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"Okay Muffin-top, watch and learn how a villain does it."

"Matatabi." Momo corrected him, and Naruto rolled his eyes. Momo was still a "Hero student", and she was currently doing her internship with a real hero. She was getting hero training, though according to her it was more like how to handle and increase popularity than real training. Now she was going to be getting her villain training from him, and he was going to be the kind of teacher that would show her the ropes.

The first thing to do to be a villain.

Commit crimes.

"Just watch and learn, to attract heroes I always do a crime first. So, we're going to steal the next amazing scientific discovery. Now, the first thing a villain needs is confidence. Having a song in your head helps gets you motivated and confident." Naruto stated as he took a step backwards off the top of a building.

-Play Achievement Hunter: Good at Being Bad-

Momo jumped off the roof after him, and started to free fall towards the ground. Since they got to the top of the sky scraper by hitching a ride on a helicopter that was passing by, they just needed to fall to the correct floor. Momo kept her eyes on Naruto the entire time as he kept his arms crossed and fell in a rather unnaturally calm way.

He reached out and touched the side of the building, and started to slow his fall down quickly as they started to approach the 54th floor.

Momo created gloves covered in a highly sticky substance with her Quirk and pulled it out of her cleavage. She grabbed onto the building with both of her hands, in contrast to Naruto using one hand to stick, and his foot to keep his balance. She stopped next to him, but below him enough that she needed to climb up the building.

Naruto pulled a knife out of his pocket, a knife that Momo never saw him use on a hero.

He created a quick circle that happened so quickly that Momo barely saw his hand move, before he flicked the glass circle and shattered only the glass that was inside of his cut circle. Naruto flipped into the building using the hole he made, and Momo climbed in after him.

"I've never seen you use a knife." Momo pointed out.

Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Nobody has ever seen me commit a crime, they only discover me after I commit the crime. If they ever discovered me before I did the crime, that wouldn't be humiliating for the hero if they actually prevented the crime." Naruto stated as he started to walk forward. He pulled out his second knife and started to walk forward.

He moved his left hand as he walked, and positioned his right and left hand at odd angles that Momo didn't understand.

"Security system, watch this." Naruto stated as stepped forward and moved his hands perfectly. He reached into his pocket and tossed a small ball on the ground.


A slight layer of smoke filled the room, and Momo stepped back in shock when she saw a red light moving from one side of the room to the other. It was positioned so perfectly that it would sense anyone coming in through the window. Anyone not expecting it would for sure trip the alarm, and it was a high tech security system.

He beat it with two knifes.

"Toads have absolute night vision, and the ability to see infrared light. All these little lights, I can see them so clearly. Since you don't have that ability, you need to always assume that less than 6 inches away from the glass there are infrared lights." Naruto walked towards the door and he moved across the room and around each of the lights like a pro. Momo followed after him and mimicked his movements the best that she could manage, and her flexibility and athletic ability allowed her to not trip any of the lights.

Momo was taking mental notes, and she was appreciating this.

This was Kurama performing the crimes that heroes chased him for, nobody had ever had any recorded evidence of Kurama ever doing his crimes until he decided to make himself obvious. Kurama only got caught in the act when he wanted to be.

Naruto stopped as he got to a locked door.

"I've got thi-"

Momo didn't get a chance to show off as Naruto unlocked the door with a couple of quick uses of his finger and the knife. When the door popped open, she was surprised when he put his hands in his pockets with a confident aura. Naruto pulled out his knife again and leaned it outside of the door slightly, and he looked down the halls of both sides.

"This hallway has a total of 3 security cameras, but 7 blind spots... Momo, follow all of my movements exactly 7 seconds after I do them." Naruto stated as he jumped out of the hallway, and she looked at him and watched as he ran down the hallway, and kicked off on the wall as he ducked behind a potted plant. Half a second later, he moved from behind the potted plant and ducked into the women's bathroom.

Momo followed after him, and she could understand why he told her to wait when she noticed how quickly the cameras were moving. She kicked off of the wall and hid behind the potted plant just as the camera was about to see her, and when it passed her she ran towards the women's bathroom.

"That was hard."

"That was easy, and now we use the vent that connects the two bathrooms." Naruto walked over towards the vent that connected the men and women's bathrooms. He kicked open the vent, since it had no security system. "This type of security fault is common these days, connecting the women and men's vent systems. Now we head into the next bathroom." Naruto told her as she watched him get down and slip into the vent.

She followed him.

Her butt got stuck, and her boobs dragged against the floor in an uncomfortable way. She wiggled her butt the best she could, and managed to get unstuck as Naruto dusted himself off. When she got out of the vent, she could feel his grin.

"Don't say it."

"Muffin... top." Naruto stated to her, and she took a swing at him with her open palm. Naruto grinned and dodged her just as a man walked into the bathroom, the late night janitor doing his rounds got hit by a perfectly timed powerful slap to the neck.

He hit the ground.

"Ho-how did you know?" Momo was shocked that he seemed to know the man was going to come through the door.

Naruto grinned at her.

"You think I go into these crimes blind? This janitor works nights, and he has followed the same pattern for bathroom cleaning for the past 4 days. That's why we needed to be in this bathroom." Naruto told Momo as he reached down and started to strip the man naked.

Momo had a blush visible around her eyes when she saw Naruto putting on the man's clothes over his own clothes, and he unmasked himself and hid the hood of his hoodie.

Naruto's face matched the man's face.

"The Toad has a camo ability, and I make a very selective use of it. I change the color of my skin to match somebody, my eyes to match their eyes, and hair to match their hair. I can't change the shape of my bones, but at a passing glance I'm a perfect match." Naruto gestured towards the extremely faint whisker marks he had. He finished his diguise by putting the man's hat on his head, grabbing the cleaning cart and pushing it out into the hallway. "... Well, get under." Naruto opened the cart and showed that there was enough room for her to squeeze and hide inside of it.

Momo just nodded and got inside, hiding and honestly being taken aback by just how good at crime Naruto was. He was a true professional at the act of not getting caught in a crime, and she was just now realizing something no hero had realized.

No hero had ever caught Kurama.

Factually speaking, if Kurama didn't even want to get caught committing the crime, nobody would ever even know he was there. They only ever knew Kurama did the crime because he made it super obvious after he was done. Yet nobody seemed to realize that no hero had actually stopped him from breaking into wherever he wanted to break into.

'Heroes only ever see him use his poison touch, but when he commits crimes, he makes full use of his Toad Quirk in such unique ways.' Momo thought in surprise when she saw Naruto casually unlock the door to an office with the janitor's key card, a more highly secured room. He walked into the room like it was nothing, and he flipped on the light switch.

They were caught by security cameras, but because Naruto had been disgused as the janitor none of that even mattered at the moment.

Naruto approached a computer and turned it on, putting his mask back on and taking the janitor's clothes off.

"Did you have to take his underwear?"

"Yes, and before you ask... because it was funny." Naruto gave his reason with a grin under his mask. Naruto typed in the password, and Momo looked at him in surprise. "Another rule, scout the area beforehand. I used my camo to sneak in here and watch a scientist, and waited for the password. Never hack a computer, it nearly always leaves traces of the hack. This way, the use of the computer seems natural... and with this, all security systems in the building other than those on the roof have been shut off." Naruto explained to Momo as he leaned back in the chair, and she realized that they were in the security office.

Naruto got up and walked in a laid back fashion, with Momo following him.

Like a badass, he walked out the door and over to the elevator.

"Now, we take a trip to the research department, and take our little prize. The blue prints to those ANBU should be a good prize." Naruto stated with a grin. He wanted to prove a point, and stealing the documents behind these ANBU machines sounded like the perfect way to show Danzo that his little machines had no chance to defeat him. He was going to enjoy watching the man try to explain himself to the news on how Kurama broke into his building, and stole the documents on his machines.

Momo kept taking mental notes.


"Now, my dear Matatabi, lets steal these blueprints-"


"-and look, the ever famous Eraserhead! Bravo on you being the first person to arrive here!" Naruto stated as he looked at the UA teacher without a grin. Momo gulped, unsure if she had a chance to defeat the man.

He looked super serious.

"So, Kurama has a partner now... can't say that sounds like a good thing. I thought you were a solo act."

'He seems so serious... I can't beat him.' Momo thought as she reached into her cleavage, and pulled out a bo staff.

"... So your Quirk allows you to store objects and pull them from your cleavage, unlike his Quirk, I can stop that one." Eraserhead spoke as he moved towards them. Naruto grabbed Momo and pulled her out of the way, and he dodged the capture scarf without missing a beat. Momo was just stunned by how she had been effortlessly saved.

Well, while he was an impressive teacher, he was still only a slightly above average Pro hero with a good Quirk. He wasn't really prepared for a villain who could fight and defeat him with or without their Quirk.

"I never said that, and you better be careful, you never know when you're going to take a fall." Naruto stated.

The man fell to his knees, and collapsed to his face.

"How!?" Momo shouted in shock, she didn't even see him do that.

"My capture tool... when you saved her, you touched it and put poison on it. When I called it back to myself, it touched me." Eraserhead could understand it though. Naruto took his goggles off of his head, and twirled them around his finger. He tucked the stolen blueprints away underneath Eraserhead's scarf.

"Well, Matatabi, remember this for next time. Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious to the point of soundlessness. Therey you can be the director of the opponent's fate. More than that, you need to learn to appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak." Naruto stated as he beckoned for Momo to follow him. He tossed her Eraserhead's goggles, since they would be the first victory trophy that she would get to keep.

This was her debut after all, she needed something to remember it by.

'He made himself look like a weak fighter for months, when he was actually strong. I'm weak, so he's telling me to make myself appear strong.' Momo could understand what Naruto was saying.

She also knew where he was getting it from.

"You're quoting Sun Tzu."

'... Yes, he is... but this isn't the arrogance of somebody who read Sun Tzu and idolizes him. Naruto already fought this way, he is deceptive and cunning. He analyzes his enemy, and tricks the enemy into acting how he wants them to act. He never misses a single detail, and he goes into every battle with the knowledge that he has already won. Sun Tzu never had a Quirk, and could never plan around a society with them... Naruto has surpassed that man as somebody who has mastered the art of battle.' Momo thought as she gulped. She now understood why Naruto was only ever highly confident.

He allowed heroes to discover his crimes.

He didn't fight heroes, and turned their Quirks and personalities against them and never needed to throw a single punch.

He accurately predicted what his opponents would do, by understanding the fact they were human and using his knowledge on them to force them to act the way he wanted them to act.

Naruto showed no weakness.
Naruto showed no strength over than his poison.

Heroes didn't know what or how to defend themselves from Naruto, which means that his tactics could never be predicted for the very reason that he was still a mystery even after all this time. Now that there was knowledge that he could possess multiple Quirks and steal them, Heroes had no clue what his Quirk was or what other strengths he could have.

Naruto doesn't just defeat heroes.

Naruto makes heroes defeat themselves.

Kurama is the number 1 villain.

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