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Chapter 93: De-cloaking, and a Costly Mistake

A shadow clone of Naruto stepped up towards the barricaded entrance of the Leaf Hospital. Outside, the rain was still coming down on a numerous number of doctors or other workers who stood waiting, presumably for the place to be deemed safe once more for them to continue working. Patients had been wheeled out as well, and the more critically injured ones were still being treated, even out here on the street.

He saw Dosu was one of them, and the man gave him the world's weakest 'peace sign' as he passed by. He returned it with one of his own, laughing a bit as he made his way to the entrance.

He nodded to the doorman, who had apparently been notified he was coming, for he drew out a piece of Communications Equipment and called… someone. Well, presumably those inside, for as he allowed Naruto in a moment after, he wasn't stopped by any of the Ninja who'd been set up in the lobby.

He took the stairs to the top floor of the hospital, running up the steps two at a time. He wouldn't waste time, not when lives likely hung on his ability to get this done, and fast.

He burst onto the top floor and took a look around. It didn't take him that long to find Kabuto standing in the hallway and follow him back into a room just off of the main corridor, where, just as he'd been told, Anko stood in front of three identical men, all tied up on the ground and looking up at him hesitantly.

"Oh, is this… the guy?" One of them said. "Good… finally, I can go home."

"Haha… more like I'll be going home." Another spoke. "Damned phony…"

"Who are you calling a phony!?"

"See what we're dealing with here?" Anko asked him, crossing her arms over her breasts and sighing. "How fast is that ability of yours? Because the sooner we're done here, the better."

"Uh, well, theoretically, I should be done in seconds."


He focused hard in order to enter his mindscape and turned to see the giant Nine-Tailed Fox looking… pensive, which Naruto couldn't help but think was rather odd.

"What's the matter?" He asked it. "Hard to distinguish?"

"Well, it's less that, and more…" The Nine-Tails went silent for a moment. "More that all three radiate the same killing intent. None of them have more or less than the others. It's as if all three are Zetsu."

Which wouldn't make much sense, given that one of these men certainly had to be the one who the other two had copied off of.

"OK, well, what are some likely possibilities that could result in something like this?"

"There shouldn't be any." The Nine-Tails explained. "I would not say that my ability is flawless, but it is about as close as it could be to such a title. It's not once failed me before…"

"So… what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that far more likely than my ability having some sort of error, is that all three of those before us…"

He realized what the monster would say a moment before he did and found himself nodding along.

"Is that all of them are Zetsu, right?"

"Indeed." The great beast smirked. "Nice to see that you're not always an idiot."

He flipped off the Nine-Tails, earning a boisterous chuckle from him as exited his mindscape, and turned to face Anko.

"Right so… rather simple solution but hear me out."


He walked up to the three Ninja in front of him and asked a question.

"Did any of the hospital staff recognize these three?"

"What do you mean?" Kabuto asked, seeming curious.

"I mean… did you show a picture of their faces or something to any of the hospital staff?"

"Well… no."

Naruto nodded, tallying one more point up in his head.

"Alright, you three, when did the real you start working for this hospital?"

None of the three spoke for a decent period of time, which was yet another mark for Naruto. Finally, after a good fifteen seconds, the one furthest on the left opened his mouth.

"Two and a half years ago. I decided to start working security here after I was saved from a grisly injury by one of the main doctors. Felt like… paying it forward, y'know?"

He nodded, the explanation not too terrible.

"And you worked on this floor, correct?"

"I did."

"Middle," He moved to the next one. "When did you start working at the hospital?"

The man's eyebrows drew down, as if hard at work thinking. Finally, he too spoke.

"T-The same as him. He must've stole my memories as well!"

He hummed as he took a step back.

"And Righty, I assume it's the same for you?"

The man nodded.

"Alright, Righty, you've worked here two and a half years, right?"

He nodded again.

"The names of the two doctors who were killed," He said as he took a step forward, and kneeled in front of him. "What were they?"

The man's eyes widened as he swallowed on nothing, seemingly realizing he'd been trapped.

"I… I never came to this floor much at all…"

"Interesting." He said, turning to middle. "But you said that they must've copied each other's memories, correct?"

"W-Well that was just an assump–"

"And Lefty here," He spoke as he turned to him. "Said he worked on the top floor, which means, of course, that he should know the names of some of the other doctors working here. After all, he's been working here, what, 2 and a half years? That should be more than enough time to learn the names of your colleagues."

"He's in a stressful scenario." Righty spoke. "It would make sense for him to make a mistake!"

"And that's interesting too…" Naruto turned, knowing now that he had them. "Why would you cover for him? Aren't you the real version of… well, whoever you're supposed to be?"

The man gulped as an angry expression took over his features.

"You… You knew the whole time, didn't you?"

"I did indeed." He said, sighing. "Good that you apparently just decided to confess, you must see that there's no way out of this for you."

The White Zetsu, all three of them before him, sneered as he began gathering chakra.

"You'll be killed like the rest, Nine-Tailed Fox."

"Mhm," He hummed as he rounded back, channeling a Rasengan in his hand.

"Good luck with that."

And swung forward.


He took leaps across the long branches stretching out in front of him as fast as he could on his way out to the Leaf's outermost perimeter. He could hear the sounds of fighting and killing echoing out even from as far away as he was, and he swallowed hard as he almost immediately popped one of the two clones he'd left behind to charge Indigo Sage Mode in order to speed himself up.

"Ho, there!"

He turned to see a man who was presumably guarding the area around the battlefield, and initially moved in to reassure him that he was there to help.

Well, that was until the Nine-Tails chimed in.

"He's a Zetsu."

This time, he didn't for a moment doubt the beasts intuition.

His Kumite struck true, knocking the air out of the man's lungs as he struck a second time, catching him on the side of his head and utterly eviscerating him. He fell to the forest floor below, dead, his body immediately de-cloaking to reveal exactly what the Nine-Tails had told him.

"Shit…" He spoke to the Beast mentally. "If a Zetsu was guarding the perimeter, then…"

"Yeah, that means the entire formation is compromised."

He dropped onto the scene to find the entirety of their army at a standstill. Every single ninja was isolated, standing within a small range of space that had been marked with, presumably, a chalk of some kind. None moved, and Naruto was almost immediately turned against as a few Ninja fired off Kunai at him.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Naruto announced, holding his hands up and standing perfectly still. "Chill for a second!"

"No one moves, Naruto," Shikamaru called out, crossing his arms. "Not even you, if that is really you, though, well… Somehow I doubt a Zetsu could obtain Sage Mode."

He nodded, focusing hard in the area around him, and frowning after a moment as the Nine-Tails reported into him.

"Thirty-four Zetsu, and that's just in the immediate vicinity."

"Right, so, I have a way out of this." He announced to them, watching as they all looked different manners of confused.

"Well, as much as I'd like to agree with you, Naruto, we don't really need a way out." Shikamaru spoke, crossing his arms. "It's not as if–"

The Rasengan that crashed down on the fake Shikamaru utterly destroyed him, pummeling him into the dirt below. Everyone around him looked at him like he was crazy, well, up until he cleared away, and they saw the Zetsu's body.

"You…" Asuma spoke, sounding flabbergasted. "I knew it… I knew I saw Shikamaru on the other side of the formation!"

He smirked as he looked up. "He's probably organizing something just like this on the other side, unfortunately, though, I think this one was trying to keep you all still, in wait for–"


"That." He sighed out, preparing for battle. "Y'know, just once, I wish things would go smoothly!"

He set about to do, first and foremost, the task he'd been given. He culled the Zetsu hiding among their ranks as the rest of their troop dealt with the oncoming Zetsu. Unfortunately, nearly every single one was disguised as a Leaf Ninja (which Naruto supposed made sense, there'd be no reason not to disguise themselves and sew confusion).

Still, he managed to down a good fifteen Zetsu's before he saw their frontline begin to bow. Multiple Leaf ninja were being struck down from behind by Zetsu who'd snuck into their formation, and so he growled as he created eight or so clones and set them to work. They began eliminating as many as they could, but even so…

He was beginning to run low on chakra. Critically low, in fact.

He'd not had the time to fully refresh himself when he'd been ordered to rest. Tenten – or, well, the Zetsu disguised as Tenten – had attacked him only a few hours after he'd finally gotten to sleep, and he'd been up and about with only 40 or so percent of his chakra in place. At this point… He really wasn't sure how much chakra he had left, but it was likely below 20 percent, and falling quickly as he was forced to continue to create more and more shadow clones to handle the onslaught.

Fortunately, it seemed like what little he had left would be enough. His Shadow clones pointed out the fakes to everyone around, and he did the same as he mopped up the last few. A cheer rang out through their ranks as the last remaining Zetsu were culled, and Naruto himself let out a lengthy breath as he laid down, taking a quick rest.

"That was excellent, Naruto Uzumaki." Sasuke's sword teacher… was it Hayate…? Spoke to him. "You've really grown into a fabulous ninja. Hah, I can remember when you transformed into me during your Chuunin Exams bout to beat that lass from the sand… do you recall that?"

He did, actually, though he was more than willing to admit that the memory was rather faint. He told the man as much and earned a rather lopsided smile as he went his own way, talking to a purple-haired woman who seemed to have been injured, although not in a serious way.

It was then that another figure approached him, and as he looked over, he grew incredibly pale.

"Hey, Naruto," Tenten waved casually. "Didn't realize you were supposed to be out here already. You… hey, are you feeling alright, you're, like, white as a sheet."

He laughed awkwardly, incredibly so. "Oh, y'know, just… dealing with stuff."

"O…kay." Tenten giggled slightly, and he'd never really noticed it before, but the sound had his heart lifting ever so slightly. "Well, seriously though, how are you feeling? You're not supposed to be out here yet, are you?"

"Uh… no, technically not." He nodded. "Still, it was probably good that I came. The Nine-Tails can differentiate between the Zetsu in disguise and everyone else, so I'm running around, helping to take them all out."

Tenten nodded. "Yeah, I saw that." She smiled. "It's cool to see you doing so much, even though I know it must be exhausting. Just… let me know if there's anything I can do for you, okay?"

His mind flashed back to the events of a couple hours ago, of that fake Tenten straddling on top of him, her shirt undone, her lips–

"That's enough of that!" He cut his brain off before anymore… scandalous thoughts could come up.

"You went all red just now," Tenten leaned over, seeming rather concerned as she placed a hand on his forehead. "Are you alright, or…?"

"Oh, just… just peachy!" He faked a horribly wide smile, which even he could tell was going to fool absolutely no one. "I'm uh… I'm just going to–"

It was as that particularly mortifying event was happening that Naruto got a flash of information popping up in his head. His eyes widened as he stood up, and as another burst of information filled his head, the same as the last.

"Sorry, Tenten, but something just came up." He spoke, his embarrassment burning off. "I need to… shit… shit!"

He swore as he looked around for someone he could communicate his findings to, and eventually saw, atop the giant form of Gamabunta, Jiraiya presumably protecting against the front lines of the Zetsu that may lay up ahead.

"W-Wait, Naruto, what's–"

It was at that exact moment that a horn sounded out from the other side of their formation, and he could tell they were under attack there, which meant they would be soon, as well. A massive crash off in the distance, which he assumed was probably Gamabunta's massive sword cracking the earth beneath, sounded off, and he followed the sound (and, admittedly, the hulking size of the great toad) to where he needed to go.

As he left, he turned back to Tenten one final time, and shouted, "Stay safe, alright!? I'm looking forward to that party!"

She stood still for a moment, before nodding, drawing weapons in preparation for another fight. "I will!"

He was gone before their force met the next wave of Zetsu, cutting a swath through the few of the creatures who were still trying to sneak into their ranks disguised as their own. As he arrived at the beasts side some three minutes later, he immediately climbed Gamabunta's back with chakra. The massive toad let out a confused croak, but otherwise left him alone. Once he'd made it to the top, he sighed out, and immediately ran over to his master.

"Naruto!?" Jiraiya seemed stunned. "Aren't you supposed to be resting!?"

"No time!" He shouted, shaking his head. "Listen… my clones that were standing guard atop the Hokage Monument, watching the village from behind…"

Jiraiya's expression dropped immediately.

"They were killed!"


"You… Why would you place one of your own Allies under your control!?"

"Well, let's just say it's no secret that Obito never much trusted me." Black Zetsu explained, the zipper-like smile attached to Obito's face never once disappearing. "and I, as Orochimaru may have already hinted at, have my own agenda I'm afraid. Pain, Konan… they can be manipulated through the hate they carry for this world, but Obito… Well, he was just a bit too intelligent for his own good, I'm afraid. He never once trusted me, not after he found that book from the Whirlpool Village talking about Kaguya."

Kakashi shook his head, dispelling the memories from a week ago as he made his exit from out of the Leaf Hospital.

Nearly half a day since it had started, the rain was still coming down all around them, and it showed no signs of stopping any time soon. He'd never had any real opinion on the rain if he were being honest. It was neither a hated nor welcome sight; it simply was. Even still, it was undoubtedly gloomy for an already dismal day of war.

It didn't help his thought process either, constantly being distracted by thoughts of Obito, his being controlled by Black Zetsu… it stuck with him, kept popping back up despite what he wanted.

At some point… At some point he was going to have to get over this. He knew that. Obito was… he was gone. There was nothing he could do for him.

So, why did he keep thinking about him? Why did his thoughts keep flashing back to Black Zetsu's accursed smile covering his former rival's face?

It was as he was thinking about that that he heard the first explosion.

It was a subtle sound, actually. It went off on the cliffs above, seemingly having been used on a combatant above. A few seconds later, that same sound cried out again, and as he heard the faintest sound of yelling…

He found that he recognized the voice.

It belonged to Naruto.

Immediately, his suspicion was high. He began pacing towards the Hokage Monument, as did a few other Shinobi who seemed to have heard the same thing he had.

And it was a good thing, too, given that, a second later, the first Zetsu appeared over the lip of the cliff above them. Kakashi's face paled as he began moving much faster, trying to get to the base of the wall as another, and then another came, and began descending the canyon wall.

Their initial plan to deal with those coming for the gates of the Leaf Village had been to intercept with large Jutsu's at first, and gradually retreat within the walls as they were overwhelmed. They'd planned around such a thing happening, and yet, nearly half a day since they'd started fighting, their front line had, according to their status reports, yet to actually have to move back at all.

He, along with a few others, had been caught wondering just what reason there could be behind the Zetsu's attack coming in so… weak.

They'd set up a perimeter, had been prepared for Zetsu to try and pass it…

He thought about their ability to disguise themselves, and realized what had likely happened. They'd slunk through the outskirts of their ranks, passing by as friends and allies on their way back to the Village…

And then attacked from behind.

They'd try an assault from behind the Village, on those who had little to no experience fighting.

On the civilians who could do nothing but die.

His blood boiled as he remembered the carnage of the Waterfall Village. The bodies that laid on the streets, the broken buildings, the kidnapped Jinchuuriki, and their stolen pride. Everything… they'd had everything taken from them by the Akatsuki…

He refused to allow something like that to happen here.

He turned to the nearest few ninja and acted. "You four, with me, we'll answer them ourselves!" Evidently, those standing there knew of him, for none so much as complained as they nodded their heads. He turned to the final man, standing a way's away. "You, have a message delivered to the Hokage that we're under attack from both sides, and make sure that message is delivered to the front lines as well, we'll likely need their help in the near future."

The man didn't so much as blink before he flickered away, presumably towards the Hokage's office.

"We'll be commandeering all Shinobi we come across on our way to the wall for the defense!" he shouted to his 'unit' as they made their way towards the cliff wall in the distance. "No matter what mission they're on, ours takes priority, that includes whatever you all were doing before now."

None said a thing. He nodded after a moment.

"Let's go!"

"Right!" They echoed.

Let it be known that a cliff face was perhaps not the best place to stage a large battle. Rain pelted his face, getting in his eyes and screwing with his aim. The chakra holding Kakashi to the wall of sheer limestone-like rock felt frail as he ran up it, and gutted a White Zetsu, sending him spiraling to the ground below as he screamed, and went silent just as quickly.

Behind him, a few of his comrades launched kunai or other ninja tools, which took out a few more.

The problem, really, was the sheer number of Zetsu they were being tasked with dealing with.

A good five hundred were descending the cliff, and Kakashi had no problem imagining that there were a good three or four thousand still above them, waiting to descend but simply lacking the room. Luckily, the cliff was far too far to jump for them, as, lacking any Jutsu to slow their falls, they couldn't simply leap their way to the bottom without crippling themselves entirely.

Unfortunately, that also meant if any of them fell, they'd likely suffer the same fates.

A kunai that an ally had thrown up, but missed, came scathingly close to cutting across his own face as gravity pulled it back at them, and he let out a relieved breath as he ran up the cliff, his Chidori blazing as it cut through five or six of the bastards.

Still, it was rather clear that, unless their numbers suddenly multiplied by a factor of fifteen, they weren't winning this. All they could do was slow down the horde before they could get to the village below. They were rapidly losing altitude as they gave ground to the oncoming Zetsu. And he…

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!"

Was rapidly running out of chakra.

His winds did separate a good twenty or so of them from the wall, sending them plummeting to the earth below, but that made little difference. He watched as one of his men was dislodged, reached out his hand, but was barely unable to catch him. He forced himself to look away as the man screamed, tumbling down as the Zetsu held on.

They had minutes; if that.

It was as he was contemplating that, however, that a massive blast of flame eclipsed a good fifty or so Zetsu, and he turned to see Itachi Uchiha of all people stood next to him, nodding his way, holding the man who'd just fell within the burning red arm of his Susanoo. He panted restlessly but was definitely alive.

"My apologies for not turning up sooner," Itachi said, already channeling the signs for another Great Fireball as he placed the man back on the wall, allowing him to keep fighting. "I'm afraid I was busy at the other end of the village."

"No, you're…" He laughed. "Trust me, we weren't exactly expecting back up, so any of any kind is appreciated."

Itachi smirked as he obliterated another thirty or so Zetsu with a second blast. He appeared… Not exactly full on chakra, but he was certainly doing better than the rest of them in that department, seeing as how he leaned back and did so again.

It was then, however, that a few Zetsu purposely dislodged themselves, flying at Itachi, and the rest of them for that matter, with their bodies. One managed to hook his arm around Itachi's leg, and even if their ally had managed to shake it off before it could fully drag him down, he'd still begun to fall down the length of the wall.

A second skeletal hand emerged from his flaming ribcage, stabbing into the rock, and preventing Itachi from falling any further. Still, as the man tried to climb back up, the other Zetsu didn't wait.

They began falling on purpose, using their almost flytrap-like chests to dig into the wall behind them, just as Itachi had, to catch themselves. Multiple went right past Kakashi, and he swore as he took out a few that tried similar things again.

Those who'd gotten past him used their spines to dig into the walls below, stopping their falls. A few couldn't quite do so, crashing to the ground, but most did, and jumped the rest of the way, landing solidly on terra firma. There, the civilians who'd gathered to watch the fight above them screamed, suddenly face first with danger.

"Shit!" He heard one of their men scream out. "What do we do!?"

He understood their panic. Sure, there were ninja below, but they were those who had not been sent to the front lines earlier. They were some of the weaker ninja in the village, likely Genin or Chuunin who lacked the experience for such a thing, or Jonin who were, for instance, recovering from injuries, or retired entirely. Surely, they could fight, but…

Kakashi ran down the cliffside, jumping down and slicing down the body of one of the Zetsu. Another, however, was faster, blitzing into the civilians around them. A ninja poured out of the crowd a moment later, intercepting them, and Kakashi recognized him as Sasuke. His sword was a whirling, flickering buzzsaw, cutting across any who got close.

"GET AWAY!" Sasuke screamed to the crowds, who were, in a manner of speaking, following his instruction. "Get out of here! Get to safety!"

There was no real safe haven, though, and as the Zetsu pounced on those running away, taking a few civilians out, Kakashi found himself growling as he ran kunai into the backs of their necks. Any minute now they'd lose control, any minute now they'd be overwhelmed.

Or, well, that was what he'd though would happen. Instead, a dozen senbon pierced the air, striking key points along the bodies of the Zetsu. The poison coating them soon melted their skin, their muscles, their bones, to nothing, and they fell to the floor, entirely dead.

He turned towards the source and saw a good fifty ninja suddenly filing into the area. He recognized them, and a horrendously large smile blossomed onto Kakashi's face as the lead woman shot one of her own his way.

"Sorry we're so late, Kakashi." Shizune spoke. "But I must say, it seems we've arrived in the nick of time."

"Hah…" He shook his head, the fire in his heart shown in the way the Chidori in his hand reignited. "You can say that again."

The few Zetsu who stood beneath were quickly eviscerated by the combined might of Shizune's unit and their own (admittedly far smaller piece of the proverbial puzzle), and now, it seemed, those on the wall were no longer fancying their chances. They hung still, not trying to advance on the few still clinging to the rock there.

But Kakashi watched as Shizune's expression grew only more confident, and she let out a noise akin to a sneer as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"That won't save them. They already doomed themselves."

Seemingly at her words, the Zetsu at the top of the cliff face hanging above them turned around, as if something behind them had distracted them. A few stepped out of view, and though Kakashi initially wondered just what it was that'd happened…

He didn't have to wait for long.

A waterfall of sand washed over the edge, running down the cliff face and engulfing the few Zetsu still fighting there. It pointedly avoided the few Leaf Ninja still stationed there, before hitting the ground just around them.

It snaked around them all, absorbing the remaining Zetsu as he heard a ghostly voice call out through the sand.

"Giant Sand Burial!"

He heard the Zetsu trapped within cry out as their bodies were grinded into nothingness, and as they were turned to mulch, and absorbed into the sand itself. He looked up, smiling in utter relief, and saw a figure hanging atop the cliff face there, his arms crossed over his chest, and watched as another twenty or so figures joined him.

"Those guys are…"


"It is, it's them!"

Shizune beside him smiled knowingly, and Sasuke stepped up to his right, smirking confidently at seeing their reinforcements finally arrive.

"The Sand!"


Sasuke ran towards the wall with a spring in his step, and a smirk on his face as he watched their reinforcements begin to descend the cliff face towards the Village.

Along with them were multiple other units of reinforcements, who seemed to have finally gotten themselves organized enough to begin their 'counterattack' as it were.

Suigetsu's unit of former Orochimaru loyalists, some other from the sand that he recognized, Matsuri's squad from the Chuunin Exams, and many others. Ra's Root were here as well, helping to cut down some of the remaining Zetsu, and already beginning to head towards the walls to assist around there as much as they could.

His own Genin squad, even, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon, and several others being led by their teachers, were here. They seemed to be doing support work, helping to assist the civilians who needed to be evacuated to safer areas, which Sasuke felt was appropriate for them. Still, he could think about that later.

He took to the wall of rock, climbing up it as he desired to meet their reinforcements halfway. Kakashi did the same, following along behind him at a fast pace. They scaled the Third Hokage's face, and stood atop it, waiting for them to make it over.

It was then, for some reason, that Sasuke thought further on something, a feeling he'd had a few days prior.

When Tsunade had commented that allies would be coming from the Sand… Sasuke had been happy, sure, to hear such a thing. Having reinforcements come and assist them would be just about the only thing that could keep their village intact, but…

Even back then, something had been eating at him.

Sasuke felt like there was something he should've said there, something that egged at him at the back of his head, but he couldn't manage to think of what it was, so he let it go.

It couldn't have been that important if he'd forgot it, he reasoned.

He'd been unable to recognize it them, but…

"Hey everyone!" Kankuro called out, laughing wearily, evidently exhausted from the journey. "I've gotta' say, I could really use a break from all of this one of these days."

"Same here!" Kakashi called back, laughing. "Good to see the both of you!"

'The both of you'… Sasuke thought to himself. The both of them… who…

Gaara smiled down at them in a rather casual manner, the rings around his eyes having faded with time. They were still present, likely would be for his entire life, but they were far less apparent than before.

The mark the Tailed Beast had left on him…

The mark that…

The Tailed Beast had…

He paled immediately as he recognized their folly.

Sasuke realized what it was he'd missed when they'd suggested calling in Sand reinforcements.

A hand, black like the night sky, shot out from the wall and grabbed onto Gaara's leg. The man stilled, looking down at it as he began to fall forward, the momentum and gravity affecting him. He was slammed into the wall and would've likely lost consciousness if not for the sand armor surrounding his body.

Still… the impact broke it off, and pieces began to rain down on them.

"What the–" Kankuro shouted, turning back to his brother.

Gaara would come…

The holder of the One-Tailed Beast.

Another hand, this one holding a device Sasuke recognized, slammed into Gaara's stomach, directly above his seal. Gaara's eyes went entirely white, and he choked as he seemed to instantly pass out.

"GAARA!" He screamed, trying to make it in time.

But no. He wasn't fast enough.

"Eight down…" Black Zetsu spoke as he released Gaara, and the man's limp body dropped towards them as he smiled at them, before melting back into the cliff, his sinister voice still echoing out across the area.

"One to go."

End Chapter 93

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