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The conclusion of 'A Whole New Take,' Enjoy!

A Whole New Take on the Slasher Genre.

One Year Later.

Roman Bridger sighed as he looked around his office so he could tear his eyes away from the paperwork he was engrossed in, paying little attention to the awards he had received from his music videos. It had been hard to return to the mundane life he led after he'd stalked Maureen Prescott and enraged Billy Loomis to the point where the kid would be prepared to commit murder - alright, granted, being a director was great because he could take a script, and twist it around how he saw things, but he had quickly come to see his career as a kind of joke after what he had done in Woodsboro.

It had been easy to use his skills and knowledge to manipulate Billy into coming up with a way of killing the woman who was the reason for the split in his parents' marriage.

Billy had created a real-world movie, how could a mundane music video that would be forgotten in a few years when something totally different came along in a year or so compare to that?

Thirsty and exhausted, Roman got up and got some water while he rubbed his eyes - there was a coffee pot on the top of the counter, but he wanted something cooler and soothing for his throat, and besides he felt wide-awake and alert - before he sat back down in his chair, and he thought about the events in Woodsboro after he had shown the 'family film' to dear Billy Loomis.

It hadn't taken long for Billy to enlist the 'aid' of Stu Macher, his best friend. The other teenager was rather stupid in Roman's mind; he was weak-willed, insensitive, eccentric, but he had embraced the idea of killing Maureen Prescott with gusto and enthusiasm and that was all that mattered really.

Roman had not wasted any of his time with giving out the pointers on how to kill Maureen, but Stu had been more enthusiastic about the pointers of finding someone to frame while Billy hadn't really cared since all he wanted was to kill Maureen to back at her, but it hadn't taken long for the teenager to embrace the ideas of finding someone to frame and he had the perfect candidate.

Cotton Weary.

It made sense. Cotton was well known as being Maureen's bit on the side, so he was the logical candidate; everyone would just assume the moron had wanted to do something with Maureen even the slut wouldn't have liked, and he had become furious and lost his temper and raped and killed her anyway.

It had been Stu who had stolen Cotton's jacket in order to frame them, and although the teenager had come up with some great ideas Roman had needed to remind the idiot teenager to be careful with it so it wouldn't lead the police onto them.

Roman pushed those thoughts aside and he focused on the memories of that night. The Murder of Maureen Prescott. He had gone with Stu and Billy and he had watched as the two teenagers surprised the woman before they brutally murdered her. The one thing that had bothered Roman the most was how they had raped Maureen.

Roman had no problem with murder, but he had problems with rape. It wasn't really a big surprise when you thought about his history, and while he'd personally driven the knife he had brought with him into Maureen once or twice, he hadn't gone as crazy as the two boys had done. In fact, just seeing what they were willing to do, had made him sick.

Roman was surprised, though not very much when he had time to think about it that Billy and Stu would rape Maureen, the screams reminded coming from her had hit both mother and son deep. The two teenagers hadn't asked him why he wasn't partaking in the fun like they were. They had been too busy fucking Maureen, tearing her insides apart and listening to her scream in agony through the ball gag Stu had brought with him, showing he had some degree of common sense since the screams would have been enough to wake up the dead in a nearby cemetery.

Roman had left the two teenagers at it, he had gotten his revenge. The sweetest moment had been when Maureen had looked up at her with her eyes full of shock, pain and fear, begging him to stop this. But he hadn't done anything to stop the others from what they'd been doing, and that look she had sent him, begging for help, conveniently forgetting the way she had abandoned him, scorned him, saying that he was Rina's child and that his mother, his real mother was dead.

Roman had left Woodsboro that very night and it wasn't until the next morning he heard the preliminary stories of Maureen Prescott's murder and how Sidney, Roman's half-sister according to genetics and Maureen, though in Roman's mind Sidney was not his sister since he didn't see her like that, had accused Cotton of murdering and raping her mother.

The media, demonstrating their see-saw of sympathy before they had switched, had first been on Sidney's side and then they had discovered Maureen's slutty nature. Roman didn't need to be a super genius to guess what his 'half-sister' had gone through, but he had put the whole thing out of his mind, certainly nothing more would come out of it.

When lunch came, Roman left the studio, idly kicking the ground as he headed for a small restaurant he knew. When he walked in and sat down, he spotted a newspaper on the next table. He grabbed it just as the smiling waitress he knew approached and took his order.

While he was waiting for his food and was given some water, he looked at the headlines just as he took a small sip while he was idly wondering to himself why he was drinking only water today before he choked on the mouthful he was swallowing.

Attracted to the sound of his choking several of the other diners at the restaurant turned their heads to see what was going on, but Roman paid them no mind as he looked wide-eyed at the newspaper article about a recent murder and the attempted murder of Sidney Prescott in Woodsboro that was concurrent with the anniversary of Maureen Prescott's murder.

Roman read the story, written by the same Gale Weathers who had believed in Cotton Weary when he had been arrested and then sent down for murder and with each word that jumped out at him from the article - he had to give Ms Weather's credit; she was a good writer. A bit over the top, perhaps, who enjoyed writing her articles to the point where they crossed a few lines, but she knew how to get her points across - his eyes widened.

He couldn't believe it.

Two people had been murdered, and Sidney had been attacked by a killer wearing a dark robe with a ghost-face mask. She had managed to survive, just, but it had been close.

Roman read the whole story, his fingers flicking through the newspaper before he pushed the newspaper away and took another sip of water, remembering where he was, and recalling that he'd ordered something to eat - he wasn't really hungry after reading that newspaper article, but he figured that he needed to eat, keep up his strength if he was going to find out anything more about what was going on in Woodsboro.

"Your food, sir." Roman was startled out of his thoughts when he heard a gentle voice by his shoulder and he turned and found the waitress standing there, holding up his plates of food.

"Oh, yeah," Roman smiled, taking one of the plates to help the woman, thankful for himself for effortlessly slipping into his usual everyday facade so the woman wouldn't suspect anything was suspicious if he suddenly lashed out for no reason. "Thanks."

The waitress smiled. Once she was finished and headed back to her work, Roman tucked into his food, and he reopened the newspaper on the table and began to re-read the newspaper article Ms Weathers had written. There was no doubt in his mind Billy Loomis and Stu Macher was behind the murders and the attack on Sidney, but what surprised him the most was they were doing it in the first place after a whole year. As he forked his food into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully on the morsels, Roman's mind raced.

He just didn't understand what was going on. When he had left Woodsboro a year ago, Billy and Stu had both been…insane, but had he left too early for him to tell they had discovered they enjoyed cold-blooded murder and rape? If he was honest with himself, in hindsight, Roman had left early because as the two murdered and tortured Maureen, he had realised he'd had his revenge on his whore of a mother. There just hadn't been any point in remaining in Woodsboro, but he'd had no idea what had been going through the minds of the two psychopaths he'd created in his wake.

As he ate his lunch, he wondered if he should contact Billy, but he quickly decided against it. Instead, he decided he would just read the newspapers and see what happened. For a moment Roman wondered to himself why he'd had no knowledge of this, and then he quickly remembered he had spent the last few days in his apartment just watching movies, and hadn't been interested with the news.

There were moments where Roman just wanted to lose himself in the work of the best directors Hollywood had ever seen, and cut himself off from the news of things happening all the time. Last night had been one of those moments.

Roman shook his head, knowing he would need to keep an eye everything happening in Woodsboro. It amazed him what Billy and Stu were doing; when he had given those pointers to them, he had always seen what they were doing as making a movie, and he had used several horror movie classics as examples for what they could do, but he hadn't imagined they would take things this far.

They had murdered and raped Maureen Prescott, framed Cotton Weary, allowed Sidney to make things worse for the guy by accusing him of committing the murder, and now he thought about it, several serial killers in movies had waited for a while before they started back up again.

Were Billy and Stu the same, he wondered, had they spent that time they hadn't been murdering anyone wishing they could? Had they found power in what they'd done to Maureen and just decided to restart the murders a full year later?

Roman wasn't sure if he would ever know the answer, but he knew it didn't matter although he'd had no idea they would take things this far.

It's just fantastic, he thought to himself, directors such as me dream of creating blockbuster award-winning movies that would see them immortalised. I'm no different. But I have done something no-one in history has ever done; I have created a real-life movie that has stepped out of the screen and brought it into the real world. It's fantastic!

When Roman later heard of the inevitable demise of Stu and Billy after everything they had done - threatening Sidney, setting up Neil Prescott so everyone would think he was the killer, how they had wrecked a teen party, he wasn't bothered. He had been following the events in Woodsboro keenly ever since he had found out about the whole thing.

The two teenagers had done more with his pointers and advice than he'd anticipated, but their comeback after a year and using movie lore; setting up someone to accuse, developing a gimmick and finding power in it, had impressed and fascinated Roman. They had even set up a heroine in Sidney.

While Roman hated his half-sister for being the only child their mother claimed, he had to admit the whole thing was a huge movie, but that didn't mean he liked the idea of Sidney being a star. In fact, he hated it. Seeing her face, seeing so much of himself and their mother mixed together, it made him sick and envious to his stomach….

As he sat in his apartment, Roman looked thoughtfully at the newspapers and magazines which were running the story - virtually every news outlet in the country were running it because it was big news, so there was quite a collection in Roman's living room.

Going over to a drawer, Roman came back with a pair of scissors and he picked up one of the newspapers, and he very gently began cutting out the article pages in the newspaper, and he gently placed them next to the pile before he reached out a hand for the next one. As he cut out the articles written with their own spin by the newspapers own reporters, Roman wondered when the sequel would come out. There was no doubt in his mind there would be one.

This was too big. There would be some fame seeking nobody wanting a piece of the action, it was just a question of when. But he wasn't going to burden himself with the matter just now. There would be plenty of time for that later.

A couple of years later, Roman's prediction came true when Debbie Loomis returned and helped some kid called Mickey at Windsor college commit a number of murders, acting as copycats for Stu and Billy. After spending weeks Roman wasn't surprised when he discovered their reasons for what they had done; he had laughed when he had read about the embarrassing meeting between Cotton Weary and Sidney, but seriously what did Gale Weather think would happen? Cotton was an uncomfortable reminder to Sidney about her mother, and one she would want to keep at arm's length. But then again, when did news reporters ever stop to use their brains?

When he learnt their reasons for committing the murders, Roman was not surprised. Mickey was the type of guy he'd expected - a fame-obsessed no-one with some pretty weird delusions about blaming what he'd done on the movies when it was clear he honestly didn't give a damn about them, but out of the two of them Debbie Loomis both made him laugh and realise at the same time there was someone more realistic.

Debbie Loomis just wanted some revenge for the killing of her son, Billy. The same son she had abandoned. Roman idly wondered what her son would have thought about that, but he realised he didn't care.

And Sidney was once again the star!

Roman stared at the picture of his half-sister, and he felt hatred towards her for taking everything that should have been his!

No matter, he thought, as he grabbed the scissors and started cutting out the articles and pictures before shoving them into a file he could look at later. I can still make an appearance later…..