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The sun brighten up the room. The darkness scattered away as soon as the light of the sun shone through the windows. The boy whom got poisoned last night awakened from the light.

"Oh Kami..." He groaned as he touching his head like he's having a worst hangover that he ever experienced. "What the hell happened last night..?" As soon as he said it, the memory of what happened last night returned to him. "Shit." He cursed under his breath. He have to leave his home and never return, until he exposed those bastards who tried to poisoned him. He knew that, if one of them come here to confirm whether that he is alive or dead. He need to get some stuff from his room and his mother's room to disguise himself from being recognized. He had to 'temporarily' abandon his house until he bring those bastards to justice. After he finished his packing, he began to wiping his fingers prints before he leaving his home for a long time. After he finished wiping his fingers prints, he sneakily left his home without a final glance.

As he leaving Beika, he saw Sonoko siting on a bench along Ran with a worried look on their faces. "He hasn't called since last night and Agasa haven't seen him since he left with me. I'm getting quite worried about him. Dad said if Shinichi haven't been seen in the next twenty four hours, I have to call the police." Ran said and started to cry.

"You think that he got kidnapped?" Sonoko asked, rubbing her back in comfort.

Ran look at her with a fear in her eyes. "Kidnapped?!" She cried. "No way!"

Shinichi felt his heart ached. He wanted to tell her, but he didn't want to risk her safety. He continued to walk away from Ran and Sonoko with a last glance before he (might) never return to her again.

The next day Kudo Shinichi was declared missing.

In Osaka a teenager stared down at the newspaper in confusion, it said: 'The Great Detective of Eastern Japan is declared missing!'

Somewhere in Ekoda a certain mischievous son of Phantom Thief and Phantom Lady looking at the newspaper in a mixture of concern and suspicious. A great detective who almost catch Kaitou Kid had gone missing. Isn't that seemed a little suspicious to you? Someone like that can't just go missing, Kaito Kuroba decided that he is to investigate. He knew that something isn't right.

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