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Several thousand years ago.

Humans and dragons used to exist in peace, working together and helping one another out, for the better of the world. Till one day, Craxious, the tyrant king of the dragons broke off all ties of peace with the humans. Apparently, Craxious receive a warning from an unknown source blaming the humans and saying that the humans secretly plan to wipe out all dragons once they had served their use. Despite how much humans try to rebuild the treaty between humans and dragons, Craxious refused. The one day, it started, the dragons attack the humans, ravaging their lands. Seeing no way to solve this peacefully, the humans initiated and began a war with the dragons. Years passed, but the humans weren't gaining any ground against the dragons. Seeing no other choice, the king and queen sent six knights to the dragon's sacred temple. A temple said to belong to the six guardian dragons. The knights set out on this long journey to find the temple. A few long months, they found the temple, inside the temple. The knights were granted the power of the six guardian dragons, granting them, power, new weaponry and the power of the dragons through their swords. The knight's duty was to restore peace back to dragons and humans. However, even with the knights newly found power, they couldn't turn the tide. So the knights had to resort to the last resort plan, inside the temple.

Dark clouds filled the skies, flames and distant roars were heard, the sounds of shouting by man, the lands, scorched, frozen, scorned, looking like that there was no way to heal way. The sounds of six horses galloping in the direction, the sound of roaring, quickly catching up to them.

"Hurry!" The one in the front shouted, she sounded feminine, dawned in white armor as she leads the group, the six horses galloping into the battlefield, before immediately coming to halt to stare at the state of the battle.

"Oh, no.." The Knight in black armor said looking at the battle. Humans and dragons were on the battlefield, dying or mortally injured, a horrifying sight to see, but it didn't stop either side from fighting.

"If this keeps up, the whole world will be destroyed," The knight in yellow armor said.

"Well, we won't let that happen!" The Purple Knight said looking at their comrades.

"Right, come on!" the white knight shouted, using her reigns and urging her horse to move as the horse began galloping, the other five following behind her to the temple.

"Are you sure we'll be able to do this?!" A knight in blue armor shouted at the white knight.

"It's the only way for us to seal it and end this!" The red knight called out, "No one but us can do it!"

The sound of a loud roar was heard and the knights looked up to see a dragon diving at them. The dragon crashed into the ground, all of the knights were able to move out of the way except for the purple knight, whose horse was hit, knocking it down and him into the ground. The purple knight slowly stood up but quickly fell, gripping their knee as the other knights approach them.

"You okay?" Yellow asked and Purple shook his head.

"N-no, my leg is damage. You five must go on without me." Purple said looking at them.

"What?!" Blue exclaimed, "we aren't leaving you behind!"

"You must!" Purple shouted as they hissed in pained.

"No." Red said looking at them, "we need you to finish this."

"No, you don't," Purple responded, "Only five of you need to seal it up."

"And one needs to stay behind," Black said looking at Purple.

"Listen, five need to seal it up, it never said anything that the person staying behind had to be different than the one who seals it, nor did it say anything about the knight having to be there," Purple said, slowly standing up, wincing in pain slightly. He unsheathed his sword, before handing it over to the white knight. The white knight started at his sword before looking at him.

"Listen, you five, are the most trustworthy knights out there, not only that, but you five can stop this, I had the honor of joining you all, now I will lay down my life to protect you all, I'll distract the dragon, you five get going and stop this madness, once and for all" Purple said.

The other five stood there in silence staring at their companion, none of them wanting to. However, White walked up and grabbed his sword, looking at them and nodding and they nodded back.

"Let's go" She commanded, "We can trust them to see this through to the end."

The other knights look at White before turning back to Purple, the four knights put their arms on their chest and bowed to purple, a sign of honor, before the four of them joined white, getting on their separate horses and riding off to the temple. Purple smiled behind their helmet, watching them ride off.

The sound of growling cut it off short as Purple turned around to see the dragon, slowly rising from its dazed state, growling. Purple glared at the dragon, unsheathing their rapier, getting ready for the worst to come.

The sound of the dragon's roar echoed throughout as the remaining knights rode to the temple, they now had a bigger reason to end this war, more than before. Not long after, the five knights came across the temple, it was tough to see in the dark, but still as amazing as ever to look at.

The five knights pulled their horses to a halt, getting off of them and embarking inside the temple. Knocking the doors open and running through the temple, however, the knights heard rumbling above them. White lead them all till they reached a flight of stairs, making their way down the stairs, into the basement of the temple.

The five knights arrived all the way down the flights, looking in front of them. In front of them were six pillars, each with a stone dragon on it, surveying, in the middle of the pillar, was a crystal blue lake. The knights all walked towards it, looking around them, it was basically a alter.

"Despite how many times I have been in here, this is still, such a beautiful place," Yellow said.

"Yeah, which this was under better circumstances," Black said.

"You all know what we happen when we do this, right?" Red asked looking at them.

"We'll be giving our life for this, to stop these dragons, but one of us will remain, to make sure the temple and the guardian dragons are still there," Blue said.

"Wish it didn't come to this," Yellow said, the hint of sadness in their voice.

"They left us no choice, the guardian dragons wants us to do this-" Red said before being cut off.

"By eradicating their own kind?!" Yellow shouted, "What kind of task is that, to eliminate their own kind?"

"If this keeps persisting, we'll be putting all species, not just that, our whole world at risk of destruction," Black said crossing their arms.

"But there has to be a better-"Yellow said.

"There isn't." White stated bluntly walking up to Yellow and placing her hand on their shoulder, "I know you wish there was another way to solve this, but we are running out of options, we have the power to stop this, I wish there was another way to do this, but if we don't, who knows if the world will heal from this."

Yellow looked down, clutching his fist tightly and Blue walked over, placing their hand on their shoulder.

"Come on, the situation could be worst, at least all of us are here, name a better way for us to go," Blue said.

"Be better if ALL of us were here," Red said, mentioning the missing Purple knight.

"Another reason to complete this," White said, "They gave their life for us and we shouldn't waste that."

Yellow sniffed, before looking up at White and nodded, a smile behind their helmet.

White walked over to the purple pillar. On top of the pillar was a purple dragon, it looked to be a mix of a horse and a dragon. White stared at the slab in front of the pillar before taking Purple's sword and sliding it into the slab. The sword and the pillar began glowing and soon the place began to rumble.

"Everyone, to your positions, let's finish this" White commanded and each of the knights nodded, running to their respective colored pillar. Black stop at their pillar, seeing the slab, kneeling down and sliding their sword into it.

"Just want to let you guys know, I know I hated the idea of this first, but I'm proud to call you my friends," Black said and The pillar began to glow and so did Black and the sword. Black began to feel the energy draining for him.

Yellow's pillar was right next to Blacks, Yellow looked at his pillar and the slab before turning to the other three knights, "Thank you, for giving me a chance and help me see this through." Yellow slid his sword into the slab, kneeling down, his body, the sword, and the pillar glowing yellow, the energy draining for him.

Red and Blue were about to follow suit, just then, a loud roar was heard and the three knights turned to the staircase as it caves in, rubble breaking the stairs down. From the smoke, two blood red eyes glowed through it, a low growl was heard. The smoke cleared, revealing a black and gold quadrupedal dragon, his body, cover with an assortment of weaponry. Scars also adorning his body and his massive wings, tattered, but still powerful.

"Craxious," White glared as the dragon snorted out.

"To think!" Craxious boomed, "The six guardian dragons would betray their own kind and give their powers to humans!"

"These powers were supposed to keep the dragons and humans unified, till you broke it!" Red shouted.

"Working with lessers beings like you, disgust me!" Craxious roared, standing on his hind legs, before slamming his down claws down roaring. "I'll destroy you all and this temple and dragons with reign supreme!"

"You two!" White shouted turning her attention to Red and Blue, "get to your spot, I'll hold him off!"

Craxious inhales and roars, releasing a powerful flame at the knights. White slams her sword down, the blade of her sword glowing white before an ice crystal emerges from the ground, blocking the flame.

"Go you two!" White shouted before charging at Craxious, readying her sword and slashing the massive dragon. Red and Blue watched before Blue recaught Red's attention.

"Come on, she'll be fine," Blue said, before heading toward their pillar. Red looked at White before nodding and running to his as well.

Craxious swung his claws at White but she slid under it, lightly slashing his arm as it passed by her. Craxious growled and was about to release another flame but White was quick to react and swung her sword hitting him in one of his hind legs, causing the dragon to roar, releasing his flame upwards, hitting the ceiling.

"You little pest!" He roared and swung his tail hitting White, knocking her away from him, her helmet being thrown off of her as well as she hit the ground, her white hair flowing through the air.

Blue looked at Red and hit their shoulder.

"The hell was that for?" Red asked staring at him.

"For dragging me into this mess," Blue stated, but chuckle slightly, "But, if this is how I have to go, at least I'm surrounded by you idiots."

Blue slide their sword into their slab near the blow pillar, kneeling down, the pillar, them and the sword glowing blue. Red was about to do the same but saw White get fling back by Craxious's tail swing and growl to themselves.

White try standing up bt Craxious approach her and place his claws on top of her, trapping her under his grip.

"You really think just because you have their power, you can beat me?" Craxious taunted looking at her, slowly applying pressure on her.

White gasped slightly glaring at Craxious, "You won't win this.." She gasped out.

"Oh?" Craxious asked, "and whos gonna stop me?". His mouth began to fill with flames as he was preparing to finish White off.

"Me!" Red shouted, his sword glowing red and swinging it, releasing a lightning bolt that slammed into Craxious's left eye. The dragon roared in pain, turning his head and releasing his flames to the side, moving his claws off of White. Red ran over to White, helping her up as Craxious was wildly thrashing in pain.

"You are an idiot!" White shouted as she being helped up.

"You're welcome!" Red exclaimed as he began moving with White on his shoulder, approaching the altar.

"Why didn't you listen to me?" White asked looking at the red knight.

"Going against your orders for the good of the mission, we all are gonna see this through to the end," Red said. The two knights look at their companions as they were holding their place. Red looked at White and nodded, "let's finish this."

Red walked over to his pillar and took one last look at White, before turning to the pillar and slid his sword into the pillar. He kneeled as himself, the pillar and his sword glowed red.

Craxious slowly began to stop his thrashing and turned his attention to the altar and his working eye widen in shock as White stood position at the final pillar. White looked over at her fellow knights, the energy radiating from them and she smirked to herself.

"To lead this group of Knights, was the greatest honor I could ever have," She thought before she looked up, her cold blue eyes glaring at the Dragon King.

"It's over Craxious." She said and slammed her sword into its pillar. The pillar and her sword began glowing white and a piercing blinding white light emerges from the crystal lake in the altar, swallowing the temple, the knights, and Craxious in a blinding light, the last thing being heard was Craxious's roaring in agony.

-PR: DK-

Present Times; 10 years ago

"What happened after that mom?" A 10-year-old, girl asked looking at her mother, tightly tucked into bed as she held the book.

Her mother smiled at her and kiss her forehead, "Well Amira, that's where the story ends, who knows what the ending is."

"Mommmm, there has to be some kind of ending, pleaseeee" Amira begged, stirring in her bed.

"Well now that I think about, there is one ending to the story, but it's more of a legend." The mother said thinking but turned to her daughter smiling, "Do you want to hear it?"

"Yes!" Amira said smiling looking at her mother. Her mother smiled and tucked her daughter back into her bed.

"Okay sweetie, well, they say that Craxious and all the dragons were wiped out and restoring peace back to the land and the knights went down as heroes throughout the centuries to come, however.."Her mother started.

"However?" Amira asked, looking anxious.

"When the war ended, legends say that how a city grew, known as Clarike Valley, and the forest surrounding the temple, began to become Stormfang Canyon, a mixture of the forest and the canyon, they say if you ever go to the Guardian Dragons Temple, you may see something amazing." Her mother said smiling.

"Really?!" Amira asked looking at her daughter.

"Yes, who knows, maybe when your older, you'll find the temple and see this amazing thing," Her mother giggled, "but right now, you need to sleep, you have school tomorrow sweetie."

"Okay, good night mom!" Amira said, "thank you for the story!"

"Of course sweetie, good night, sweet dreams," Her mother said, turning off her light and leaving Amira's room. Amira's mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of her mother story and she smiled, snuggling into her pillow.

-PR: DK-

Present; Stormfang Canyon

Deep in Stormfang Canyon, only a few miles away from Clarike City, a lady in a royal purple cloak looked around, muttering angrily to herself as she looked around.

"Where is that oversize idiot," She hissed looking around with her golden eyes, gripping tightly onto her cloak. Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps from behind her and turn her head. Approaching her looked to be a blue orc, he was standing about 6'8", very bulky and muscular looking, adorned in heavy armor, two giant tusks on each side of his mouth. On his back, there was a heavy hammer and battle ax on his bang and sling over his shoulder was a giant bag.

"There you are Drudger, you know how long I have been waiting?!" She hissed at Drudger and he looked down at her.

"Calm down you hag, I took a detour this time, is that a problem Medisesara?" Drudger asked glaring at her.

"Ugh, nevermind, did you get what I told you to get?" Medisesara asked looking at him and he nodded, "Great, come on, we can finally finish the ritual."

"Are you sure about this?" Drudger asked looking at her.

Medisesara walked over and place her hand on the ground, blue markings appearing before it opens up revealing a staircase.

"Do you want your leader back or not?" She asked looking at Drudger before heading down the stairs. The orc sighed looking at her and growled to himself before following her down the stairs as they proceed to close behind him. The duo walked down, flames lighting on the walls of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, it leads into a cavern, the cavern was huge, but what was important was what was in the middle of the cavern. In the middle of it was a giant ritual circle, with bones scattered all over the circle, the bones were huge as well.

"Go and set the bones up in there place and I can begin," Medisesara told him and Drugder glared at her again and walked over, into the ritual circle, dumping the thing he was carrying on his shoulder, revealing to be bones. He set up all the bones into their place and step out of the ritual circle. All the bones aligned seemed to have made a dragon.

"Happy?" Drudger asked staring at her.

"Shut up and stand back," Medisesara said looking at him and he complies. Medisesara rubs her hands together, flames forming in her hand and she places them down in front of the ritual circle. She began chanting as the flames in her palms turned blue and began to spread around the circle, creating a pillar of blue fire. The air began to pick up and the flames grew fiercer as she continued to chant, blowing her hood off as her hair flow through the air.

The bones in the ritual circle began to glow, rising up and slowly piecing themselves back to together, forming a skeleton dragon. The eye sockets of the dragon glowed a blood crimson red as skin began forming around it, becoming black and gold and his wings becoming tattered. Once all was complete, the dragon released a mighty roar, blowing the blue flames away and all over and Drudger eyes widen and dragon landing his claws down on all fours, growling.

"Who has awaken me?!" The Dragon roared loudly.

"Lord Craxious!" Drudger shouted before, kneeling down, bowing down to him. Craxious turned to Drudger, before turning to Medisesara, snorting loudly, blowing smoke out.

"Who are you?" Craxious asked staring at her and Medisesara smirked.

"I'm the one who brought you back and I have come to bargain," She said staring at him.

"And what would that be?" Craxious asked growling.

"A way to wipe out humanity," Medisesara said smirking evilly.

"I'm listening," The dragon said kneeling down to her.

-PR: DK-

Guardian Dragon Temple

Inside the Guardian Dragon Temple, an unease feeling was felt, the feeling of something evil has awakened. The Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black pillars began to rumble and glow their colors emitting energy. Inside the crystal blue lake, two bright blue eyes opened wide at the sense of evil energy.

-PR: DK-

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