Avril is Autism Acceptance Month. This year, Alex Haagard posted a prompt list ( /alexhaagaard/status/1111737551394668544) for each day of the month. I want to try to follow it and write as many ficlets as I can (I probably won't manage every day, but the prompts are awesome).

This is set in the same universe as Every Chance We Get. I know it's been a while since I posted a chapter of that, and this ficlet series is a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I haven't even introduced the Librarians crossover that's planned in that series, but whatever. I want to do this.

The fics will be very short, and set at different times in Eliot, Parker, Jake and Cassandra's lives. Some will technically contain small spoilers for the main series, but should be readable on their own anyway. As a reminder, in Every Chance We Get, all four characters are autistic, and Eliot is also blind and has some spinal cord issues from an accident before the series.

First prompt is comfort, and it's set sometime after season 5 of Leverage.


"Can I come?" Eliot asks.

Parker peeks out from under the weighted blanket and hums her agreement. Eliot can feel her watching him intently as he removes his shoes and leg brace and slips underneath what amounts to a blanket fort.

Eliot sighs as he feels the weight settle over him, almost instantly calming his crawling skin. It's been a long day for all of them, but he's the one who's had to navigate a party while pretending to be sighted. He didn't even get to fight anyone.

Parker got too overloaded to go on sometime during the night, and she's been hiding here ever since. Eliot has to admit her little space is nice and comforting. He feels almost sleepy, under the weight of the blanket.

He's not surprised that Hardison joins them them an hour later, once he's done with the job cleanup. "Are you guys alright?" he murmurs before sitting down on the floor. He doesn't come closer. He's understood long ago that neither Parker nor Eliot like to be touched sometimes.

Not by him, anyway. He and Parker might be a couple, might cuddle and kiss and more sometimes, Hardison still hasn't learned how to hug with the right amount of pressure, to touch in just the right place.

"We're good," Eliot says quietly. Parker nods, her head close enough that Eliot can feel it, and moves closer to Eliot until he puts his arms around her. He squeezes her tight.

"Good," Hardison says. "Not that I was worried or anything."

Eliot smiles. He would deny it to anyone else, but he loves these guys so much.

Being with them, having them close is the best thing that ever happened to him.