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A new hero.

'I don't recognise this guy.' Naruto thought to himself as he backflipped off of a building, considering that Momo was at her work studies and classes were over for the day, he was understandibly confused why he was being chased by a hero he had never heard of. He hadn't even stolen anything yet, and he was such a controversy that many heroes hesitated before they even tried to fight him or capture him now.

"So you're the Quirky Villain after all!"

"Finally, somebody gets it! I'm not the strange, the weird, or whatever it is they want to call me... I'm the Quirky villain!" Naruto shouted in amazement at how finally somebody addressed him the way he wanted to be addressed.

He was a strange villain that had a quirky fighting style.

He was also a villain was multiple quirks, so he was very quirky.

"I don't care about your personal feelings over a nickname, as it stands, I'm extremely reluctant to be a hero right now. I don't know-" The large fox-like figure dodged a finger that would have touched his body.

They fell towards the ground, with Naruto kicking off the side wall and landing on the sidewalk.

The foxman after him just landed on his feet and put a crater in the ground, and he rushed down Naruto with a good amount of speed to him. Naruto bent backwards as a fist sailed over his vision, and he reached out to touch the exposed flesh in front of him. He ended his assault though when a second tail came out of nowhere and crushed the ground he had been standing on, and Naruto landed from his jump upside down on the top of a street lamp.

"Two tails on a fox quirk... weird... are we sure you're not the Quirky Hero or something, that's a pretty quirky power you have." Naruto grinned under his mask as he made eye contact with the man who was chasing him down. "So Fox-Man, do you have a red rocket under the belt or what... hahahaha!" Naruto jumped to the ground when fox-man kicked the street and ripped a chunk out of the ground, before grabbing it and throwing it right at him.

"My name isn't Fox-man."

"You sure, how about Kitsune Hero: Foxy... Fox-man... you're a real sexy dude, bet your girl is super happy to have you." Naruto joked around as he dodged claw swips.

Each time he tried to touch the man attacking him, but somehow the man was able to dodge each attempt to so much as lay a finger on him. Taking his finger, he swipped it across his forearm and sent some of his poison flying towards the hero.

He slung poison across the fox man's face.

"Toxic Sling! Nice move, right... a good high speed target poison, right at the eyes... WOAH!?" Naruto jumped back when the fox man continued to rush at him. "Okay, foxes are NOT immune to poison! That should have... maybe I just didn't use a high enough dose?" Naruto stated when he jumped back again.

His opponent was able to attack him while weaving through people like it wasn't a problem at all, and it seemed that no matter where Naruto dodged to this man was just a few steps behind him.

He was just as persistant as Mirko had been.

"Foxes aren't immune to poison, but it doesn't matter if you use poison, because in the end, I'm still going to be All Right." The man muscled his way through the poison coursing through him.

Naruto laughed for a moment.


"Oh... well shit... you're the kind of asshole that fucks the laws of sciences... that's a little unfair."

"You possess All for One, that is very unfair."

"To BE fair, I have no clue how I got it or when." Naruto danced around multiple tail strikes. He was going to keep trying to poison this man until even this rule breaking ability to ignore poison couldn't overcome the sheer amount of poison. "Also, nice banter... it's nice to see a hero that knows the value of good banter." Naruto praised the man after him.

All Right was having none of that praise.

He slammed both of his feet against the ground and sped at Naruto like a bullet.

"I'm All Right, but you're not going to be."

"Eh?" Naruto had that moment before he was slammed into by a wall of thick muscle, and tackled through a brick wall.

Then a truck.

Then another brick wall.

It hurt like a bitch, and he had parts of the shattered bricks on top of his body. He jumped up out of the crater he was in, and he sent a thumbs up to All Right.

"You're right, I've walked off getting hit by a truck before, and that hurt way more... I'm going to the hospital after this... but I just hit you with a ton of poison... OH COME ON!" Naruto jumped up high and landed on the roof of a short building when All Right continued to stand, and took a step towards him.

That was bullshit.

"You don't seem to understand, you possess All for One... that means that I have to take you down. No matter how reluctant I am to hurt a decent person, I am still a hero." All Right summoned a small blue fireball above his finger.

It burst into a dozen and all of them went after Naruto, but none of them hit him as he weaved through them.

"Kurama has been hit by a hero! This unknown hero is the first hero to ever land a blow on Kurama!"

"Oh great, now THAT is going to be in the news for weeks. I'm never going to hear the end of that... you see what you did fox-man." Naruto was a little worried, but not about the news. "Also... how are you breaking the rules?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head.

The man appeared before him.

"I don't follow rules that stop me from doing my job."

"It's biology you asshole, I just poisoned you with enough poison to kill a 100 All Mights and 2 Endeavors at the same time! That isn't simply not following rules, that is complete bullshit that you don't even seem to be affected!" Naruto called out as he pointed the accusing finger at All Right. "... of course, I could forgive you if you just... drop and pass out... nope." Naruto jumped off the side of the building when All Right jumped up to the top of the building after him.

All Right punched Kurama.

He punched him from 30 feet away.

"OKAY!? What was that?" Naruto asked as he looked at All Right's fist as it was currently 30 feet away from him, and he didn't use his quirk. "That wasn't even a quirk, how did you just punch my face!?"

"I hit the air."

"The air isn't my face!"

"The air was between me and your face, so I just needed to punch the air hard enough for the air to hit your face... now prepare..." All Right stopped when he took a knee.

The poison kicked in all the way.


All Right stood up.

"-Hehehehe... I'm in danger." Naruto laughed to himself as he rubbed the back of his head.

"As long as there is a villain in front of me, I'm always going to be All Right... until the moment my opponent isn't."

"That... is terrifying." Naruto quipped as he dodged a punch that hit the air, before it would have hit him. "You do realize you're a hero, and saying stuff like that is super scary?" Naruto asked the hero before him.

All Right appeared before him.

"Why haven't you thrown a punch, if you don't fight back, I might accidentally kill you... I can only hold myself back for so long."

"Yeah, I kind of don't like fighting... I just like to steal costume parts from heroes without hurting them, and I only kill people who hurt children... and technically, you're attacking me for a very legit reason... so I'm not exactly angry... where are you going?" Naruto asked the hero.

He turned and started to walk away.

"All for One or not, you're no threat to this world... you weren't the villain that I was told you were. I'm going to go demand to be returned back to my own world... my grandmother Nana wouldn't have wanted me to attack somebody not doing any harm after all."

"... Oh... okay... you going to apologize for breaking my bones?" Naruto asked in a deadpan tone.



"You're still a villain, a few broken bones is what you get for poisoning people. Of course-" All Right vanished from view mid-sentence.

The media watching was surprised when a small white haired boy approached Kurama before them, and handed him a note.

Sorry for the inconvenience, his timeline is broken and sometimes things like this happen. I'll heal you up, and then you can go about your business. I apologize for the mess up Quirky Villain.

Naruto's shattered bones were healed, just as he read those words.

Then the boy was gone.

"... Okay?! Can somebody please explain to me what the fuck just happened, and what the fuck this day even is?" Naruto was confused on all levels on what just happened. He needed to know why somebody that broke all the rules just appeared, fought him, and then left was doing here. He also needed to know where the that boy just came from and went.

He was SO confused right now!?

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