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The story is broken up into six parts named after the Infinity Stones. My OC Samantha grows up really quickly, but I did make the style of writing evolve with her age. It's a bit "if a child would remember it, the detail is there" until adulthood. Just FYI, it gets much more elaborate as she experiences more and more.

Rules of this universe: Super-soldiers, i.e. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, do not age. They are considered immortal by human standards, but they don't have Asgardian-type lifespans. What happened in THIS universe instead of what happened in Endgame will be explained as the story goes on. Everything up until Doctor Strange experienced 14 million different scenarios is roughly the same, save for some minor background details that are closer to the comics, nothing that changes personalities of canon characters.

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Sokovia Accord Enforcement Council

Official Transcript of Trial A0843, p.862

Date: Friday, January 13th, 2040

Conclusion of presiding senior member, Robert Cushing, is as follows:

Samantha Morgan Stark, in light of all evidence and testimony presented, I and the Council find you ungovernable and deem your power too dangerous to allow use by any entity on- or off-world. You have become too great a liability for the Council to allow your signature to the Accords, and since you have already operated with abilities outside the purview of this governing body, the Council cannot in good faith trust your adherence henceforth to its rules.

Therefore, we hereby insist your abilities be stripped. Should there be no satisfactory cure for your abilities, we conclude no other option than to terminate



"Sam, it's time for bed," Pepper Potts said for the third time that evening.

"Mom, story," four-year-old Samantha Morgan Stark pleaded with her mother, raising her wiggling fingers into the air. Pepper tucked the quilt around her daughter as she did every night, queuing Sam to slap her arms down, sealing the edges.

"Ok, one story. Let me guess which one," Pepper joked to herself. There was only one story Sam ever wanted to hear, over and over again, so her mom made adjustments occasionally to keep it 'fresh.' Sam's brown eyes were alight with excitement as Pepper began.

"Years ago, your father was trapped by an evil man from space. Dad was all alone, far from home, on a ship with no way back." She flicked the lights off for effect. "It was so dark and cold out in space, and so very quiet. Your father kept trying to get home until the air was thin and he felt so, so tired." Sam's eyes were heavy too. "And that was when he heard the voice," Pepper continued. "It said: you are meant to go on and save so many others. When he looked up, Dad saw this beautiful witch dressed all in green. She raised her hand high above him," she did the same, "and threw a potion to the floor. When all the light cleared, the entire ship had been magically transported to just above Earth. He was home and soon saved by his friends. If it hadn't been for the good, green witch, your father wouldn't have been alive to save half the people in the universe," Pepper finished, leaning forward to kiss her daughter and add, "or have you, love."

Little Sam fluttered her feet under the covers. "Daddy always saves everyone!"

"Yes, love, he did. Now go to bed, please."

Tony Stark popped in, backlit by the hallway glow. "It was really more like a bioluminescent alien that was green, not wore green," he mumbled.

"We are not talking to her about this now," Pepper whispered harshly back.

"Right, no nightmares from talk of aliens and monsters…"

"Mommy," Sam asked sleepily, "are all witches good like the one that saved Daddy? Like Aunt Wanda?"

"Time to sl—"

"No, kiddo," Tony interrupted, "but we do call good people things like friends, teammates, allies, partners, etc., and we call bad people different things like villains, enemies, and monsters."

"What makes them bad?"

"Well, monsters are people, sometimes they won't look like you and me, that hurt you or your family and friends."

"Like the monsters under the bed?" Sam's brown eyes grew to saucer size in terror. "Big Sam said that's why he flies so high, to get away from monsters."

Tony turned to Pepper with a smirk. "We haven't fired Wilson yet? Write that on the to-do," he said before turning back to his daughter. "But," he assured her with a gentle grip to the arm, "there are no monsters under your bed."

"Goodnight, love." Pepper headed to the door, calling "I'll be back by tomorrow night to tuck you in."

Tony's brow raised as he stood to leave. "I thought Bruce was gonna go to B-site to handle it?"

"Well, he's got a lot on his plate here, and I'm perfectly capable of checking in with the supervisors about shipments, containment, and placement. If you recall," she shot back in hushed tones, "I have some experience wrangling self-obsessed male scientists. Plus it's one day, Tony."

"I'm unfamiliar with that previous boss of yours, but I have heard that women in your condition should take it easy. Strong," he rambled, "stubborn women often take on too much work to—"

Pepper spoke over her husband to say "I love you, Sam," and made to shut the door with them outside it.

Tony tossed in a 'love you' as well after a glare from his wife, whispering "I said that already. I did. She knows anyway, now what about—"

The door shut with a click.

Samantha lay awake imagining the shapes of light and shadow on her ceiling as the adventures of the Green Witch dashing across the universe to save countless worlds. Her eyes grew heavy thinking of a day when her mother and she could thank the beautiful alien.

But Pepper never returned home.