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Clawmark City

It was now Saturday in Clawmark city and the Rangers were currently relaxing in the park. They all have figured that now would be a perfect day to try hanging out as a team for once without the inclusion of them fighting or having to battle. Lucifer was relaxing against the tree in the shade, looking around, while Will laid on the grass, looking up at the sky and Amira was currently sitting on a tree branch, right above Lucifer, enjoying the shade as well.

"You three ready for the field trip coming up?" Lucifer asked looking at his teammates.

"Well, it is a field trip, anything that gets us out of the school is a good thing," Will said turning to look at Lucifer.

"I'm shocked that we're having one so early and that they were able to put it together quickly," Amira replied, plucking a leaf.

"Well apparently, the people who work there were able to make an opening for them after hearing about all the recent events lately with the Power Rangers," Lucifer said.

"Damn, speaking of that," Amira changing gears to a different subject, "we all remember what Taiga told us, right?"

The boys nodded looking at her thinking about yesterday's conversation with Taiga after they had gotten out of school.

Flashback; Guardian Dragon Temple

The Rangers were told to come to the temple when they got out of school, it had only been a day since the last attack.

"What's going on Taiga?" Will asked looking at their temple guardian.

"I wanted to announce some news to you that you will find appealing," Taiga said looking at them.

"What is that?" Amira asked raising an eyebrow.

Taiga pointed to the black and white dragon statues, who were still glowing and the ranger's eyes widen slightly.

"The pillars started glowing last night," Taiga said, "that means they found their knights and are currently trying to find them right now,"

"So that means we will be getting new teammates?" Lucifer asked and Taiga nodded.

"Yes, and when they are chosen, you will begin your real training and begin to unlock your true powers as Draconic Knights and Power Rangers," Taiga said.

"Our true power?" Will asked, "What do you mean?"

Taiga looks down slightly and sighed softly, before looking up at the rangers.

"To be honest rangers, a reason behind you struggle in your last battle, was because without the other two knights, your power is being significantly reduced and I have been holding back in some cases of training you, because I wanted to wait till all of you were here, so no one ranger will get left behind," Taiga said looking down.

"So we are basically been handicapped till the others are here, great," Amira said, crossing her arms in slight frustration.

"It's fine Amira, besides, when we get the other two, Craxious and his goons won't know what hit him," Lucifer said, punching his fist.

"That is another thing I want to bring up Rangers," Taiga said, getting her rangers attention again.

"I've been sensing an increase in dark energy from Craxious forces, but I can't identify it exactly, but whatever it is, I want you three to be on guard the next few days, and be on the lookout for the last two knights, okay," Taiga said.

"Right," The three knights responded, Amira sounding still upset at the news.

Flashback End

"Are you still upset about what Taiga said?" Lucifer asked looking at Amira. Amira was silent for a bit, trying to come up with an answer.

"I'm just wondering, how fast we could have ended this thing if we already had our true powers unlocked," Amira stated shrugging.

"Well, as much as I agree with you," Will started, rising slightly, "We can't force the guardian dragons to find their companions, we didn't pick them, they picked us,"

Lucifer nodded, agreeing with Will, "Yeah, we just gotta be patient for the two to find their knights and Craxious then won't know what hit him,"

"I guess so, just have to wait and be on guard for anything that Craxious and his cronies might pull on us," Amira said, turning to the playground in the park, watching kids enjoy themselves, smiling slightly to herself as she watched them play.

"So what should we do, since this is basically our first time hanging out with Amira anywhere outside of school and when a monster isn't attacking us," Will brought up, standing up, walking over to them.

"Well, we could show Amira some of the spots teenagers hang out at," Lucifer said, standing up as well.

"Oh boy, seeing other places that teenagers hang out at," Amira deadpanned, before sighing to herself, jumping down from her tree, "but; might as well, with all our 'training', I haven't had time to explore the town,"

"Well then, we'll be your guides today on our tour through Clawmark city and all the hot places that teenagers like to hang out at," Lucifer said smiling as he began to walk, Amira and Will looked at each other, before shrugging and following the positive jock.

"Already regretting this idea," Amira thought as she follows them.

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Stormfang Canyon

Drudger swung his hammer at the Hydra Knight, who quickly raised their shield, blocking their attack and pushing their shoulder against the shield knocking Drudger while Medisesara and Craxious watched them.

"They are certainly quite skilled, for a human," Craxious commented wanting as the Hydra Knight swung their swords, knocking Drudger's axe out of his hand.

"Well, of course, the crest is powerful, but if the host isn't skilled then there should be no reason behind it, keeping it similar to how the legends explain the guardian dragons and their knights, if the host is good with the crest, they will be unbeatable," Medisesara said.

Craxious growled to himself, thinking of the guardian dragon knights, those who put him away and killed him, forcing him to be resurrected. The dragon king watched as the Hydra Knight knocked Drudger down, pointing their swords at Drudger's neck.

"Okay, you may stop now Hydra Knight," Medisesara said.

"Yes ma'am," The Hydra Knight responded, their voice mix of a masculine and feminine voice.

Craxious sense went off as he raised his head, sensing two familiar energy sources. "So, the other two are out as well,"

"The other what my liege?" Drudger asked standing up.

"The guardian dragon energies, they are trying to find their next knights," Craxious said.

"Should we hunt them down like last time?" Drudger asked.

"With all due respect Craxious, following last time strategy will surely end in defeat again, like the last time, so I suggest a different plan of attack," Medisesara said looking at Craxious.

"What's your plan this time witch?" Craxious asked looking at her and Medisesara motions her hands to the Hydra Knight.

"You want to send your puppet out there to fight the rangers already, that's a terrible plan!" Drudger exclaimed.

"I assure you, ogre, the Hydra Knight can handle the rangers, while they are facing the Hydra Knight, it will be easier to find the energies because they will be distracted," Medisesara suggested.

Craxious looked at her, "Fine, I'll give your knight a chance to take out the rangers, Drudger, go get the Skquires ready,"

"Yes, my king!" Drudger said walking off.

Medisesara looked at Corviro, signaling the silent shadow and Corviro nodded, fading into the ground, going into Medisesara's shadow. Medisesara looked at the Skquires that Drudger was preparing, an idea coming to her as she looked at them.

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Clawmark City

While the Rangers were off exploring around the city with Will and Lucifer showing Amira around the town. On the other side of town, Sultan was walking down the street, looking around as he walked. He stopped in front of a shop that had a set of bow and arrows on display. Sultan smiled to himself as he looked at them, thinking about archery.

"Can't wait till archery club starts again," Sultan thought as he examined the bow, "that reminds me, I probably need a new bow soon,"

Sultan looked at the bows, curious if the shop would allow him to test the bow out in some target practice. Sultan thought about it, before sighing to himself and shaking his head and continuing his walk through town. Sultan kept walking, walking pass the skate park where a bunch of students from the school, as well as kids ranging from elementary or middle.

"Well well well, if it ain't ass-Sultan," a voice heard that made Sultan stopped in his tracks and turned and his eyes widen. Sultan looked at three males, remembering them from the first day of school, where Abene stopped them, and their leader; the boy in the middle from the bathroom when Will stepped in.

"I see your friends aren't here to protect you this time," the leader said, referencing Abene and Will.

"They ain't my friends," Sultan responded glaring at the boys.

"Oh, really?, guess that means we get to have you all to ourselves right now," the boy on the left said and the bullies took a step towards Sultan.

"I'd like to not deal with you guys right now," Sultan said, taking a step back.

"Well that's too bad, we owe you quite a bit Sultan, especially for the last time," The leader said looking at him, cracking his knuckles.

Sultan took this as a warning before turning around and running away from them, the bullies glaring, chasing after him. Sultan ran through the town with the bullies hot on his tail as he couldn't think of any way of slowing them down, but nothing was coming to mind. Sultan made his way through to the park as kept on running, turning around once in a while to see the bullies behind him, catching up quickly. Soon enough, the lead bully caught up, grabbing the back of Sultan's shirt, yanking it and pulling the fragile boy down to the ground.

The bullies began to gang up, crowding around him, hitting the smaller, fragile as Sultan could do nothing, laying there helpless as the boys kept hurting him.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing!" a voice called, causing the bullies to stop and they look over at the person, revealing it to be Abene. Abene looks at Sultan, who was slightly bruised and that was all she needed to get an idea of what was happening.

"I'll give you three one chance, to leave now," She threatened the bullies.

"Or what?" One of them questioned.

"You'll be wishing you did," Abene told them.

The three bullies glared at her, then looked down at Sultan before the lead bully scoff slightly. "Come on boys, let's leave the runt alone, she can't protect him all the time," he said and proceeded to walk away, the other two following him.

Abene walked up to Sultan, helping the smaller boy up, "You alright kid?" She asked.

Sultan looks at her, wiping his cheek slightly, "I'm fine," he muttered before he turned around ready to walk away.

"Where do you think you are going?" Abene asked, grabbing his shoulder.

"Home," Sultan said, jerking his shoulder away from her. Abene looks at him, knowing she should just leave the kid alone, but the bullies could come after him if she did.

"I'll come with you then," Abene said.

"Why?" Sultan asked looking at her.

"Well if I do, those bullies won't come after me, they seem pretty scared of me," She said looking at him. Sultan looked at her and shrugged then began to walk, Abene following after him. Behind them, floating near them were a black and white orb, staying close to the pair as they walked.

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Clawmark City; Kaimura Cafe

Amira, Will, and Lucifer were currently relaxing at the cafe, watching people walk around, talk amongst themselves, some of them were students, others were adults walking their little ones, all of them enjoying the day.

"So, what do you think of Clawmark so far Amira?" Will asked, looking at his teammate.

"Well, very nice, but I still prefer the forest and mountains here then the cities," Amira responded.

"By the way, this is a good cafe you suggested Amira, how'd you know about this place?" Lucifer asked, turning to look at her.

"There was one in my hometown and a few of them where my other family lives," Amira stated as she sipped her tea. The three rangers relax slightly before their morphers began to flash slightly, quickly prompting the three teens to cover their morphers with their hands. They all looked at each other and nodded, standing up. They left the cafe, heading into the alleyway, before uncovering the morphers, their knight's crest forming.

"What's going on Taiga?" Amira asked.

"I sense strange dark energy, rangers that are forming near you could be Craxious attacking," Taiga told them.

"Do you think he is hunting the other two dragon energies?" Will asked.

"I'm afraid so, rangers, you must stop him and whatever this energy is, if he gets to the guardian dragons before those two can find their knights, the results will be dangerous," Taiga said.

"We're on it," Lucifer said.

"Alright rangers, let's go," Amira said to them.

"Right!" Will and Lucifer responded before the three of them all began running to the location where the dark energy was coming from. After running for a bit, the Rangers arrive at where the dark energy was coming from and their eyes widen to see there were already Skuqires, sniffing around, looking for the guardian dragon energy, however, Amira noticed that some of the Skquires, instead of having red eyes, had purple glowing eyes. The Skquires turned to the rangers and all of them growled as the Rangers got into a fighting stance.

"Ready?" Amira asked holding her morpher.

"Ready!" Her teammates responded.

"Awaken the Dragon!" They shouted morphing in bright light.

"Well well well, how nice it is to see you rangers," A voice called to them and they turned to see Medisesara there smirking at them.

"Hey, your that witch that works for Craxious!" Will called out to her.

"Medisesara, please to meet you rangers" She introduced herself.

"I take it you are here to get your ass kicked, or you can make it easier on us and give up now," Amira said pointing her sword at the witch.

"Actually you silly red ranger, I'm here to watch you lose to my latest creation," She told them crossing her eyes.

"Creation?" Lucifer questioned, "We'll take it down easily!"

"Oh really then, well, let's see if your bite is louder then your bark," Medisesara said, "Hydra Knight!"

A purple spell circle appears in front of Medisesara and the Hydra Knight walked out of the spell circle, staring at the rangers behind their helmet. The ranger's eyes widened behind their visors as they stare at the knight.

"Are you ready my knight?" Medisesara asked looking at the knight.

"Yes," The Hydra Knight responded gripping their sword and shield tightly, getting into a fighting position.

"Be ready guys," Amira said tightly gripping her sword and the boys followed suit.

"Skquires, continue your search for the others," Medisesara commanded before turning back to the Hydra Knight, "You know what to do,"

The Hydra Knight nodded before turning their attention to the rangers and charged at them with incredible speed catching the Rangers off guard and the Hydra Knight swung their swords. The three knights jumped back narrowly dodging the attack, but the force pushes them back some ways. The rangers glared at the Hydra Knight, looking to each other and nodding before charging at the Hydra Knight.

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Clawmark City

Abene and Sultan were making their way through town, both of them staying silent as they walked. Abene looked at Sultan, taking a bit to notice something about the boy like how his clothes seem like they were found in the garbage with how tattered and worn out they look.

"I see why those bullies pick on him," Abene thought as she watched him, "he's basically wearing a huge target on his back,"

However, Abene's thoughts were cut off when she heard growling in front of her, causing her and Sultan to freeze in their spot. In front of them was a Skquire, its glowing purple eyes glaring at them as its body shifted into an attack position.

"Those are the things that attacked the school on the first day," Sultan thought wanting to step back, but then, they heard growling from behind them as another Skquire approach them from behind, soon more of them began to approach them.

"What the hell do these things want!?" Abene questioned as she and Sultan were quickly getting surrounded. Sultan looked around, before looking upward, his eyes widening slightly and he grabbed Abene's shirt, tugging slightly and pointing upward.

"What is it?" Abene asked before following his gaze and her eyes widen slightly as well. In the air above them was a black and white orb, shiny slightly as they float above them, seemingly signaling them.

"What the-" Abene started but was cut off by a Skquire screeching and charging at them. The Skquire went to swing at Sultan but Abene pushed him out of the way, before moving out of the way herself.

Abene grabbed the Skquire and kicked them in the back, knocking them into another Skquire. Sultan looked at the black and white light orbs as they began floating away, trying to signal the two to follow them.

"Run!" Sultan shouted before he began running, following behind the orbs. Abene dodged a Skquire's swing and kicked it in the stomach, knocking it away before she followed Sultan. The Skquire's growled and gave haste, following the two teens. The orbs lead the teens to a car, near where the Rangers were having their battle with the Hydra Knight, phasing into the car, opening the door to the car. Sultan and Abene looked at the car wondering how they did that before they both heard growling and turned towards to see the Skquire's approaching them. Abene pushed Sultan into the car, before getting into it herself and closed the door.

The Skquire's approach the car, growling at the car before they rushed at the side, shaking the car slightly. They kept ramming the car, the car shaking more and more violently as Abene and Sultan brace themselves.

Meanwhile, the Rangers were fighting against the Hydra Knight and weren't fairing too well against the Knight. Amira locked her sword with the Hydra Knight, aiming the barrel at them, ready to pull the trigger, but the Hydra Knight reacted faster and knocked Amira's sword upward, opening her up. The Hydra Knight then use their shield and rammed it into Amira's stomach, knocking her onto the ground.

Will swung his axe but the Hydra Knight blocked it with their shield before kicking the boy, knocking him back. Lucifer came from the side and swung his hammer at them, but the Hydra Knight dodges it and slashed the older boy with their sword, grabbing him and throwing him into Will.

The three Draconic Knights got up, staring at the Hydra Knight, who was ready for more. The rangers heard the sound of a car rocking and creaking and turn their attention to the car the Skquire's were attacking while Abene and Sultan were stuck inside.

"Lucifer, can you go help them out?" Will asked his friend nodded.

"Can do!" Lucifer said, running off to go assist Abene and Sultan.

"Any plans to deal with them?" Will asked, looking at the Hydra Knight.

"We'll just keep attacking, they have to slip up soon," Amira said and Will nodded before the two of them charged at Hydra Knight.

Lucifer summoned his sword and began shooting at Skquire, several blasts hitting them, slightly stunning them and causing them to turn their attention to Lucifer. Lucifer swung his hammer at them, hitting several of them, sending them into other cars or walls. Lucifer tosses his hammer at a Skquire, the minion struggling to hold the hammer as it weighs him down. Lucifer grabbed a Skquire and punch them in the gut before throwing them into the group. Lucifer gripped his sword before swinging it at the Skquires in front of them, knocking them all away. He grabbed his hammer from the Skquire and swung it into the Skquire's gut, knocking them down and destroying them. Lucifer walked over to the car, tapping on the window.

"You two okay?" The yellow knight asked, looking at them, recognizing them from school. Abene and Sultan nodded quickly at the yellow ranger's response.

"Alright good, you better get out of here, things could get messy," Lucifer said turning back to see his allies weren't faring well against the Hydra knight. Lucifer tightens his grip as he charged back in there as Abene and Sultan watched, wondering if they could do anything to help.

Lucifer rushed in and swung his hammer at the Hydra Knight, but they grabbed his hammer before it made an impact on them. They jabbed Lucifer in the gut with the end of it, pushing him away. Will began firing several blue blasts at them and the Hydra Knight raise their shield blocking the shots as Will edge closer to the knight. Will ready his axe as it glowed blue and he swung it at the Hydra Knight, but they duck under the slash and use their sword, slashing at Will's chest, sending him back. Amira rushed in, using her gauntlet to punch the Hydra Knight, but they raise their shield, blocking the shot but sliding back.

Amira swung her sword, prompting the Hydra Knight to block it and hit Amira in the gut with their knee. Amira stumbles backward before the Hydra Knight followed up by swinging their sword upward and Amira raised her gauntlet, blocking the hit but being sent flying back into her teammates. The three knights slowly got up, staring at the Hydra Knight, who didn't seem to have lost any energy during their engagement.

"You rangers are pathetic," The Hydra Knight said, "I was expecting a better challenge,"

"Finish them off Hydra Knight," Medisesara commanded

The rangers brace themselves but Will and Lucifer fell to one knee, exhausted as Amira struggle to keep standing, placing her sword in her hand with her gauntlet attached as her blade began to glow red.

The Hydra Knight stared at them, "Still have some fight in you, huh red ranger, well don't put it to waste," The Hydra Knight taunted as they held their sword out, the blade glowing green along with their shield. The Hydra Knight made an x-cross before using their shield and pushing against the X, sending out a green X-wave. Amira swung her sword downward, releasing a red energy razor wind. The two attacks collided, but the Hydra Knight's attack overpowered Amira's, slashing through hers and heading towards the rangers, colliding against them.

Amira, Will, and Lucifer were sent flying back by the attack, colliding into trees, falling to the ground. The three of them unmorphed right there, too exhausted to keep going, passing out. Abene and Sultan eyes widen when they saw the three unmorphed. The Hydra Knight slowly began to walk towards the unmorph rangers, ready to deal the final nail in the coffin.

Without thinking, Abene and Sultan bolted from the car making their way to the rangers, coming to a halt, standing between the Hydra Knight and the rangers, Abene eyes glaring at the Hydra Knight.

"Move," The Hydra Knight commanded.

"No!" Abene shouted as she stood her ground and Sultan nodded, agreeing with her.

"Then die with them," The Hydra Knight said, their sword glowing once again. Abene and Sultan stood their ground, before looking upward to see the black and white orb from earlier flying over to them and it cause Medisesara eye's to widen.

"No, it can't be," She started as she watched the black orb glowed brightly, floating towards Abene and the white one floated to Sultan.

"Finish them now!" Medisesara ordered and the Hydra Knight nodded, charging at them. Abene and Sultan closed their eyes, bracing themselves. However, Abene, Sultan, Amira, Will, and Lucifer were quickly teleported out of the location as the Hydra Knight came to a halt.

Medisesara swore under her breath, knowing Craxious will blame her for letting the other two guardian dragons find their rangers and getaway, "Hydra Knight, you will along with the Skquire's continue your attack on the city, we'll see if we can force the rangers out again,"

"Yes ma'am," Hydra Knight responded before commanding the Skquire's to spread out and start attacking.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

Abene and Sultan opened their eyes, seeing that they weren't in Clawmark anymore and most importantly, the Hydra Knight wasn't here either. They look around the area they were in, noticing it to be some kind of temple. They turn around and their eyes widen approaching, Amira, Will, and Lucifer.

"W-w-where are we?" Sultan asked looking around.

"I have no idea," Abene said also looking around the altar they were in.

"Welcome to the Guardian Dragon Temple," Taiga greeted them, prompting the two of them to turn to face her.

"Who the hell are you and why are we here?" Abene asked looking at her.

"I will explain in a bit, but for now," Taiga said walking past them up to the three rangers, kneeling down. Taiga held out her hand and it glowed blue, coating the three unconscious rangers in a light blue aura.

"What are you doing?" Sultan asked.

"Quickening the healing process," She responded, "With Craxious forces attacking the town if the Rangers don't heal quickly, the city is in grave danger,"

"So they really are the Power Rangers?" Abene asked looking at them.

"Yes, they are and I am their mentor, Taiga, the frost maiden and watcher of the guardian dragon temple," Taiga said looking at them, "Just like them, you two were also chosen to be Power Rangers,"

"We were?" Sultan asked.

"How?" Abene asked raising an eyebrow.

"The guardian dragons pick you two," Taiga said motioning to the black and white dragon pillars.

"The dragon picked us?" Sultan asked thinking about it, "the two orbs of light we saw earlier?"

"Correct," Taiga responded,

"So you want the two of us to join your band of merry knights?" Abene asked motioning to the three rangers who were laying down, "Because right now, it doesn't look promising,"

Taiga stared at Abene while Sultan stayed quiet looking at them, he wasn't sure what to think.

"Why did the dragons pick us, what makes us so special compared to everyone else?" Abene asked Taiga.

"Those questions will be answered by the dragons themselves," Taiga responded.

"How will they do that?" Sultan questioned.

Taiga pointed to the black and white statue where the swords were embedded, "grab the sword and the answers you seek will be revealed,"

"And we are supposed to trust you on that?" Abene asked narrowing her eyes.

Taiga was silent as she looked at Abene, "Because if you don't trust me, who knows who will be able to stop Craxious' rampage and his forces, they will destroy everything in their path, including you and your families,"

Abene and Sultan stared at Taiga, listening to the temple guardian talk.

"With the five guardian dragons assisting the power rangers, Craxious forces will be stopped in their tracks and we will be able to push them back, only a few matches the criteria and you two fit it, so please," Taiga started looking down, "Join our cause to stop Craxious from conquering the world by completing the Power Rangers Draconic Knights,"

Abene and Sultan looked at Taiga, her words hitting them as they turn to look at Amira, Will, and Lucifer who were resting still. They thought about her words then look at each other, still deciding on what to do. Abene looks at the black dragon pillar before giving a tired sigh.

"I don't like the idea of this, but to keep my family safe as well as the world, I'll join," Abene said looking at Taiga.

"S-so well I," Sultan said, agreeing with Abene.

Taiga smiled at them, relieve they decided to join, "Now, walk over to your dragon pillar and grab the sword,"

Abene and Sultan walked over to their respective pillars as they examine their pillars. Abene and Sultan looked at the sword before they both grabbed their swords and their eyes widened. Their pillars began to glow their color, two roars echoing throughout the temple.

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Abene's Mindscape

Abene opened her eyes looking around as the area around her was filled with dark clouds, heavy winds blowing all around her. Abene looks around, seeing the temple was nowhere near her nor was she even there.

"Where the hell am I?" Abene asked looking around.

"I thought you would recognize your own mind, but I guess not," a voice called to Abene from behind her. She turned around and her eyes widen in front of her, backing away from it. In front of her was a black wyvern who was standing on his hind legs, his wings closed with two long horns on his head and his silver eyes staring at the tall girl.

"Who are you?" Abene asked looking at the Wyvern.

"Ain't it obvious, I'm one of the guardian dragons," the wyvern responded.

"Wow, didn't think what Taiga was saying was true," Abene said looking at him.

"Well, glad to have proven you wrong," The wyvern said looking at her.

"Well, I'm just gonna get to the point then, what's the point of you picking me?" Abene asked, "I'm sure you can tell, but I ain't exactly happy to be doing this power ranger thing,"

"Well," The wyvern started, "You have a force to you that shows that you will be there for those who need protecting, like that boy,"

"You saw that?" Abene asked and the Wyvern nodded.

"Yeah, you're tough and with me by your side guiding your winds, we can quickly put an end to this," Wyvern said looking at her.

Abene looked at the black guardian dragon, a light smirk coming onto her lips, "you know what, I think we will get along just fine," Abene said looking up at the Wyvern. very slowly coming to the idea of liking being a Power Ranger.

A black light emerges in between them and a black energy sword appear in the ground. Abene looked at the sword and then look up to the black guardian dragon who nodded at her, signaling her to pull it out. Abene grabbed the sword and tugged at the sword, a blinding light emerging as she kept tugging until she finally removes it.

A bright light enveloped the whole area once the sword was removed. When the light ended, Abene looked around to see that the guardian dragon was gone until she looks at her wrist. Her wrist, like the other rangers, had a knight's crest on it with a picture of the black wyvern wings spread wide with a tornado around them. Abene smirk to herself, very slowly coming to the idea of liking being a Power Ranger.

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Sultan's Mindscape

Sultan's eyes scanned the area around him, seeing that his area was white with snow falling down. Despite what Sultan was wearing, he didn't feel cold at all, he looked around wondering why he wasn't at the temple anymore.

"So this is the one?" He heard a voice from behind him.

"Yep, that's the one we picked," Another voice sounded from behind.

"Kind of shrimpy," The other voice said.

Sultan turned around to see who the source of the voices was coming from and his eyes widened at what he saw. In front of him were two dragons who were very small, similar to looking like fairies. Their wings were butterfly-like and their scales a small feather-like exterior on them. They both looked the same except the different eye color, the one on the left had gold and the one on the right had silver.

"Wow, never knew dragons can get that small," Sultan said out loud as he examined the two of them.

"Well fae dragons certainly do," The one on the left said huffing slightly.

"Relax," The one on the right said, trying to calm down the left one, before turning to Sultan, "We are the guardian dragon of ice,"

"Why are their two of you and not just one?" Sultan asked as he examined the two smaller dragons.

"Well, we were kind of just like this from the beginning, we're basically one soul in two dragons," The one on the right answer. Sultan nodded at the answer as he wonders where he still was.

"Where am I?" Sultan asked looking around.

"Your mind," The one on the left told him, "It's the best way for us to communicate with you, the same thing happens with your fellow knights when they met the other guardians,"

"Speaking of that," Sultan began, "what made you two pick me to be a knight, I'm not exactly anything special,"

"Well, you are certainly smaller than the last knight we had," The one on the left retorted.

"Gee thanks," Sultan said sarcastically.

"What myself means," The right one glaring at the left one, "While you lack the physique of a knight, we can tell you have the heart of one, despite your hardships, and you will certainly grow as one with the guidance of the others Sultan and grow as a team,"

Sultan looked at the two of them, "Well, I was dragged into this, but I guess being a power ranger can be fun,"

The two dragons smiled at him and Sultan looked at the two of them and gave them a soft smile, not really sure how to feel about the whole situation, but figured he should just go for it for now. A bright light appears between the two of them, a white sword appearing in front of Sultan and he looked at the sword.

He looked at the white guardian dragon and the two of them nodded to him. Sultan grabbed the sword and tugged at it, the sword slowly began to move. He kept pulling at the sword as it slowly began to move and he pulled it out, the whole area is covered in bright light.

When the light ended, Sultan notices the sword was gone and the guardian dragon was gone. Sultan kept looking around, before looking down at his wrist, his eyes widening as he saw the knight crest on him. On the Knight's crest, the white guardian dragon was there, twirling around each other as ice and snow were around them.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

Abene and Sultan opened their eyes as they pulled their swords from the pedestal, the blades glowing and transforming into their rangers sword. Abene and Sultan look at them, shock and surprise at them and how they look.

"Welcome to the Power Rangers Draconic Knights, you two," Taiga said, hearing some soft groaning behind her. The three turn around to see Amira, Will, and Lucifer all waking up.

"Well, it seems we finished just in time," Abene said.

"Ow.. why do I feel like we just got our asses handed to us earlier," Amira said groaning softly as she rubbed her head.

"I think that's because we did, that knight, they were certainly powerful," Will added as he sat up.

"Agreed... Where are we anyway?" Lucifer asked as he looked around.

"You're back at the temple rangers, I teleported back after you three were defeated so you three could heal," Taiga said, causing the rangers to look at Taiga, Abene, and Sultan.

"Thank you Taiga," Lucifer said looking at her before looking at Abene and Sultan, "What are they doing here?"

"Rangers, I want you to meet your new teammates," Taiga introduced as Abene and Sultan held up their morphers and the other three rangers eyes widened at what Taiga said.

"Sup, I'm Abene, which you three should know already and this is Sultan," Abene greeted and Sultan wave at them as the rangers examine them.

"So now that there are five of us, what happens now?" Amira asked, remembering what Taiga said earlier about all five of them being together.

Taiga nodded, "I want you all to pull out your swords, stand in a circle and put them together."

The rangers looked at each other before they followed what Taiga said, getting into a circle. Amira, Lucifer, and Will summoned their swords while Abene and Sultan looked at them. They stuck out their hands before their swords appeared as well, a little surprised by them. They connected their swords together and the five swords began to glow their respective colors. Followed by their swords were their knight's crest and finally, their pillars glowed as well, each of them roaring. The crystal blue lake began to rumble and glow as well and then everything stopped glowing and the Rangers looked around wondering what happened.

"Hey, guardian lady," Abene called looking at Taiga, "What the hell happened?"

"That my knights, were the power of your zords awakening, they will be able to aid you in your battle against Craxious," Taiga told them. The rangers looked at each other, before the water began to rumble again, making Taiga look at it.

"What's going on Taiga?" Will asked looking at her.

"While you were out, Craxious and Medisesara kept the Skquire's to keep attacking and it seems more of them have arrived,"

"Is the Hydra Knight still there?" Amira asked tightly clenching her fist.

"Yes," Taiga responded to the red ranger.

Amira nodded then look at Will and Lucifer, "You two ready to get back in the action?"

"Hell yeah," Will said.

"You bet," Lucifer replied.

Amira turned to Abene and Sultan, "Are you two ready for your first day as power rangers?"

"I'll do my best," Abene started crossing her arms.

"Ditto," Sultan said, agreeing with Abene.

Taiga looks at them nodding, "Abene and Sultan, I want you two to know you will also have access to your personal weapons," before holding her hand out and teleporting the rangers away, back to Clawmark so they can continue the fight, knowing they will succeed this time.

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Clawmark City

The Draconic Knights appeared back at Clawmark, landing behind a dumpster. Abene and Sultan stumbled slightly but they recovered looking at the others as they heard the sounds of screaming and destruction, making their way towards it. They arrived to see the Skquire's doing what they were normally doing, before a green razor wind came, striking the ground in front of them, knocking them back.

"I see you Rangers have decided to come back," Hydra Knight said glaring at them as the rangers slowly got up, "And with two more as well,"

"Yeah, we're here to stop you!" Amira exclaimed.

"Try as you might, you will fail rangers, no matter your number advantage," Hydra Knight said then pointed their swords, "but do, make an attempt, Skquire's attack!"

The Skquire's screeched and charged at the rangers, their bracelets glowing, summoning their knight crests.

"Ready?!" Amira asked holding her crest out.

"Ready!" The other rangers responded.

"Awaken the dragon!" They all shouted as they morphed.

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Morphing Sequence

Abene's emblem grew to her size, the black guardian dragon flying out of it. The wind blew powerfully around them, the dragon's roar echoing as they flew into the clouds. The wind came down wrapping her body in black light. Her ranger suit is black, instead of a silver colored vest, it was a goldish color vest wraps around her chest with her knight crest on it. On her vest are three white claw-like markings on each side, and in the middle of the vest is an open Dragon-like eye. Around her arms are gold bracers with silver bracelets as well as being her gloves. On top of her shoulders, she had gold pauldrons, connecting to her vest. The top part of her arms was gold and her lower half was black. The top half of her boots are gold with the cuffs of the boots being gold and the rest of the boot is black. On the tip of her boots are three claws on it. On her legs are three gold claw marking moving slightly upward. Around her waist, her belt formed, the buckle being gold with a black dragon head. The black light form around her head, forming her black helmet in shape of her guardian dragon, her black visor forming with a gold outline. Around the visor, a gold lining appears forming around it, below her visor was a silver mouthpiece. With a roar, the clouds parted as the dragon flew down, landing down and flap his wings powerfully, ceasing the powerful wind storms.

"Knight of Winds!" Abene shouted, "Draconic Black Ranger"

Sultan crest enlarged to his size, the white guardian dragon flying out of it, both of them spinning around Sultan. The dragons roared loudly as snow and ice formed around him, covering his suit in white light. His ranger suit is white, instead of a silver colored vest, his vest was a more goldish color wrapped around his chest with his knight crest on it. On his vest are three gold claw-like markings on each side, and in the middle of the vest is an open Dragon-like eye. Around his arms are gold bracers with black bracelets as well as being his gloves. On top of his shoulders, he had gold pauldrons, connecting to his vest. The top of his arms was gold and his lower half was white. The top half of his boots are gold with the cuffs of the boots being black and the rest of the boot being white. On tip of his boots are three claws on it. On his legs are three gold claw marking moving slightly upward. Around his waist, his belt formed, the buckle being gold with a white dragon head. The white light form around his head, forming his white helmet in shape of his guardian dragon, his black visor forming. Around the visor, a gold lining appears forming around it, below his visor was a silver mouthpiece. The dragon shattered the snow crystals around him, forming snowflakes falling down around them.

"Knight of Ice!" Sultan announced, "Draconic White Ranger,"

Sequence End

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The bright light ended, showing the team of five rangers, the Draconic Knights all summoned their swords. They put their swords together, glowing in energy.

"We are the protectors of the guardian dragons, Power Rangers;" The five of them announced getting into a fight position, "Draconic Knights!"

"Why did we all decide to say that?" Abene asked as she looked at the others while also examining her suit as well as Sultans.

"We can talk about that later, but right now, we got something to take care of," Amira said as she and the other knights turn towards the Skquire's that were charging at them. The five of them charge into battle, Amira slashing her way past the Skquires heading toward the Hydra Knight and the two of them lock swords.

"Glutton for punishment?" Hydra knight asked glaring at Amira before they pushed her back with their shield.

"Nope, eager to take you down," Amira said rushing back in.

Will and Lucifer teamed up against one of the groups of Skquires. Will swung his sword, meeting one of the Skquire's spear attacks before he kicks the Skquire in the gut, knocking them towards Lucifer. Lucifer grabbed the Skquire, punching them in the stomach, before throwing them into a car. Will summoned his ax and Lucifer summoned his hammer, the two friends look at each other and nodded. One of the Skquires pounce at Will but he ducks swinging his ax, slashing the Skquire in the chest while Lucifer stopped one and jabbed them in the gut with the head of his hammer. One tried to attack Lucifer from behind but it was shot several times by Will. The other Skquire's spear tips began to glow and they fire blast at the two male rangers. The two of them rolled out of the way of the blast and looked at each other. Lucifer hammer glowed yellow and he swung it downward, cracking it slightly, stunning the Skquires. Will's ax glowed blue and he swung it releasing a flame wave, burning the Skquire's and destroying them.

"Well, despite the glowing eyes, they were basically the same," Lucifer commented looking at Will.

"Did they always leave piles of bones behind when they are destroyed?" Will asked looking at where the destroy Skquires were. Lucifer turned to where the destroyed Skquires noticing what Will said was right. Where the Skquire's were was replaced by a big pile of purple bones. The two of them look at it, then look at each other raising an eyebrow behind their visors.

Abene ducked under a Skquire's attack before she grabbed its arm, hitting it in the gut, then punching him in the face. Two more came at her from behind as she turned around, she dodged the first spear attack but the second one struck her in the gut making her stumble back. Abene glared before uses her sword and slashes one of them in the chest, knocking them away but the second one fired a blast at her and she rolled out of her way.

"Let's see if what that lady said about our personal weapons is true," Abene thought and she held her hand out and a quick flash of light, a black halberd materialized in her hands. Abene stared at it before she turned around, spinning it and hitting a Skquire away from her. Another Skquire swung their spear at her, but she ducked under it and hit them in the stomach with the end of the stick before turning it around impaling it. She swung it knocking the Skquire off. Her halberd glowed black as she Skquire's approach her and spun swinging it into all of them knocking them down and destroying them.

Abene planted her halberd down, holding her sword in her other hand, smirking to herself at the pile of bones around her.

"Now this is something I can really get into," Abene commented, enjoying being a ranger.

Sultan, on the other hand, wasn't having a good time as he dodged a skquire's spear thrust, a second one came out, swinging their spear and Sultan blocked it weakly, stumbling back. He pulled the trigger on his sword, blasting the two of them back but more of them began to get closer. Sultan rolled out of the way, he hated fighting so close, especially when it came to hand to hand. Sultan's knight's crest began glowing, slightly blinding the Skquires as a white bow materializes in his hands.

"Convenient, guess this is my personal weapon," Sultan thought as he looked at the bow. Another Skquire swung their spear and he rolled away dodging it.

He looked at his bow, noticing he had no arrows, before he pulled the bowstring, aiming at the Skquire, an ice arrow forming. Sultan's eyes widen slightly before he released the string, firing an ice arrow into the Skquire chest. Sultan smiles at himself, feeling more in his element with his bow. He fired another arrow, hitting a Skquire freezing them solid. A skquire got close and swung its spear at him and Sultan duck, shooting an arrow into its gut and hitting it away from him. Sultan saw the rest of them bunch up in a group and aim his bow at them, pulling the string as his bow glowed white. He pulled the bowstring before releasing it, firing a white arrow. The arrow pierced through all of them destroying them. Sultan stared at the pile of bones, satisfied with the results.

The Hydra Knight kicked Amira into a car, launching forward before Amira quickly dodged as the Hydra Knight slices the car in half. Amira glare at the Hydra Knight as the other four rangers joined Amira staring at the Hydra Knight.

"Hydra Knight!," The Knight turned around to see Medisesara walking out looking at her knight.

"Yes, mistress?" Hydra Knight asked looking at her.

"I want you to withdraw," Medisesara said.

"Why? The Rangers haven't been destroyed yet," Hydra Knight said looking at the witch.

"I want to try something new on the rangers and I need you to rest till the next time," Medisesara said looking at the knight. The Hydra Knight looked at her Medisesara and nodded walking over to the portal Medisesara had come through. The knight turned towards the rangers.

"We'll finish this next time rangers," They said walking through it, leaving.

"What the hell do you want?!" Abene question glaring at the witch.

"Oh, I wanted to try something new on you rangers, something you all will really love," Medisesara said.

"You're surrendering and going back to sleep, make our jobs easier," Will said.

Medisesara chuckled and held out her hand as they began to glow as well as all the Skquire's bone began to glow. all the pile of bones around the fighting that the Rangers were fighting began to move, all of them making their way towards the middle of town. The bones all flew around each other, purple electricity flying around them as the Rangers looked in shock. The bones began to glow combining and began to grow, bigger and bigger as the team looks up until finally, it stopped. Standing there, in place of the purple electric tornado, was a skeleton like a reptile covered in heavy armor and carry a sword and shield. Their skeleton was dark red and their armor is black. He was gigantic and right now, it looked like nothing could stop him as he roared loudly.

"What the hell," Lucifer commented as he and the rangers stood back and watch the monster.

"Meet the Skellmare rangers as well as meeting your doom," Medisesara said, "Now as much as I would love to watch you be destroyed, I have better things to do,"

Medisesara walked into the portal as the rangers stood standing in horror. The Skellmare took its giant sword and swung it down towards the rangers. The giant sword slammed in front of the five rangers, the force of the wind blowing them back and knocking them away. The rangers looked up at the giant monsters wondering what they can do to stop it.

Their morphers began to glow as they looked at them, "Rangers," they heard Taiga's voice coming from them.

"What is Taiga?" Amira asked looking at her morpher.

"Hope it's important, we have a big problem going on here," Lucifer said looking up at the Skellmare.

"Rangers, summon your zords, and combine them," Taiga told them and the Rangers look at each other.

"How do we summon them?" Abene asked.

"Put your swords together and they will come to your aid," Taiga said as the large stomping sound of the Skellmare interrupted them.

"Well, it's worth a shot," Will said holding his sword out.

The rangers nodded summoning their swords and stood in a circle together. They clashed their swords together and they began to glow their respective color as a giant knight's crest materialize under their feet.

"Dragons, awaken!" The rangers shouted as the giant knight's crest began to glow brightly.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

Inside the Guardian Dragon Temple, Taiga stood in the middle as the five pillars began to glow brightly as they each release an aura of energy. The lake also glowed, showing the giant knights crest that was under the rangers. The five pillars shot out a red light, blue light, yellow light, white light, and a black light flew into the lake.

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Clawmark City

The giant knight's crest under the Rangers began to rise up into the air and it splits up into five sections, each glowing one of the Rangers respective colors.

The first part of the knight's crest glowed red as the red guardian dragon zord came out. A quadrupedal dragon with decently sized wings, two curled horns on his head and a barb-like tail at the end. Next, to the red piece, the next piece of the crest turned blue as the serpent-like blue guardian dragon zord came out, smaller than the red dragon. Next, to the blue piece, the yellow part of the crest glowed as the yellow guardian dragon zord came out; a wingless quadruped dragon with two large fangs in his mouth, he wasn't as large as the red dragon zord, but bigger than the blue one. The black piece of the crest glowed next and the black guardian dragon zord flew out spinning out. It was a black bipedal wyvern with a large wingspan, about the same size as the blue dragon zord. The white and final crest began to glow as the white guardian dragon zord flew out. The twin white fairy-winged dragons spun around each other, their sizes combined was the same as the blue dragon zord.

The rangers stared at their dragon zords in amazement before they were cut off by the skellmare roaring and charging at the dragon zords. The dragon zords roared at the Skellmare and the yellow dragon zord charged at Skellmare. The yellow dragon zord slammed its claws down, shaking the ground, knocking the Skellmare off his balance and the zord charges, slamming its head into Skellmare's gut, knocking him down.

"We can't have the zords fight him here, with all the people in the buildings, they could get hurt," Abene said.

"I think there's a part of town that is abandoned and do to construction, maybe we can move him there," Lucifer said looking at them.

The blue and black zords both roared understanding their rangers thoughts as they rushed forward. Skellmare slowly stood up and the blue dragon zord coiled around its body, tightening its grip on the Skellmare. The black dragon zord landed on Skellmare, gripping its shoulders, flapping its wings and picked it up carrying Skellmare to the abandoned part of the city. Once they were over that part of the town, the blue dragon zord released its hold and the black dragon zord let go of Skellmare, letting him dropped to the ground.

Skellmare crashed into the ground, the giant skull monster slowly standing up, dazed as the red dragon and white dragon zords approach him. The two white dragon zords flew at him floating around him as the dust began to fall from their wings. The Skellmare tried hitting them out of the sky but his movements were slowed down as he looked at himself and realize that part of its body were freezing from the white dragon zord ice dust. The red dragon zord stood on its hind legs glaring at the Skellmare as its mouth began to glow red, filling with electricity and firing a red electric beam at the Skellmare, blowing him back into the ground. Skellmare slowly stood up, falling down to one knee as all the dragon zords stared at him and the rangers watched him.

"That Skellmare doesn't know when to give up," Lucifer said looking at it.

"Maybe it's possible, but we could combine all the dragon attacks into one singular blast," Sultan suggested.

"Worth a shot," Amira added looking at her team, "Let's put our swords together and try it,"

The Rangers put their swords together again, "Dragon zords, Final breath Strike!"

Their dragon zords mouths glowed as Skellmare held up its shield to block the attack. A united knights crest appear behind the dragon zords showing all five dragons on it. The five dragons released their beam attacks combining into a multicolored beam colliding into Skellmare's shield. It didn't take long before the blast went straight through the shield and going through Skellmare's body. The giant minion body began to crackle before his body blew up and the dragon zords roared victoriously and the rangers cheered.

The dragon zords disappear in their respective lights, heading back to the temple as the rangers demorphed. The five of them looked around where the battle took place before Amira turned to Abene and Sultan.

"Not bad for your first battle rookies," Amira said.

"Yeah, honestly, nothing will stop us from defeating Craxious," Lucifer added in.

"Well, we will just see, till then, I feel like heading home," Abene said looking at them before their morphers beeped.

"You need something Taiga?" Will asked looking at his morpher.

"Yes, I have something to tell you rangers, something very important that needs to be said right now," She said through the morphers. Before the Rangers could say anything, they were instantly teleported back to the temple.

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Stormfang Canyon

"You let them get away, not only that, you let the last two guardian dragons find their knights and even your Hydra knight failed," Craxious roared as his mouth lit aflame as he looked at Medisesara.

"Oh please, the Hydra Knight didn't fail, I sent them back because I don't need them exhausting energy," Medisesara replied, "it's just a minor set back my king,"

Craxious glared at her, looking around seeing her Hydra Knight wasn't there, "Where is your knight anyway?" Craxious asked.

"Back in cover, I figured while they are not assisting us, they'll be our spy in the human world," Medisesara said.

"You better have something planned witch, or I'll burn you to a crisp," Craxious says glaring at her.

"Oh please, don't forget Craxious," Medisesara started making a spell circle immobilizing the dragon king, "If I want to, I can get rid of you without so much as a thought, so be patient,"

Medisesara walked off away from the dragon king as he glared at her. Craxious watched as she walked away, he can tell that she seems to have something planned, but what that plan was, he couldn't tell, all he knows is that he needs to watch her closely.

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Guardian Dragon Temple

The Rangers were teleported back to the temple as they all look around turning to look at Taiga.

"Something wrong Taiga?" Will asked looking at her.

"I hope it's for a good reason that you decided to do this," Sultan said, slightly glaring at the temple guardian.

"I'm sorry for bringing you all back when I know you all want to rest, but I do want to tell you something of importance," Taiga said.

"Yes?" Lucifer asked looking at her.

"Amira, Will, Lucifer, you three remember what I said about the original knights, the ones before you five?" Taiga asked looking at the knights.

"Yeah, before us, five knights founded the guardian dragon temple and sacrificed their lives to stop Craxious," Will said recalling what Taiga told them when they first met.

"Correct, but I wanted to tell you, since now there are five of you here, who those knights were," Taiga said looking at them.

"Why is this important?" Abene asked raising an eyebrow.

"Because, I don't want you to make the same mistakes we did," Taiga said and Amira's eyes widen slightly.

"We?" She asked looking at her.

"Yes, I was the leader of the knights who bonded with the guardian dragons long before you five did," Taiga said. All the rangers eyes widened at what their mentor said, shocked at this new amount of information.

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