The Fight

"Knock it off Malfoy!" Harry said as he brushed passed Malfoy thinking that would be the end of it. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and Malfoy had to keep it up; and that was the final straw for Harry "who said that's it!" and that's how Harry found himself in his father's office in the Aqua Base along with Professor McGonagall. Harry refused to look at his father as he and McGonagall talked and judging by the tone of his father's voice he wasn't happy one bit. Looking at the fishes swimming in the fish tank as well as swimming outside his father's office; Harry now wished he was a fish to get out of this mess. "Thank you McGonagall for letting me know about this little problem" Captain Mitchell said as he looked down at his younger son who was now patched up thanks to his older sister.

Once McGonagall had left Harry quickly wrapped his arms around his father and said " Don't leave me I'll promise to be good I swear something like this won't happen again!" Chuckling to himself Captain Mitchell shook his head until he was eye to eye with his youngest son. "Harry I am not leaving you on the street once again if that's what your thinking" Captain Mitchell said as he pulled Harry into a tight embrace. "But" was all Harry could sputter as he tried to get words out but couldn't since he didn't know what to say. "Yes I am surprised that you got into a fight with one of your classmates but don't think that if for one minute that will change who you are. You'll be the same to all of us here in the Aqua Base and that includes Ryan and Dana.

Captain Mitchell watched as a small smile appeared on Harry's face with his eyes still a little misty Harry couldn't help but squeal out including the rangers. Laughing Captain Mitchell ruffled Harry's head and said yes. As the pair made their way to the door they couldn't help but laugh as they heard an all too familiar voice say "Harry where are you! Your bird is on my case again for whatever reason!" "I wonder what Hedwig did to Joel this time" Harry said he wiped whatever tears he had onto his sleeve before looking up at his father. "Well shall we go and find out?" Harry eagerly nodded his head making Captain Mitchell laugh once again as they made their way to see what all the commotion was about.

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