Day 3 prompt : Infodump

Set sometime in the Librarians, late season 1 or early season 2.


"...And the Russians started using kokoshniks, which are a specific type of corbel arches. The name comes from the head-dresses worn by married women at the time in Russia. There were more than a hundred churches built in Moscow alone by the end of the 17th century in the flamboyant style."

Jake takes a breath and looks around him. He realizes he hasn't really paid attention to his surroundings while talking. Cassandra is the one he was most focused about, because she's been nodding along and making appropriate noises, but Jones has slipped out somewhere without Jake noticing, and Baird is sitting at her desk doing paperwork, her interest in his rambling long lost.

Jake doesn't resent them. He's been talking non-stop for half-an-hour about 17th century Russian architecture, so at this point he's just grateful none of them has interrupted him to ask if they could move on. Having colleagues who let him talk about his passions, even if they don't always listen, has been the best change from the oil rig workers who still think of him as a stereotypical cowboy.

And then there's Cassandra. Who is currently sitting on the bottom of the stairs in the Annex, looking at him with a dreamy smile on her face. Who listened to every word he just said, and even asked pertinent questions whenever he ran out of breath.

"What?" Jake asks her, when she continues to stare even though he's stopped talking for several minutes.

"Nothing," she answers, shaking herself. "I like it when you talk about things you obviously love."

"Sorry, I tend to get carried away."

"No, you're just passionate and I like that about you."

Jake gives her a heartfelt, shy smile. He's fairly sure she has no interest whatsoever in Russian architecture, yet she's still here, and telling him she enjoys listening to him. It's possibly one of the best compliments he's ever been given.

Cassandra smiles back, then stands up. "I think I'm going to head home," she says. "But I'm always here to talk more about architecture when you want!"

She somersaults through the room in her usual enthusiastic manner. "See you tomorrow!" she calls, grabbing her coat.

"See you," Jake answers more quietly, but she's already gone.

He rubs his cheek contentedly and replays the conversation in his head. Nodding, he swears to himself that the next time Cassandra starts talking about theoretical physics, he'll encourage her as much as he can.