Hong Kong Shatterdome, Meeting Room

"Charles Sanders and Tim Wan, pilots of December Prime, Katie and Markus Jones, pilots of Stone Helix, and finally Anthony Washington and Abby Smith, pilots of Omega Trinity, welcome to the Shatterdome." said Marshal Pentecost. "Do you know why you are here?"

"To kill Kaiju sir, why." said Charles.

"This is no ordinary mission pilot, this will determine if humanity survives or not." Pentecost Said.

"What is our mission, sir?" Tim said.

"Too destroy the breach." Pentecost said. The room fell silent, not even a breath can be heard.

"But sir, that's never been done before, and why choose us in the first place?" said Katie with unease in her sentence.

"Because the other jaegers are to busy with defending there coast and you all have experience fighting with one another." Pentecost said. The marshal wasn't wrong, the pilots have fought in the past with a terrifying degree of success. If you were a kaiju and you went up against them, you wouldn't be able to survive a minute.

"Your jaegers will be upgraded for this mission, and my assistant will brief you on what to do, any questions?" Pentecost said.

"Yeah, if we do succeed with this then what happens to us and the jaegers, sir?" Markus said, another silence filled the room.

"You will be known as the ones that saved humanity from extinction, and all jaegers will be taken apart and recycled, Dismissed." Pentecost said. As the pilots left the room some of them didn't know how to respond to the mission. The people of Earth were depending on them to destroy the thing that has killed millions of people.

"These are some killer upgrades, there basically turning Omega Trinity from a mark ll into a mark lV, how cool is that!" Anthony said with a wide grin on his face.

"Yeah there cool, but how are you happy when the fate of humanity is on the line, aren't you a little scared?" Abby said looking concerned.

"Oh i'm scared out of my mind, but at least we have a chance to try the new upgrades, i mean look at these, a plasma cannons, electric brass knuckles, and my favorite rocket knees." Anthony said with glee.

"Of course you would be into the new weapons that they install, you've always had a thing for them when we were young." Abby said.

"Well duh, there AWESOME." Anthony said.

After the upgrades the pilots gave their last goodbyes just incase they don't come back. *December Prime online*, *Stone Helix online*, Omega Trinity online* "They are ready for deployment sir" Mako said.

"Okay pilots listen up, you have one job and that is to destroy the breach, we are all counting on you" Pentecost said.

"Yeah no pressure." Abby said.

"There will be plenty of pressure in the water." Anthony said.

"Oh shut up Anthony, lets go." Abby said.

Xadia, The Dragon Queen's cave

"It has been many years since my mates death and the destruction of my egg by the humans. So General Xara, what is your plan of destroying the humans?" The Dragon Queen said.

"My plan is to send shadow elves into the kingdoms and kill there military leaders, there king, and queens."General Xara said.

"Then we send-" The Dragon Queen said before being interrupted.

Their meeting has been stopped by a sudden crash at the giant doors that lead outside of the cave. "Sorry for my sudden burst into the meeting hall but I bring news from the sight seer my queen" The Elf messenger said.

"Speak young one, we are in a middle of an important matter." The Dragon Queen said in a rushful tone.

"She said that there is a dark presence that is to come from the depths of our ocean, she wished me that i tell you as soon as possible."The Elf messenger said.

"If it is as dangerous as she says then I will go to Costalia, we will continue this meeting later." The Dragon Queen then left to confront the evil that is to come.

500 meters from the breach

*We're 500 meters and closing to the breach.* Charles said.

*You have one shot to do this, remember that a cat.3 and a cat.4 are down there, code names Tundra and Havoc.* Pentecost said.

As they got closer to the breach a kaiju signal pops up and is heading toward them, Tundra. *Stone Helix, go take care of Tundra.* Tim says while nearing the breach with the nuclear device.

*On it.* Markus said.

Then a second signal pops up and it's havoc coming in fast. *Omega, take him down.* Charles said.

"Where on- ARG!" Just then a third kaiju comes out of nowhere and slams into Omega Trinity.

*OMEGA!* Before they could react December Prime was now busy with havoc.

"We're okay, lets teach fish breath how we do things." Anthony said. Throwing the third kaiju away from them, now named Oxus. Omega Trinity aimed the cannons on its back and fired several torpedos at it, hitting Oxus and causing minimum damage.

*They're to fast!* Markus says while trying to grab Tundra. Stone Helix was then getting tossed back and slams into December Prime.

"Sorry." Katie said.

*It's okay, we just need to-* Charles said before getting cut off.

Just then Havoc and Tundra rip off both of December Primes legs and an arm. Stone Helix was able to grab Tundra and rip its head off, killing it instantly. Havoc then turned it attention to Helix and slammed into it with great force.

*ARG- it's trying to rip out our core!* Katie said while trying to get it off of the jaeger.

Omega Trinity was having trouble with Oxus, getting lucky fired a plasma bolt into Oxus and knocking it out. "Don't worry Helix, we're coming!" Anthony said. However Omega was to late, Havoc tore out the nuclear core and crushed it.

"Get away from them!" Abby yelled shooting the plasma cannons almost point blank and killing the kaiju.

*Omega, take the nuclear device and destroy the breach, HURRY!* Charles yelled.

Omega took the device from December Prime and headed toward the breach. *Wait, Where's Oxus?* Katie said from her communicator. Right thenOxus slams into Omega Trinity for a second time and was now heading toward the breach.

*Omega, get out of there!* Tim said.

"We can't, it's pushing us to fast!" Abby said. Then Oxus went down and straight for the breach.

"One last shot, see you on the other side guys." Anthony that they detonated the bomb right as they got close to the breach. A shock wave sent the two damaged jaegers flying back into the rock cliff.

*We detected an explosion, did you destroy the breach?!* Pentecost said.

*S-sir we lost Omega Trinity.* Markus said.

*But did you destroy the breach?!" Pentecost said.

With a sign of defeat Charles says *Missionā€¦..failed.*

*ARG- get back to the Shatterdomeā€¦..and give the report.* with that Pentecost called the retrieval teams to get them.

"So close." Pentecost said to himself.

Hello everyone, this is my first fanfiction and i hope you guys like it. There will be more chapters and epic parts to it, have a good day :)