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Next day regular classes started. In the morning they had your everyday high school classes, like English or algebra. Those were followed by a lunch break, where Izuku found a variety of delicious dishes for a reasonable price. He was looking forward to trying them all. After lunch, the heroics department began their training. And part of that was Hero Basic Training! The rumor was that the new teacher was truly a famous hero and of course one of the Alumni of U.A. Izuku already knew who their new teacher would be. And he prayed to every deity listening to make him disappear. Hope dies last, right?

"I AM..." Hope just died.


Dashing into the classroom, flexing, while your cape flows in the nonexisting wind is not normal.

As soon as All Might entered the class, his eyes traveled towards Izuku. For a moment, when blue met green, he could see them fill with resentment. Was that better than anger? Worse than anger? In between? He really needed to crack a psychology book.

All Might explained to them the purpose of basic hero training and that today they were gonna focus on the battle.

"And to go along with that, you are going to need THESE!" He flipped the switch underneath the teacher's table and 20 suitcases popped out of the wall, each labeled with numbers 1 through 20. Almost every student was radiating with excitement.

"These are your costumes, designed as per specifications you submitted with your application. Take the case corresponding with your seat number and change. We'll meet in front of site B."

Izuku hurried towards the changing rooms with his case, exited as everyone else to finally see his costume. The designer really did his job right. He made everything just as Izuku asked. His costume was a tight, green full-bodysuit, both frictionless, and heat resistant, with padded elbows and kneecaps. It also came with white gloves with some blue lines across it, a white cape, belt with red pouches to carry medical and survival supplies, and to top it all off, his signature red shoes. he looked himself into a mirror, and a smile crept on his face. Finally, he felt like his dreams were one step closer. Hearing others move towards the changing rooms, he rushes toward site B. He was the only one there... Besides All Might.

They were waiting in awkward silence, Izuku, standing there with his blank face, but eyes full of resentment that hurt no.1 hero every time he made eye contact. The silence lasted until All Might decided to speak, reverting to his skeletal form.

"Young Midoriya, I want you to listen to me. Carefully. I know you felt and probably still feel betrayed. Me, who was your idol, told you that your dreams aren't possible. I can understand why you would hate me. But try putting yourself in my shoes. I've been a hero for a long time. I know the dangers of the profession better than anyone. Now could you, in good fate, tell someone with no powers you knew off at the time, that would help them survive this harsh world, that they could be a hero? I would like to think about that for a while."

Although Izuku's demeanor hadn't changed, his face gained a thoughtful expression. Probably first emotion All Might seen on the youths face that wasn't resentment, disappointment or rage. But before either could say another word, other students were heard making their way towards them. All Might quickly shifted into his muscle form and struck a heroic pose, his cape once again fluttering in the wind that wasn't blowing.

Iida and Ochako made their way to Izuku, Ochako praising Iida for his cool costume. He caught on their conversation as they closed in on him.

"But, Uraraka-san, I think your costume is much better and much more original. Mine is just a copy of my brothers!

"No, Iida, your costume looks great. And mine's not that good. Because of my bad direction, it ended up being a skintight suit." She rubbed the back of her head, embarrassed, but then they both took a look at Izuku. Iida commented first.

"I must say, Midoriya-san, you choose practicality over impact, seems like a truly wise decision. I wish I would have thought the same."

Uraraka just blushed slightly, eyeing how the tight fabric stuck to his muscles. Come to think of it, Many of the girls were looking towards him with slight blushes. Izuku was suddenly very glad that he had something to cover his back, otherwise, the ladies would have something else to look at. Maybe skintight jumpsuit was a mistake. He quickly shook away those thoughts (no time for regrets) and listened to everyone talking about their costumes and way they augmented their specific quirks. Until All Might decided that was enough.

"Alright, listen now, students! Today we will practice indoor battles! You will all draw lots to form pairs and split into 'heroes' and 'villains. Any questions?" Tenya couldn't lift his hand fast enough.

"Is it truly alright to decide at random? Wouldn't it have been better to just have us form pairs?"

Izuku answered before the hero could.

"It is to simulate a real-life situation. Heroes often don't get to choose who their partners are when disaster strikes. This is to learn us to plan on the fly and to think how we can combine our powers." All Might looked impressed as did some of Izuku's classmates.

"Ahem, that is exactly right, young Midoriya. Now-" he pulled two boxes out of nowhere "In the first box are 20 balls with numbers from 1-10. Those with the same numbers pair up. In the other box, there are 10 white and black balls with letters from A to J. White balls are for heroes, black balls are for villains. Again, those with the same letter are together."

Izuku ended up with (firing up Decision Maker that I found online)... Ochako Uraraka (I shit you not, that really happened). Bakugo ended up with Eijiro Kirishima, who he immediately dubbed 'Weird Hair'. Izuku pulled a black ball with the letter J. Katsuki pulled same, except white. When he saw they were to battle each other he let out a feral grin. He was so gonna enjoy that. The only bright side for Izuku today was that they were gonna go last-

"Let's switch it up a bit on our first day. We will go to alphabetically... BACKWARDS! Team J villains, please head into the building, you will have a 5-minute head start to hide the weapon. Hero team may look at the building blueprints. Now go!"

Izuku finally realized something. The universe hated him. He and Ochako headed inside of a building, finding the weapon in the entrance hall. Izuku looked it over, before turning towards Uraraka.

"So... Wanna tell me more about your quirk?" As Ochako began explaining, Izuku started grinning on the inside. He could certainly work with that.

"So, that useless Deku thinks he can beat me, now that he showed his quirk? Why didn't he used it before? Maybe... THAT BASTARD WAS LOOKING DOWN ON ME! He thought I wasn't even worth using his quirk! I'll show him. I'll be no.1!"

While Katsuki was having his internal monologue, Kirishima was looking at his rage-filled face with worry. That wasn't the face of a hero. But he decided to ignore it in favor of memorizing the building's blueprints. As soon as All Might announced the beginning, Bakugo plugged in his earpiece and used explosions to launch himself towards the entrance, not caring what his teammate does. Kirishima just looked after him in worry, before he sighed to himself and walked towards the second floor.

Bakugo was now walking, having decided that conserving strength was his best bet. He searched three stories so far, and yet no signs of Deku. And it was starting to piss him off. Constantly ready to blast something or someone on in his way, he finally found his target. Izuku was at the end of a long hallway, sitting on a stool.

"As I predicted, you've come after me. I must congratulate you, King Explosion Murder, you took less time than I expected."

It took a full second for Katsuki to realize, he was just acting, mainly since Izuku still kept his face blank. But, still. Using his hero name he thought of in middle school, talking like a villain,... He was not taking this seriously. He was... HE WAS MOCKING HIM AGAIN!

He wasted zero time responding, instead opting for a full-scale charge. Izuku's face remained the same. But Katsuki noticed something in those green eyes. Something only someone who knew him well could. It was pure, unashamed smug. Like everything was according to plan. Katsuki fainted starting with a right hook, and then attacked with left, but Izuku was already out of the way, and executing a shoulder throw.

"Gotta admit, you surprised me, Kacchan. You usually start with a right. Trying to catch me off guard, weren't you?" Using his old nickname only served to fuel Katsukis determination to beat the everloving shit out of Deku.

"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE FUCK!" He screamed and launched an explosion where Izuku's face was a moment ago. But Izuku was already behind him and... Tapped him on the shoulder? He truly was mocking him.

"I have to say, Kacchan, I'm disappointed. I expected more from a hero who was to surpass All Might. Maybe I should take the no.1 spot?" again he dodged an explosion and attacked him by kicking him in the abdomen.

Katsuki was flying down the hallway, blinded by pain, before re-collecting and stopping himself with his quirk. He was sure that he had the advantage in ranged combat and was ready to use it. But Deku was once again behind him, tapping on his shoulder.

"DAMN IT! How is he so fucking strong? And fast? HOW IS HE BETTER THAN ME?!" Katsuki was forced to weigh his options. But just then he received a signal that his gauntlets finished charging. A grin crept on his face. He just got a game changer.

"Alright, you shit faced Deku! Think you're some hot shit now that you have a strong quirk?" He hasn't noticed how Izuku twitched at the word 'quirk'.

"THEN LET'S SEE YOU SURVIVE THIS!" he jumped backward to create some distance and prepared to pull the pin.

"Young Bakugo, cease this immediately! This could kill him!" spoke All Might through his earpiece.

"NOT IF HE MOVES!" he smiled and pulled the pin.


A humongous explosion rocked the entire building. Katsuki was squinting his eyes, but even he could see that Izuku had no intention to dodge.

"He... He did not dodge? W-w-what? Did I j-j-just k... Did I just kill someone?" Katsuki lowered his arms, his whole body shaking.

"Is that all you can give me?"

Bakugo's eyes bulged in disbelief. But as the smoke dispersed, there he was. Standing, with his arms shielding his face, not a trace of the explosion, excluding few ash stains on his costume. Katsuki was too shocked to even register the capture tape wrapping around him. But it is hard to ignore All Might, especially when he's screaming into your earpiece.

"BOTH HEROES ARE CAPTURED! THE VILLAIN TEAM WINS!" That knocked Bakugo out of his stupor.

"You... You were toying with me the entire time, weren't you." Izuku stayed silent, but that silence spoke volumes. Katsuki felt rage bubbling inside him. He should be the winner. He should have murdered the shitty nerd! But, if Deku truly was stronger than him. There was only one thing left to do.

"You bastard. How did you get so far above me, without me even noticing... but that doesn't matter! YOU HEAR ME? IT DOESN'T MATTER! Because no matter how high you climb, I'll surpass you! And climb even higher! You hear me, Deku?!" but as Katsuki turned towards his newly-proclaimed rival, he was walking away, not even caring.


Katsuki and Izuku joined Ochako and Eijiro outside of the building. Ochako still had a slight blush of embarrassment on her cheeks, and Kirishima stood as if something had hit him between his... Oh. Both Bakugo and Izuku took a moment of silence, their heads lowered and their hands in front of their groins respectively. Kirishima gave them a ghost of a smile, before flinching in pain and desperately trying to avoid massaging his crotch in front of Ochako.

"I suppose there was a small mistake in my plan?" asked Izuku.

"Oh no, your plan worked perfectly. Until…"


Ochako has just finished setting up the trap Izuku described to her. First, she was to make the door weightless, so her opponent will immediately lose his balance. Then she made a few pieces of rubble Izuku made for her, float, and higher above it, a thick steel pie, ready to fall and trap anyone inside of it. Just as Izuku anticipated, Kirishima tried to tackle his way through the door, but since the door had no weight, he used too much force, tripped, and fell. At the same time, he hardened his entire body, enduring the rubble falling down on him, and quickly rising up. What he did not expect though, was a steel pipe dropping on him, trapping him from waist up. In confusion, he turned off his 'hardening' and tried to regain his balance. In his endeavor he came too close to Ochako, she panicked, kicked with her leg...


"So after I... Disabled him, I wrapped him up with capture tape and waited for a minute or two. After that, All Might announced the end of the game." Ochako finished telling her side of the story, ending it right as they walked back into the observation room.

All Might decided to interrupt their little discussion by, first, giving Bakugo harsh reprimand about using such a dangerous attack indoors and on a person, and then giving his condolences to Kirishima, and letting him go to the nurse.

"Now, can anyone tell me who was the MVP in this battle?" Yaoyorozu was the first to raise her hand.

"That would obviously be Midoriya. He used his knowledge of his opponents' personality and quirks to devise a perfect plan. He knew Bakugo would go after him, while Kirishima would be more rational and go after the bomb. He was aware that his hardening quirk could get past his trap, so he devised a two-step trap that would catch his opponent off guard. And while he was taunting Bakugo during their battle, he distracted him for long enough so his partner could incapacitate Kirishima, however unconventional it was."

All Might sweatdropped.

"My goodness, she said even more than I was planning to, how smart are these kids?" But out loud he just praised Momo for her observation skills. He then sent the next group, while the rest prepared to observe their battle, with Bakugo sulking in a corner.

"Man, I'm beat!" said Uraraka, while stretching her tired limbs.

While she hasn't done much during her battle, it was still tiring to watch the others duke it out. Not to mention a little boring. Unless you were Izuku. During all the other battles, he displayed the most emotion Uraraka has ever seen from him, plus constant muttering, which was the reason he was standing in the far off corner(not the one with sulking Bakugo), focused on the screen while writing something in his notebook. Where did that notebook even come from?

As she and Iida were walking towards the exit of the campus, she spotted the green-haired male, walking with his emotionless mask back on. She never focused on it before, probably since it has only been two days, but he rarely had any other expression on his face. No, scratch that, he NEVER had any other expression on his face.

"Hey, Iida?" The teen stopped to look at her.

"Have you noticed that Izuku usually looks kinda... Empty?" Iida looked towards the classmate in question and gained a thoughtful expression.

"Maybe he's training to control his emotions. Heroes are usually praised by the public, but my brother told me that there were times when he wished he had a thicker skin, so to speak. Sometimes you see or hear something and you need to control yourself, no matter how terrible or detestable it is."

"Yea... Maybe..."

Even though, she agreed with Iida, inside she thought that there could be a different reason. She walked towards her home with a clear goal in her eyes. She will make Izuku smile.

Across the campus, confidently marching, was the so-called 'Big Three', top students of the academy. They were tasked with reviewing the Battle Exercise footage, to potentially scout some fresh interns for their respective mentors. As they watched, one of them took a special interest in the young green haired student.

"What has gotten your attention, Nejire?" asked Mirio Togata, top student of the academy, his blank face somehow full on curiosity.

"It's that boy. He looks so… Like how Tamaki used to look before we befriended him. He's empty."

Mirio hummed in thought, while Tamaki was off, facing the wall. He did not like to be reminded of

those times.

"What do you propose we do?" asked Mirio, looking at her in question. Nejire smiled mysteriously, and then…

"I call dibs."

"What?! No fair! He would thrive greatly under Sir Nighteye! He used to work with All Might, and knows how to train someone with power boosting quirk."

"Too late. I called dibs, and you know the rules."

Mirio just sighed in defeat. He hoped Izuku was prepared for what was coming for him.

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