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"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

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Tomura Shigaraki was excited. He finally got permission from his sensei to attack the legendary hero school. He was even provided a Nomu; a biological weapon. Even more, this Nomu was specifically developed to kill The Symbol of Peace. So one can imagine his disappointment when he couldn't spot his target among the crowd.

"Just Eraserhead and Thirteen? Where is All Might?" he said. His hands began twitching, feeling the urge to scratch his neck.

"I don't know." said the last villain to emerge. His body seemed to be surrounded by a mist, the same mist out of which the portal was made.

"The Staff Schedule said he would be here."

"I see. You think he'll come if we leave a couple of dead brats?" He asked and pulled a picture of All Might out from his pocket. He looked at the picture with disgust before it disintegrated as his fingers grasped onto it.

"It certainly wouldn't hurt to try."

"Thirteen! Take the kids and get out of here!" Aizawa yelled as he entered his Eraserhead persona, placing goggles over his eyes, and firmly grasping his scarf.

"Sensei! Are you really okay going against those odds?"

"Don't worry, Midoriya. I'm sure you've already realized that no good hero is a one-trick pony." Aizawa replied grimly.

With that, he launched himself onto the plaza where he engaged the first group of villains heads on. Thirteen quickly got her wits back and began to take action with the students.

"You, blond with a lightning bolt! Try using your headset to contact the school. Who's the class president?" Momo raised her hand.

"Who's the fastest in the class?" Her eyes flickered towards Izuku, but he shook his head and pointed at Iida. The bespectacled man already wanted to object.

"But, Midoriya-san, you were way faster than mys-"

"True, but I can't keep it up. You're our best bet."

"Great. Iida, you will go ahead. The rest of you, form a line, with the president at the front, vice-president at the back with me. NO ONE GOES BEHIND ME! Now let's go!"

But just as Iida and Momo moved towards the door, the mysterious black mist erupted from thin air, blocking their path.

"Hello. We are the League of Villains. Please excuse us, we were under the impression that All Might was going to be here. Where is he? You see-" Out of the fog, stepped a tall man, seemingly surrounded by it. His presence filled the students with dread. Most of them at least.

"A warping quirk? That's quite rare. He's monologuing, I need a plan... mentalmutter, mentalmuttermentalmutter..."

"-sneaking out. All for our purpose, to... KILL ALL MIGHT!" Most of the students to quietly panic and chatter to one another. Midoriya used the commotion to whisper his plan to the Space Hero.

"I'm going to grab Iida, break the door, and get him out. Use black hole, but watch your back. I'll return and attack from behind."

Thirteen thought it over for a second and then gave him a small nod, giving an OK for the plan. Izuku mentally prepared.

"Sure-kill move: Speed o' Sound Sonic!" In a burst of near sonic speed, he grabbed Iida, weaved around the warping Villain, and busted through the door of USJ. He hoped the winds would help to further his distraction. He slowed down considerably and looked towards Iida, who was preparing to say something.

"No questions. I am going to toss you, low and slow. You start running the second your feet touch the ground. Can you do that?" He looked back towards his passenger, who thought and nodded. Once again Iida tried to ask something.

"No questions! Prepare! Now's the time, be a hero like your brother." Izuku quipped. Iida gained a look of determination, and Izuku smiled, surprising the bespectacled teen. Izuku came to a skidding halt and hurled Iida towards the UA.




Hagakure was shaking in her boots. In a span of one minute, she watched as the foggy villain shook off one of their strongest students, disable their teacher, who was a recognized pro Hero and scatter their class like leaves in autumn. Mina was trying to attack him but to no avail. She hoped help would come soon.


Bakugo was enjoying himself as he began blasting villains unconscious, using the night vision goggles that 'Spiky ponytail' created for them. After he was through with the batch of villains in front of him, 'Duck bows' tied them up, using his tape. They kept talking about getting out of the rain, back to the entrance. Cowards. Bakugo wasn't leaving. Not until none of the villains were still standing. Hell, he was pretty sure it's what Deku would do. He blasted the one charging at him.



It was rough, but Kirishima, Sato, and Mineta finally had a decent strategy going. Kirishima was attacking ranged fighters with Sato covering him from behind. Minetta, while trembling, still did his part to help, riding on Sato's shoulders. Many of the villains found themselves stuck to the floor from stepping on his balls. Eijiro smiled to himself. Thinking like Midoriya definitely helped a lot.


Kyoka Jiro was standing on top of the Landslide zone, with Koda behind her. There weren't any animals in the USJ, so his quirk was pretty much useless. Aoyama was shooting away at villains that came too close for comfort, while she was launching soundwaves out of her boots. They were in a good position as of right now, but Aoyama was already panting, and it was obvious that his stomach was paining him greatly. She did have a last ditch effort plan, however, but she hoped she wouldn't have to use it.


Kaminari was sweating. Not only because of the heat but also because he and his partner were pretty screwed. According to Tokoyami, his quirk 'Dark Shadow was stronger in the dark. And they got dropped right in the middle of the flaming inferno that was the Conflagration zone. They were moving in a straight line, hoping that on the edge the flames and smoke would be weaker. With that strategy, they managed to dispatch random villains. He just hoped they wouldn't stumble into a group.

"Well, well, look what we have here, boys." He just jinxed himself, didn't he?


"Think like Izuku, think like Izuku, think like Izuku!" One Gravity girl chanted to herself, as she and her friend tried to think of a way out of the situation they found themselves in.

After she was warped, Ochako found herself falling towards a pool of water, with a few villains swimming around. She made herself weightless, before something pink, wet, and a little slimy wrapped itself around her. She looked towards the source and saw her classmate, Tsu, on a boat in the middle of a pool. Tsu pulled her on a boat and set her Ochako threw up over the edge. After a quick explanation, that it wasn't the tongue, but her quirk, and after the internet furries laid down the pitchforks and torches (wait, what) they tried to think of a plan. What would Izuku do?


Earthquake zone wasn't really living up to its name. More appropriate would be 'Ice Age zone'. Ojiro sweatdropped, as Todoroki froze another street full of villains, before interrogating them. So far everyone told them the same: They were here to kill All Might with some sort of superweapon, the leader was the kid with hands, and no one knew who they worked for. Well, at least they won't be going anywhere any time soon. Ojiro pressed some points on the back of necks, knocking out their trapped opponents. Todoroki sure was cool. He slapped himself mentaly for the lame pun.


Izuku turned around and dashed back, he ran further than intended, and needed to hurry back. As he dashed back through the door, he already saw that things had gone to shit. The Space Hero Thirteen was laying on his front, back of his suit torn up, with a pair of floating gloves and the student Izuku met on his first day, Mezo Shoji, standing next to him. There was also the pink skinned girl who was launching acid at the warping dude, who just created portals and warped it away. Izuku decided he needed to take control. When the villain was distracted, he 'lightly' punched him in the back of the neck, effectively knocking him out.

The girl stopped hurling acid, and her face lit up.

"Midoriya! I knew you wouldn't abandon us! I-" Izuku hated to be rude, but he had no time to chit chat.

"I'm sorry to be rude, but what happened?" She told him how Bakugo attacked the warp villain while she managed to hold Kirishima back, how he was warped somewhere inside the building, how Thirteen tried to disable the villain quickly, how the villain took her out by using her own quirk against her, and how he had scattered everyone.

"Good, thank you..."

"Right, we weren't introduced, I'm Mina Ashido, call me Mina."

"Then please call me Izuku. Look. I need you to stand guard of the villain, hold acid over him, possibly the one that will harm that neck brace he's wearing." After receiving a nod from her, he turned to the other students.

"How's the teacher?" A girlish, panicky voice, coming out of nowhere answered.

"His suit is still beeping, so we assume she's still alive. But we can't think of anything to help."

"Alright, calm down. What's your name?" There were a few deep breaths before a much calmer voice replied.

"Toru. Toru Hagakure."

"Alright, Toru. I need you to breathe. I'm going to need your help here. Mezo-san, could you please observe, and let me know if anyone is coming?" The dupli-armed student nodded and transformed two of his extra appendages into eyes, after making them longer and raising them above his head. Izuku turned back to Hagakure.

"I only know this because I'm a hero otaku, but in her sleeve, Thirteen has a vitals reader. Look." he opened a hidden compartment on the underside of the hero's arm and pointed to where it showed the screen with heart rate, suit pressure, etc.

"As you see, her suit's pressure is dropping. Her body is quite solid, but it can evaporate quickly when exposed to air. We will use some duct tape I have on me, to patch it up best we can, alright? Here, hold the edges together." Toru couldn't help but nod. She hasn't interacted with Izuku a whole lot. He mainly hung out with Iida and Ochako. Or they hung out around him, he rarely participated in conversations. Toru might not be the smartest, but she was observant. And since no one could see her, she could observe a whole lot. She pegged Izuku as the antisocial-because-he's-studying type, but right now, he exuded something different than that. It was an aura of calmness, an aura of a leader. If anything will go wrong, Izuku will know what to do. Those green eyes, they were so reassuring, so…

"Alright, we're done." Hagakure blinked. And then lightly blushed. Not that anyone knew that. She was so lost in his eyes, she forgot about the injured hero. Izuku was checking the vitals reader, muttering to himself. Nothing special, he muttered all the time. But Hagakure never realized, how cute he looked while he muttered. He looked like a cinnamon roll.

Izuku was completely unaware of the attention he was getting as he timed how long it took for suit pressure to go down again, and found it satisfying. With that, they had roughly 2 hours before it dropped to a critical low. He looked towards the plaza. Eraserhead still held his own. But his reaction time was slower. He needed to help.

"Alright, guys. I'm going to go help sensei. While I'm gone, you Mezo will be guarding Thirteen, and Mina the warp guy. Mezo-san. Observe the vitals reader. If anything starts dropping faster, tell me as soon as I get back. If villains come here, hold them off for as long as you can. Hagakure." The invisible girl perked up.
"I have a very important mission for you."

Aizawa was not having a fun day. First, his nap got interrupted, since Thirteen wanted to discuss details of the trip, he ran out of juice pouches, he was stuck on a bus with 20 teenagers, for 20 minutes, All Might was a no-show, and now the villains attacked. On the school property! He just hoped the kids were alright. He saw a villain in the corner of his eye and prepared to take him out when a green blur collided with that villain and knocked them across the plaza. Aizawa switched to his teacher's voice.

"Midoriya, I told you to evac-" The look in the younglings eyes told Aizawa that this was not the time. For the first time since their meeting after the entrance exam, he saw something else in youths eyes. And that was a look that tolerated no bullshit. He switched from teacher back to Eraserhead.

"Status report." he wrapped a villain charging at him in his scarf and hurled him over his shoulder.

"Thirteen is down, but stable, 3 students are at the entrance, 16 scattered across the facility." Izuku elbowed two villains coming at him from behind, knocking them to the edge of the plaza.

"Why are you here?" he turned towards his student while at the same time delivering a jump-kick to a villains chin.
"I want to know what are your orders. Should I go rescue my peers, or stay here and help out?" Eraserhead did a quick assessment of the situation, ignoring Midoriya lifting a villain looking like a bodybuilder made of stone with one arm and throwing him at three others.

"Midoriya." The green haired student looked towards him.

"I want you to go and save your classmates. Start with the dangerous zones, like conflagration and downpour. Then move onto the rest." Izuku nodded to his teacher and took off. Aizawa felt something akin to regret. Midoriya was way too grown up for his age. In a situation where he should be either panicking or obeying his fight or flight response, he was acting like a pro.

"Just what did that kid went through?" Before he could answer his own question, he was again attacked by another wave of villains. He will need to think about it later. He knocked two heads together and looked for his next target.

Izuku was rushing towards the Conflagration zone, thinking who he will find in there and if they will be alright. He had some basic first aid, but nothing much for burns of any degree. But just as he was about to enter the inferno, several things happened. First was a giant explosion that broke through the roof of the downpour zone.

"At least I know where Kaachan is," Izuku smirked to himself. But that was only the beginning. From where he was he had a pretty clear view of the Landslide zone. And he was pretty sure that the landslide that was happening, should not be happening. But then right in the corner of his eye, he saw the replica of the boat from the flood zone, slowly rising up from the pond. It slowly rose higher and higher, until it reached the top. He saw a figure jump off, and cling on one of the steel support pillars, and then the boat dropped back down, making a big splash. Izuku figured it out.

"They know who was supposed to be here. But they don't know our quirks." a feral grin crept on his face. Time for class 1.A to strike back!

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