Unexpected Visitors

SPN 100 challenge, word: train

Summary: Do you know the feeling when you are alone at night and you hear strange sounds in the darkness? Could be the wood dreaming and creaking. Or not…

A/N: Dizzo, my friend – this one is for you. And because a 100 words would never be enough for someone as lovable, I didn't even try to boil it down. Happy Birthday!

She woke up from a sudden noise outside. A silvery band of light was flowing over her bedroom walls, sinking back into darkness when the engine was killed.

Probably just a neighbor, coming home late.

She turned and snuggled deeper into her blankets, trying to return to her dream, when she heard an all too familiar sound downstairs.

Oh please, God, no!

How often had she intended to oil the hinges of her front door because the squeaking drove her crazy.

She froze, straining her ears.

Soft steps… suppressed laughter.

Someone had broken into her house, and despite all the movies she'd watched about situations like this, she couldn't move a limb, let alone jump out of her bed, grab the (non existent) baseball bat and give those sons of bitches a nice thrashing.

The voices were coming nearer.

"I bet that'll blow her away."

"Maybe we should've…"

"Wow, look at these paintings. Think she has a crush on me?"

"What? If that's supposed to be you than it must've been before your lasagna diet."

"Says the one who's trying to hide his sparse patch under beanies. Ouch!"

"Shut up. I think it's right here."

She lay on her bed waiting for impending doom like a deer standing on the tracks, paralyzed by the lights of an oncoming train.

The door opened. Two incredible huge figures squeezed through the small frame, their faces lit by dozens of lit candles plunged into what looked like a giant chocolate cream cake.

The slightly shorter of the two seemed to hold a bunch of daffodils that looked suspiciously like the ones she had in her flowerbed.

And he flashed her a million dollar smile that she would've recognized anywhere.

A rough voice started singing "Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you…", joined by a second voice: "Happy Birthday, dear Jane, happy Birthday to you!"

Holy crap! This was either a damn lifelike hallucination or a secret dream come true.

She grinned.

Who cared.

Time to celebrate!