Author's notes: This is chapter 1 of my adult fan fiction story College Spring Break. It mostly involves Kim Possible, Ron and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content. NOT this chapter but later it will**

College Spring Break

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 1 - It's Time For A Break

On a Friday evening, just after 4pm, at Philip McCorkle College, a college that is just a few miles north of Upperton, Kim Possible walks into her dorm room from a long day of college classes She smiles and says "Hi" to her roommate Lacy.

Lacy is like a female version of Wade. Black, nerdy and very techy.

Kim says to Lacy as she packs her suitcase, "This Florida trip is just want I need to unwind for spring break."

Lacy is playing a fast passed first person shooter computer game. She takes a moment away from her 3 large monitors and watches Kim pack. She asks, "How do you have the money to go to college and have a fun spring break trip?"

Kim responds, "I saved up a lot when I was in high school. When I used to go off and save the world with my boyfriend Ron, my friend Wade would find me a ride to different places so that saved me a lot in travel expenses."

"Wade the super-nerd?"

"Super-genius! He graduated college when he was 10!"

"Yea, I remember you talked about him before. What's he like 15 or 16 now?"

Kim continues, "16. I told you about before remember?


"Anyway, my moms a doctor and my dads a rocket scientist, they would never let me go in dept. Besides, I earn my own money too."

Lacy turns back to her computer game, "Must be nice."

Kim stops from packing, for a moment, to tell Lacy, "You know I once told my friend Wade that he needed to get out more. That it was unhealthy to stay inside and play videos games all the time. Of course I was hit with a truth ray at the time but still…video games are fun but you need to – "

Kim stopped because she could see that Lacy wasn't listening at all. Lacy's full attention was on her game.

Kim rolled her eyes and turned around to finish packing.

When she was done she closed her suite and walked to the door. As Kim was about to walk out Lacy waved "good-buy."

Lacy said as Kim walked out, "I wish I could go too but I have to work."

Kim laughed and said, "Work? You mean play more games?"

Lacy paused her game and responded, "No. I have some new clients that need their mother board fixed. Computer techy stuff. Have fun!"

"I will. See ya."

The door closed and Lacy said to the person in her headset, "Yea, she's gone now."

The 2 monitors on the side continued game play but the middle computer monitor turned black. The monitor began to change as Lacy never took her eyes off the screen.