My first Scream story. I've had in my mind for a while about Scream 3, the character of Roman Bridger.

Please tell me what you think.

A Whole New Take on the Slasher Genre.

Sitting casually on the couch of the Loomis family home, Roman Bridger had to hold back the urge to smirk as he watched how Billy Loomis was trying really hard not to lose it as he watched the scene play out on the TV while he held the remote control which he often used to rewind the little family film he had spent over two weeks recording.

Roman was just thankful for his long experience with the movie business had taught him to take video cameras around with him whenever he left Hollywood, and as he looked at Billy he could see the boy was furious with what he was seeing on the screen, which went hand in hand with what he had learnt about Billy's temperament which had been an important factor in his decision to show the teenager this film in the first place.

Realising that the film was now approaching one of the points where one of the really better parts (for him) were, which he was positive would drive the teenager more mad than he appeared - he had noticed the boy had been curious and even indifferent to how Maureen Prescott, the slut of Woodsboro was seen kissing Cotton Weary and a few other men, walking around the town like a hooker, but when he had seen his own father kiss her, Billy had broken down and Roman had needed to stop the tape to let Billy calm down a little bit; he had wanted to keep the film playing in order to stoke the flames of the teenager's fiery temper, but he had relented when he had taken note of how Billy looked like he was about to storm over and beat him into hamburger meat so he'd stopped the tape and needed to wait a few moments before the boy cooled down enough to watch the video again - Roman shifted in his seat a little bit to get a good idea of Billy's emotions while he kept his eyes on the masterpiece he had filmed.

The TV screen showed Maureen embrace Hank Loomis - what his bitch of a mother saw in that ugly oaf of a bastard Roman couldn't begin to imagine - and lightly kiss him while she let his hands grope her, eliciting muffled moans from her mouth (Roman smirked when he watched the teenager stiffen, and he cranked up the volume a touch, but the director noticed how the boy was pale and seemed to be mouthing something; it took Roman a moment of mimicry to realise the boy was mouthing "Don't do this, dad! Don't do this, dad!" which made Roman snicker to himself mentally; it was a close call because he truly wished he could laugh at the idiot).

The moans from the TV screen reminded Roman of a porn movie he had once watched, and because the increased volume it was pretty much all Billy could hear since Roman wasn't yet saying anything - he wanted to wait until the scene changed to the part he wanted before he could make his move; he had been silent ever since he had persuaded Billy to let him put the film on, and aside from the earlier apologies to how the teenager reacted when he saw his father kiss his own girlfriend's mother which was a sick twist in itself, Roman had been silent.


Roman took a moment to think about his past. He had grown up in the foster care system and he'd been given enough information about his mother growing up to know she was a B-movie actress who never made it big in the business called Rena Reynolds, and using the information he had as clues, it had taken Roman virtually his entire life while he went into the movie business himself, eventually moving up through the ranks until he was now a director of music videos - not something he wanted to do, but it was just simple experience that he really wanted if he was going to make it big in the business. But now, finally, he had tracked down his mother to here, Woodsboro.

While he kept his eye on the TV screen, waiting for his opportunity to drive Billy Loomis completely over the edge while he watched the film, Roman had time to stew over his first and so far only encounter with Maureen Prescott - he hadn't been surprised his birth mother had changed her name to a pseudonym since it was usually the actor's choice, but when he had known on her door hoping she would welcome him with open arms while he expressed his sympathy for her after learning she had been gang-raped thanks to John Milton and some of his cronies, while he kept his own activities in that room completely to himself since he had once been invited into that room in Milton's' home where three young actresses were brought in and everyone became so virtually drunk(the men - the actresses were only given a small amount), rape was inevitable.

Not Roman.

The party, if he could call it that, it was also the opportunity Roman had been waiting for - he hadn't bothered partaking much of the entertainment there, especially when he saw how those guys had raped those three women who were almost drunk - to finally get some answers from Milton about what he remembered about Rena Reynolds. It had taken the promise of throwing himself and fucking one of those girls himself before the bastard finally spoke.

Discovering his mother had been raped, there in that very room in Milton's' house, and that he was the product of rape himself had disgusted and upset Roman, but not by much - everyone in Hollywood had heard rumours about Milton over the years, but what Maureen did when she learnt who he was and what he wanted…. It had infuriated him and made him release all of the anger he had been feeling ever since he had learnt the truce about his conception.

What made it even more bitter for him was his own mother claimed his sister as her only child. Roman didn't know much about Sidney Prescott, only that she was the boyfriend of Billy Loomis.

Out of revenge, Roman spent some time following his mother around Woodsboro after he had learnt enough about the towns' geography so no—one could spot him, and he had also begun asking around, making up stories on the spot about Maureen's mother and his own being friend, and that he wanted to know more about her, stuff like that. It wasn't long before he found out his mother had become a whore thanks to Milton and her time at Hollywood.

Armed with this knowledge of the town's geography so no-one would spot him and that his mother often fucked other guys, he began filming his mother, eventually coming up with a plan to get revenge on her. His plan was to drive someone up the wall to commit murder, or at the very least to ruin her life, and the lives of her precious daughter and husband.

The only downside was everyone knew about Cotton Weary's affair with her, and the other guys in the town weren't that important, but when he discovered Hank Loomis, Roman realised he had been handed a gift from God. All he'd needed to do was focus on those two, knowing that his mother was responsible for the breakup of Hank and Debbie Loomis' marriage, and her walking out on her hubby and her son.

So far, his prediction of Billy's reaction to the whole thing was proving to be correct.

Billy had reacted strongly to the part of the film where his daddy was kissing his girlfriend's mother, idly making Roman wonder what this would do for his relationship with Sidney, but he dismissed it as unimportant.

The sound of moaning brought Roman's attention back to the screen, and he had to once again hide his smirk of glee when he took note of Billy's reaction to the part where Roman had moved closer to the open window to the small room Hank had rented out for this particular rendezvous with his bit on the side, the screen switching to night vision.

Roman grimaced a little bit when he once more witnessed the sight of Hank Loomis' fat backside moving in and out of Maureen's hole, the sound of their moans breaking the sound barrier.

"Oooh, oh Hank!" Maureen moaned, unaware the son she had abandoned was recording the whole thing. "FUCK ME HARDER! OOOH, YOU ARE SOOO MUCH BIGGER THAN NEIL!"

Hank grunted, "God Maureen, you're even tighter than Debbie!"

Roman stood up slowly and crossed to where Billy was sitting. The boy, who had been furious earlier, was now stunned rigid as he listened to what his father was saying about his mother, but Roman didn't open his mouth since he knew the best was yet to come.

"Maureen, I wish I'd married you, you're much better than that fat bitch I ended up with ever was!" Hank yelled.

"You see?" Roman said, leaning close to Billy, but keeping his distance at the same time in case the teenager lost it again while he watched his father and his own girlfriend's mother going at it like the two horny animals they were. "I told you he was screwing around with someone else."

Billy glared at him furiously, tears in his eyes as he watched the film, but Roman suddenly had a thought occur to him.

"Did either of your parents tell you what had been going on?" he asked, though he guessed what the answer was already.

Billy shook his head, still furious though Roman couldn't blame him. The director nodded, trying his best to look sympathetic, though he wished he had been here before Mr and Mrs Loomis split up so he could find a way to manipulate the situation.

A couple of loud, raucous screams from the TV indicated the pair had reached their climax.

"This is why your mother left you, Billy," Roman carried on, sensing the opportunity he had now.

Billy shook his head again, this time in denial. "N-No, my mother loves me-," he protested.

"Then why didn't she take you with her?" Roman countered. "Why did she not tell you the truth, confronting your dad in the process? She could have done it Billy, but she didn't. It wouldn't have taken much for her to say to you 'Billy, your dad is screwing your girlfriend's mum."

"No," Billy whispered, looking angrily at the screen. "You're right," he added, glaring at the screen with such intensity if he had the power, Roman was sure the TV would have gone up in flames and a big bang. "You're right," he repeated, "my mother could have taken me with her, she could have confronted my bastard father about what he was doing with that bitch!" The hatred he had in his voice at the word made Roman realise he was so close. "She abandoned me to spite my father."

Roman smiled for a second. "Maureen Prescott was behind it all. Focus your anger on her, Billy."

While he was speaking, Roman silently rewound the film back again so the sex scene was reset and he cranked up the volume again.

The moment Billy realised what Roman had done, the kid reacted in a way that was unexpected but welcomed. Leaping out of his seat, Billy yelled at the screen as he watched as Maureen was being fucked by Hank. "YOU FUCKING BITCH! YOU BROKE UP MY FAMILY, MY LIFE! I WILL KILL YOU."

Roman stopped the video - he knew he had won the boy over, but he still needed some pointers to get him to the right place. "Words won't help you, Billy," Roman said mildly, inwardly pleased with the way he'd just voiced his statement, "you need to take action. It's the only way. You want to make Maureen Prescott pay, then make her pay."

Billy swung around furiously, but his manner clearly indicated he wanted to hear what Roman had to say.

"Kill her," he said simply, but he added quickly, "but make it a good kill."

Roman paused so he could see how Billy reacted, worried the boy would get cold feet and tell him to leave, but to his delight the teenager was listening to him, clearly fascinated. Emboldened by this development, Roman went on, "First, find a partner; someone malleable and weak-willed enough to do what you want, second find someone to frame. Choose a time where Maureen Prescott is on her own, without her husband or her daughter to get in the way, and then kill her before luring Cotton to the scene before calling in the cops."

When Roman was finished with his basic ideas - he was certain the boy would come to him, begging for some extra help at some point - he watched as the cogs turned in Billy's mind as he reflected on what he was saying before he made his final point. "It will be the perfect revenge; it would get revenge on Maureen for splitting up your family while framing Cotton, so you will be in the clear," Roman finished.

As he looked at the young kid next to him, his eyes dark while his lank hair drooped in front of his eyes, his expression cold and angry, but the tenseness in his jaw spoke volumes about his acceptance of Roman's plan, the director grinned.

He'd done it.

The weapon was forged and it was now ready for use.

Until the next time..