Author's notes: This is chapter 22 of my adult fan fiction story College Spring Break. It mostly involves Kim Possible, Ron and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will have some sexual content. NOT all chapters will be sexual...but some. Not this one!

College Spring Break

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 22 – The fall of Acid Mouse

At Philip McCorkle College, Lacy sat at her computer, wearing gamer headphones, sipping a high powered energy drink through a straw while playing a video game. She saw her cell phone go off. It was a text. She responded, sent out a text then went back to playing.

About 10 minutes later, Kim Possible walked into her dorm room.

Lacy took off her headset and asked "Hi. How was the Florida trip?"

Kim played it cool and responded, "It was nice. Relaxing and fun at the same time."

"Good to hear. There was a fire while you were gone."

"A fire? Where?"

"In the library. They put it out quick but quite a few books got burned. Not that it matters anyway, nobody reads a hard-copy book anymore."

Kim looked out of her window to see if she could see any fire damage by the windows of the library. She didn't see any. While still looking out of the window she asked Lacy, "Oh...I don't know. Sometimes there's nothing like reading a good book on the beach. Is the building is OK?"

"Yeah, it was fine. It was confined to just one area."

Kim was still looking outside when she saw Ron and Bonnie walking into the front door of building from below. She asked Lacy, "How about you? Were you board here all by your self or did you get some new clients and fix there mother boards."

"I kept busy while you were gone."

Kim turned around with a slight snarl in her voice, "I know."

Lacy wondered, "What do you mean, I know?"

"Remember, my friend Wade is a computer genius so you can cut the act...Acid Mouse!"

Lacy turned her chair around very slow, sipping her energy drink through a straw and looked at Kim with an evil smile as if she was a mad villain. "I like to think I'm better hacker then Wade ever was."

"Keep dreaming!"

Both of them stared at each other for a moment until Kim asked, "I've known you for over 2 years Lacy. You were a sweet lovable nerd. Why? Why become a bookie and steal money from people?"

"First off I didn't steal anything, I just made sure that the losers paid up on there bets. Yeah, I made sure a few of those bets went in my favor but the teams and players made there own choice, that's not on me. As for why...College is so fucking expensive, nobody can afford it. Everybody sits in these little rooms, not getting enough sleep, learning for 4 years and working your themselves to the bone...hoping that when you graduate you can get a great job but the only thing people will pay you is minimum wage! I made more money as a bookie then any college education would give me."

Lacy put her drink to the side, got up out of her chair and took a step toward Kim, "Now I want you think about this for a moment, Kim Possible. For over 2 years we were roommates. I know what you look like naked, I know your friends names. I saw the video of you sucking cock at the glory hole."

Kim looked a little surprised.

"What, does that come as a shock to you? Your brothers are smart and Wade is a very good hacker but that video is one of the crown jewels of the dark web and I found it! Like I said, I'm a better hacker then he'll ever be."

Kim wiped the surprised look off her face and went back to looking serious as Lacy continued her rant, "I know about your revenge on Shego and Bonnie and I also know you meet up with Bonnie in Florida and oil wrestled some girl named Michelle. Why did you oil wrestle...again? Did Bonnie get under your skin?"

Kim didn't answer.

"Cell phones are everywhere honey and I can hack into ANY of them...anytime. Everyone's information is at my disposable."

Kim maintained her tough expression even though inside, she was a little scared.

"I know everything about you because you never bothered to check up on me. I was just a typical 'lovable computer nerd like Wade...always playing video games."

Kim finally spoke, "It's over. The police are waiting for you out side the door."

At the very moment she said that the door to the room opened and 3 police officers walked in.

Kim told her, "Wade found a mountain a evidence on you. You're going to jail for a long time."

Lacy responded with, "Maybe you're right..." then she leaned in closer to Kim and said, "...then again, maybe your wrong. Either way, the seed has been planted."

The officers walked over to Lacy, handcuff her and escort her out into the hall.

Ron and Bonnie walked into Kim's dorm. Kim still felt a little shaken by Lacy's words but her face didn't show it.

Ron asked, "Can we say...freaky! What do you think she meant by that? The seed has been planted."

Kim took a deep breath to let the small amount of fear escape her body and told Ron, "Ron, how many villains have we encountered through the years?"

"To many to count."

"Exactly, and not one of them has ever made good on there threats when they're caught. She's all talk."

Bonnie chimed in with a reality check, "I don't know. If she can hack into any cell phone..."

Kim questioned, "You know, that might be how she found out that I oil wrestled Michelle. There were a lot of cell phones there."

Ron asked, "But more importantly, how did Wade NOT find the video of you at the glory hole in the deep web? I thought that was gone for good."

Kim laughed, "Because...she didn't. She's all talk."

Ron asked, "But if she's all talk, how did she know?"

Bonnie sighed and said, "Rumors. I'm sure nobody has seen that video since you're brothers put that virus out on it but remember that was 5 years ago. Like it or not Kim, people night not has seen it but I'm sure they know about it."

Ron added, "That's unsettling."

Kim sighed, then smiled as she looked at Ron and Bonnie, "Your right. That was 5 years ago. Time to move on."

Bonnie questioned, "So, it's over now? No more Acid Mouse no more betting...this is finally over?"

Kim, who was between Ron and Bonnie put her arms around both of there shoulders. "Yes. It's finally over."

Bonnie asked, " what?"

Kim looked at Ron and smiled, "Can I tell her?"

"No, show her."

Bonnie was confused, "Show me what?"

Later that evening, Kim drove Bonnie and Ron to a small outlet mall on the edge of Middleton and Upperton.

Bonnie asked, "Why are me here?"

Kim got out of the car and pointed with her hand to a small abandoned store. "This is why. It's yours!"

Bonnie lowered her sunglasses to peek out the top and looked at the place Kim was talking about. She said with a very sarcastic tone, "Gee, thanks."

"No really Bonnie, it's your store! Ron and I wanted to help you get a fresh start so...we bough you this place so you can start over."

"Wait, seriously?"

"Seriously! For real!"

Bonnie's mouth hung open. She didn't know what to say.

Kim told her, "I know it's going to be a lot of work to get starred and I can help you with that. This will be YOUR place to have your own fashion store."

"So it's all mine?"

Ron answered for Kim, "Well, not really - yet."

Bonnie questioned, "Huh?"

Kim explained, "What he's trying to say is, the store will be in Ron's name for 1 year. If after that first year if you show us you can run it all by your self, then it's all yours."

Bonnie smiled, "Ah...ok, sounds fair I guess."

"Come on, let's go look inside."

Bonnie began to cry, "No, I can't."

"Why not?"

"I...I don't deserve this."

Ron signed. Kim heard him and raised her hand to keep him from getting mad. Kim told Bonnie, "Bonnie, you're my friend and I want to help you."

"I know...and that's the problem. All I've even been is mean to you. Sure, we bonded a little, but's to much."

Kim put her arm around Bonnie and hugged her. "It'll be fine. We're friends now, remember?"

When the hug was done Bonnie wiped her tears and confessed, "OK...but I have one more confession to tell you."

Ron did NOT look pleased.

Bonnie wrapped her tears and told them, "Remember that red car in Florida? The one that I said was after me well, it was nobody. I have no idea who they were."

Kim put her hands on her hips. Her voice had a ting of anger, "And Acid Mouse?"

"Kim, you know she was real. She confessed to you who she was! I did work for her and made money for her. It's just, after the oil fight and I lost that huge bet I didn't know what to do. Then once I found out where you were staying at that expensive hotel, I wanted to go there too - to hide - but you were mad at me and I, well, I had to go and be a..."

Ron butted in, "Can I say it?"

"NO! But you know what I mean. The car was just a ploy to get you to feel sorry for me. I figured if you thought someone was after me and wanted to kill me you'd take me with you...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry!"

Kim looked at Bonnie and then looked at Ron. He nodded to her.

Bonnie continued to sob, "Now you see what I mean when I say I don't deserve this."

Kim laughed a little and put her hand on Bonnie's shoulder, "I understand. I know everything else was real and you're the time I was really mad at you. I forgive you for lying about the car."

Bonnie was baffled, "How...why? How can you forgive me that fast and that easy after lying to you?"

Kim looked over at Ron and told Bonnie, "A great man showed me forgiveness is divine. I can't tell you how many stupid mistakes I've made with Ron and he forgave me...just like that."

Then Bonnie hugged Kim, "Thank you!"

As they hugged again, Kim told her, "But like we said, this place isn't 100% yours yet anyway."

Kim looked Bonnie in her eyes, "YOU have to do the work. YOU have to run it. YOU have to come up with the clothing designs. It's going to be a lot of hard work and you only have a year to do it."

Bonnie frowned and complained, "Hard work?"

Kim told her..."YES! Hard work. I know you can do it."

After a moment, Bonnie smiled, "You're right. Thank you again. Both of you."

Kim walked over to Ron and held his hand, "Now, let's all go see this new store that will soon be the talk of the town."

All 3 of them walked to the store and then walked inside.

Not to long ago, on a beach where the sun was shining nice and bright, a cell phone vibrated on a blanket. Shego answered the text, looked at her phone and then put it back down.

A few minutes later Dr. Drakken walked over to her with two drinks. Shego sat up on her blanket and took one of the drinks from him. "Thanks."

"Anything for you my dear Shego."

Shego took a sip of her drink and then told Dr. D, "Our plans have been put on hold."

"You mean our vacation is over already? We just got here yesterday?"

"No dork, the OTHER plans."

"Ohhhh...those plans."

Shego tossed Dr. Drakken her cell phone. He read it - "They know I'm Acid Mouse. Lay low."

Dr. Drakken then bent the phone in half, broke it and throw it in the ocean.

Shego vented, "She was our best way of raking in the cash under the radar. With our nerd girl caught we'll have to come up with a new way to make some cash."

"And you're going to need a new cell phone too. That one is..."

Shego looked at him. He could tell that she didn't really care about the phone.

"Oh...yeah. Right. Do you think she'll talk to the police?"

"No. She's a great hacker but she's also scared top death of me." At the very moment she said that Shego lite up her hand with a green plasma flame. "I told Lacy everything she needed to know to keep our little princess guessing."

Dr. D sat next to Shego and looked out into the ocean. "Now what?"

"Give me time." Then she extinguished her power. She also looked out onto the ocean with Dr. D and began to think.

Dr Drakken praised her, "Well, I'm sure you'll think of something. We work so much better together now then we ever did before now that YOU come up the plans."

Shego sighed.

"What's wrong? Let me guess, vacation will have to end early now since someone could trace that text and find us."

Shego agreed, "Yeah."

But something was still bothering her and he could tell. "There's more isn't there? What is it?"

"That was my favorite phone."

This story will continue with Cheer Fight: Shego's Revenge...coming soon!