Sydney had been back for six weeks, but she was still having trouble adapting to her "new" life. She still couldn't grasp Vaughn being married to someone who wasn't her. Lauren seemed nice, but Syd still didn't like her. The countless nights she had since she's been back has increased from once every few days to a nightly occurrence. Every time she would wake up from the same nightmare, she would reach out to the other side for Vaughn, only to realize that he was not hers anymore.

Things were slow at the office; the Covenant had been quiet for the past two weeks so the CIA was sure that they were up to something. Sydney was filling out some paperwork before she headed home when Jack came up to her.

"Sydney, it appears that some information has recently developed. Dixon has asked the entire team in his office," Jack said in his monotonous tone.

"Sure, I was just finishing up anyway," Sydney replied.

Sydney, Jack, Vaughn, and Weiss gathered in Dixon's office five minutes later.

Dixon announced, "Today at 1500 there was a security breach here and when security went to investigate the breach, they found a baby along with a note from the Covenant."

Sydney and Vaughn glanced at each other before Sydney piped up, "Wait, a baby? So why are we here? This seems like a job for Adoption Services."

"In the note, it says that the baby belongs to one of you," Dixon said. He then turned towards Sydney, "You, Syd."

Syd gave him a questionable glance, "What are you talking about? There is no way I could not know that I had a child. How can you be so sure that it's my child?"

"We compared your DNA to hers and it is a likely match that Isabelle is related to you. Now I know that this comes as a shock to everyone in this room, but we have to focus on why the Covenant waited weeks to give us back the child. That is all for tonight."

Everyone slowly trudged towards the door, Syd taking in the recent news. Isabella. She would have named her child that too. Jack, too, was shocked that he was a grandfather. In this business, it was not something he had ever thought about. A grandchild.

"Sydney, stay for a minute," Dixon called out.

Sydney turned around and waited for everyone to leave, glancing at Vaughn as he walked past her. She knew that he was thinking the exact thing she was. How the hell did she have a child when she had only been back during six weeks?

"Dixon, I have no idea how this could have happened. At least I don't remember."

"Syd, I know that this is a lot to take in. But would you like to go meet her? She's been in medical services for a while. The doctors tell me that she's healthy and strong."

Sydney had to see Isabelle for herself. She still could not believe that this was happening. "Sure."

They walked down to medical services and Syd met Dr. James, a middle-aged man who wore glasses with a tan complexion.

"Good news, Isabelle is 21.5 pounds and 29 inches tall, which is normal for a twelve month old."

"She's twelve months old?" Sydney asked.


Sydney then turned towards Dixon, "That would mean this would have been right around the time I was taken. So I could have been pregnant before they took me?"

Dixon realized that this would have complicated matters even further, especially if Vaughn was the father of their child.

Dixon told the doctor, "Can you run Isabelle's DNA against another agent?"

"Sure, but who?"

"Michael Vaughn."

"Alright, I should have the results in a couple of days."

Sydney went into the nursery room they had set up for the baby. She walked towards the crib, which slowly appeared a small being who was quietly chirping while showing her set of teeth. The baby girl was dressed in a yellow onesie.

Sydney picked Isabelle up from the crib, "Well hello Isabelle. I guess I'm your mama."

The baby pointed her fingers at Syd's nose, "Mama..."

Sydney fell in love with her within a second of that one word. She knew this baby was hers.

"She looks exactly like you," Dixon said leaning towards the baby.

Holding Isabelle made Sydney miss Vaughn even more, not knowing how she could do this alone.

During the next few days, Sydney remained in the nursery room, getting to know Isabelle. She had almost to none experience with children and required the help of a parenting book. She found out that Isabelle does not like mashed peas and enjoys eating with her hands. She likes to be rocked to sleep with a nice lullaby to soothe her. Jack had even helped her with the changing diapers part.

"Sydney, have you given any thought as to what would happen if Vaughn is actually the father?"

"I don't know, Dad. I'm still trying to process this myself."

"You will have to tell him eventually."

"I know, Dad. But he has a wife. I can't ruin that."

"Sydney, you have a responsibility to this child to make sure that this child is loved from both its' parents. Given my experience, I've learned that it's better to give them the best love and attention possible otherwise they end up..."

"Don't worry, Dad. I will tell him as soon as the results come in. But right now, you are on grandpa duty. I just got word about a new mission. So here you go, Grandpa Jack," Sydney said as she handed Isabelle to Jack.

She later walked into the conference room, after receiving word that they had a new lead on the Covenant. All eyes were on her as soon as she took her seat across from Vaughn. She could tell from his concerned look and knew that this conversation might happen sooner than later. Dixon discussed their new mission which involved going to a nuclear lab in Paris. They were to leave in three hours.

On the plane to Paris, Vaughn knew they didn't have the type of relationship where he could talk to her like before, but he couldn't help himself.

"So how is the baby doing? Isabelle, right?"

"She's great. I'm still learning more about what she likes or doesn't like."

"So you don't remember anything about her from the time you were gone? Not even being pregnant?"

"No. I don't remember anything. But all I know is that she is definitely my daughter."

"Do you know who her father is?"

"We're still working on it. But for now, we're running DNA tests for any known matches in the database," Syd said, knowing that it wasn't a complete lie.

"Well, if she's anything like you then it should be easy to know what she likes."

"I don't know about that. She surprises me sometimes."

"Well then she's exactly like you," Vaughn said, immediately lightening the mood. And for a second, it felt like old times. They kept smiling and breathing in each other's eyes until Sydney realized that Vaughn was still married and they weren't together.

The mission went off without a hitch, which usually meant a broken rib or two for Sydney. She could care less about them, knowing that coming home to see Isabelle would get rid of that pain. She had only been gone for two days but it felt like two weeks. She immediately went to medical services, deciding to do the after-mission report in the morning. Right now, she just wanted to hold her baby girl. She walked into the nursery and saw her dad and Dr. James talking.

"Good news, Agent Bristow. We have the official results of the paternity test. You were right. The DNA test matched Agent Michael Vaughn 100%."

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