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It was a bright and sunny day in Konohagakure, not like it isn't almost always that way, thought Naruto. The boy of age 10 wandered through town—trying his best to keep hidden from the glares and fists always given his way. Naruto happened to be quite excited though, he got to not only visit his Jiji today, but he also got Ichiraku's out of it!

After making it to the tower, Naruto ran towards the hokage's office, slamming open the door (even after shouts of anbu and jonin nearby scolding him countless times for doing so).

"Jiji!" the bullet roared as it soared toward the 'unsuspecting' man.

The hokage chuckled a little as he hugged the boy right back. He often wished that he could give a better childhood to Naruto, but this wasn't to be. The elders would accuse him (or other clans that tried to adopt the boy) of favoritism, which would lead to rebellion, and then eventually cause himself to be stripped of his post. However, Sarutobi tried his best to help the young lad, doing everything from assigning anbu guards to letting Naruto call him jiji.

"Hello Naruto, and how was your day today?"

"It was great! This morning I came across Iruka looking all tired and stuff, so I helped him out this morning! Granted, I did set up a prank as well...but I'm guessing that it'll hit Mizuki and not Iruka since Iruka is too good of a ninja to get caught!"

"And what kind of prank did you try?" The hokage asked, trying to not show that he was heavily amused.

"Well! I got some spray paint—in orange and white and red—and of course I got some (more like a lot) of glitter (in the color pink), and some glue and ninja wire and..."

"Ouch, my head" stated Hermoine as she dizzily sat up. Looking around, she noticed everyone scattered about on the ground. She even wished for a camera, as the boys were sprawled about in hilarious positions. However, pictures were not to be, as everyone slowly regained consciousness.

"Is everybody alright?" Someone called. Hermoine kinda thought it sounded like Mokuba, but wasn't completely certain.

Moans and groans were heard all around as everyone began to get up. Harry turned towards her, and as she thought: He looks a lot younger than normal.

A split second after that thought was made, a loud "What!?" was angrily shouted.

She looked at everyone. Apparently we all shrunk. Well, maybe not all of us. Mokuba still looks the same age, and my parents are still old enough to be called my parents.

"Well, there must be some reason we de-aged. It could be a part of the sealing matrix—to turn us into an age that would easily allow us to blend in?" Daphne asked.

"Or it could be fate hating on me again" interjected Harry.

Crickets chirped in the background.

"Well, alright," Hermoine tried to gather everyone's attention. "Since Kaiba and Mokuba look the same age, let's say that they are twins, and that Ryou is their cousin. Daphne, we would say that you're our friend, and Harry?"


"I think that we (and my parents!) should go by Uzumaki—considering you are the secondary heir."

Seto and Daphne looked like they disagreed. Seto spoke up: "You might want to wait on that. You don't know yet what the political climate might be like for someone with that name. Let us first find out where we are, and find whomever is in charge. We can explain our situation to them and go from there."


As they neared town, a few dark figures jumped down from the trees.

"Halt! And state you name and purpose."

Although they were all a bit surprised, Hermoine's father answered, as he was the oldest within the group. "Hello. My name is Daniel, and this is my wife, Emma, daughter, Hermoine, and my nephew, Harry. These are their friends, Daphne, Ryou, and the twins: Seto and Mokuba."

"No last names?" one of the guards interjected.

"We do, however, we don't know the political climate around these parts, so forgive me if I don't present our family names. Anyways, we would like to talk with the leader of the town, as we are looking for both political asylum and possible family."

"Ah. Well, my name is Kotetsu, and this is my partner, Izumo. While Izumo goes to speak with our hokage, do you mind filling out registration forms?"