Three Months Later, New York City

"Welcome to the J.K.H.E. Summit everyone." Pentecost said to the crowd of millions. "For this is a special day, today we are honoring the pilots that have protected us from the kaiju threat here and in Xadia."The crowd cheered and cameras flashed at Pentecost giving his speech. After a few minutes of him talking about how they stopped the threat in Xadia, he went to congratulate the pilots.

"Now I shall give this metal, the Purple Heart, to the pilots for their bravery, sacrifice, and willingness to save others." Pentecost said. One by one he gave the metal to each pilot. He started off with the pilots of Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, Defender Roxium, so on and so forth. Before getting to the last pair, Abby and Anthony, he gave a small separate speech about them.

"The last pilots to receive their metals are the ones that started the path to victory." Pentecost said. "Without them, we may have lost the war against the kaiju, now give a toast for Abby and Anthony!" The crowd cheered once more and toasted to the pilots that were about to come out.

"I don't feel so good." Anthony said.

"Did you forget your medication again?" Abby said.

"No, I just feel like I don't deserve it." Anthony said.

"Well neither do I, but we can't leave the crowd waiting." Abby said.

"Yeah, and plus we took town kaiju way worse than this." Anthony said.

The pair then walked to the stage and was presented to flashing lights and news anchors trying to interview them. They got past the crowd thanks to security and got to the stage and walked toward Pentecost. When they got there Pentecost handed them their own Purple Hearts. Abby and Anthony then saluted to Pentecost, who in return saluted back. The event went as usual, with people asking questions, taking photos, and everyone having a good time. Before long all the pilots were taken on a tour of the city.

The pilots saw the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, and every skyscraper in the city. After the tour the pilots were brought to a airport and put on a plane. After takeoff they went to the shatterdome on Hong Kong. When they got there, Abby and Anthony saw all the jaegers that were once destroyed rebuilt, even Omega Trinity.

"My baby is back, thanks Onya." Anthony said.

"Oh, I didn't do this." Onya said.

"Then who did?" Abby said.

"I did pilots, with a little Elven help of course." Pentecost said.

"Sir, you did all of this?" Anthony said.

"Like I could do magic, all I did was organize this." Pentecost said.

"Oh, well thanks anyways sir." Anthony said.

"Don't call me sir anymore pilot, i'm retiring." Pentecost said.

"What, but why!?" Abby said.

"To spend time with my son and catch up." Pentecost said. "Mako, come here."

"Yes sensei?" Mako said.

"You will now be my replacement, Major Makoshi." Pentecost said.

"W-what, you really mean that?" Mako said.

"Knowing him, he means it." Raleigh said.

Mako then gave Pentecost a big hug for all the things he has done for her. He hugged her back for being like the daughter he never had. After the hug Pentecost brought the pilots to a large party room with all the other people working at the shatterdome. Pentecost's final order was for the pilots to party all night long and have a great time. Pentecost then grabbed his bags and went off to his jet that was waiting for him. After exchanging goodbyes he got on the plane and left for the United States, knowing that the Jaeger Program was in good hands once again.

Kingdom of Katolis

After the battle of the jaegers and kaiju, the kingdom of Katolis was now in charge of now King Ezran with General Amaya as his assistant. His brother Callum was now the new mage of the kingdom and with Elves, he was able to master his magical powers. Rayla was appointed representative of Xadia and was to mend relations of Humans and Elves alike. After taking control of the kingdom, Ezran made several strides in making a connection to Earth and Xadia. He made sure that anyone that supported Viren after the things he had done they would be thrown in jail.

For all the kingdoms this was a stepping stone in the right direction for the kingdoms to take. The trade with Earth would make their economies boom like never before seen in anyones lifetime. When the trading began the citizens were taught how to use Earth technology, see different cultures, and bring an era to life.

In the seedy underbelly of Katolis, there were two individuals that laid in the shadows. Before long the two were in the clear and took off their hoods, it was Soren and Claudia. They had escaped from the kingdom and were now on the run. The pair tried to get anything they could from the castle but that was now an impossible task thanks to now King Ezrans new rules.

"How long until we can leave this place, we need to get out of here before we are caught or worse, killed." Soren said.

"I just need to get a book so we ca-" Claudia was then cut off by Soren gripping both of her harms.

"There is no saving dad, just admit it, we are now alone." Soren said.

"No, I know he is still alive, and I will not stop until we find him." Claudia said.

"Maybe I can help." Both Soren and Claudia looked behind themselves and were now on the defensive. Soren brought out his sword and Claudia brought out her dark magic. They faced the man that came out of nowhere and looked with anger and fear. "I am not here to harm you, I think we can help each other." the man said.

"Why should we trust you?" Soren said.

The man then pulled out a book and handed it to Claudia. Claudia carefully took the book and looked at it. "T-this is the book I needed!" Claudia said.

"See, i'm on your side." the man said.

"Okay, who are you?" Claudia said.

"My name is…..Aavaros" the man said.

Cell Block 001 Zeta

Mako walked in the dark room and saw a man in a chair. The chair was made to keep the most dangerous people from escaping from the most dangerous prisons. The chair had two 50X Stage 12 Arm Locks, two 75Z Stage 15 Leg Locks, 12TY Magnetic Bracers, and 4 .50 cal. turrets aimed at the chair at all times. When she saw the man she saw the face of the man who almost killed her and her friends. She looked at the man with great disdain and wanted to kill him so badly for the lives he had taken. The man, was Viren.

"So, this is where they kept you for three months." Mako said.

Viren looked up and said "Well, when you try and do the right thing at all costs you end up with the check."

"You think this is funny?" Mako said. "You killed thousands if not millions of people."

"I did what was necessary to save humanity, if you didn't get in the way then I could have saved the kingdoms." Viren said.

"The kingdoms are fine, and you will pay for what you did." Mako said.

"You don't get it do you, the Elves would have killed every last man, woman, and child out of spite for killing their king." Viren said. "I couldn't just sit there and let people die when I know I could have done something."

"Well, the ones who seek to stop a war, escalate it." Mako said.

"You would have done the same and you know it!" Viren yelled.

"We are nothing alike, peace is brought by actions and words, and you only went with actions." Mako said. Mako then proceeded to walk out of the chamber and away from Viren.

"Y-you can't just leave me here!" Viren said.

"Oh yes I can, and you'll stay there for as long as you live." Mako said with the door closing behind her.

"They're using you, don't you see!" Viren said. "Please, listen to me!" The door then closed when Viren said his last words. The chamber shut completely and was now silent with no noise to be heard.

One year later

Anthony got out of bed at 10:00 AM, he got his morning coffee and went to the balcony. After a few sips of coffee he just looked at the beautiful sunrise and thought 'How can this day be so perfect?' he then felt two arms wrap around his waist and saw who is was, his now wife, Xara.

"Hey honey, how'd you sleep?" Anthony said.

"Like a bear in hibernation, you?" Xara said.

"Like a log, this day just feels so perfect you know?" Anthony said.

"Yeah, do you know what would make it more perfect?" Xara then waved a small grey box with a red bow on top in front of Anthonys face. Anthony then took the box and looked at it.

"What is it?" Anthony said.

"Just open it you dummy." Xara said. Anthony opened the small box and saw a small device and a piece of paper inside. He looked at if for a moment then his face glowed with shocked and joy.

"This is a-" Anthony said.

"Yes." Xara said.

"And you're-" Antony said.

"Yes." Xara said covering her mouth.

"I'M GONNA BE A DAD!" Anthony yelled. He yelled so loud that the whole block came out to see what was going on.

"What did you say?" his neighbor said.

"Oh, sorry Mr. and Mrs. Oak, i'm gonna be a dad." Anthony said.

"Oh how wonderful." Mrs. Oak said.

"Yes, congratulations." Mr. Oak said.

"Thank you, and have a nice morning." Anthony said.

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