.. We're both fine, Lucifer." Chloe reassures quickly, letting out a breath, knowing he's on his way. "But the house.. it.. it's a total loss. They're still trying to put it out." She explains before she sighs. "Listen, I.. I have to call Dan. I'll see you when you get here.

Already sliding into his convertible, Lucifer starts it up as he listens to the last of the information. He bristles at the idea that she would call Detective Douche, before reminding himself that the man is the father of young Beatrice and so has a right to know. "I'm in the car now. I'll be there soon, Detective. Not to worry." He reassures before he hangs up, dialing Maze as he peels out of of the club and onto the main street.

He spends a few minutes filling in his demon ninja bodyguard about Chloe, setting a few things in motion before he finally hangs up, focusing on his driving. He's definitely relieved that they're ok, but then again, the Detective does have a habit of underplaying things, and she's clearly trying to keep things together for her spawn. So it could be more serious.

It's easy to tell where the fire is when Lucifer gets closer, not only from the smoke still rising from the rubble, but also from the fire trucks and EMT trucks that are crowded into the small yard. Parking out of the way, Lucifer adjusts his jacket and his cuffs as he strides toward the scene, easily scanning for his partner. "Detective!" He says in a raised tone – not quite a shout – when he sees the woman standing with the child, blankets wrapped around them both and from the look of it, both of them in their pajamas.

"Lucifer!" Trixie spots him first and runs toward him, attaching herself to his waist as she often does.

This time however, instead of immediately trying to get her off of him, he awkwardly pats her shoulders. "It's alright, child." He tries to comfort, though he has no experience whatsoever in that. His eyes lift to Chloe's as he sees her moving closer. He's equally as surprised when she immediately snakes her arms under his jacket to hug him from the opposite side from Trixie, pressing her face into his chest. It takes him a second to figure out what to do with his arms, but he rests one hand on Trixie's back, the other her wraps around Chloe. "It will be ok, Chloe." He uses her name to try and show how he does understand the seriousness of the situation as he rests his cheek against her head gently.

"Chloe." Dan's voice comes from somewhere behind Lucifer, tone sharper than he might have initially meant when he sees Lucifer with his wife and daughter.

Once again, Trixie, Chloe's little angel, is the first to react. "Daddy!" She shouts, moving away from Lucifer and running to her father, giving her mother a few moments to recover herself. Chloe stays with her face against Lucifer for a few moments, taking in his scent which she finds oddly comforting. Finally ready to face Dan, she lifts her head and starts to move away from Lucifer, who immediately releases her. "Dan.. Hey.." She says awkwardly, putting her arms around herself and noticing how Lucifer lingers close to her side.

"Detective, where did your blanket go? You must be cold.. here." Lucifer says as he notices that somewhere she lost the shock blanket, quickly shrugging out of his jacket and laying it over Chloe's shoulders. He lays a hand in the middle of her back just below her neck for support, and maybe to needle Dan a bit.

Dan leans down to hug Trixie. "Hey, Monkey.. It's ok, I'm here now." He soothes his daughter, though his eyes are watching Lucifer and Chloe. "What happened, Chlo?" He finally asks, continuing to hold his daughter.

"Thanks." Chloe says with a small nod to her partner, appreciating the unspoken way he seems to know things sometimes. "I don't know, Dan." Shes ays as she rubs her forehead with her fingertips slowly. "I woke up to the fire alarm screeching. By the time I got downstairs, almost the entire kitchen was in flames. I just got Trixie, got out and called 911." She explains with a little shrug. "The inspector won't be able to get in until it's been put out completely. But by the time they even got here, it was just.. gone.. I don't know what I'm going to tell my mom." She says in a slightly trembling tone, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she tries to keep it together.

"You shouldn't worry about that now, Chloe." Dan points out in a gentle tone as he stands slowly, keeping his arm around Trixie's shoulders gently. "Thank God you and Trixie got out alright." he says as eh looks down at his daughter briefly before he looks up Chloe again.

"Sounds as if it was a death trap waiting to happen if it went up that quickly. Or it wasn't an accident." Lucifer observes as he looks at Chloe with a slight frown. He slides his hand up just slightly to rest at the base of her neck, long fingers curling around her shoulder slightly. "You should stay with me tonight,I have several guest rooms, and it would be better to be somewhere familiar instead of an expensive hotel room." He offers immediately, no innuendo behind his tone for once.

Frowning at Lucifer, Dan shakes his head. "No way." He says more sharply than he intended. "You and Trixie should stay with me, Chloe. It's gotta be more familiar than his place. Plus, I have some of Trixie's things, at least some clothes for her to go to school in tomorrow." He wheedles, maybe using their daughter as a lure, but he wants to keep Chloe away from Lucifer.

Chloe pinches the bridge of her nose and she nods slowly. "You're right, Dan." She says slowly. "Trixie should stay with you tonight, and maybe tomorrow, too. It's going to get days to sort everything out with the insurance company and everything. You have stuff for her, like you said." She says with a small nod of her head. "I'll stay with Lucifer. It's quieter and he can give me a ride into work." She decides with a small nod of her head. She's not exactly sure that staying with Lucifer is the safer option, but she doesn't want to confuse things and give Trixie the wrong impression that she and her dad might get back together. Not after everything Dan did with Malcolm, he's lucky she's not filing for full custody. Glancing up at her partner for a moment, she tries not to smile when she sees the smug expression on his face. He was going to be insufferable. But he came when she needed him. He didn't question, didn't complain, and didn't interrogate her. He knew something was wrong, and his first concern was for her and Trixie. Despite what he might say about disliking children.

In contrast, when she called Dan, he had tried to almost brush her off like he was in the middle of something more important, before she told him about the fire. And even then, when he asked about her and Trixie, it seemed almost obligatory and not from any real concern. He was her father, for God's sake. The contrast between these two men had never been sharper, in Chloe's opinion. Despite everything, all the weirdness and the constant attempts at trying to get her into bed – though that had at least calmed down some recently – Lucifer would always have her back. He was always there for her, and he was good with Trixie, despite how much he seemed to dislike children in general.

Dan's voice brings her back to the present. "Are you kidding me, Chlo?" Dan asks as he looks over at Lucifer with distaste.

That's just about enough of that, Lucifer thinks, shaking his head a little. "I think the Detective has been through enough tonight. She appears to have made up her mind." He says in a firm tone before he looks over at Chloe. "Is there anyone you need to talk to before you leave?" He asks as he motions with his free hand toward the various firemen and such that are around.

Dan bristles, but he realizes he can't really argue in front of Trixie, without upsetting both her and Chloe. "Fine." He says in a stiff tone. "Come on, Trixie. Say goodnight to mommy, and we'll get you home." He says toward his daughter.

Trixie rushes over to her mother who crouches down to meet her. "Goodnight, Mommy. Luficer will keep you safe right?" she asks in a slightly trembling tone.

"I most certainly will, Beatrice. She'll be very safe with me. And maybe after your mother has gotten things sorted, you can both sleep over, hm?" Lucifer offers with a little smile as he looks down at Trixie.

"Really? Can we have a sleepover, mommy?" Trixie asks, immediately cheering up because she believes Lucifer and has complete faith in him for whatever reason.

Smiling a little at her daughter and giving her a firm hug, Chloe nods a little. "Sure, babe. In a few days, alright? I've got a lot of work to do, and I need to replace some of our stuff. I know it's sad to lose our stuff, but you'll get all new toys, and new clothes, and it'll be ok, monkey, I promise." She reassures as she watches her daughter.

Trixie finally nods, giving her mother one last hug. "Ok." She says easily. "Goodnight, mommy." She says, kissing her cheek. "Night, Lucifer!" She says with a wave as she returns to Dan's side.

Standing and waving a little, Chloe watches her daughter leave with Dan and then she sighs a little as she looks over at Lucifer. "Thank you, Lucifer. For everything. I won't be in your hair for long, I promise, just a few days until I get something sorted out.." She reassures as she looks at him, taking a deep breath.

"Take as long as you need, Detective. I don't mind having you as my guest." Lucifer reassures, before he smirks a little. "Maybe I'll finally be able to convince you to give in to your desires." He says with a playfully seductive tone, leaning over toward her a little.

Chloe can't help but laugh a little, and she swats at his arm a little before she pulls his jacket back around her again. She can't even be mad or exasperated at him at the moment. It's just good to know that he's still her Lucifer. "Yeah, good luck with that." She says with a shake of her head, smiling as she looks at him. "I'll be right back, just let me see if they need me." She says with a small nod, resting her hand on his arm for a moment before she turns to carefully walk back over to one of the firemen, talking to him for a moment.

Although he was only half teasing, Lucifer finds himself pleased to have made Chloe laugh, despite the situation. He nods to her before watching her walk off. When his phone buzzes he pulls it out to check the screen before he answers. "Have you done what I asked?" He asks of his right hand demon.

"Yes. It's done. All of it." Maze reports faithfully from the other end of the phone.

"Good. We'll be heading back in a few minutes." Lucifer says before he hangs up, sliding his phone back into his pocket as Chloe comes back toward him. "Shall we?" He asks, taking a step back slightly to motion her toward his car.

"Thank.. They said they would call if they had any questions about what happened." Chloe says with a nod as she walks past him, carefully picking her way through the grass since she doesn't even have shoes. "Who was that on the phone?" She asks, deciding to be a little nosy so she can keep her mind off the fact that she just lost everything she owns and still smells like smoke. At least she could be sure that Lucifer's shower was going to be amazing. Because if anyone knew luxury, it was Lucifer Morningstar.

"Oh, just Maze. Just letting me know she had finished a task I asked her to do." Lucifer says dismissively as he looks over at her, then he sighs a little. "For goodness' sake, Detective, couldn't the EMT's at last have given you some socks?" He asks, and with a quick stride of his long legs he gets in front of Chloe a little before he turns and scoops her up into his arms, bridal style. "No need to ruin those delicate little feet of yours." He says with a smirk as he carries her effortlessly toward the car.

"That's not really something they just carry around with the emergency supplies, Luci-FER!" Half his name turns into a cry of surprise as Chloe is picked up, and she grabs onto his coat so it won't fall down from around her with one hand, the other grabbing around his neck. "I can walk just fine, put me down." She hisses, though her heart is pounding from the sudden movement and the reminder of Lucifer's hidden strength. It doesn't seem like he's straining at all to carry her. And while she's not a heavy person and she's seen some of Lucifer's muscles first hand, it still shocks her because between his height and skinny suits, he always seems lean to her.

"You've had a long, stressful night, Detective." Lucifer points out, not bothered by her objections. "You don't know what could be on the ground. What if there were a needle or something, hm?" He points out as he looks at her. "As much as you want to think this is a nice neighborhood, you just don't know. Better not to risk it when there's an alternative." Not to mention he likes hearing her gasp and feel her cling to him. As if he would ever drop her. Her weight was nothing in comparison to his angelic strength.

Chloe hated that he was right. It was a good neighborhood but you just never knew what could be hidden in the gravel or the grass. Sighing a little, she lets him carry her, resting her head on his shoulder for the brief walk to his car. "I knew you would come when I called. You always have my back, Lucifer." She mumbles softly, not sure if he would hear or even understand, but she still felt the need to say it.

Tightening his hold briefly on Chloe, Lucifer just nods a little. "Always, Detective. I will always be here when you need me." He reassures as he walks around his car and leans down without opening the door to deposit her gently in the passenger's seat. He had the top down a she always does, so it's easy enough.

Not wanting to lose his jacket, Chloe pushes her arms through the sleeves after he puts her down, buckling up and nodding a little. She's not sure what else to say a situation like this. "Lucifer, can we -" She stops as she realizes she was going to ask him to stop so she can at least get a toothbrush and stuff, but her purse, ID wallet, and everything was in the house. "Nevermind. I don't have any money."

Arching an eyebrow after sliding behind the wheel, Lucifer seems intrigued as to what she might be asking him. At least until she mentions money. Nothing interesting, then. Pity. "Don't worry, Detective. If you're concerned for your toiletries, it's all been taken care of." He had planned to surprise her when they got back to his penthouse, but he would rather relieve her worry. "I had Maze purchase some items for you." He reassures as he starts the car and drives back toward Lux, this time at a slower speed, since he's not in such a hurry.

Clearly surprised at the thoughtfulness, Chloe's eyebrows go up as she stares at Lucifer. "Oh. Thank you, again..." She says with a little shake of her head. Just when she thinks she has her partner pegged, he pulls something like this that sets her off-kilter again. "That's actually.. really thoughtful." She admit, sounding surprised.

"I'm wounded, Detective. We've been partners for over a year now. We know one another rather well. Obviously, with the loss of your home and everything inside, you would want to get cleaned up to retain some normalcy. And while I would be happy to let you use any of my products, it would hardly set you at ease. You would be self-conscious the entire day, thinking that someone may notice and get the wrong impression. It still baffles me as to why that should matter to you so much. Most of the precinct thinks we're sleeping together anyway." Lucifer muses as he continues to drive, glancing over at her occasionally.

Once again surprised, Chloe turns to stare at Lucifer, her mouth open a little at that revelation. He really does pay attention. "I care because it's no one's business /who/ I sleep with." She says with a little shrug, frowning briefly as she looks at the strange man at her side. A part of her does wonder whether he notices all of this about everyone, or if it's just because he's so fixated on her for whatever reason.

There's silence in the car as Lucifer muses over this new little tidbit of information. "And here I thought it was merely having sex with me which you found so distasteful." He says with a little smirk as he looks over at Chloe, not wanting her to see how much she had confused him. And yes, he'd never been rejected so vehemently by a woman before and it did hurt a bit at first. It was soothed the better he got to know her though, and now their partnership was far more important to him than getting her into bed. He'd still love to turn her into a quivering puddle of satisfied flesh of course, and still believes it will eventually happen. There are just more pesky feelings in the way at the moment.

Chloe can't help but chuckle a little as she glances at Lucifer. "You don't need your ego stroked, Lucifer." She says with a small shake of her head, deciding to drop the subject altogether as they pull up to Lux.

Before Chloe can get out and risk her feet again, Lucifer jogs around the car after tossing his keys to the valet. Scooping her back up out of the seat and into his arms, Lucifer delights in the way she clings to him again. "In deference to your current situation, Detective, I'm going to ignore what you just said." He says with a little smirk, since there are so may 'stroked' comments he could have made. He carries her to his private entrance, leaning down a little to tap his code into a panel and then press a button to summon the elevator.

Chloe can't help but grab around Lucifer's neck again when she's lifted up, letting out an involuntary squeak. She slowly loosens her death hold around his neck, putting her head down on his shoulder instead. "I didn't know you had an entrance out here. Sneak a lot of women out the back, huh?" Chloe asks with a little smirk as she looks up at him.

"Not usually. From time to time I do prefer to be able to get into my penthouse without being accosted by women." Lucifer points out with amusement a he steps inside the elevator with Chloe. And while he could put her down once inside because there certainly is nothing in his elevator that would harm her feet, he continues to hold her. He enjoys it and she doesn't seem to be struggling to get down so he sees no reason why he can't indulge his desires just this once, especially when they're so tame.

Snorting a little at that mental image which is easy to conjure since she's seen women accosting Lucifer before, Chloe thinks about it for a few moments. "I don't see how you can let women do that." She finally says, lifting her head to look at his face. "I mean, I've seen women who you have obviously never met before walk right up to you and practically molest you. At the very least they feel you up pretty good. It really doesn't bother you that they practically treat you like a piece of meat?" She asks as she watches his eyes confused about that.

Lucifer can't help but smirk a little as he watches her. "Do you mean like a certain /someone/ did to see if I was wearing some sort of protective vest under my shirt?" He teases, still vividly remembering when Chloe made him believe she was finally succumbing to his charms and felt him up. He grins slightly as he watches Chloe's slight discomfort and decides to have mercy on her. "To answer your question, no. It doesn't bother me at all. Feels rather nice actually." He reassures as he looks at her with a smile. "I appreciate your concern, Detective. And to be clear, should you ever want to refresh your memory, you needn't ask. Say the word, and I would be putty in your hands, eager too let you have your wicked way with me." His voice dips seductively as he watches her, and he licks his lips a little as he watches her pupils dilate somewhat. So she isn't totally unaffected by him, that's rather interesting.

"Lucifer!" Chloe scolds, shaking her head a little and rolling her eyes in exasperation. "This really isn't the time for your... Luciferness." She says as she vaguely motions to him, not sure what else to call his antics. Still, she eyes him skeptically for a few moments. After all his talk and boasting, she is a little curious and still trying to keep her mind off the fact that her life has been devastated. "Would you do that?" When she sees his questioning look, she blushes a little and looks away from his dark eyes, focusing on the little hollow at the base of his neck. "I mean. Theoretically. You're all about fulfilling desires, right?" She doesn't wait for a response before continuing. "So. If I said.. I desired to.. um.. just touch you.. without interference. You would allow that?" She asks, finally peeking up at him.

Ohhh.. Theoreticals. This is good. Maybe Lucifer will finally get a peek into the desires Chloe has been hiding so well from him. When the elevator dings, he steps into his penthouse, walking over and setting her down on one of the barstools gently. Grasping her chin gently to force her to face him, he looks into her eyes before he grins slowly. "Yes, Detective. If that is what you truly desired, I would let you explore my body to your heart's content without so much as lifting a finger. I'd even let you cuff me if it would make you feel better, though you and I both know how easily I can get out of those." He smirks a little, but his tone is serious, and he's not even trying to be overly flirty or seductive.

Caught up in the depths of his eyes, Chloe stares at him and shivers slightly at his response. Yes, please. Wait. No. This is Lucifer. That's not going to happen. So says 90% of her brain, but that sneaky little 10% of her mind that is sexually frustrated with a dry spell that has lasted more than a year, sneaks out another question. "And if that's all I wanted?"

"Mmmm... Bit of a sadist, are we?" Lucifer asks in a slightly more breathless tone as he looks into her eyes. "If you could truly contain yourself to just touching me, I would not pressure you into more, Chloe. More than anything else, I value consent. I would never force a partner into anything they were uncomfortable with. I only give them what they desire." He reassures as he watches her, head tilting to the side a little as his eyes move from hers down to her slightly parted lips for a moment before returning to hers.

Chloe just blinks a few times as she looks at him. That actually says more about him than she thought she was going to get, how firm he seems about consent. She wonders not for the first time what must have happened in his childhood for him to end up like this, and if he was ever forced to do anything against his will. "I need a shower." She mumbles before she gives in to her desire to run a hand through his hair and scrape her nails along his stubble.

"As you wish, Detective." Lucifer says, moving away from her and heading with smooth strides up into his bedroom, coming back with a dark red button-down shirt. "I hope this will suffice for something else to sleep in tonight. I hardly think you'll enjoy the smell of smoke on your current ensemble." He muses as he looks over her t-shirt and pajama pants for the first time.

Chloe slides off the stool and takes off his jacket. "Uh.. yeah. Sure." She says with a little blush as she takes his shirt from him and hands him back his jacket. S he's surprised at how soft the fabric is. "I'm guessing you just have the one bathroom?" She asks, knowing there might be a hidden bedroom somewhere, but she can't really see there being any extra bathrooms.

"Unfortunately for you, yes. You know where it is. Suitable toiletries should be on the counter." Lucifer says as he takes his jacket from her, heading back into his bedroom to hang it up, and the vest he was wearing under it, in his closet. "Just give me a shout if you need someone to wash your back." He says with a little grin as he looks at Chloe curiously.

Sighing a little and shaking her head with a slight smile at his Luciferness, Chloe moves past him and she closes the door behind her before examining his ridiculous bathroom. The tub alone could fit at least three people and the shower could probably fit six. Shaking her head a little, she goes to the bag on the counter, unpacking the items with a bit of surprise. Maze has good taste, and a few of the things are the type of product she buys maybe once a year on a sale or during a splurge but normally gives up since she doesn't need to spend that much money on something she mostly is literally washing down the drain.

It takes her a few minutes to figure out how to turn on the shower, and with a wary glance at the door, Chloe undresses and steps under the warm water. She knows that staying here in the penthouse for an extended period of time isn't going to be good. Lucifer is smart, and there's no way he doesn't know the effect the has on her. Which might be the reason he's never given up on getting into her pants. Then again, he's never once acted on this knowledge. Which comes back to what he said about consent. She's always said no, and so besides teasing her, he hasn't pushed it. She's always just thought about how annoying it was, but for over a year now she has never thought about the fact that he hasn't actually /done/ anything. That makes her smile though, and gives her some of her confidence back.