Ahh. My Hero Academia fandom... I AM HERE! S-class Hero NPGamer11, making his debut! This is my first time writing for MHA. I did a couple of stories before, for One Piece and Shokugeki no Soma. But it's mostly smut, and not the good kind either. Now, this story will be pretty simple. We will give Deku the powers of Saitama from One Punch Man. (SEASON 2 HYPE!) It will be mostly comedic. How can it not be? Anyway, I guess we should save some of the things I wanna tell you for the end, and let's get right into it. After my patented and trademarked disclaimer. You ready?

(Hey, I never said this was kid-safe stroy, did I?)

"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

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''Stop this, Kacchan!'' yelled the small green-haired child. He stood protectively in front of another boy who'd already been beaten up by the class bully, Katsuki Bakugo. But that put him in harm's way as well, the blonde already preparing to blast him out of the way.

''Get lost, Deku! Your sorry quirkless ass can't do a thing.'' the blonde sneered, small sparks crackling in his palms. But Deku, whose true name was Izuku Midoriya, stood his ground.

''I won't let you hurt him!'' he yelled, hoping to draw the attention of one of the teachers. He could have sworn one looked their way, but just turned around and continued the conversation they'd been having with the others. So much for that. Izuku would receive no assistance, he had to stand alone against the now enraged Katsuki.

''Oi, Deku! Are you really ready to take a beating instead of this kid?'' he asked. Izuku couldn't verbally answer, but the new-found determination in his eyes spoke volumes. Katsuki laughed loudly at his bravery and proceeded to overpower Midoriya, hammering him into the ground.

Ten minutes passed before Katsuki and his gang of bullies left Izuku lying brutalized on the ground. He stared up at the sky wondering how it all came to be. How could he and Katsuki go from friends to enemies? The answer lied in their DNA.

Had past experts been asked what they believed the next step of human evolution would be, none would have proposed a mutation allowing for superpowers. And yet, this strange phenomenon occurred and was eventually referred to as a quirk. In just a few generations, almost eighty percent of the world's population had one.

And yet, Izuku Midoriya was one of the unfortunate twenty-percent.

"Your son is quirkless."


Izuku couldn't wait to find out what quirk he'd have! Would it be his mother's ability to attract objects? His fathers fire breath? Maybe they would combine, giving him pyrokinesis! Or maybe he wouldn't take after either parent and would instead have a completely different power, one that was super smashingly awesome all on its own...

But instead, he was told four blunt, cruel words instead. The same words that had just replayed in his mind.

''Your son is quirkless.''

For days after visiting the doctor, little four-year-old Izuku asked his mother repeatedly, "Mom, can I still be a hero like All Might?"

After first seeing the Pro Hero's debut, all he'd ever wanted was to emulate the man who everyone called 'The Symbol of Peace'. But, his mother was unable to answer him at first. When she did, she turned to face her son before wrapping her arms around him tightly.

"I'm sorry… It's my fault… I'm sorry…"

It confirmed his fears. She didn't believe in him either…

But young Midoriya's misfortune didn't end there.

'Hey, Izuku, when will your quirk show up?'' one of the children in his daycare asked.

But Katsuki just scoffed. ''Haven't you heard? He DOESN'T HAVE a quirk. I guess now you really are a useless Deku! Ha haha ha ha.''

~End Flashback~

As Izuku lay in the dirt, his body aching from Katsuki's latest beating, he remembered how painful it had been to hear such cruel things from people he trusted… people who were supposed to be his friends. It was in that moment of recollection that he came to a gruesome realization. A realization that every child eventually comes to understand as he grows up.

'All men are not created equal'

It was a bitter and harrowing truth for someone so young to accept, but, he knew that if he ever wanted to succeed in this world, if he was going to achieve his dreams, then he would have to do it by himself. After all, it was now obvious that those around him would likely just laugh and tell him he was going to fail anyway.

Midoriya knew it would be brutal, already aware of how many obstacles would be in his way even though he was so young. But on that day, Izuku decided that nothing would stop him; he would be the Number 1 Hero in the world, no matter what.


Izuku strolled down the street, making his way to Aldera. He was in his last year of junior high there and knew that today they were going to be reviewing their high school applications. He'd applied to U.A., the best hero school on that side of Japan, even though he's aware that everyone would make fun of him since they all believed he was a quirkless nobody.

As he made his way to the entrance, he spotted Katsuki and his gang waiting for him. He smirked at their stupidity; they'd been pulling the same stunt without success for the past year and a half. He wasn't going to be caught off guard by them today or ever. A rapid, short breeze swept across the street and he was gone. "Idiots…"

The three bullies were none the wiser, however, impatiently waiting for their target to show up.

"Damn it! There are only five minutes until class starts; he should have already been here. Are you SURE you didn't see him come in earlier?" Katsuki asked in agitation, looking down at his posse of 'extras'.

"I'm sure, Bakugo. I've been here since before school even opened; he hasn't come by yet." The teen with bat wings and a chubby figure answered.

They gave up and headed to class, only for the boy who could grow his fingernails super long to pause and pale when he got to the door. Katsuki noticed and stopped walking as well, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Deku is already in the classroom, isn't he?" he asked, doing his best not to blow a fuse; he'd save that for Midoriya. The rest of their classmates backed away from the door, sensing his wrath. Izuku's table was straight ahead, the boy completely engrossed and concentrating on the notebook he always carried around. Bakugo was going to burn that thing once he was done squishing the little pest that owned it.

Katsuki charged up explosions in his hands and took off, sailing through the air to nail the sorry bastard… Or so he thought. A split second before his fist connected with its target, Deku vanished from sight and the window opened. Everyone looked up just in time to see Bakugo flying out of the newly created opening before falling straight into the water container below, startling the carps that had been swimming peacefully.

The students ran to the window, watching as he surfaced and spewed out water. He looked up to find them laughing at him… all except Deku. Instead, the boy jumped down and offered him a hand.

"Are you alright, Kacchan? Do you need any help? he asked, his face blank even though his eyes were showing signs of concern. Bakugo, however, ignored the boy's kindness and swatted his hand away, climbing out himself and pouring the water from his shoes.

Their teacher leaned out as well, shouting down at them. "Katsuki, after you get changed I'm going to call your mother about using your quirk in school. Izuku, you're going to serve two weeks of detention for pulling stunts. Now, both of you get back inside!"

Katsuki grinned triumphantly. Calling his mom? Sure, he was going to catch hell at home, but, that was a slap on the wrist compared to Midoriya's punishment. He turned towards him, half-prepared to see him crying. The Deku he'd always known always cried. But all he saw was a blank expression; the bastard didn't even wobble his lip.

He couldn't help but wonder what had changed in Izuku. The once almost frail, easily pushed around, crybaby quirkless Deku was seemingly outsmarting him and suppressing his tendency to let his emotions get the better of him. It couldn't have been a quirk… those only manifested in young children. But something was definitely different.

He contemplated this rapid maturation in Midoriya's skills and personality for the rest of the day, fully intending on calling his ass out once more. Just as the final bell rang, he turned in his chair and shouted. "DEKU!"

But all that he found was an empty seat, another strong breeze rushing through the classroom and scattering everyone's papers. He grunted in confused irritation before getting ready to hang out with his group of extras as he usually did.

Izuku happily strolled to the convenience store to pick up cereal and spices for the katsudon his mom was preparing for dinner. He had just made it into the underpass when a manhole cover opened, a giant blob of green slime crawling out.

"Damn it! He's right behind me… I need a medium sized meat suit to get away… THERE!" It spoke.

"Oh boy, it noticed me." Izuku thought as it's form created tentacles that immediately sped toward him. He vanished though, avoiding the attack with ease.

"What?! Where is he?" It exclaimed, turning to find the teen staring at him curiously. "Stay still boy! This will only hurt for about forty-five seconds and then..."

Izuku wasn't listening though. He was preoccupied with wondering if the villains near liquid constitution meant that it was resistant to physical attacks and if it could survive being blown to chunks. He only refocused when he realized that it was moving to attack him again, this time with the intention of covering his entire body. Without hesitation, Midoriya cocked an arm back to send a punch, only to be interrupted by a hulking figure jumping out of the manhole as well.

"It's alright now because I am here!" the man yelled, his voice easily recognizable as Izuku's (still) favorite hero. He jumped towards the villain with incredible speed, readying his arm as he unleashed one of his signature attacks. "TEXAS SMASH!"

The criminal was blown away instantly, Izuku watching from the sidelines with hidden admiration and a touch of irritation. "Damn it! I had it!"

"I apologize for getting you involved, young man!" All Might stated, "But I admire your courage. You stood your ground, and I respect that. Now, just a moment, please."

All might moved to scoop the villain into his soda bottle, turning back to Izuku after he was finished. The boy was wildly writing in his notebook, mumbling under his breath.

"So, he could be blown apart as long as there was enough physical force… and he could survive being in pieces like that. If you aren't as strong as All Might or can't deal a powerful blow like that then he's only weak spot is his eyes since they are the only solid parts of his body. I wonder if muttermutter, muttermuttermutter, mutter, muttermutter muttermutter…"

"Ehem! Excuse me, young man? What are you doing?" asked the completely bamboozled hero.

"Oh, right!" Izuku gasped, "You're still here. Um… I sort of take notes on every quirk I see so that I know how to deal with it if I were to come across it again in the future when I… I…"

The Pro could see the apprehension start to spread over Midoriya's face. "Is there something wrong, young man?"

Izuku inhaled deeply, trying to calm his nerves. "All Might… Can… Can someone without a quirk become a hero like you?"

All Might was honestly surprised by the question. He'd been asked all sorts of things before, everything from details about his quirk to what his favorite ocean fish was (the clownfish, if you were wondering). But this was the LAST thing he was expecting. He knew what he had to say though and looked at Izuku, his famous smile slowly diminishing.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, young man, but being a target for villains everyday… It just wouldn't be possible to survive without a quirk. So, in my good conscience, I must say that... No, you can't." He explained gently. He'd expected to see sadness on the teens face, possibly even tears in his eyes. But all he saw was a bitter understanding, disappointment, and anger.

"Yeah." Izuku responded hotly, "I figured you'd say that. Next, you're going to tell me to become a policeman, firefighter, or something else, right? I'd hoped that maybe, MAYBE, you would be different, but, I guess you're all one and the same."

All Might was taken aback by the venom dripping from the boy's voice, but, a moment later it was all gone.

"Ah, I'm sorry; I let my emotions get the better of me. Anyway, could you sign my notebook?" Midoriya continued quickly, forcing himself not to feel the painful sting of rejection once more. He held out the notebook and pen he had expectantly, being sure to seem as sorry and grateful as possible even though that wasn't at all how he was feeling.

The Pro hesitantly agreed and wrote his signature across two pages. It was a little concerning how the apparently quirkless boy had gone from resentful to totally calm so quickly, but, he told himself it wasn't worth his continued attention. He gave a nod and took off, leaving Izuku to continue on with his day.

"DAMN!" Midoriya fumed internally, "That jerk! I had it! I did not need help!"

He'd been heading home after his run-in with the Number 1 Hero and getting groceries when he'd noticed the commotion in the street. Upon closer inspection, he'd noticed that the perpetrator was the same villain who'd attacked him under the overpass, and this time it had a hostage.

It took him another moment to realize that the hostage was Kacchan, but once he did, he'd rushed into the midst of the chaos without a second thought, throwing his bag at the criminal and moving to pull Bakugo out. He'd been preparing to punch him again, but just as before, All Might rushed in and stole his thunder.

He'd kept his irritation in check even when he was scolded by the other heroes on the scene while Bakugo was praised for his strong quirk and endurance. Still, the ridiculousness was astounding and quite frankly, infuriating. He'd slipped away as soon as he could, slipping by the press as they swarmed.

"Oi! Deku!" Katsuki shouted after him.

"Ugh. Great… here we go again…" Midoriya groaned internally.

"Don't you think for a second that I owe you or anything! I don't know how you got there so fast, but I don't care! You're still a nobody to me!" But as he yelled at his once childhood friend, Katsuki wondered: "How DID he get there so fast?"

Izuku simply flipped him off and continued walking, completely done and far too fed up with everything to deal with the explosive blonde at the moment. He was relieved that no explosions followed him, suggesting that Bakugo had decided not to retaliate and had gone on home. "Good; I'm already late as it is."

"I am here!"

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Midoriya thought with exasperation. He just couldn't seem to catch a break that day, not that misfortune was particularly abnormal in his life. He stopped walking and waited impatiently for the Pro to speak again.

"I escaped the reporters as fast as I could so that I could catch up to you, young man. I would like to speak with you!" All Might explained.

Despite how much he really just wanted to get home, Izuku nodded. "Alright, go ahead."

Steam suddenly erupted from the man's body, covering his large form momentarily. As it cleared, the once strong, muscular figure was replaced entirely by a skinny frail blonde with sunken eyes; he looked more like a skeleton than a human.

''What has happened to you! Are you a fake?! An impostor?! A-''

"Stop right there!" All Might boomed, "This pathetic form is the result of an injury I received during battle. The fight was never publicized, but, my wounds were substantial. I ended up losing my stomach and permanently hurting my respiratory system. Now, I can only be a hero for up three hours a day… a time limit that's lowering steadily. That's what I want to talk to you about, young man. Now… What's your name?"

Deku could only sweatdrop at first in response. "Izuku Midoriya…"

All Might grinned widely and begin shifting back into his heroic form. "Right. Young Midoriya, today I demolished your dreams and told you that you couldn't do something, but I was wrong. When asked 'Why did you save someone or do a heroic deed?', all of the heroes answer with 'My legs moved on their own.'. I saw that in you today. So, young Midoriya. I would like to correct my previous statement! YOU CAN BE A HERO!"

"Okay," Izuku responded blankly.

"And I have chosen you to inherit my power!" All Might finished excitedly, the pride in his voice and posture almost sickening to Deku.

The teen paused as he took in the hero he'd idolized, finding that he was far less enthralled by him than he once had been. He'd asked All Might if he could be a hero and the man had said 'no', just like everyone else did. Midoriya swore to himself he'd prove him wrong. He'd prove them ALL wrong… and he'd do it without taking the shortcut.



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