Sydney was shocked to say the least, that Vaughn was the father. Part of her was glad that it was him and not anybody else, but she couldn't help feeling guilty that she was somehow ruining his life with Lauren. The last thing she would ever want is to come in between him and Lauren. How would she even start the sentence? Hey Vaughn, we have a daughter together? Sydney was now too confused and decided to put it all off for the next morning. She looked down at her daughter, lightly snoring in her crib. Jack had told her to take some time off for the next couple of days to take care of Isabelle and she was unopposed to the idea. The recent mission left her in more pain than she expected. She went to go grab an ice pack and then came back to her seat in the nursery. This was her temporary living quarters now since she didn't have the equipment necessary to house a baby in her apartment. She was hoping to use the next couple of days to go shopping for a car seat, a stroller, baby formula, etc...

Sydney woke up the next morning to the Isabelle's chatter. The entire night comprised of Syd walking Isabelle around because she kept fussing and wouldn't go back to school. As her eyes fluttered open, she saw Vaughn holding Isabelle while singing her what sounded like a sweet French lullaby. She immediately stood up out of her chair.

"Vaughn! What are you doing here?"

"Oh hey. I hope it was okay that I held her. You looked kind of wiped out and I thought I could help her out a little bit."

"Oh. You have experience with kids?"

"Some. I used to watch my little cousins."

"I didn't know that."

"Yeah. Isabelle is adorable. She looks like you."

"Everybody's been telling me that. Well, technically it's only been my dad and Dixon. No one else has really seen her."

"I would have paid to see Grandpa Jack."

"Yeah, he's really good with her. The other day she laughed at him as if he was the funniest thing in the world."

Vaughn smiled at that comment, trying to imagine Jack with the baby. Vaughn, standing there and holding Isabelle, reminded Sydney of what she was supposed to do. Yet, she didn't know how to start.

"Vaughn, we need to talk."

Vaughn gave her a quizzical look, "What about?"

She pulled the chair across the room next to her chair and directed him towards it. She took Isabelle from his arms and they sat down to talk.

"Vaughn, Dr. James told me the results of the paternity test last night."

After a pause, Vaughn waited for her to tell him, "Okay... So who is it?"

Sydney took a deep breath in before she said the words that would change their lives, "You are the father."

Vaughn was taken aback and was silent for a few months, only keeping his eyes on Isabelle.

"Vaughn, say something. Because if you won't, I will. I don't expect anything from you because this complicates our relationship even more. It is your choice whether you want to be involved or not. If not, then I understand and I will raise Isabelle on my own. But if you do, then we are going to have to set up some boundaries and all that. Because I will not allow our daughter to feel unloved or unwanted because her parents are not together," Sydney said in a serious tone, knowing that she had to protect her daughter at any cost despite the fact that it was Vaughn she was talking to.

Vaughn was still focused on "our daughter" and could not believe how any of this happened so that was the first thing he asked. "How?"

"I did the math and I was pregnant right around the time I got taken. I guess the Covenant allowed me to keep the baby."

"Oh my god. So we could have...?"

Sydney knew that Vaughn was still taking all of this in while still keeping his eyes on Isabelle. The little girl could care less about her father's reactions but was more interested in tugging her mother's hair. Vaughn was still shocked that the child he was holding a second ago now belonged to him.

After a brief moment of silence from either of them, Vaughn cleared his throat and spoke, "I want to be in her life."

Sydney smiled, already knowing that Vaughn would have done the right thing. He put his hand over hers, both knowing that this wasn't about their relationship, but rather the realization that they were now parents to their little girl.

"Who else knows that I'm the father?" Vaughn asked.

"Just Dr. James and my dad. I was going to tell Dixon after this so he would be aware of the recent developments."

"Okay, that's good."

Vaughn left afterwards, promising to come by the next day to be with Isabelle again. He made plans with Weiss for lunch so he could talk to his best friend about this. He trusted Weiss. Despite his joking demeanor, Weiss was always there for him, especially when he thought he lost Sydney and went through depression. They made plans to meet up at a café two blocks down the street at noon.

Vaughn arrived at the café a little bit earlier and ordered a beer first. He normally wouldn't order a beer this early, but this was a special occasion. Weiss came ten minutes later, asking why the sudden lunch plans. Vaughn then told him everything that had happened earlier.

"Wait, so let me get this straight. She was pregnant when she got taken and the Covenant just let her keep the baby? And this baby is yours?"


"Wow, that is one hell of a story," Weiss said dipping his fries in ketchup. "So how are you feeling?"

"Honestly, I'm a little bit overwhelmed."

"I would be too if I had just found out that I now have a kid with my ex-girlfriend who recently came back from the dead six weeks ago."

"Yeah, but this is a lot. One second, I holding my ex's kid and the next thing I know, I'm holding my own daughter. And it's so weird. Lauren and I were talking about having kids a few weeks ago and we were planning for maybe another year or two. And now I have one, just not with the woman I'm married to."

"Speaking of which, when are you planning to tell her?"

"Who? Lauren?"

"Yeah, the person who hates Sydney the most."

"First of all, she does not hate Sydney. She's just in disagreement with Sydney," Vaughn said trying to put this in simpler terms. "We'll get through this. This is my kid. I have to be there."

"I know, but still. She is going to freak out. And I mean FREAK out," Weiss said with extra emphasis.

"Yeah... But what choice do I have?"

"When are you going to tell her? It better be soon because if she hears this from someone else, then... you're screwed."

"We're supposed to have an early anniversary dinner tonight because she was heading out of town for a business conference on the actual date."

"Alright. Well I wish you luck. You're gonna need it."

"Thanks," Vaughn said sarcastically.

Vaughn spent the rest of his day, finishing up the paperwork for the last mission. He had some time to spare before his dinner so he decided to head to a bookstore to grab some parenting books. He wanted to be prepared for any upcoming experiences. He was at the store for hours, captivated in learning about the child's development stages, that he was nearly late for his dinner. Luckily, he kept his nice suit in the trunk and changed on the way there. "Here goes nothing," he said as he entered the restaurant.

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