The Fight Chapter 3

"Dana hey you know you shouldn't be standing there the police aren't finished in their just yet. Unsure if Dana even heard him at all Carter repeated his statement as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Dana jumped suddenly once Carter's hand landed on her shoulder. Twirling around quickly to see who it was to Dana's shock and surprised that it was Carter. "Oh hey Carter need something?" Dana asked. "I should be asking you that same question?" Dana sighed heavily to herself once again looking into Harry's now vacancy bedroom.

With a heavy heart turned to Carter and buried her head into his chest covering her tears within his red sweater. Carter however was surprised by this gesture as he wrapped his arms around Dana's petite frame. All the while this was taking place Carter could feeling a slight but massive blush forming on his cheeks. Carter was beginning to think did he have something for this particular pink meanwhile was doing his best to make him apologize extra special; that he didn't mean for Harry to run away that he was the stupid one not him. Looking back at his trash can Joel sighed at look how big it was getting. Now looking back at what he already written that was an entirely different story he was slowly running out of loose leaf paper.

"Ugh man what am I going to do now?" Joel said to himself as he rubbed whatever was left of his hair. Joel knew he had to make this apologize extra specieal to Harry and ultimately Dana to made amdeants to both of them. How was he going to do that he didn't know but what he did know was he needed more loose leaf paper; and so he set out to get some and that's what he set out to do. "Dana we really need to get out of here the police aren't finish here yet" Carter said gesturing to Harry's room. "I'll go when I am total to go got it!" Dana said suddenly snapping at Carter. Dana appreciated Carter's kind gesture before.

But as of right now more of a piece of Dana's heart was missing and she wanted to be alone because she missed her younger brother Harry. Captain Mitchell were currently with the police devisioning a plan about how to get Harry back. It was quite obvious that the boy wasn't taken that he left on his own all thanks to the surveillance. As the rest of the police in the background continued to talk about what they should do about finding the young boy. Captain Mitchell couldn't help but scratch his chin and think where could a young boy like Harry would go? Meanwhile back at Harry's room with Carter and Dana it was entirely different story however Carter was still trying to get Dana from stop going inside Harry's room. "Listen to me Dana already for the last time your not allowed to go in there!" Carter said as the pair stood outside Harry's bedroom.

Dana however was doing her best to get by Carter in order to get a look inside Harry's room just in case she missed anything. "Let me go Carter! I mean it why are you doing this me?" Dana spat back. "What did I do?" I only stopped you from going into Harry's room from disturbing anymore evidence!" The next thing that happened caused both of them to "yelp" as something wrapped in one of Harry's blankets wobbled itself out of it's room. After a few minutes of back and forth who was going to pick the blanket up; Carter reluctantly did and both Carter and Dana discovered that it was Hedwig Harry's owl. Looking at each other the pair couldn't understand what Hedwig was trying to tell them.

Hedwig the owl kept hoot hoot and gesturing towards Harry's room. Dana made the first move before Carter could say or doing anything else. The next Carter and Dana saw was Hedwig sitting on/or rather somewhat innocent empty looking truck and it was Harry's trunk. Dana held back tears as she and Carter looked in Harry's now empty truck. All the pair saw was a picture of a family they didn't know. But something in Dana's gut was telling her that they weren't good news.

Peering over Dana's shoulder Carter glanced at the picture and said "I wonder who they?" "I don't know who they are but something in my gut Carter tells me that they are not very nice people" Dana replied. At that moment in time Dana didn't know how right she even was. Harry meanwhile somehow was able thought he was the luckiest person of all. After all he was able to get onto a Mariner Bay bus and then to the airport and now onto a plane. Where ever the plane took Harry he just hoped it took him far away from here.

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