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"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

This chapter was beta read by Marethyu. Thank you for your awesome work!

There were no deaths. At least they had that going on for them. Gran Torino lost an eye. Endeavor had a few deep scratches that he cauterized himself during the battle. He had done a decent job but was still taken away for a proper checkup. Info on All Might was restricted, but the hero was still able to walk when last seen by the news crews.

The one worst off was the Dragon Hero Ryukyu. Multiple fractures in her upper body, her right forearm broken on two spots, three of her ribs cracked, one at both ends, and her collarbone sporting multiple hairline fissures. But the worst off was her spine.

With modern medicine and generous help from Recovery Girl, none of the damage would be permanent. But it was gonna be a long-term healing period, and therapy so she could learn to properly use her legs, in both forms. Until further notice, Ryukyu was off duty.

Kamui Woods chopped off his arm during the fight, but he reassured the medics it would grow back. Mt. Lady had some bruises on her shins, the highest place Nomu could reach, and one of the Twice clones bit Nighteye but did not break the skin, so he waved off any help.

Mirko was one of the rare few to get out of the whole ordeal unscathed. And despite feeling a bit drowsy, she helped to coordinate the search & rescue effort, pulling civilians out of the rubble, as well as a few corpses to be passed to loved ones and mourned.

She was also happily squashing any clones that still lingered in holes and crevices. Stomp, stomp, stomp~


Wait. What?

Bakugo just got done with the police. He and Ponytail got their stories straight, and she promised to stay with Shitty Hair, while he got taken to a hospital for a more detailed look at his arms. There was just one thing holding him back.

"Where the fuck is De- Izuku!"

He was waiting for over 15 minutes already, and he was getting quite tired of standing! He was just about to yell for the nerd to show up when-

"Oh, you gotta be fucking…"

De- Izuku was walking next to a green-haired loli, while piggy-back carrying a passed-out girl, with the word 'OPPAI' written across his chest. This was too good to be true. He wasn't even pissed off when he could not find his phone in any of his pockets, deciding to rather laugh out loud.

"BWAHAHAHA! Deku! I think you just passed grapeshit as the class perv!" He laughed some more, while Izuku just kept walking. But right as he passed by, he placed a hand on his shoulder and looked him dead in the eyes.

"Thank you, Katsuki."

Bakugo was stumped for a sec, before shaking the hand off and looking away. Of course, he would pull something like that.

"Tch. Didn't do it for you, shitty nerd."

"Of course not. See you back in school, kay?"

Without waiting for a response, Izuku and the loli who looked eerily similar to the nerd made their way towards the police line, where a man in a trenchcoat was waving them over. Bakugo looked over to where Momo and Kirishima were waiting for him. And it almost put a smile on his face.

"By the way, nice shirt!"

"You got no room to talk, OPPAI hoodie!" Scratch that, he was smiling full-on.

Tomura was thrashing and yelling out loud, wherever they landed. It wasn't supposed to be that way! Sensei promised him a spectacle, a taste of what he would do in the future once he took upon himself the legacy spanning centuries!

He had wanted to jump into the fray with Twice! But Sensei forbade it. He wanted to take on his nemesis by himself, no matter the backup. Was it pride? Or was it acceptance that he would not win, not even with Tomura at his side? The Doctor was tight-lipped whether this was part of the plan or not, only contacting them briefly, telling them to stay put, and cutting off before anyone could demand answers. Kurogiri was outside trying to reach him now.

Kneeling in a wide shallow crater of dust, Tomura slowly shook himself off. It wouldn't do anyone any good to keep throwing tantrums. Sensei was gone and until his return, Tomura would be running the show. Leaving behind the results of his temper tantrum, he turned around and returned to their accommodations.

A crappy warehouse, but with some living essentials, and what looked like hospital beds strewed around. Almost all of them were occupied by his League. Dabi was running on fumes, whatever boost Sensei used on him running out. Also, whatever parts of his skin he could see were either bruised or bleeding. He seemed to be a preferred target for whoever peppered him with a fucking gatling gun!

Magne had some nasty burns, that Bakugo kid really wasn't going easy on her. Spinner was alright, but cursing loudly, every single one of his weapons breaking on the skin of that red-haired kid. Compress saw better days, having suffered both explosions and gunfire, and Toga… Toga was weirdly calm about the whole situation, just sitting on her chosen bed, and staring at a wall. But then something caught his eye.

Twice was looking right at him, before quickly pretending to be asleep. He also looked picture-perfect. Very sus.

"Oi, Twice! Get up and help!"

"Fuck you! I don't wanna!"

Suspicion intensified. Something wasn't right here. With no other word, Shigaraki strode to the bed and kneed the bastard right in the gut. He slowly watched him melt into a puddle of black and white.


Inko Midoriya was worried sick all throughout the evening. She observed whatever the news helicopters could catch, and once the fighting settled she stared at her phone so intently there was a realistic chance it might combust. She didn't see Tatsumaki at all, and Izuku, he jumped right in with All Might and the other kid, what if-

Then the device finally started ringing. For a second she was too scared to pick up. But then she slapped herself on the cheeks. She was done being afraid. She answered the call and held her breath.

"I have them, Miss Midoriya. Both your children are alive and well. We are on our way as we speak."

Midoriya's waterworks became full-on active, and relief flooded her entire being. Her Tatsu and Zuku were both alive, and coming home! With a shaky voice, she tanked the detective, and hung up, before distracting herself by soaking up all the water. But while doing that, she also came to a conclusion. She had her family back, almost. And she would be damned if she lets it fall apart again! It was time for the Midoriyas to have a much-needed talk.

There was a knock on the door, and she was there in a heartbeat, swinging it open, and glomping her children in a big hug. Also, Nejire, who was sleepily clinging to Izuku's back.

"Zzz… oh, we're hugging? That's nicezzzzz."

"Mom? Nejire is super tired, and I was wondering… can she stay the night?"

Izuku kept his eyes on his feet. He couldn't look his mother in the eyes, not yet.

"Yes, of course."

Izuku awkwardly scooted past them, to show Nejire to the bathroom where she could wash up, and get her some clothes to sleep in, the blue-haired girl sleepily arguing against abandoning her perch.

Inko closed the door after her daughter, and both sat down on the couch. Inko looked at Tatsumaki, eager to know how her first meeting with her brother went.

"It was… something. From the moment I saw him on TV… I wanted to protect him. Keep him close, never let him go… He doesn't need that, does he?"

"No. But that doesn't mean he won't need his big sister."

"He needs his mom too."

That made Inko look aside, ashamed.

"Mom, what happened between you two?"

The Midoriya matriarch took a deep breath. It used to be so easy to say it. But after her son started shunning her for it, she only said it to herself, in the dead of night. A whisper, proclaiming the truth of her heart.

"I love Hisashi. I had since the day we met. And still do to this day."

Tatsu was taken aback. She was not expecting that. But it did make some sense. After all, Hisashi still wore his wedding ring, and he never had another relationship as far as she could remember. And she had a damn good memory! Perks of being a psychic.

"Mom… Why?"

"I don't know. Mitsuki, do you remember her? She placed the divorce documents before me once. Sat down with me. But I could not force myself to even let the pen touch the paper. He took you away. He left me and Izuku behind. Yet despite all of that, I love your father with all my heart."

Inko looked down. She had this talk with Mitsuki before, her best friend getting frustrated, and telling her to her face she was weak, foolish, and other less appropriate things. It was the biggest fight they had as friends. Well, not a fight. Inko said nothing. And after 15 minutes of cursing, screaming, and begging, nothing has changed. She and Mitsuki were still friends. And her heart still belonged to Hisashi.

"I… Damn, we're one messed up family, aren't we?"

"While it's true, it's still not nice if you say it out loud, Tatsu."

The mother and daughter duo fell into somber silence before Inko finally decided to move on to a lighter subject.

"Izuku and Nejire, are they…"

"Don't think so. At least not yet. But… I think she makes him happy. And that makes her good in my books. For now."

This was not easy to admit. In her head, the image she had of Izuku was a lot different. She saw him as someone who needed protection. One that should stay behind her, while she flattened whoever dared cross him.

"Aww, look at you, going full 'big sister' mode."


Nejire sat on a small stool, her body devoid of clothes, and started splashing some cold water on her naked person. Soft unblemished skin sported goosebumps as the cool liquid spilled all over her form. She quickly crossed her arm underneath her bare bust, where her nipples stood at attention from the cold

Slowly, slowly droplets dripped down her heavenly bosom, past her hardened peaks, before dropping down on her soft thighs. However, some rare few slipped between those perky mounds, slithering across the smooth navel, and ending their journey right next to a pair of pink lips. The sensation had her shivering, but she did not hesitate to splash herself again.

The reason for doing so was to shake at least some cobwebs out of her, and it helped, since now she was able to think with a lot more clarity. Her hero costume and the panties she wore underneath were discarded on a shelf in a corner.

There was a hesitant knock on the door.

"Nejire? I brought some clothes for you to sleep in."

Izuku was so sweet! She wondered what he brought her. Maybe a shirt of his? Guys liked it when girls wore their clothes right? She really hoped it was Izuku's shirt now! Maybe it would smell like him too? How did Izuku smell? His hair had an apple sort of scent, probably from the shampoo he was using. Would he be mad if she used some? But she didn't have time to wash her hair, did she? Usually, Yu was there to help, and she didn't have her brush here. Maybe one day she should teach Izuku how to? And he can show her how to wash his hair! Then they can have a hair washing party!


"Thanks, Zuku! Can you bring them in?"

Izuku did in fact bring them in. Almost. When he was in the process of opening the unlocked door, he suddenly realized what he was doing and what was behind those doors.


"Um, Nejire? A-are you… decent?"

"Why does that matter, you've seen me naked before?"

"I've seen your back naked, that's it!" And her panties. In fact, they were almost exactly the same as the ones in the corn-

Izuku decided his best bet was to close his eyes. And open them immediately, while cursing his pubescent brain for conjuring such delicious imagery. Was there no solution?

"Izuku, the sooner you give me clothes, the sooner I'll stop being naked." That did sound reasonable. He quickly passed the clothes behind his back and froze when a soft hand momentarily touched him to grab them.

He waited for a minute, but he decided to risk a peek over his shoulder after nothing happened. Nejire's hair was wrapped around her head, and secured with a towel, while the girl was busily lathering herself with soap. For a second he was mesmerized, watching the suds on her back slide slowly, lower and lower, ending up on her-

He quickly faced forward, his face heating up.

"I thought you were getting dressed!"

Nejire just laughed melodiously. He liked her laugh. He got to hear it often, yet something was different. It was pretty before, but now it was simply… more. Before he could dwell on the discovery more, Nejire decided to speak.

"Your sister and mum don't look much alike. Except for the eyes. Even the hair is a different shade."


An awkward silence descended on the room, interrupted only by brief splashes of water. Well, awkward for Izuku. Nejire never seemed awkward, ever. But her observation reminded him of something.

"Hey, Nejire?"


"Me, mum and s- Tatsu… We're gonna have a talk tomorrow. The heavy 'try to solve our problems' kind."

"Uff, I had a few of those with dad."

Izuku hesitated. Before deciding to just go for it. Fortune favored the bold, right?


Nejire stopped drying herself with a towel. She heard it loud and clear. Understood it too, even if it was said in one breath, very quickly.

Izuku was a very private person. Even if she knew more about him than practically anyone else, she still felt she knew very little. He talked big about his days, but the conversation rarely strayed into his past before U.A. She knew some things were tough. Like that his dad was an asshole.

"I'll be there."

"Thank you." The relief was heavy in his voice. He stood there for another second, not sure what to do, his mind still heavy with worries and anxiety. Maybe he should-

"Wanna help me wash my hair?"

He turned around and saw her standing there, wearing one of his larger t-shirts, with kanji for 'socks' struggling to encompass her chest. The shirt just barely reached her thighs, showing just a small hint of her navel, the rest being covered by some loose boxer shorts that stretched over her hips and her fine posterior.


"Great! I really like the shampoo you use! Smells like apples!"

It took over an hour, almost all of his shampoo and a lot of water to wash the endless river of blue silk that was Nejire's hair. There was also splashing, laughs and silence, but not the awkward kind. Izuku had fun, and after they were done and cleaned up after themselves, he felt more relaxed than ever. Nejire really was an awesome friend.

In a dark room, a group of people sat behind a conference table. Many things were discussed that night, with the battle of Kamino in the forefront. Voices were raised, opinions exchanged, votes tallied, motions passed and canceled. But in the end, there was one last subject to vote on. A picture of a petite woman with green eyes, hair, and a black dress appeared on their screens.

"Now the issue of the Tornado of Terror. How to deal with such a precarious individual? We shall vote on the motion put forward by Yokumiru, in cooperation with the Hero Association. All those in favor?"

The majority raised their hands.

"Motion received. Yokumiru, will you notify Miss Midoriya?"

"I shall."

"Very well. With that, I officially call this emergency meeting to a close. Good night to all of you."

The next morning the three Midoriyas and Nejire sat tensely around the table, Tatsumaki and Inko on one side, Izuku, and Nejire on the other. It was more akin to a meeting than a family talk, and the atmosphere reflected it.

Izuku was once more wearing his blank face, gazing down at the table. Inko was doing the same, except she fidgeted a lot more. Tatsumaki looked between her brother and mother, not sure where to start, and Nejire… well, she felt a bit out of place, which was new for her.

"Um, maybe we should start with Izuku's father?"

"Yea, let's start with him. You could say he is a catalyst for… this." Tatsumaki waved her hand, indirectly pointing to all Midoriyas.

"Well, best start at the beginning then. Um… Well. Dad, he… Basically, he got contacted by the U.S government about a week after I was born. Some scans were done early after birth because I wasn't crying and it showed that my brain was… different. After about a month, I managed to use my quirk to lift my pacifier from the other side of the crib."

Tatsumaki paused for a bit. Inko looked to be reliving some memories, a small smile on her face, while Izuku was still blank-faced. Nejire meanwhile listened attentively.

"The agent talked about a possibility of my quirk strengthening by special training, citizenship for the family, and some money. But dad refused, being content where he was. For a time it seemed that was it. I had my mum's quirk, everything was good. I could float small objects before I could walk. Then about a month after my 4th birthday, I managed to lift the coffee table. It was not very high, but it was significantly more than what mum could do. One counseling later, it was revealed that my brain was now… MORE different. It grew with me and would continue to do so. So technically speaking, I had another 3-4 years before I reach my peak."

"Izuku was now blankly writing something in a notebook, while Nejire looked over his shoulder. Looking at Inko, she just waved at her to continue.

"Right. Well, during that time dad was unemployed, having been laid off from his job. So when he was approached again, by the same agent, this time offering not only citizenship, but also healthcare, and housing, with more money. This tempted him into accepting. It took a while for the paperwork to travel back and forth. by the time everything was confirmed, well… Izuku happened. And dad said you threatened to tear his head off if he forced you to give birth in the U.S."

Inko looked sheepish, while Izuku looked at his mum like he was staring at a whole other person. Best she continues and wraps up the story.

"Well, by the time mom was due, it became common knowledge that they were planning to move. and some people did not like that. They saw dad as a traitor. Quirks were and still are seen as a precious resource. People can move to another country these days, but back then, it was a big no-no. His friends turned on him, except Masaru and Mitsuki. He was also promised additional benefits and education for the second child. All seemed great. Until the birth.

Barely a few days old, dad had them do on you the same scans they did on me. And it showed that you were a completely normal newborn. And it showed that you had an extra joint in your pinky. That… that scared him. He already had you signed up in the same programs as me, which would help nurture quirk abilities as soon as they appeared. And there was a 95% chance that you would have none."

There was a small creek on the table. Izuku gripped it harshly but didn't break it. Whether that was because he stopped himself, or a comforting hand Nejire put over his shoulder, that was anyone's guess.

"At that point, I had to go so I could start the program. So he went with me to the U.S. He stayed there with me for a month, before returning to Japan. In the states, he was praised as a father of a talented, mostly well-behaved daughter with a powerful quirk. In Japan, he was a 'traitor'. If by chance his son would turn out quirkless, he would be ridiculed everywhere. He hesitated to make the final move for a while."

Tatsu turned to Inko who seemed on the verge of tears.

"He said you knew that he hesitated, but he never told you why. You knew something was wrong."

Inko just nodded, her tears now spilling freely into strategically placed buckets.

"When you and mum went to the quirk doctor, dad was given an ultimatum. Either bring Inko and you to the states, or they would revoke his visa. Dad made his choice."

There was silence in the room. Izuku was no longer tense. His face was still blank. But underneath the table, Nejire held his hand, her thumb massaging the back of it. It helped to keep him grounded. And at this point, there just wasn't any more anger, bitterness, or resentment left in him. He felt empty.

Tatsumaki decided to say one last thing.

"Dad he… he said he sent money every month. Did you guys not know or…" or was that a lie?

Inko looked a bit embarrassed.

"He did send the money. But, I didn't muse any of it. I kept it all for Izuku when he would be old enough. I felt like Hisashi owed him at least that much."

Izuku looked at his mother with a perplexed face, the first expression he made since the talk started.

"How much?"

"Well, he sent you about 2000 dollars a month, for the last 10 years. So, a lot."

Izuku sat, stunned. This was going to need some time to digest. But that would have to wait. They weren't quite done yet.

"I need to say something."

Everyone looked at him, Nejire with encouragement, Tatsumaki with expectations, and Inko with worry. It hurt him, but he knew it was his fault. This had to end now. He stood up and walked around the table, before hugging his mother tightly.

"I've been a bad son. I've been judging you, resenting you, ignoring you. I still can't understand your feelings for dad. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to. But the way I dealt with it, it was wrong, and it hurt you! I am sorry! For not understanding! For hurting you! For being a jerk!"

It wasn't quite the Midoriya waterfalls. Her baby boy probably grew out of those. But the tears she felt on her back and shakes that racked his body were too much, and her own waterworks went off full blast.

"No, I'm sorry! I should have believed in you! When you showed me what you could do, I shouldn't think of Hisashi first! I'M SO SORRY IZUKU!"

Tatsumaki and Nejire were left watching as the mother and son apologized to each other excessively all while trying to turn the apartment into Sea World. Nejire had the mind to quickly fetch some water so no one would die from dehydration, while Tatsumaki looked on wistfully.

The talk ended with that. The rest of the morning was spent with Tatsu and Nejire gleefully listening to Inko who told endless tales of Izuku's childhood mishaps and embarrassing events. Izuku just tried to ignore it all, with a smile on his face. That was until someone knocked on the door.

No one expected anyone to show up, and Izuku wondered if the detective maybe failed to deliver on the promise he gave on the car ride home. Reluctantly he opened the door to find one seriously sleep-deprived dude in a suit standing there.

"Good day, young man. My name is Yokumiri Mera, and I'm here to talk with Miss Midoriya on behalf of the Hero Public Safety Commission."

Oh. That couldn't be good. But they wanted to speak with Tatsu and not him. Are they… ARE THEY GONNA TRY TO TAKE MY SISTER AWAY?

Something must have been showing on his face because the man took a big step back and looked much more awake.

"Wow, calm down! I swear, I'm just here to talk!"

Izuku continued glaring before a small hand patted him on the shoulder.

"It's fine, Izuku, I know him."

Tatsumaki led the man inside and they all sat behind the kitchen table again, except Nejire who was on a phone call.

"I prefer to get straight to the point if you don't mind. Miss Midoriya, on behalf of Japan's H.P.S.C, and the U.S Hero Association, we would like to extend you a work visa."

"A what now?"

"Mr. Stich and our representatives in the states worked tirelessly on your case ever since you requested to be allowed a visit to your family. Stich also explained the circumstances behind your family's… special status. Since Mr. and Mrs. Midoriya do not live in the same country but are still married, that gave us a bit of a gray zone to work with. The hard part was convincing the Association, but Stich really knows his way with words. Basically what this entails is that you will be allowed to travel between Japan and the States freely, so long as you fulfill a certain quota of hero work in both places. Since the U.S is listed as your home country, the majority will have to be done there, but it gives you an opening to visit regularly."

The Midoriyas sat stunned. Tatsumaki knew that her intervention would bring about consequences, but this was… this was actually great! Inko thought so too if the beginnings of another waterworks and a wide smile were any indication, and Izuku just sat there, staring at the man with suspicion. Why would he- Oh. There was a catch to this, wasn't it?

"What's the catch?"

"No catch. You will have to sign some documents, and there will be a hearing for your family to verify your… story."

Everyone realized the implications. Tatsu was glaring. Inko was no longer smiling. And Izuku's clenched fists could produce diamonds. Hisashi Midoriya, after 10 long years, was returning back to Japan.

And that was chapter 32. Family stuff. Might make that the title XD. Nah, probably not, that would be lazy. Midoryia's have their heart to heart, and Hisashi gets a back story. My only fear now is people taking it the wrong way and thinking he's gonna get a redemption arc. Like I'd do that. Also, Nejire fanservice, because I desperately need some of that in my life now, and pretty much always. The next chapter is gonna be more of filler, maybe we'll visit come characters that haven't had their spotlight in a while. READ. REVIEW. Let me know what YOU think, and we'll read each other next time. NPGamer out.


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