Hello guys and gals. I'm posting this update in response to a recent guest review that was left, expressing their disappointment that the next chapter for this story has not been released thus far. If it wasn't already made clear previously, then let me reiterate it again. This story HAS NOT been abandoned! I am taking time away from writing right now because I'm dealing with some personal health issues and that has been affecting both my motivation and mindset. Furthermore, as a small business owner, I'm trying to keep my eBay store afloat as best I can. Writing is merely a hobby for me that I do in my spare time and I have real-world obligations like everyone else that need to be met before I can focus on anything else. So please be patient with me! I promise that a new chapter will come in due time, but I am not going to release it solely because of numerous requests asking for the next update to be released when it isn't even finished yet! Thank you all for your continued support of this story. I hope you all have a happy holiday season and stay safe during these difficult and uncertain times.