It appears that I wrote a sequel to this one from Ollie POV. I wasn't very happy with it but now It seems ok. Let me know if you liked it :)

Morning After

POV Oliver

The light of the sun passed through my eyelids, I didn't feel like waking up already. I remembered the events of last night and the feeling of happiness before falling asleep with Chloe in my arms. I smiled and I turned in the bed, my arm reaching forward to cuddle against her. But I only met the cold sheet. I frowned. I hadn't planned to wake up on my own. I brushed off the bad feeling that suddenly invaded my mind and got up.

I noticed the pile of clothes folded on the chair and dressed quickly. Then I took the stairs towards the command center where I noticed Chloe, eyes fixed on her screens. I smiled at myself, ignoring the alarm bells ringing in my head.

When she noticed me, she smiled too.

« Morning Casanova ! Care to left the bed to go working ? »

I smiled even more, relieved that she acted her usual way with me.

« Wouldn't want to burn my cover ! »

She laughed then got up from her chair to walk towards me. My heart sank and I couldn't help my smile to grow even larger as I walked to meet her.

She stopped near the printer to take some documents then tossed them in my hands.

« These are the informations you asked me yesterday, she says, walking back towards her desk. Everything seems normal but you should look at them just in case. »

I was so disappointed by her reaction that I couldn't manage to reply. My chest grown tight as I suddenly realised she was pretending that nothing happened between us. I was relieved she couldn't read the hurt crossing my face, as I was sure I couldn't hide it right now. I needed a full minute to recover and manage a sentence.

« Hum, Chloe... about that night...

-Yeah, it was nice having fun, she cuts me with a smile. »

She quickly grabbed her purse and started walking towards the doors.

« I have to go. See you later ? »

Great ! She was avoiding me. I run my fingers in my hair in frustration. She thought it was a one night stand. And for the first time in my life, that was not what I planned.

I checked my phone every minute all day hoping for a message from Chloe. But I didn't receive one. As the night went on, I decided to text her just to check the currents missions the other League members were in. She answered me her usual and professional way, like nothing ever happened between us and my heart sank. I tasted the passion of her kisses, I tasted the heat of her body and I needed more. I tasted the possibility of a relationship with her and I known for sure that was what I wanted. So, I decided to wait one more day for her to got her mind with the idea.

The day after, she was guiding me during patrol and we quickly fell into our usual banter. She seemed more relaxed than the day before, so I came back to the watchtower after patrol. She noted the scratch I got on my cheek and she went to grab the urgency kit she kept here. Even she was trying to act nonchalant I felt the tension radiating from her body. Surrounded by her scent, the closeness of her body, the anxious look she wore, I grabbed her hand, stopping her move. She seemed stunned for a second before I took her towards my chest and kissed her fervently. She moaned in my mouth and her fingers were already running in my hair.

Few hours later, as I layed down with Chloe in my arms, feeling the sleep taking over me, I wanted to clarify the situation and asked hesitantly.

« Chloe, we need to talk about what just happened between us...

-Shush, she cut me with her fingers on my lips. Don't worry Ollie, we're on the same page you and me. No labels, no promises. We're just having fun.»

She sealed our implicit deal with a kiss and my heart sank one more time. But I managed a smile which never reach my eyes.