Emily was relaxing reading a book. Naomi wasn't due home from work for another hour. Her mobile rang and she smiled as she saw her sister's name. "Hey Kati..."

"He's packing his suitcase again! And you thought I was high maintenance. I never want to hear about my travel habits... like ever... For fuck's sake, it's the third time he's unpacked it and repacked it." Emily pulled the phone away from her ear as her sister was yelling. She waited for a pause to speak.

"Aren't you leaving tomorrow?" She dog-eared the book and set it aside. "Didn't think you'd need a suitcase for a weekend getaway."

"What? Yeah, we're leaving tomorrow.. but it's not... Ugh... The suitcase isn't for tomorrow. It's for the CON."

"The Con?" Emily laughed. "The one in July? Isn't that a couple of months..." She got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. She grabbed the kettle and filled it with water.

"Exactly! It's like he can't stop himself from packing and unpacking bloody costumes."

"Wasn't this the trip you gave him as a gift?" She put the kettle on the burner and flipped it on. She went about grabbing a cup and a tea bag.

"Well yeah but..."

"I thought you knew what you were getting into." Her eyes fell on to a framed photo of her and Naomi. She couldn't help but pick it up and run her fingers over her girlfriend's smile. The kettle whistled and she put the picture down. She poured the water.

"So did I." Katie blew out her breath in a huff. "I know he's excited. But... if this is now... what's it going to be like..." She heard her twin laughing. "It's not funny Ems. I love him but it's like he's a total..."

"Nerd?" She stirred some sugar into her cup.

"No. I mean yes. But I liked the nerd in him... it's practically pathologically obsessive. Is it healthy? Shit maybe I should call Effy. She might know if he's gone mental."

"Katie!" She licked her spoon before putting it into the sink.

"What? She's like taking classes and shit. It's not about her being mental. Though I 'spose that gives her an edge."

"You're terrible." She took the cup into the sitting room. She curled up on the couch. "Do not call Effy."

"Fine." Katie drew out the word. "But what am I going to do with him?"

"Distract him. Get him out of the flat..." She blew on the hot beverage. She looked around the room. She knew she was being foolish but she couldn't help feeling like she was missing something every so often.

"I can be distracting." She heard a tone in Katie's voice and shook her head.

"And I'm ending this before you overshare. Have fun this weekend."

"Yeah yeah... say hi to blondie."

Emily ended the call and put the phone down. She still couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched.

Short... but it's a start... I'm working up to the Walls sequel coming this summer... more one-shots to follow... yes still working on Fighting Loudly but thought it was time to start my way to my first sequel...