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While Chloe is in the shower, Lucifer makes sure that Maze did set up the guest room which is somewhat small compared to the rest of the penthouse, though in reality it's an normal bedroom size. Returning to the main room, Lucifer gets himself a drink before he goes to his bedroom to listen for the shower. He's learned quite a lot tonight, and is surprised that Chloe seemed to open up so much. Over a year as partners, and she's always kept him at arm's length emotionally as well as physically. Apparently the loss of everything has made the Detective a little more appreciative of him.

Unfortunately Lucifer is having a problem getting a certain image out of his head of him stretched out on the bed in just his boxers while Chloe leans over him, her smaller hands on him, her hair brushing his chest. He sighs a little, taking another drink of his favorite whiskey. Now he just has to figure out how to keep the Detective from running off too soon. Having her stay with him, that's good, and a first step. Endearing her spawn to the idea is helpful, and he'd even endure the little minx for the sake of keeping Chloe close to him. Just maybe, if he can keep her around, he might finally be able to convince her to give in to her obvious desires. He just doesn't understand it. He can see the reactions, the way her body practically lights up sometimes. And yet she still denies it. It's very frustrating.

Lucifer is still sitting on the edge of his bed in thought, sleeves now rolled up to his elbows, drink in hand when Chloe emerges from the bathroom. Glancing over at her, he does a bit of a doubletake. He told her before he was more of a leg man, and that still stands true. His eyes start at her feet, up her long legs to where the hem of his shirt rests against her thighs. She's had to roll up her sleeves of course, but even the color suits her. "My, my, Detective." he nearly purrs as he looks at her. "You look absolutely ravishing." He says with a little smile before he slowly stands, picking up a glass he had sitting on the end table. "Here. You're not on duty and I thought you might appreciate a drink." he says more gently as he holds the glass out to her.

Shaking her head a little, hair still damp, Chloe takes the glass as she snorts a little. "I think you would say the same thing if I were wearing a paper sack." She says with a shake of her head. "Or are you one of those guys that gets some sort of possessive thrill out of seeing women in their clothes?" She asks, arching an eyebrow as she takes a small drink out of the glass.

"I wouldn't know. I've never had a woman wear my clothes, apart from you, Detective." Lucifer says as he motions to her. "It's not as if they have any need of clothes, and they can certainly leave in what they came in." He explains as he looks at her. "Now.. I did have the guest bedroom made up as promised, or you could stay in here." He gives a single twitch of his eyebrows up and an impish grin as he glances over at his bed.

Rolling her eyes a little, Chloe can't help but laugh a little. It's actually easier to relax now, despite everything, now that she understands Lucifer a little more. She takes a step toward him, looking at his bed thoughtfully. "I don't know.. if I stay in here with you I might find out that the Devil is a secret cuddler." She teases him a little as she takes another drink from the glass.

Well this is different. Chloe is being playful, teasing even. Lucifer isn't sure he's seen this side of her before. He likes it. "I'll never tell." He teases as he watches her. "Even I wouldn't take advantage of you tonight, Chloe. Besides, it's not as if we haven't shared the bed before. And last time you were naked." He points out with a little grin. "When a certain someone drunkenly sought me out and hogged the blankets?" He prompts, watching the realization dawn on her face and he grins a little

"That.. that does not count. I was drunk." Chloe says a little defensively. "Dan had just broken up with me in text. Which, as it turns out, was a blessing in disguise. At least I had already filed the divorce papers before this." She says in disgust with a shake of her head. "Oh, god.. speaking of that, I'm going to have to get new copies of everything.. I doubt my stupid little safe survived the fire... Trixie's birth certificate, her social security card.." She mutters as she stats to think about everything that has to be done and everything she lost. She sits down on the edge of the bed, taking a deep breath.

"My Father certainly isn't going to help you here, Detective, so lets leave him out of it, hm?" Lucifer says with a touch of annoyance, before he sits down beside her. "There are memories that were lost, Detective, but the important thing is that you and Beatrice are fine. You two cannot be replaced. Well, I suppose you could replace Beatrice, you're young enough to have another spawn, but it still wouldn't be Beatrice." he says thoughtfully, finishing his drink and setting his glass aside before he looks over at Chloe.

"Yeah... yeah, you're right, Lucifer, it's just.. all of my stuff.. all the photo albums of when Trixie was a baby..." Chloe sighs a little and shakes her head, tilting over to rest her head on Lucifer's shoulder, eyes closing as a few tears slip from her eyes.

Sighing a little, Lucifer shifts and gently puts his arm around Chloe, having wondered when it would all hit her. "I am sure those are very important things, Detective. Beatrice is still here, you can take new pictures and make new albums." He tries to reassure her for a moment, rubbing her arm a little. "I really do think you should stay here with me tonight, Chloe." he says softly, using her name to show his sincerity. "It'll be better for both of us. I won't have to worry that you're secretly having a breakdown, and you will have the comfort of knowing you're not alone." He reassures quietly.

Chloe can't help but snort a little. "You? Worry? I didn't think you worried about anything." She says quietly in her attempt to tease him, though she finds it comes out a little flat.

"You're my partner, Detective. Of course I worry about you. I may not always show it well, but I've grown quite fond of you and your spawn." Lucifer says quietly, resting his cheek against her head gently before he starts to draw away. "Come on, you need some sleep." he says, though it's still very early for him. He takes the glass from her hand, finishing it for her before he slowly gets up and goes to the livingroom, dropping both glasses off at the bar and turning off the lights before he returns and goes into the bathroom to splash some water on his face and empty his pockets onto the counter before he strips down to his boxers.

While Lucifer is wandering around, Chloe considers whether she should just allow him to dictate the sleeping arrangements. She will admit he has a point, and he did just show her some vulnerability, so she figures that behavior needs to be rewarded. Glancing at the bed, she sighs and when he disappears into the bathroom, she slips between the sheets on the side farthest from the rest of the penthouse. When he comes back in nothing but boxers though she can't help but stare a little, especially since he seems so at ease, as if she saw him in his boxers every day.

"Should I let you take a picture so you can examine it later?" Lucifer teases as he sees her staring at him. "I even brought your phone back." He hands the device over, waggling his eyebrows a little at her playfully as he slides between the sheets.

"No, thanks. I don't need that." Chloe says dryly as she takes her phone and puts it on the night stand on her side, hoping that it has enough charge to last through the night. "Thanks." She says before she rolls onto her side to face him. "Thank you for everything, Lucifer." She says quietly after a moment, the comfort of the bed and the warmth of the sheets finally draining the last of her energy.

"You're very welcome, Detective." Lucifer murmurs with affection as he turns on his side briefly, waiting and watching until her breathing evens out in sleep. He uses a remote to turn off the bedroom lights before he stretches out on his back and allows himself to drift off as well.