Such an interesting chain of events: Hades has lost his physical form and lacked the strength to immediately create a new one. Medusa has been destroyed, and in her absence, the spirit of darkness has grown stronger. The creature created by Mastema has been reduced to ash and banished. Skyworld is stronger than ever before, not because of its army, but solely due to the angel.

He has performed admirably and beyond expectations. Mishael fell to Underworld forces and Leale to Medusa and Hades themselves. Pit, however, with Palutena's blessings, has stood fast and soundly defeated both. His loyalty, compassion, and skill have all proved incomparable.

Even more fascinating is his relationship regarding his reflection. The doppelgänger was never meant to exist, and his presence grants Pit further strength and power. He has not realized this quite yet, only understanding that they share a connection of some kind. If they can strengthen that connection, grow more powerful together, Pit may be just what the world needs. What we need.

With his slumbering potential and his doppelgänger as a failsafe, he could unite the immortal world. The danger he will soon face may be the perfect test for him and his dark reflection.

His loyalty and sense of justice will serve well.