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Stormfang Canyon

A few days have passed since what took place at Clawmark city with the Power Rangers beating and temporarily causing the forces of Craxious to retreat. It was currently nighttime as the stars gleamed over the canyon before purple energy waves came out of the canyon, seemingly releasing a lot of energy. The culprit behind this energy being released was Medisesara, who was working on her project. She fell to her knees, exhausting herself quickly, feeling her energy slightly drain, her hood falling down, her while silvering hair flowing down past her. She panted before looking up at the crest, it was coated in a purple flame, before the flame quickly turned green, being adsorbed by the crest, signally its completion.

"Good.." Medisesara panted, slowly standing up and walking up to it, seeing green electricity surges through it. She smirked to herself as she grabbed it, looking at it, feeling the energy comes from it.

"Corviro!" Medisesara commanded as her shadow began to shift and Corviro appeared from it, bowing to her.

"The Hydra crest is now complete, now comes for your task," Medisesara said looking at him and handing the crest to him, "Go out and find someone strong enough to wield this power, got it?"

Corviro looked at her then looked at the crest before nodding and quickly fading back into the shadows.

"There you are, witch!" Medisesara jumped, grabbing her hood and pulling it back up quickly, turning to see Drudger.

"Ugh, what do you want you overgrown oath?" Medisesara responded, with annoyance in her tone.

"The king wants you," He responded glaring at her. Medisesara stared at him, before walking past him, Drudger looked at her, before turning back to where she was originally standing, wondering what she was doing out here.

Once inside, Medisesara approached the giant dragon king as he raised his head, his eyes looking at her, Drudger soon following suit.

"What do you require?" Medisesara asked.

"A monster, to attack the rangers," Craxious responded.

"Oh?" Medisesara asked looking at him, "You're not gonna go ahead and handle them yourself, some king you are,"

Craxious growled in response, slamming his claw down, "Insolent wench!" He roared.

"The only reason why I don't go after those rangers myself and destroy them and their temple once and for all is because of you," Craxious growls.

Medisesara laughs mockingly at Craxious, looking at him and smirking, "I'm shocked you would consider that I would be the one holding you back, but fine, I'll indulge for you and give you a monster,"

Craxious glared at Medisesara, wanting to attack her, but knowing that if he did, she would simply reduce him back to that other horrid form. Medisesara walked around the layer, looking at all the bones around them, finding the right one for her to use. She stopped looking at a bone before grabbing it, figuring this would do.

"It shouldn't take much to revive this, but I shouldn't put too much energy into this," She thought before placing the bone down and creating a spell circle around it. She held her hand out as it proceeded to glow purple, causing the spell circle to glow as well. The bone floated slightly as it began to spin, forming skin tissue around it.

It glowed and slowly formed into a reptilian-like creature, with red skin, being of average height and weight. Having dark purple eyes, two large fangs attached to its mouth, and a short rather stubby tail. Its most distinct feature is its two long bone like claws. Once it was fully formed, the creature looked at Craxious and bowed to him.

"My king Craxious, I am Spikeblast and I am here to serve you," The reptilian responded.

"Good," Craxious said looking at him, "Your job is simple, to take some Skquires and attack the city and destroy the rangers,"

Spikeblast nodded, "Yes my king," He responded bowing and standing up, before being lead by Drudger, the two of them heading towards a separate room. Medisesara looked at the two of them leave and turned to look at Craxious, who was glaring at her, before turning away from her.

"With Spikeblast out there causing some trouble, it should be easier for Corviro to find a suitable target for the crest," Medisesara thought as she stared at Craxious.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

At the Guardian Dragon Temple, the newly made Power Ranger team were teleported there for some training that Taiga wanted them to do. Unfortunately, she wanted them early in the morning, specifically at 6 am, it didn't help that she randomly teleported them to the temple when they were ready to go.

"Hello Rangers, hope you all are feeling well, "Taiga said looking at them.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to be teleported as I left the house, but then again, I don't know what I should expect," Will grumbled as he stretched yawning. The guy looks at Amira and Lucifer noticing the two didn't look nearly as tired as he had.

"Why aren't you tired as well?" he asked, looking at Amira and Lucifer.

"I'm used to helping my dad out with work so this is rather normal to me," Lucifer said looking at him.

"I normally am out and about by this time, so this is something I got used to," Amira shrugged before looking over at Taiga, "So besides the training, but is there anything else we plan on doing?"

"Yes," Taiga said, "I wanted to let you get your other weaponry as well,"

"We already have our swords though," Lucifer said but Taiga shook her head.

"I mean your personal weapon rangers, a weapon each knight has that is unique to them and only them, compared to the rest of the team," Taiga stated as she looked at them, The three teens look at her raising an eyebrow.

"Follow me," She said walking past them, leaving the altar, the teens looked at each other before shrugging and following her as well. She leads them up to the stairs to the main hall of the temple; despite how long it had been, the temple itself was still in pretty good condition.

"Wow, the years have been kind to you, have it?" Amira asked as she looked around the temple.

The four of them kept walking till Taiga stopped at a steel door, pushing it open. Inside the giant room was a giant furnace, its gated door closed, covered in dust, having not been used in centuries. The teens walked into the room, examining the room before Will turned to Taiga.

"So how are we supposed to get our personal weapon?" Will asked looking at her.

Lucifer walked up to the furnace and opened the door to it as smoke flew out, Lucifer coughing violently from the smoke. He used his hand to wipe away the smoke backing up from it as his cough died down.

"Hope we aren't using that to make it," Amira said looking at it.

"Me either, I skipped smelting and forging 101," Lucifer jokes, before Taiga cleared her throat.

"Will, stick your hand that has your crest and stick it into the furnace," Taiga instructed and Will's eyes widen.

"What?!" Will exclaimed, "Why?"

"Trust me," Taiga said looking at him.

Will looked at her, then backed at the furnace, then back at her, he was very unsure about doing this. Will kept looking, before taking a deep breath and walking over to the furnace. Will looked at his hand with his morpher on it, before slowly starting to move his hand into the furnace. Once his hand was hovering over the middle of the furnace, his morpher began to glow blue and the furnace roared, a flame igniting below and soon engulfing the whole furnace.

Will made a quick yelp and quickly remove his hand from the flames, jumping back slightly. Will's teammates widen and Taiga smile. Will didn't notice instantly, but he turned to his teammates and mentor.

"What?" Will asked before he followed their gaze to his hand and his eyes widen as well. In his hand, he was holding a blue battle-axe with a dragon head attached to the handle, like it was breathing out the ax blade.

"Woah," Will commented as he looked at the ax, before turning to the furnace, staring at its flame.

"Your battle ax will assist you in cleaving and burning through the forces of Craxious," Taiga said, "The flames won't harm you because you each have one of the guardian dragons, as such it is crafting a weapon suitable for you to use that matches your skill,"

Will looked at his ax, smiling to himself before his ax disappeared in brief blue light.

"Of course, the weapon will be more useful to you when you morph," Taiga said before she turned to Lucifer and Amira, "Who would like to go next?"

"Ladies first," Lucifer said, but Amira shook her head.

"You can go first, I can handle the wait," Amira stated.

Lucifer looked at her and nodded, walking pass Will as Will went and stood next to Amira and Taiga. Lucifer looked at the flame and put his arm inside with his morpher on inside the furnace as the flame went. His morpher glowed its bright yellow color before Lucifer remove his whole arm from the flame along with his personal weapon coming out as well.

Lucifer started at his personal weapon and it was a giant war hammer, the handle being black with yellow lining and the guardian dragon seemingly making its way up the handle. The claw of the hammer had a hook on it and face of the hammer was in a flat square shape.

"The war hammer, its power is immense and will shake the enemies to their core," Taiga said looking at him and Lucifer smiled as he looked at it.

"Nice," Lucifer commented looking at his weapon before it disappeared in yellow light.

"I'm next then," Amira said walking up to the furnace and Lucifer went over and stood next to Will.

Amira stood in front of the furnace, looking at her morpher before sticking her hand and arm inside the furnace. Her morpher glowed red as the flame increase in the heat; her morpher stopped glowing and Amira removed her hand and her team eyes widened at what she had. Around her arm was a red gauntlet with dragon-like claws at the end of it.

"Wow," Amira said looking at it, shocked by it. Taiga was gonna open her mouth to explain something, but a loud beeping started going off around them.

"Oh crap!" Lucifer said and pulled his phone out of his pocket, looking at the time, "school starts in 10 minutes, we better get going,"

"I almost forgot that we still had that today!" Will told Lucifer before turning to Taiga.

"We will have to continue this later ranger when you are out of school," Taiga said looking at Amira, who nodded in return as her gauntlet disappeared.

Amira went and stood next to Lucifer and Will, "you two ready?" Amira asked looking at them and they nodded before she turned to Taiga and nodded.

Taiga held her hand out as it glowed blue, coating the rangers in their respective colors and teleporting them away.

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Emperor High

The three rangers were teleported behind the school, shaking off the feeling of being teleported again and they proceed to walk towards the school.

"Hey Amira, you should come sit with us during lunch," Lucifer offered to her.

"How come?" Amira asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well we are a team, teams do sit together," Will added.

"Hmm, I'll put it into consideration," Amira said walking a bit passing them, heading to her classroom.

"She's an interesting one," Lucifer said watching her go.

"Well, she did just move here, must still be getting used to everything," Will responded.

"Well, things should be fine, as long as Katherine doesn't get involved in causing her trouble," Lucifer said, causing Will to give a nervous laugh, the bell rang and the two boys eyes widen, quickly saying their goodbyes and running to their classes.

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Emperor High; Will's First Hour

Will was tapping his pencil on his desk as his teacher talked about the lesson, which was basically a repeat of what was said on the first day of school. While he was listening to the teacher, some of the other students were whispering about other things. Will's eyes kept scanning the room, before raising an eyebrow to notice one of the seats were empty.

"Mr. O'Riley," The teacher called causing Will to jump in his seat slightly, turning his attention to the teacher.

"Y-yeah?" He responded, shifting slightly.

"Sultan left for the restroom and it's been quite a while since he came back, could you go there and make sure he is okay?" The teacher asked.

Will looked at the teacher and nodded standing up, "Yeah, sure."

All Will really knew about Sultan was that the kid was pretty smart for his age, being in junior classes, while he was just a sophomore and that he gets picked on a lot. Will left the classroom, making his way from his classroom to the bathroom. When Will arrives at the bathroom, he heard the sounds of a struggle coming from inside the bathroom. Will quietly pushed the bathroom door open, seeing an older boy as well as Sultan, who was pushed against the wall. The older boy grabbed Sultan shirt, pulling the boy upward roughly, pulling at his shirt.

The boy smirked as he raised it to punch Sultan and Sultan closed his eyes bracing for impact. Will ran over to them and grabbed the older boys hand before it made contact with Sultan. The boy turned to Will and so did Sultan, Will looked at the bully remembering him from the first day, trying to pick on Sultan then but that girl came and stopped him.

"You know, you should probably pick on someone your own size," Will said looking at him.

The bully glared at Will before shoving Sultan into the ground and turning his attention to Will, "Oh really? Are you someone my own size then?"

Will didn't feel intimidated by the bully as he kept his ground, "No, no, I do not." Will responded.

The bully stared at him before stepping back growling slightly, "I'm not gonna waste my time with you," before walking past Will, roughly bumping his shoulder with his. The bully pushed the bathroom door open before turning one more time and glaring at Will and Sultan, then leaving the room.

Will turns to Sultan and walks over to him, sticking his hand out, "Hey, your Sultan, right?"

Sultan looked at him and grabbed his hand and Will pulled him up, "Y-yeah." Sultan responded looking at him, dusting himself off.

"You okay?" Will asked looking at him.

"I'm fine" Sultan said quickly, "who are you?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm Will, I'm in your class, the teacher sent me to come and find you because you were taking a bit too long in the bathroom," Will said looking at him.

"Oh.. didn't think I was gone that long," Sultan muttered.

"Anyway, let's head back to class," Will said looking at Sultan and the younger teen nodded as the two left. The walk back was silent as Sultan didn't really want to talk anymore and Will looks at him.

"Hey.." Sultan started looking up at Will as Will stop in front of the door.

"Yeah?" Will answered.

"Don't help me again," Sultan said, not wanting an answer from Will, he opened the door to the classroom, walking back inside. Will stood there for a bit before the teacher's voice brought him back into reality. He walked into the class and sat back down at his desk, looking at Sultan, the younger teen going back to the textbook, before Will turned his attention back to class.

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Emperor High; Lucifer's Second Hour

Lucifer was relaxing in the school courtyard since he had a study hour that class hour. Lucifer was staring at his morpher, then look up at the sky. The idea of him being a ranger excited him the more he thought about it.

"I wonder what else we are gonna learn when we get back to the temple," he thought, getting pretty excited about it, "I can't wait to hit the first baddie with my Warhammer."

Lucifer soon felt bored just sitting around waiting for the time to pass, he pulled out his phone, looking at it and sigh to himself at the time. Lucifer got up and decided to walk around the school, maybe help out a teacher or two. Lucifer walked inside the school building and he looked upward to see a rather tall girl looking at one of the boards on the wall; the club board to be exact.

"Looking at clubs again Abene?" Lucifer asked, causing the girl to turn around and face him, crossing her arms slightly.

"Oh, it's just you Lucifer, you need something?" She asked bluntly raising an eyebrow.

"Nah, just walking around, it's my study hour," Lucifer said looking at her.

"Shouldn't you be studying then?" Abene joked slightly looking at him.

Lucifer shrugged looking at her, "I already handled most of my schoolwork,"

"Of course you did," Abene muttered, going back to the club board.

"Found any club that you are interested in?" Lucifer asked looking at her.

"Maybe, maybe not," She responded before she turned around and began walking down the hallway, "I'm gonna head back to class now,"

Lucifer watched her go, raising an eyebrow, most of the students consider Abene rather scary and most generally avoided her and she didn't really seem to care. Lucifer shrugged to himself, before heading back out to the school courtyard, to find something to do.

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Emperor High; Lunch Hour

Amira yawned softly as she and Cora were waiting in line for lunch, "God, that English lecture lasted forever,"

"Well, they do have to make up time after everything that happened," Cora responded grabbing her lunch tray, gagging slightly as she looked at it.

"Yeah," Amira said before looking at Cora, the two girls got their food and began making their way outside. The cafeteria and students, in general, were more talkative than normal.

"What's with them today?" Amira asked looking at Cora.

"Oh, they're all talking about the Power Rangers," Cora said, "In fact, I haven't gone two minutes without hearing someone bring them up at least once,"

"Wow," Amira thought, "what do you think of them?"

"They are making a change in the world, that really is all that matters," Cora stated.

The two girls were making their way to the same lunch spot they were at last time. Amira wasn't paying attention as the two talked and bumped into a girl, parts of her food on her lunch tray landing on the girl's white sweater as well as causing Amira to stumble back and fall down. Every student that saw the exchange gasped and back away, the girl Amira bump into touched the back of her sweater, gasped slightly and turned around to face Amira, her group of friends doing the same.

"What the hell did you do!" the girl exclaimed glaring down at Amira.

Amira looked up at the girl, the girl had light brown skin that was practically glowing, she also had warm chocolate brown eyes with eyelashes. She had a heart-shaped face, her hair was dark brown and flowed down to her wrists in soft brown waves, being in a long braid. Her whole face was covered in makeup, she had a silver septum ring as well as a slightly thick and curvy build, but had some muscle. She was dressed in a way that made you think she was one of those teens in the back to school commercials. She had on her now tainted white sweater, blue jeans, with a thick purple blanket scarf around her. To complete the look, she had on purple booties and dangly purple and silver earrings.

Amira stared at the girl and her mind flashback to when Cora pointed the girl out as Katherine Schultz, basically the queen bee of Emperor high.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," Amira said simply.

"Oh I can tell, considering you messed up my one of my favorite fucking sweaters," Katherine snapped at Amira.

"I don't know, I think the brown of the meat brings out your eyes," Amira said sarcastically, standing back up. Most of the students in the cafeteria were now starting to notice the confrontation.

Katherine glared at Amira, taking a step towards the girl, "what did you say?"

"I said it works for you," Amira commented glaring at the girl.

Katherine was gonna make another move to Amira, until Lucifer emerge from the crowd of students that were crowding around the two girls, getting in between them.

"How about we calm down here," Lucifer said, trying to quell the situation.

"Do you know this girl Lucifer?" Katherine asked, looking at her fellow senior.

"Not really," Lucifer responded looking over at Amira who had her arms crossed, glaring at Katherine, "But she's new here and still learning the ropes,"

"Like human decency and respect?" Katherine asked, glaring at Amira.

"Oh I do," Amira interjected, "But there's a difference between a decent human being and someone like you,"

"Anyway!" Lucifer spoke up, catching the girls attention, "It was an accident that she didn't mean to cause, right?"

"Right," Amira responded, although she wishes she did now.

Katherine glared at Amira, before looking at Lucifer and crossing her arms, "Fine, but this is the only time I will that, learn next time new girl,"

"I'm sure I will," Amira responded sarcastically. The crowd began to subside and Lucifer and Katherine walked one way, Lucifer offering to help Katherine with her sweater and Cora approach Amira.

"So that's the queen bee, I'm shocked, I was expecting more," Amira commented turning to Cora.

"Why? Are you trying to be her enemy?" Cora asked.

Amira shrugged, "Maybe, why?"

"Let us just say the last person who became an enemy of Katherine left school last year for finding out info that shouldn't be founded, just be careful," Cora warned before walking away. Amira watched her go before her morpher started glowing. Amira covered her morpher, walking away to a more secluded part of the school. Amira removes her hand from her bracelet, her knight's crest forming.

"Amira," Taiga voice called from the morpher, "We have a problem,"

"What is it?" Amira asked.

"Its Craxious forces, I sense a spike in his energy coming from the north of the town," Taiga told Amira.

"I can go, I don't know about the guys though, we still have like an hour before school gets out," Amira said looking around.

"Okay, I'll contact them, you wait at your position," Taiga told her.

"You got it," Amira responded as she waited against the wall.

It didn't take long for Will and Lucifer to arrive where Amira was. The three of them look at each other and nodded.

"Okay, we're ready to go Taiga," Amira said looking at her.

"Sending you three now," Taiga said and soon the three rangers were enveloped in their respective color lights and teleported away.

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Clawmark City

Amira, Will, and Lucifer all landed in an alleyway, looking around.

"Taiga said the energy reading was coming from somewhere near here, so let's get moving," Will said and the others nodded, all of them heading out of the alleyway, looking around. The Rangers search didn't last long before a loud explosion was heard near the west of them.

The three of them follow the source of the explosion, and their eyes widen slightly upon seeing what was happening. A group of Skquires and an unknown reptilian-like monster were attacking cars and shops. The Skquires turned their attention to the rangers and began to screech loudly catching Spikeblast's attention.

"Well, what do we have here?" Spikeblast asked, staring at the rangers.

The rangers glared at him, getting into a fighting position, summoning their swords, ready to fight, causing Spikeblast to smirk.

"Fine then, Skquire's attack!" Spikeblast commanded and the Skquires screeched loudly and charged at the rangers. The rangers nodded at each other and rushed into the battle as well.

Amira dodges a Skquire spear thrust and grabbed its spear, pulling the Skquire into her and elbowing it in the face. She used her sword and slashed it across the chest and kicking it away. Amira ducked under another spear swing and kicked in its legs, knocking it down. Amira pulled the trigger on her sword, firing several blasts at the Skquires. One came from behind her, pushing her downwards, Amira reacted by rolling and touching her knight's crest.

"Awaken the Dragon!" Amira shouted before she was engulfed in a red light, turning into the red ranger and charging back into the battle. She kicked the Skquire away before punching it in the face, knocking it down. She followed up by swinging her sword the other way, slashing the Skquire vertically.

"Better now than never to try it out," Amira thought and she held her hand out, summoning her gauntlet around her arm. A Skquire swung its spear at her and she held her gauntlet up to block it. When the spear made contact, it bounced off the gauntlet, as well as the energy from the spear going into the gauntlet. The gauntlet began to glow red and Amira looked at the Squire before swinging her fist at the Skquire. The force of the attack combined with the energy from the gauntlet sent the Skquire flying into its group, destroying them upon contact.

"Guess I'm able to absorb and redirect kinetic energy with this," Amira thought, very impressed with her weapon, before turning her attention back to fight, starting at Spikeblast and charging at the twin-spike reptile.

Will rolled out of the way of a Skquire's attack, aiming his sword and pulling the trigger, shooting it several times. A few Skquire's came from behind to attack him, but he countered by turning around and kicking one. Another one swung its spear, making contact with his sword, causing Will to stumble and the third one bum rushes him, knocking him down with its shield. Will glared at them, before running onto the roof of a car, touching his knight's crest.

"Awaken the Dragon!" Will shouted, being enveloped in blue light, rolling off the roof of the car, now as the blue ranger. The three Skquire's swung their spears down, Will reacted by using his sword, blocking the three attacks. Will his free hand, Will summoned his battle ax and swung it, knocking the three Skquire's back, covering them in a blue flame. Will charged at a few others, dodging one of the spear thrusts and slashing them with his ax.

Will rolled out of the way of another attack by the Skquire's and another can charging at him with its shield. Will held his ax tightly as the ax blue glowed blue, lighting a flame. Will swings his ax into the shield of the Skquire, burning the foot soldier. Will gripped his ax tightly, glowing blue again before throwing it at some of the Skquires. The ax cleave through them, destroying them. Will ran over to his ax, grabbing and picking it up.

"Hot," Will commented, before joining Amira in fighting Spikeblast.

Lucifer punched a Skquire, knocking it away and swung his sword, slashing another Skquire behind him. He kicked a Skquire back, knocking it away from him before he was shoved away by a Skquire's shield charge knocking him into a car. The Skquire charged at him, but he rolled out of the way, causing the Skquire to get its spear stuck in the car door. Lucifer slammed its head into the car, before taking his sword and stabbing the Skquire in the stomach, getting his sword stuck in the Skquire and the car.

Lucifer touched his knight crest, "Awaken the dragon!" He shouted before being enveloped in yellow light, becoming the yellow ranger. Lucifer summoned his Warhammer and remove his sword from the Skquire before swinging his hammer at the Skquire, knocking it away. Lucifer charged at the others while the Skquires swung their spears at him. Lucifer used his hammer, blocking their blows and then pushing them back, then swinging his hammer powerfully, knocking them back.

Lucifer used the end of his hammer, hitting a Skquire in the stomach with it. Lucifer used the claw of his hammer, lifting up a Skquire before throwing the one into a group of them. Lucifer's hammer began to glow yellow and he rosed it above his head and swung it down, hitting the ground. Lucifer's hammer shook the ground releasing a yellow energy shockwave towards the rest of the Skquires, destroying the rest of them in the blast. Lucifer looked at his war hammer, smiling to himself.

"That was fun," Lucifer commented, before running to go assist Amira and Will with Spikeblast.

Spikeblast charged at them swinging his spikes at them, Amira and Will quickly responded by blocking the shots with their swords. Before Lucifer could strike, Spikeblast pushed Amira back and swung his spike at Lucifer, striking him, knocking him back. Spikeblast then uses his tail, wrapping it around Will's leg and swinging him into a car. Lucifer charged at Spikeblast and swung his hammer at the monster, but he narrowly dodged it, grabbing it and swinging Lucifer into Will. Amira swung her sword striking Spikeblast in the back, but he used his tail again and wrapped it around Amira and threw her into her teammates.

"Come on, is that the best you got?" Spikeblast taunted at the rangers before he aims the two spikes on his arms at the rangers, before firing them at them. The three of them tried moving out of the way but the explosion knocks them back, sending Will and Lucifer one way and Amira the other way. Amira slowly got up looking at Spikeblast's arms as his spikes regrew. Spikeblast begin to approach Amira, smirking to himself, readying his spikes. He swung his spikes at Amira and she raises her gauntlet, blocking the attacks, absorbing the kinetic energy from them, knocking Spikeblast back, giving Amira an idea.

Amira kicked Spikeblast in the side, before running back to Will and Lucifer.

"Any ideas on how to beat him?" Will asked looking at Amira.

"He looks to be his most defenseless after he fires his spikes," Amira said looking at them.

"So we attack when he fires his spikes, but what about his tail?" Lucifer asked looking at her.

"Will, think you can handle that?" Amira asked looking at the blue ranger.

"On it," Will said looking at her.

"Good, Lucifer, when he's about to fire his spikes, I want you to use your hammer and shake the ground so he won't have a good chance at hitting us," Amira said looking at him.

"You got it," Lucifer responded.

Spikeblast glared at the three rangers as the three of them stood up, staring at Spikeblast. Spikeblast charged at the rangers, swinging his spike at them. Will used his sword to block the attack and moving the sword around so the barrel on the hilt was facing Spikeblast and pulling the trigger firing several shots into its stomach, knocking him back slightly. Amira slashed Spikeblast with her sword and kick him back, Spikeblast swung his spikes at Amira, but she raised her gauntlet again, blocking the attack and absorbing the energy from it, making her gauntlet glowed red with energy. Amira quickly ducks and then Spikeblast was hit hard in the gut by Lucifer's hammer, sending him flying ways away from the rangers.

Spikeblast stood up, the reptilian monster glaring darkly at the rangers. "Fine, I'm done messing around!" He exclaimed aiming his spikes at the rangers. The rangers looked at each other and nodded, Amira and Will rushed at Spikeblast.

Spikeblast aimed ready to fire his spikes, causing Lucifer to raise his hammer. Right as Spikeblast was about to fire his spikes, Lucifer slammed his hammer down, releasing a yellow like energy quake, shaking the area and Spikeblast. Spikeblast fired his spikes, but they missed, due to him being daze as Amira and Will close in on him. Spikeblast swung his tail at Amira and Will, but Will used his ax and slice Spikeblast's tail off.

Amira put her sword into her other hand, the gauntlet's energy began surging into the blade of her sword and she swung it, slashing Spikeblast, sending him back as the three rangers regrouped.

"Okay, let's finish this," Amira said holding her sword out.

"Right!" Will and Lucifer nodded placing their swords with Amira's.

Spikeblast slowly stood up as he watches the Rangers hold out their swords together, their blades glowing their respective colors as they intersected their swords together. Behind them, a red, blue, and yellow multi-colored transparent dragon appear behind them.

"Draconic Roar!" They shouted, swinging their swords and the transparent dragon roared loudly, releasing a giant energy razor wind. The razor wind sliced Spikeblast in half as electricity and sparks course through him before he fell over blowing up.

The three rangers smile to themselves, cheering and patting each other on the back.

"Congratulations rangers," Taiga told them, "it seems you three also have gotten used to each of your weapons,"

"Yeah, they are pretty cool," Will commented as the three of them demorphed.

"You three can head home, for now, we will pick up what we did this morning, go get your rest rangers," Taiga told them. The rangers looked at each other and nodded to each other, saying their farewells and leaving to head home.

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Stormfang Canyon

Several hours have passed, the moon shining above the canyon. Craxious roared in anger, releasing a violent flame at the fact that his forces lost again to the rangers. Craxious turned his attention to Medisesara, his anger clearly showing.

"You failed!" Craxious roared loudly, slamming his claws down, shaking the cave as he looked at Medisesara.

"Medisesara look at the Dragon King, a calm look in her eyes, "calm down, Spikeblast was nothing more than a distraction," Medisesara said looking at Craxious.

"A distraction?" Drudger asked looking at Medisesara raising an eyebrow, "what do you mean by that?"

The sound of footsteps was heard as Corviro walked backed into the lair, looking at Medisesara and nodding to her, signaling her that he completed his mission.

"I created Spikeblast so that his energy would overshadow Corviro on his mission," Medisesara stated.

"His mission to do what?" Craxious questioned lowering his head to her.

"Well, you are still not at your full strength my king," Medisesara said.

"No thanks to you," Drudger retorted glaring at her.

"Anyway, till your fully back to full strength, I made something to assist us in your conquest and Corviro had the duty of finding the right host for it," Medisesara explained.

"Find a host for what," Craxious growled.

Medisesara smiled to herself and turned to Corviro who nodded leaving the lair. After a few moments, Corviro came back with another being with him and Drudger eyes widen while Medisesara smirked to herself at her work.

Behind Drudger was a figure clad in green and silver knight-like armor. Their chest piece was green with a spike like design carve on the chest. They had huge pauldrons, covering their shoulders, on top of their shoulders were two heads resembling that of Hydras. Silver armor was on her arms with spikes on the end of it and the metal like claw tips covering their fingers. Their legs were covered in green and silver armor, with metal green boots with spikes on their boots. Their helmet is in the shape of a hydra, their face being cover as well, only seeing their eyes behind the fence-like mask. They wielded a heater shield with spikes on the rim of it, the inner has a hydra head on it and an eye in the middle of it. They also wielded a sword, looking similar to the sword Medisesara used to stab Craxious, mix with the look of the Ranger's swords. On the side of their hip, was the Hydra's knight crest.

"King Craxious, I want you to meet; the Hydra Knight," Medisesara introduce and Craxious looked at the Knight before turning to Medisesara.

"What is the meaning of this witch?" The dragon questioned looking at Medisesara.

"When I was in the process of awakening you, I wanted to make sure you had time to grow back to full power, So I created the Hydra crest in order to give the Rangers a challenge while you regain your energy," Medisesara said, hiding her true reasons for making the crest.

Craxious looked at her then look at the Hydra Knight, the dragon king turned to Medisesara.

"Fine, we will see how your knight fairs against the rangers then witch," Craxious said glaring at the witch.

"They won't let you down," Medisesara said looking at them and the Hydra Knight bowed down to Craxious.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

At the guardian dragon temple, Taiga was examining the town through her lake, seeing if anything was going on. She felt something coming from behind her and she turns around. The white dragon statue and the black dragon statue were now glowing.

"So you two have found the two who are worthy of your powers," Taiga said looking at them, "Go and find them, the quicker we have all five knights, the faster we can defeat Craxious,"

The two statues glowed, forming a white orb and a black orb, before flying out of the temple, seeking their knights.

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