Author's Note

At the end of STD 2018 Feels, some surviving Yamanouchi Ninjas were taken back in time to approximately two years before Kim Possible, and Ron Stoppable met in pre-K. Two of them, Hirotaka and Yori studied at a Junior College, taking the necessary classes to become Nannies. Their mission is to be close to Kim and Ron to help mold them and train them, so the timeline is 'corrected' and that the Lowardian raiders do not destroy Japan.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King directed two other Team Cobra members, Wanda Wang, and Suzy Chin to create another Yamanouchi Temple. The goal here is to properly train the Mystical Monkey Master instead of letting them wander around floundering and then solemnly declaring "You are ready" when the going gets tough. That Sun Wukong has a wicked sense of humor was proven when he picked Wendy Wu, née Wanda Wang to be the new "Mistress Sensei."

Also, Ron's mother is now Jeanie Stoppable as Jean Stoppable was a poor choice as his Dad's name was Gene.

There should be nothing else that you need to know except that the author does not repeat anything that happened in the episodes shown on TV text unless this story changed what happened.


Finite Middletons (Possible House - Kitchen)

Hiero Misutanani, a senior Ninja, formerly known as Hirotaka of Yamanouchi's Team Cobra, did not personally witness the destruction of his beloved Japan under a hail storm of school bus-sized tungsten-iridium slugs launched by Lowardian Raiders from orbit. The scouring of the 420 inhabited islands that made up the archipelago of Japan was so fast and so complete that the only actual videos of the attack were those taken from weather satellites. Hiero and his partner, Yoriko Tanaka, a senior Ninja formerly known as Yori of Yamanouchi's Team Cobra had even been denied vengeance as the destruction of the Raider fleet was provided by a suicide attack made by Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable using a Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer wielding syntho-creature created by Jim and Tim Possible.

Yamanouchi Ninjas were patient and sometimes spent their entire life hiding in plain sight until the time came when they were needed. For this operation, Hiero and Yoriko were sent back in time fifteen years not to achieve the further vengeance that their souls cried out for, but to repair the timeline itself. The problem was that their goals were not precisely detailed. Their only parameters were:

- Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable must survive past high school.

- Shego must not die at the hands of either Kim or Ron.

- Warmonga's death seems to be bad for future history.

- Change as little as possible.

Their instructions were to become the children's nannies to train them and be close to them. At the time, that made a lot of sense.

Hiero wrapped his just completed stick of cherry-almond cookie dough in plastic wrap and popped it in the refrigerator. The chilled dough would allow a quick response if required, to handle his young charge and her best friend. He had even used pasteurized eggs to let the cookie dough be eaten raw in an operational emergency. He was, after all, a trained Ninja expected to use his planning and preparation skills in many areas besides sudden death and sabotage.

Looking out the window as he washed the mixing bowl and beaters, he saw James Possible playing with the twins on a blanket in the shade of a large tree. James had taken the day off because he would be working twenty-four hours a day at the Space Center for a three-day-long operation next week and wanted bonding time with his sons.

Hiero and Yoriko had gone into the service to the House of Possible and the House of Stoppable just before the twins were born. Their two years of studies, training, and planning prepared them well for this mission, but not for how quickly their charges and their parents seemed to be making a place in their hearts. This boded well as their tour of duty was expected to last a minimum of fifteen years. Ninja knew about sacrifice and perseverance; this mission was critical in some manner they did not understand to the survival of two future civilizations. More important, from their personal point of view was the prevention of the destruction of Japan and its population. When it came down to cases, this sacrifice wasn't onerous at all, at least not yet. Although, the horror stories of pre-teen girls and their meltdowns that had been passed around in their child-rearing classes made Hiero glad to have Yoriko for backup.

Looking at the clock, he thought that Kimberly and Ronald should be getting off the bus bringing them home from kindergarten any time now. Yoriko would have watched the pair get on the bus at the school and shadowed them to their stop at the corner. Earlier in the week, little Kimberly had complained that they were 'big kids now' and didn't need an escort for the half a block to her house. For the time being, Yoriko was an unseen guardian.

He had dried the bowl and put it on the shelf when he heard the front door quietly open and close along with youthful whispering.

"Hiero! Come quick! Jim and Tim are about to get into trouble!" Ronald Stoppable called out in a panicked voice and ran up the stairs towards the twin's bedroom.

Kimberly Ann Possible lay flat on her stomach on the living room floor, peeking under the couch. Seeing Ron's feet run past and then, mere seconds later, the much larger sneakers of the man dressed in black went by, she counted to three, vaulted over the couch, and raced into the kitchen. Her best friend in the whole world had bought her maybe thirty precious seconds to reach her goal, grab the treasure, and escape.

Pushing a chair against the refrigerator, she climbed up on the seat, and using the chair back to spring off of, she snagged the box of chocolate covered marshmallow cookies sitting 'out of reach' on the top of the fridge and landed on the floor in a three-point stance. Racing to freedom, or at least the front room, she found her path blocked by the Dark Ninja.

"Kim Possible! We meet again!" laughed the Dark Ninja, "My associate the Winter Ninja has already captured your partner…"

"You won't get away with this, Dark Ninja!" Kim clutched the box of cookies closer to her chest and leaped into action with a flying spin kick only for the Dark Ninja to step to the side and snatch the airborne child in mid-leap.

"Ah, Kim Possible, your mantis style is weak, child. We will work on it before bedtime," he said with an evil laugh…

Finite Middletons (Possible House - Laundry/Mud Room)

The two very young heroes found themselves chained to the wall in the laundry, their hands over their heads.

"Sorry KP, your dad is already home and is playing with Jim and Tim in the backyard. Hiero, uh, the Dark Ninja, knew it was a trick," the young blonde said.

"That's OK Ronnie, we should have looked first." the young redhead checked her chains to find that they were locked with a padlock. "Why don't you have a hero name?"

"I'm the sidekick. Only heroes get a special name. Like the Lone Ranger and Tonto or Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack. Except we're called the KP and Ron."

"Why can't I be Kimmy Possible?"

"Cause then bad guys would know who you are," Ron patiently explained, "I think you're supposed to wear glasses or something when you're not being KP."

The door to the kitchen opened, and Dr. Anne Possible walked in, "Hi, kids, where are the boys?"

"Hi, Mom, they're in the backyard with Daddy," her young daughter answered.

"OK, have fun, you two," the adult redhead walked out the back door, a mom on a mission.

The kitchen door opened again, and two masked figures in Ninja garb walked in, a man dressed all in black with his female companion covered from head to toe in white.

"Winter Ninja," asked the one dressed in black, "what shall we do with these goody-goody heroes? Feed them to the sharks?"

"I'm sorry, Dark Ninja, but the sharks haven't arrived yet." The Winter Ninja put a tray covered with a towel on the washing machine.

"Let the Tigers feast on them?"

"The Tigers are visiting family at the zoo, sir."

"Call out the Cannibal squirrels?" At this suggestion from the Dark Ninja, the blond and the redhead giggled.

"Turns out we were sent the wrong ones, ours only eat nuts, sir."

"Wait, if they are cannibal squirrels, wouldn't that mean that they eat other squirrels and not people?" asked the blond.

"Don't you have something we can use to silence these lippy heroes, Winter Ninja?"

"Hai," the white-clad villainess reached over and pulled the towel off the tray exposing the green instruments of terror…"

Finite Middletons (Possible House - Backyard)

James scooped up a butt-naked Jim and tossed him up in the air, the toddler laughing with delight. Handing him to Anne, he reached for Tim who was trying to crawl away, "See, just like Momma said, let them play naked outside in a little bit of sun, and their rash will clear right up."

"Let's get these guys diapered, and I'll get some private time with them," Anne said, moving with Jim to sit on the glider under the shade tree while James brought over Tim and the diaper bag. Anne unclipped the front of her blouse, and soon both twins were latched on and nursing.

James plumped pillows under Anne's arms to help support his sons who were being held like the most precious footballs in the world.

"Can I get you anything, honey?" James knew that she really liked a solid half hour or so with just her sons to unwind from the stress of the day. "Perhaps some iced tea or lemonade in about a half hour?"

She looked at the precious bundles in her arms, "Some decaf iced tea would be nice, please and thank you. Maybe Hiero has made cookies…" Anne's reply was interrupted by a pair of shrieks from the back of the house.

Finite Middletons (Possible House - Laundry/Mud Room)

"Perhaps we will make them eat…" the Winter Ninja held up a broccoli stalk while laughing evilly.

"Nooooooo!", both heroes shrieked in wildly exaggerated terror.

Finite Middletons (Possible House - Backyard)

"Decaf tea in about a half hour, then, honey," James bent over and kissed his wife, "I'd better go see how Kimmie-cub is doing with the villains."

"OK, dear, don't do it all for them," Anne laughed softly, raising her face to get one more kiss.

James walked into the mudroom and looked at the two captured heroes who were left alone to suffer by their foes, "You know, back in my day, I never had Ninjas making me eat broccoli. Those darned Ninja."

Kim was struggling to hold the padlock on her chains steady while putting tension on the lock cylinder with a flat wire from a hair barrette and bumping the pins with a round wire from a second barrette. Ron was trying to reach the lock to help.

"Ronald, can you reach over and hold the lock for Kimmie-cub? Kimmie-cub, can you move your chains closer to Ronald?"

The little blond redoubled his efforts to stretch as far as he could and just managed to grab onto the lock, helped by her moving the lock closer to him.

"Hold it steady, Ronnie," the little redhead worked as fast as she could bumping the pins. From experience, she knew it wouldn't be long before her partner's muscles started to tremble because of the awkward stretch of his arm.

"Just a little longer…"


"KP! You did it!", Ron cheered as the lock popped open.

"OK, Ronnie, now do yours," Kimberly chirped, handing her hair clips to her friend.

The young hero struggled with his lock and was starting to show frustration when slender adult fingers covered his,

"Ronnie-chan, you are trying too hard," a soft feminine voice said, "Close your eyes and imagine the lock in your mind. It is the same as the clear locks that James-sensei has been letting you practice with, just a little smaller."

About thirty seconds later, Ron's lock popped open. He beamed with pride as his best friend cheered.

James asked, "Yoriko, would you and Ron like to stay for dinner? Gene and Jeanie are not going to be home until tomorrow night, right?"

"We would be delighted to have dinner with you and your family," she replied as both children cheered.

"Great!" James replied, "You kids run and play for a bit before supper, OK?"

"How many pins were in the padlocks?" the engineer asked Ron's nanny after the two had scampered off.

"Only two," she replied, "still, going from two to six is not that hard. If you will excuse me, I will go see if Hiero needs help with anything." The young Japanese woman and went into the kitchen, picking up the tray with the leftover broccoli torture and taking it with her.

James thought, 'In my day, we didn't have live-in Ninja helping the family and playing hero versus supervillain.'

Not that he was going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Finite Middletons (Walking from Possible House to Stoppable House)

"Did you have a good day at school, Ronnie-chan?" the young woman dressed in white asked as she walked down the sidewalk holding his hand. The motorcycle she shared with Hiero was parked at the Possibles. She would pick it up in the morning after she walked Ron back to catch the school bus with Kimberly.

"It was a great day Yoriko! We had tacos for lunch with two cookies! Kimmy and I played ball with Jessica and Alex, we read a book about this little bat that got lost, and this momma bird finds her and tries to raise her by feeding her bugs instead of fruit. They made her sit up instead of hanging upside down, and they wanted her to sleep at night."

"That sounds most terrible for the little bat. What happens?"

"Some other fruit bats find her and take her back to her mother."

"Did the mother bat miss the little girl bat?"

"Yes, she was so happy when she came home. She hugged her and covered her with kisses."

"Do you think the bats that found her and returned her to her family were heroes?"

"Don't heroes fight bad guys? These bats just found her and took her home."

"Was the momma bird a bad guy? She didn't take the baby bat home…"

"I don't think so. She wanted to treat the baby bat like it was one of her babies; she didn't know how to take care of a baby bat."

"Maybe sometimes heroes are just people who help others?"

"Maybe the good bats were Ninja! Bats would make great Ninja, they are quiet and fly around at night…"

His escort laughed, thinking, 'Ronnie-chan, you have the American style way of looking at things."

Finite Middletons (Possible House - Master Bedroom)

Anne sleepily woke to small noises from her sons. Reaching out to the side, she felt James sleeping like a log beside her. She felt a bit 'full' and some nursing would be good. A dark, silent shadow cradling the two lighter colored shapes that were her sons appeared by her side of the bed.

"Anne-sensei?" a quiet voice murmured in the dark, "May I present Jim and Tim?"

Used to the drill by now, she reached up for the first bundle, seeing sleepy eyes sparkling in the dim light and smelling the fresh scent of baby powder, wipes, and lotion that came with a freshly changed infant. From the infant's own unique smell, this was Tim. Cradling him at her side, he happily latched on and started his middle of the night feeding.

Reaching for the second son, she cuddled him into position and drifted off back to sleep.

Sometime later, Jim was softly lifted up, and she felt gentle fingers pull on Tim's lips to break the vacuum where he was still latched on to his mom's breast in his sleep. Now detached, Tim's weight vanished as he was picked up.

"Thanks, Hiero," she sleepily murmured.

"It was no trouble, Sensei," the dark shape whispered and vanished into the night with her sons.

Rolling over on her side to snuggle against James, she remembered that five years ago with Kimmy, she had gotten up in the middle of the night to change and nurse her new daughter; it made no sense for James to wake up to bring in the baby. He needed his sleep. They were saving some of his paternity leave to use once hers ran out. Now with Hiero, she and James got more sleep.

The first few times that Hiero picked up a son to put the sleeping child back to bed, she had woken startled, in a panic. She had quickly adjusted, and her increasing levels of rest provided proof of the value of a Night Nanny Ninja. James knew the value because Hiero generally had the weekends off, her husband picked up the slack in baby fetching on Friday and Saturday nights.

At times, she felt a little guilty about using Hiero to fetch her babies, almost like she was a queen or something. There was something about him and Yoriko, the young woman who worked for the Stoppables. As much as they jokingly called them 'Nanny Ninja,' there was no doubt in her mind that if Ninja existed in these modern times that these two were Ninja.

Finite Middletons (Possible House)

"Kimmy, Sweetie," asked her mom, "Did you get enough to eat?"

"Yes, Mom. Can I please be excused?"

"Yes, you may be excused. Yoriko and Ronald should be here any minute."

"OK!" The little redhead ran off to wash her face and the sticky off her hands; breakfast was pancakes and eggs.

"Does anyone else want another pancake or an egg?" Anne liked to cook breakfast, and she was taking advantage of a day with no morning surgeries or meetings scheduled.

"No honey, I'm good, in fact, I'd better get going so I won't be late." James stood up, kissed his sons and his wife and started out the door into the front room. Running into a small redhead returning with clean but damp hands and face, he swept her up into a hug, saying, "Be a good girl in school, learn lots of stuff, OK, Kimmie-cub?"

"Yes, daddy!"

"Hiero, what do you have planned for the boys today?" asked the mom as her husband left for work.

"Anne-sensei, I thought we would start with stacking plastic bowls and then do some taiko drumming practice with wooden spatulas. After a short nap, we'll go to the park and do a lap or two around the fountain. After a milk break, they will practice storming fortified defenses using the climbing bars. Then it is back home for more milk and a nap. Later, I was thinking of swim practice in the large soaking tub."

Anne smiled at the description. She knew that Hiero was exaggerating to get a reaction from Kimmy.

"Hey! I want to storm fences in the park!", the eldest little Possible declared.

"Then Kimmy-chan, I will wait until you and Ron-chan return from school and maybe Yoriko can accompany us, and we can all practice together."

"Tadaima!" Ron shouted at the front door.

"Okaerinasai!" replied Kim, running to hug her mom, "Gotta go, Mom; Ronnie's here! Ronnie! We get to storm fences after school!"

"Ohayou, Anne-sensei," Yoriko said from the door, holding it open for the redhead to zip past carrying her backpack.

"Hi, Yoriko,"

The front door closed and the house was quiet except for the two boys babbling at each other and the clattering of dishes as Hiero loaded the dishwasher.

"Will you be home in time for dinner, Sensei?"

"I should be. Say, I was wondering, at night, why do you always bring in both boys to nurse? Are you trying to make it easier on me?"

"I have never seen just one wake up, Sensei. I am not experienced with twins, but your sons are amazing. They have a special bond of closeness. Or perhaps they are each afraid to sleep while their brother is awake because they will miss something. I have listened to them babble. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I believe they will be the kind of brothers that finish each other's sentences."

"Any plans for this weekend?" It was Friday, Hiero was officially off duty after dinner until late Sunday night.

"Yoriko and I are going to a presentation at the ski lodge and will spend the weekend there."

"What's the presentation about?"

The young man laughed, "Sensei, I do not recall, but since Yoriko will be there, I am sure I will find it fascinating…"

Finite Middletons (Neighborhood Park)

It was a beautiful day in the park. Yoriko and Hiero with their charges were playing "storm the lair." There was an igloo-shaped set of climbing bars that had automatic defenses installed by Yoriko and Hiero while the twins were having an afternoon nap in a stroller parked in the shade. They had found large, battery-operated plastic crows with motion detector 'eyes' that would squirt water when triggered. The original purpose was to keep animals out of the yard, but they also worked for simulating automatic laser guns.

Tim and Jim were well into the "cruising" phase of mobility and were starting to take steps. Hiero was already preparing for the time, any day now, when he would have to chase after the twins in their "fast and stupid" phase of toddler development. But he was a trained Ninja; he would not fail…

Kimberly and her soggy best friend Ronald had made it to the top three times, the redhead instinctively realizing the water squirting crows had a reset time allowing her to slip past if she paid attention. Ronald wasn't as observant, he could follow her path, but had trouble recreating her timing.

Jim and Tim spotted a new target, let go of the bars they were hanging onto and tottered over to crash into the woman's legs.

"Mistress Sensei," Hiero bowed respectfully, "how can this humble Ninja be of service?"

The tall Japanese woman rolled her eyes a little at the premature and, to her mind, pompous title and replied,

"I was in the area and thought that I'd drop by and see how the bouyatachi were doing. I like your training setup." (A/N 'bouyatachi' is literally "little dudes" in Japanese - it was what the Yakuza called the Twins in a previous timeline.)

"Go, KP. Go!" They looked up to see Kimberly swinging on a rope after leaping from the top of the 'lair' under the watchful eye of Yoriko and with the enthusiastic cheering of her best friend.

"Maybe her next birthday will be a good time for a grapple gun?" laughed Wendy the 'Mistress Sensei,' bending over to scoop up an armload of squealing toddlers.

"Perhaps when she turns nine, maybe ten?" replied Hiero, shuddering when he imagined trying to keep up with running toddlers and a six-year-old little Miss Tarzan. Even one without a grappling gun.

"The boy, on the other hand, seems to be too much of a cheerleader. I suppose Yoriko shouldn't try to make him more aggressive yet," Mistress Sensei pondered.

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