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From where she was observing, Chloe is more than a little shocked. The moment he stepped into the room, she could tell Lucifer was different. He was right, it was a little like flipping a switch. This side of him is even a little intimidating to her. Even though she knows him and knows he wouldn't hurt her. But when the Devil-style interrogation really starts, she puts her hands over her mouth, feeling sick to her stomach as she sees that while he doesn't do much of the actual torturing, he still seems to take a certain amount of glee in the woman's pain. Somehow, knowing that her partner is the Devil, that's one thing, but seeing the Devil in action is another. She can't help but imagine him doing this for centuries to souls in Hell. Intellectually she knows all the souls are really bad people, and he probably didn't do all that much since he was ruling over Hell, but her heart still aches. She told him that she was a big girl, but there's only so much that she can stand, watching the woman try to not give up the information, and watching the skill with which Lucifer draws out the answer to every question. More than that, what turns her stomach, is Lucifer's change in attitude, and the thought that she made him do this. That it's because of her that he's become this person again, something he did for literal centuries.

Wiping her tears from her eyes, Chloe finds something to scribble a note on and leaves it attached to the laptop before she downs the whiskey Lucifer gave her earlier, and leaves the room to return to Lux and then out to her car to drive away from the club. She has no destination in mind, she just knows she needs to get away, if only for a little while, just to get herself straight.

When all is said and done there isn't actually that much damage to the woman, and Lucifer comes out pleased with how much information they got, but his anger is barely contained due to the content of the information. For the moment, his sleeves are rolled back down and jacket back on. "Detective?" He asks as he steps into the room where she was watching, looking around for a few moments. "Detective?" He asks again, though there's really no place she could be hiding. A part of him is slightly relieved since it seems she might have missed some of the interrogation. Not seeing her in the room and getting no response, Lucifer walks over to look at the computer, seeing the paper there and picking it up to read it. It's quick and simple, in Chloe's handwriting.

You were right. I'm sorry.


Staring down at it for a moment, Lucifer nods slowly as he suppresses any outward reaction. "Right. I should have known." He says before he turns, seeing Maze in the doorway, he holds the paper out to her. "Please make sure the police find our perpetrator in there. I'm going to pack a few things and then I'll be going to one of my other properties. I've already hired your replacement so it should be fine without me for a little while. The Detective is welcome to stay in the Penthouse as long as she needs to. There should be a company coming by tomorrow to put some security measure on the elevator. I'll text you the details." He informs his demon with a flat tone, taking a slow breath and adjusting his jacket for a moment, then adds, "I'll be visiting our co-conspirator before I leave the area." His tone is cold as he turns to walk past Maze and up toward Lux and eventually back to his penthouse, formulating a note of his own in his mind to inform the Detective of his intentions, and perhaps apologize for the damage. As the pain threatens to overwhelm him, he does what he does best, suppressing it and twisting it around to fuel his anger.

Despite his attempts, by the time he returns to Lux proper he can feel tears pricking the back of his eyes. How stupid of him to think that Chloe could forgive what he is. That she could possibly look past the monster and see the man. How could he think that he deserved something so good, so pure as her. Isn't that why he tried to keep it from her in the first place? Why he was so worried about her seeing that side of it. Who knows how long she even stayed before she was unable to stomach the sight of him.

Once back in his penthouse, he turns immediately toward his bar and sends Maze the details about the elevator as he gets himself a drink and gulps it down before he carefully sets the glass down, looking at his trembling hand with disgust. The worst part is, now he can't even work with the Detective. Perhaps she'll come to terms with it quickly. He'll consider their date an impossibility now, she'll never want him that way anymore. And clearly she'll need to find her own place to live. She'll probably leave as quickly as she can. But maybe they can still work together. She said she knew he wasn't evil, but she'd never seen the monster he truly is.

Packing a bag, Lucifer takes a deep breath as he finally sits down at his desk to write out a note for his – no, not his anymore. The Detective. Folding it up, he places it an envelope and puts Chloe's name on the front in a neat scrawl before he walks over to the bar and props the note up on a cup, hoping that she'll see it when she comes in. Taking one last look around the penthouse as it is, with the Detective's shoes sitting near the couch, one of her jackets over the bench of his piano, and Trixie's drawing still sitting on the bar from the night before, he picks up his bags and leaves, deciding to stay in one of his properties in the hills of Los Angeles. Far enough away that Chloe won't know where to find him without unnecessary investigation, but close enough that he can return if he's needed. And he can still come back to Lux if there's some sort of emergency.

But before he can leave town, he has some other business to attend to. Self-pity transfers into anger as he remembers who it was that ended up being the mastermind behind this entire affair. It's difficult for him to control his Devil face as his fury bubbles just beneath the surface as he drives. Perhaps it's better the Detective saw him for the monster he is because while he may not be able to return to Hell, he is going to bring a little Hell to Earth this evening.


Arriving at his destination, Lucifer looks up at the apartment building, tugging down his cuffs a little in an agitated gesture before he strides inside, his shoulders hunched a little, anger coursing through his veins and it's only through incredible effort that he remains in his human skin. Outside the apartment he takes a moment to listen to how many people are nearby who may be able to call the police and then smiles coldly. The building is nearly empty. Perfect. He knocks on the door and stands to the side so he can't be seen. He needs to get into the apartment without breaking the door down. He needs to keep the suspicion down, and a knocked down door will raise a few eyebrows awfully quick.

When the door opens, Lucifer steps into the doorway and he smiles coldly at the man. "Hello, Daniel." His tone is thick with restrained rage and forced cheerfulness. He shoves Daniel backwards before he can speak, not using all his strength yet, then he steps inside the door and kicks it closed behind him.

Drawing his gun, Dan lifts it to aim at Lucifer. "This is harassment, and trespassing. Get the hell out. Or better yet, don't. Give me any excuse to pull this trigger and finally get you the hell out of my life." His tone is angry and threatening, and his finger hovers over the trigger as he glares at the object of his hatred and jealousy.

"Daniel. Did you think we wouldn't find out what you did? Did you think /I/ wouldn't find out? The Detective is much more clever than you give her credit for. She would have figured it out if I didn't get to it first. But then, you never really saw that in her, did you? You tried to keep her down at every turn, keep her at your level. But she's so much more clever than you, Daniel." Lucifer says in a cold tone, not caring about the gun since the Detective is nowhere near him. "The familiarity with the Detective's home, avoiding Beatrice's room... Inside knowledge that could be leveraged against both of your co-conspirators. Those all pointed to a cop. She didn't want to believe it, you see. Not after that mess with Malcolm. But once a dirty cop, always a dirty cop. Did you truly hate her so much that you wanted to kill her?" He takes a few steps toward Dan. "Well, don't you worry, Daniel. I'm not going to turn you in. But I am going to give you the punishment you deserve." He threatens with cold amusement, pushing aside the hand holding the gun before landing a punch square on his jaw.

Stumbling back a few steps after the punch, Dan puts a hand against his face, testing for blood for a moment, before bringing his gun back up to point at the man before him, but he gives a rather nasty smile. Seeing as the jig is up anyway at this point, Dan glares at Lucifer. "I was good for her! We were good together. We had our bumps, but she would have let Palmetto go and then everything would have been great again. Until you." He growls a little as he looks at Lucifer. "I didn't want to kill her, I knew that schmuck wouldn't succeed. I knew Chloe would have her fire alarms working. She needed to lose everything. She needed to know that /I/ was there for her. That I could still support her." He thrusts his gun in Lucifer's direction several times, taking an aggressive step toward the taller man. "And it would have worked. Except for you. You've been screwing up my life for a year now. I thought Officer Iona would take care of that. I knew you would play the hero. She was already on leave pending a Psych Evaluation. A few well placed words here or there, it wasn't hard to push her over the edge, give her the information she needed to lure you out. Chloe wasn't supposed to be there. You were supposed to run off like you always do to confront the suspect. But she couldn't even aim a damn gun right." He says in a dark tone, full of frustration.

"Thank you, Daniel." Lucifer says, surprised at the confession, but his smile is cold. "You just got rid of any qualms I might have had about your punishment. You sent a mentally ill woman over the edge, you threatened the life of your child and a woman you supposedly love, in order to try and get them back. You are a dirty cop. You are the worst of the worst. And here I thought you were just a Douche. I never thought you would stoop to this level." Lucifer admits as he looks at the man coldly, "This will be so much more fun knowing just how guilty you are." He says with his usual light tones, though there's no emotion behind it, his eyes flat and dead his, his smile predatory. "Go ahead, Daniel. Pull the trigger. If you hate me so much, then get rid of me! Give in to your desires." He urges darkly, putting his hands into his pockets casually.

"I already knew you were nuts, man, but this is one time where I will gladly do what you say." Dan lifts the gun a little more and fires two shots at Lucifer's chest without hesitation. When the bullets hit but fall down to the floor without any injury to Lucifer, it doesn't phase Dan as much as it might others. Afterall, he's a cop. He knows all about bulltproof vests and other protective clothing. He still tries firing three more shots in tight formation at his chest, just in case, before he aims down and fires two Lucifer's leg. When none of that seems to phase Lucifer at all, beyond a few twitches from the impact, he starts to get a little nervous. Resolve hardening and with a more determined look, he lifts his gun swirftly to fire a single shot into Lucifer's forehead. Watching the taller man's head snap back briefly, Dan's face morphs into one of fear as he sees that there's not even so much as a scratch on him from a direct headshot.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel." Lucifer tsks as he looks at Daniel, briefly closing his eyes as he twists his head one way and then the other to loosen up. When he opens his eyes, they are red with Hellfire. "You're more tenacious than most. No less than I would expect from a gutter rat such as yourself." He says as he tugs his jacket together and takes a step toward the Douche, watching in satisfaction when the man fires off a few more rounds in desperation and then drops his gun to stumble back, unable to look away. "Now you're starting to understand. You should have quit while you were ahead after Palmetto." He doesn't show his Devil face yet, not wanting the man to completely wet himself. Not yet. He steps forward swiftly and uses one hand to lift Dan off the floor, glaring at him. "You put the Detective in danger. Not once, but twice. You put your own daughter in danger. I'm afraid that's unforgivable, and you're going to have to pay. It's not your lucky day though. This is not going to be quick." He says as he throws Dan across the room into his TV cabinet, which shatters, items falling out and onto the floor around him.

"Yes! Now you understand, Daniel! The fear she's been living in, the fear she had to deal with, losing everything!" Lucifer raises his voice a little with a vicious smile as he watches the man get up weakly and scramble to the kitchen to grab a knife. As if that would work any better than a gun. Stalking after him, the Devil grabs Daniel's wrist when he tries to slice at him, twisting until he hears bones snap and a scream of pain coming from the man in front of him. Yes, this he is going to enjoy. "I am sorry for the Detective and her child, who will have to deal with your trial." At the surprised look from Daniel, he chuckles without humor. "Oh yes. I'm not going to tell the police everything. But the young woman you used to do your dirty work, the one whose husband the Detective put in jail, Millie? She's on her way to the police right now, and she's in a talkative mood. I'm afraid you won't be doing much talking for a while, though." He says as he takes the knife from Daniel's hand and then punches him, flipping the knife around in his hand as he stalks after Detective Douche to deliver his final punishment.

By the time Lucifer leaves the apartment, it looks like half a gang was in there beating up on the man. He leaves the Douche beaten, bruised, broken and bloodied, but alive. He's even nice enough to leave the man's cellphone nearby so he can call 911 when he regains consciousness. When he makes it out into the afternoon air, Lucifer pulls his pocket square out and takes a slow, deep breath as he wipes off any remaining spatters of blood from his hand, glancing around to make sure there's no one watching before he pulls off his jacket and shirt, retrieving a new shirt from his bag and slipping into it before he gets into his Corvette. Now he can leave knowing that Chloe will be safe. She will be heartbroken, but she'll be safe. She'll have the time she needs without worrying about looking over her shoulder. Gripping the steering wheel firmly for a moment, Lucifer glances at himself in the rear view mirror, hating himself for the monster he so clearly is, but he can't be unhappy about protecting the Detective. Turning his eyes forward, he starts the car and then drives up into the hills to his property, stopping only long enough to get booze and groceries.