Scion: a descendant of a notable family.

The Stark Scion

Bern, Switzerland. 2001.

The lights out, the music's loud and different disco lights danced around. The party's going wild at the lobby of the luxurious hotel. It's New Year's Eve and everyone's out to celebrate and mingle.

Tony glanced around the room and saw different bunch of ladies seductively giving him a look. He sipped another drink of his scotch and grinned. It's just what he needs after a boring and grueling conference he has spoken into earlier about Integrated Circuits.

He met a lot of interesting people including a bright and beautiful botanist named Maya Hansen who got his attention. She presented her research to him, the "Extremist", which can hack into an area of the brain causing repair and chemically recode it. Tony found it fascinating and with great potential, but unfortunately it also poses a great risk on human application. He had no choice but to turn it down.

"Half hour till the ball drops, Boss." Happy whispered to him against the loud music, cautiously eyeing anyone who got close in contact with him.

"Good. We have a lot of time to-"

"Mary Fitzpatrick." He was cut-off of what he's about to say when a beautiful face in a tight sexily fitting outfit came close to him, close enough to hear him breathing, holding out her hand for a handshake.

He found himself staring at a deep set of hazel brown eyes enchanting him. Wow, he just found himself smitten.

"Tony Stark." He gladly accepted the handshake. Boy, who is he to back out of this one. Clearly, this woman is confident and strong-willed for coming up to him when most of the other girls are intimidated by his presence.

"You look rather exquisite, Ms. Fitzpatrick. What are you up to later?" He asked as if she had the same idea in mind.

"Call me, Mary, Mr. Stark. I want to show you my research." She stated in a lovely voice smiling.

"Tony. Call me Tony. So what is this research?"

He drinks another from his scotch and started to walk with Mary, his hands enveloped around her waist.

"Perhaps we can talk privately, somewhere with much more quiet."

"Like the bedroom? Or how or where you'd like to-"

"Mr Stark! Great Speech, man!" A boy suddenly came to them interrupting their conversation. Happy have managed to get the boy to back off quickly.

He turned to the boy. "I gave a speech. Yeah how was it?"

"Edifying." The boy called out proudly giving a thumbs up while being dragged by Happy.

"Unintelligible" Mary sarcastically pointed out which perked him up.

Now, he's curious. "Really? That's my favorite kind. A winning combo."

As they walked, a few people came to introduce themselves including a known surgeon, Yin Hansen who introduced another Doctor, Dr. Wu. He somehow has entertained them but pretty sure he's not going to remember all of the names in the morning.

They're about to go up the elevator when a guy rushed to present another business agenda, but he's already so eager to talk to Mary, he has no time for business talks. The guy named Aldrich Killian managed to get past Happy at the elevator and went with them. Slowly losing his patience, he managed to trick the guy into waiting for him at the rooftop so they won't be disturbed anymore.



"You're the most brilliant woman I've ever met." Tony complimented as Mary finished talking to him about her research at his bedroom. He can't stop staring at her, and all throughout he admires how a woman this beautiful can be as bright and intelligent.

Her research by far is undeniably impressive and really new. A research focused on genetics that showed how an animal's DNA can be incorporated into various things that can benefit society and how it has the potential to be genetically mixed with human DNA that can work miraculous healing for the human body. The research also poses as a great risk to human application but with the right math, this can turn into an extra-ordinary feat.

Mary laughed and her face flushed. "Oh, Wow. How many times have you used that line?"

"Well in Switzerland, you are." Tony let out a laugh as well and touched her long natural brown locks.

She gently pulled off Tony's red sunglasses as they continued to stare at each other eyes, gradually being bewitched by the tension each other brings.

He clarified what he understood about the research. "So basically, you are genetically hacking into the Operating System of the animal making it completely more stable and strong, healing in advanced, something like that?"

"Yes, unfortunately, I can't get the formula right. There's so many small glitch."

"Have you checked the decay rate algo-"

Suddenly, a loud booming sound of explosion came from the living room of his suite, stopping him mid-sentence, startling both of them. Happy came soon afterwards from the door launching onto him on the bed, trying to protect him from the blast a little too late when they were all just indeed safe.

"It's fine Hap. I'm alive. I'm okay." holding his arms out patting Happy in the back. Happy got up and checked the living room while Mary chuckled at the sight.

"It's the plant boss. The gift of Maya Hansen earlier, I just tore the leaf off. I didn't know it would explode."

Tony's brows furrowed. "Well that was the glitch she's talking about."

Just then, they heard the cheers and fireworks from outside indicating it's the New Year. They greeted each other a Happy New Year and Happy already got out to give them their privacy. Tony and Mary sealed off the New Year with a kiss and lots of booze to party it out. Completely forgetting the talk they just had a few minutes before the blast. They cape the night of sleeping into each other's arms blissfully naked and unaware of the fateful night they just had.

The morning after, Tony figured out the formula for the glitch, he wrote it out on a piece of paper, leaving it for Mary to decipher, before heading out.

Malibu, California. 2005.

"Okay! Just a few more tests and we're on the road."

Tony's veins surged with energy and excitement. Just another day as he tinkers in his lab with loud rock music blazing on that made him dance a little while typing and sitting in his chair. This will be the last day Tony's been programming the most advanced AI Stark tech to date, which he plans on calling "JARVIS". An idea which he had three days ago in recollection of the birthday of Jarvis, their butler, his companion and friend. More than what he'd liked to admit, he missed Jarvis a lot and maybe in some way having an AI with the same courteousness can make this house a little homier.

It is a fine sunny day in Malibu with just the perfect temperature to suit in relaxation. Tony typed in the last remaining codes, compiled and run the program. In just a few minutes, the AI was successfully and completely integrated in his home and the rest of Stark Industries, JARVIS is good to go.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Stark. It is a pleasure to be of service." The British accented voice said as the lights flicked in a color of blue.

Tony grinned and let out a sigh of relief. "Alright!" It's good to have someone in the house rather than being alone in silence. "It's indeed a nice afternoon JARVIS."

He glanced and turned around staring at the vast blue ocean overlooking his home just as the black mechanical curtains of his lab pulled up when the doorbell suddenly ringed, the sound of DING DONG echoed across the house, just as the live feed of the front door shows up. "Ugh. What is it this time? Who is that?"

"Sir, there is a woman waiting outside named Mary Parker. Would you like to let her come in?" JARVIS programming security scans every person before they enter the house running general background checks on them that is usually from public records.

Mary Parker? His forehead furrowed as he tries to remember a woman named Mary Parker but he can't remember any. It's his first time to hear of the name.

He headed upstairs. The front glass door opens up just as he was close and the woman stepped in. As soon as he saw her, he immediately recognized who she is. Who could ever forget that beautiful face, but what is she doing here?

"Ah uh. Right there is fine." Tony pointed at her to stop her tracks and eyed the woman, still confused on to how she is here.

"Oh you don't remember." She winced in disbelief.

"Am I supposed to?"

"Why am I not surprised?"

"Don't take it personally; I don't remember what I had for breakfast."

"Gluten free chia breakfast bowl with blueberries and waffles, Sir." JARVIS answered the both of them, having scanned the cameras from the past.

Tony chuckled and grinned. "I'm just messing with you. Of course, who could forget that pretty face? Mary Fitzpatrick! but why is it Parker now?"

Mary holds out her hand with a ring. "Oh, that's why,"

He wondered why she is here. She's still the same attractive brown eyed and haired woman he went smitten to before.

"So what brings you here? What can I do for you? This visit doesn't really pertain to a secret love child is it?,"

He laughed jokingly but Mary didn't even flinch, she stared serious at him.

His heart thuds and his chest frantically tightened. You've got to be kidding me.

"No…" He murmured and Mary apologetically pursed her lips mumbling "I'm sorry."

"Really? It's just one night." He tried to convince her and himself it's not true. Maybe this woman's just making a prank out of him.

"He's three years old, Tony."

Tony flinched horrified, furrowing his eyebrows and a short silence follows.

"You're seriously a 100% not kidding right now? Cause whew this is- Wow." His voice grew tense. Being shocked is an understatement. His knees are going weak. They sat on the couch opposite each other.

Mary smiled at him. "Relax Tony. I'm not forcing you to take any responsibility. If you don't want to, its fine. No pressure."

"Then why are you here?" Tony's eyes squinted.

He's sure of himself that he's not yet ready to be a Father. He enjoys most of his time in parties, bars, and casino's. Having occasionally a girl in tow and a scotch every other day which might label him now as an alcoholic. He's nowhere near Father Material and he doesn't even know how to be one especially his father really hasn't even given him a good picture, hasn't been a good role model to him.

"I have a dangerous mission right now with my husband. It's not something we can easily dodge and let go of. Peter is safe right now, and no words can describe how I love him. I just have this feeling that I can't shake off for a while now and if something might happen to us... I want you to take care of him Tony. I know you're thinking you're not ready, I understand that and most probably this is just a what if. I just want to let you know so when if that time comes, you'll be there for him."

There was a silence that follows. Now he's sure his past actions are biting him in the ass.

"Richard, my husband, he knows you're the real father, but he still took responsibility cause he loves me so much and he's a man of his word. He loves Peter as much as his own."

"Peter." A profound name. A light warmth and glee slowly enrapturing Tony even though he's trying to push passed it.

Mary's hands held Tony's and squeezed it softly forming a smile. "I hope you'll get to meet him someday with an open heart."

"Yeah. It's just getting hard to absorb this big bomb you dropped on me." A small nervous smile formed on his lips. Hoping against hope that this is just a gimmick and there's someone who will shout and say that this is just one big fat joke.

"I'm sorry Tony." With that she stands with hopeful eyes, and let herself out. Tony's eyes followed her and glanced back to the ocean, mind racing and perplexed.

"Oh what have I gotten myself into?" staring into oblivion Tony closed his eyes and let the memories washed in front of him.