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Summary: The 14th of February has come and while Valentine is only common-place within Wall Sina, the both of them try and prepare the Eren and Historia have been in a secret relationship between both the military government and their comrades backs as neither wish to be involved with politics along with the various complications and threats that would come about as a result. …Eren and Historia try their best…?

Note on Spoilers: No explicit manga spoilers in this chapter, although there will be some hinting at a few, details are not revealed so spoiler free in essence since it would only maybe affect your opinions on the basement reveal perhaps? Very minor hinting in essence despite the heaps they learnt, nothing here is revealed.

Basically… late (surprise there lol… honestly though… I've generally been rarely tardy to anything I properly plan for the past decade lol and now… but anyways!) but yeah just finished a Valentine's fic now lmao and can't be asked to wait another year to post it, but yeah a month ad a half late!

Also main reason this is here and not in the main story (aside from extra chapter length) is because you shouldn't necessarily take it 100% seriously, but it's all meant to be seen as occurring in reality. It's sort of the bad/silly stunt people pull in real life and even in AoT like Potato x Sasha x Meat just bigger in a way, so yeah don't take it as necessarily a good fit for AoT's tone since Eren using his Titan power for silly things is like someone walking round with a rocket launcher down the streets and messing around with it – it's the line of reality that this fic sort of crosses and I think it's best I shut up now cause you get the point!

But yeah hope this might be enjoyable even if it messes up the point which it occurs in as this would happen within chapter 14 of the main fic once it reaches there, so yeah!



Fragment 1 – Valentinstag

Late Winter of the Year 851 – Trost District Survey Corps HQ in the Early Morning

A soft lick, cold to the skin yet maybe just a little warmer than the white ground. The snow had stopped falling by now, but the icy air defended its presence for a while longer, refusing the pale frost to melt and run watery down to the rivers.

The year's crop would have to be set soon, but as it often was, the Winter continued to stubbornly hold onto the hardened earth for as long as it could.

There had been a time when the brunet once welcomed the snow to the considerably warmer parts in Wall Maria, back when he lived in Shinganshina.

Even later on, as a refugee and then as a trainee, he didn't mind the winter days much at all. There was a lonely comfort to it, as if it was a familiar presence to him, teaching him how to harden his resolve wherever he was.

Stimulating his growth, into a fire that flowered in the bitter blizzards, unyielding to the ice cold winds and continuing to persist.

Neither flame melted snow, nor blizzard extinguished fire.

Eren's will, that once took on the flames, shooting scarlet holes into the twilight as the snowstorm went on.

He had thought his resolve to be unshatterable in that past.

But knowledge and truth crushed that flame easily.

And then the Winter felt no longer familiar to him.

No, that wasn't it. He realised that the Winter he was familiar with had departed, to a place where he could not reach, as he woke up, still in the cage.

Entrapped by chains that he could not break.

"Hah…" the Titan shifter breathed out the milky mists of cold, filled with a deep lingering emotion as he examined the pot again.

Kneeling back up, he held the container in both his hands. The brunet was outside, unfazed by the cold but still unconsciously bothered by how unfamiliar it now was.

He really should have dressed up more, or so he could hear his adoptive sister telling him. Actually Mikasa would probably just wrap him up anyway while her scolding fell on death ears.

Either way, that wasn't important to Eren right now.

Eren's eyebrow twitched. And then twitched again.


"E-Eren?! What's wrong?" Armin stuttered outside just a few moments after Eren started his outcry, throwing the side door open in panic as he skid on the icy ground a little and had to reach onto the building's stone wall to keep balance.

Observing quickly, his eyes set on Eren in clothes far too thin for this time of year and the stiff expression on his face, comprehending just how loudly he had been screaming at the top of his lungs just a few seconds ago.

The Survey Corps within the building had all been roused suddenly, and Armin could here the complaints be yelled at each other from inside and could here the traces of Mikasa scattering about inside.

"A…Armin…" Eren twisted his head slightly to look at him and seemed to shudder a little at the shouting from within, now hearing footsteps thundering throughout the entire headquarters now, "…sorry… I was just…"

The blond had noticed his best friend sneaking out regularly in the morning, and had tried asking about it and following him once before, only to be get waved off and find Eren outside in the backyard of the building.

Armin hadn't taken it further after that, seeing that Eren may just be going out to get some space and alone time and decided to not question him further.

"Eren… let's go inside…" the blond got hit by a breeze of cold and tried shoving his hands into his pockets as they got bit, "… why did you just scream just now?"

Armin had been woken up earlier, hearing a rapid fire of swearing getting shot from Eren's mouth as he threw his shoes on and slipped out of their shared room. He had decided to follow him this morning, feeling concerned with how Eren hadn't been speaking much to him at all lately.

And he did just wanted to spend time with his longtime friend.

Armin knew that it was different now, and things would never go back to how they once were. He didn't know why Eren wouldn't talk about it, but he felt like trying to make an advance towards his childhood friend while he still had the time.

"Nothing… sorry I shouted… a bit too loud," Eren seemed to almost snap, containing his anger as if not wanting to direct it on Armin himself.

The blond looked at the container Eren dropped down. The container appeared to be made of some wood and there was soil spilling out of it from where it rested at Eren's feet. It almost looked like…

"What were you doing with that?" Armin gestured, racking his brains for any importance it might have to somebody.

"Nothing," Eren said in finality, walking briskly past him and going inside, "let's go inside. I probably woke some people up…"

Armin stood there a while longer, dissapointed a little that Eren was still having to deal with things troubling him. The blond took another glance at the wooden box, almost looking like a hand-made flowerpot.

'Eren has been coming here every morning… Just what is he…' Armin thought, looking back to the doorway that Eren had left open for him and the cold to get in, considering if there was any harm in having a closer look at it.

He turned round and took a few step forwards to the mess. Eren had dropped it to the floor. Was it something important?

He was about to kneel down and turn the container upright. But then a strong gust of wind blew in and crawled up his shirt and neck, causing him to wince a little.

Armin shook his head and quickly returned back through the door, shutting it tight. 'Maybe I'll check again later…' he thought, before following inside and going to find his brunet friend.

Late Winter of the Year 851 – A Few Days Earlier in the Kitchen

Eren kept cutting the food at a fast pace, desperately trying to quell his worries and focus on the task. In a few days, the crocus plants that he had planted would hopefully boom at last.

He had been taking care of them for the past 2 months after he sneaked out and spoke to a flower vendor.

Buds of mirror blue, with a gentle transference from several shades of blue and almost purple. The colour of the flowers that seemed to appear within many of his dreams, made him think so much of the sky, ocean and the colour of Historia's irises.

A beautiful blue that he could never grow tired of. Eren had tried to talk to several shopkeepers and gardeners that he was recommended, all to find the same flower.

There seemed to be no luck, with nobody able to help him. It's not like he had much to go on as he vaguely tried recalling the shape.

The flowers which grew just outside Shinganshina district in Wall Maria. By the tree which he would always walk too in his childhood when sent to collect firewood before the winter.

He would never forget the colours ranging from cerulean to azure but aside from that, he couldn't recall much else with certainty.

Eren didn't know why he was so drawn to them, and suggested that it's already late to start planting flowers, he had decided to take anything which would resemble the same colour.

He had been given some of the more common crocuses, which had a somewhat similar colour and a set had already been planted in a gardening pot at the side of a flower vendor.

After returning to the Trost district where the Survey Corps was going to be based for the winter, he had hidden them in the backyard and told nobody about them.

Spending the next 2 months, hoping that they would sprout their flowery colour, Eren had tended and checked them everyday, hoping to gift them to Historia.

Carefully keeping the snow off, making sure that the soil was not overly wettened by rain, and moving them around so that the sun would shine upon them for as many hours in the day as possible.

'The shoots have sprouted and the buds have grown a lot now… The flower better open up sometime soon…' Eren prayed in his head, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer until that day came.

Valentine's Day.

Not only that, but it coincided with almost exactly a month since Historia's Birthday. Recalling that feeling of his precious bird, he knew he wasn't going to screw this up.

He vaguely recalled his childhood as he screwed his eyes over and said "yuck" when his parents would go at it and somehow even Mr Hannes would be celebrating it with his wife.

He had been of the typical mind at how stupid the whole thing was. Until Historia happened. He didn't think it was that silly of an event anymore.

Or maybe he did to some extent, as he had wordlessly spent the past week listening to Jean telling everyone to not hold back on consideration or his feelings.

It was just an excuse to do something for Historia, especially when the Survey Corps operations were temporary suspended until the snow would begin to melt.

While tending to the flowers for a while now, Eren had moved to the kitchen now and had been trying to create some pastries as a confectionery.

Historia seemed to love pastries and frankly, so did Eren when he thought about it. The loaves of bread, often dried and almost stale cold lumps of once warmly cooked flour. Perhaps it was a feeling of 'trying something different' from the well baked pastries of the interior and instead something more homemade and wrought.

Eren knew that flowers and sugary sweets were simply basic, but he knew Historia would adore the gesture no less.

He clearly remembered the words she spoke to him almost a month ago, knowing Historia wasn't simply playing the considerate act and saying 'if it's from you, then that's all that matters'.

Historia meant it. Between the two of them, every gift truly meant everything, no matter how small.

They gave each other gifts because they wanted to.

Because they truly wanted to.

"Damn it, is it ready or a bit longer…?" Eren questioned aloud, whisking the lump of dough once more, that was just moments before a mixture of flour, sugar, butter and milk.

"Um, a little longer," his instructor told him, poking her head beside him. The brunette teacher grabbed another spoon and added another scoop of flour inside as Eren kept stirring at a rapid rate. "… I think."

She tried sneaking a finger inside of the bowl and scooping up a bit of the raw dough, just as Eren flicked away her hand.

"Hey Sasha, this is different from meat and potatoes, are you su–" Eren tried to seek some reassurance, knowing he didn't have many other options after Armin had been unable to help him.

Eren did remember that Jean was the one who had one a face-off against Sasha though about a year and a half ago, but he wasn't quite ready to face the questions Jean would have and no doubt mistake it as a move on Mikasa.

He had no idea how it took him so long to realize that was why Jean would always get mad at him out of jealousy, and he could only thank Historia for giving him an unimpressed look and educating him.

"Hey, you promised you won't talk about me and potatoes again if I helped!" Sasha pouted and complained, lightly elbowing him, "making bread and stuff ain't hard… also you said I would have a ¾ share as well."

Eren snorted, looking in doubt at the mess of what was meant to become cinnamon rolls. He had little time to spare and no alternatives at hand, "I said you could have no more than half and only if they come out well."

Cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon itself wasn't cheap either, though nothing Eren was unable to procure given the connections the Scouts had made with the Reeves Company and was able top import them from the West of Wall Rose.

And money wasn't particularly a problem either with Historia nagging him every time before he left and forcing 'pocket money' into his hands by the worth of a garrison soldier's monthly pay.

Eren had no intention of spending Historia's money off freely, especially when it was coming from her slowly selling off all the palace's furniture. It's true that Historia didn't need any overwhelming luxuries but he still felt she was going through far too much effort just to stuff help him financially.

And she only seemed to only give money to him.

The least he would do is make sure to spend a big portion on things for her. Pastry. Historia's pastry. Cinnamon rolls. Historia's cinnamon rolls.

Continuing the task uncertainly, Eren continued stirring as the mess of swirls became… a different shape of messy swirls.

'Shouldn't it be kneaded together? What's the point in spreading it all around then…' Eren thought and looked to the side and slapped Sasha's hand who was snagging at ingredients he wasn't even going to use.

She pouted at him and kept munching on some strawberries that had been in the stores. They hadn't technically asked for permission to use the kitchen and someone was bound to notice the missing ingredients.

Actually even if Eren had not brought Sasha with him here now, there would still be a missing list of food in their stores sooner or later. Shaking his head at her, Eren recited the only thing he needed to focus on right now.

'Historia's cinnamon rolls. Got to do it. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Go to do it. His–'

A few times, Eren had asked himself why he chose to do cinnamon rolls amongst the other possible options. It's not like Historia specifically had been wanting to try some – so far as he was aware at least.

The answer was simple. Eren felt he could understand most things about her. But there was one thing he didn't know.

He started breathing a lot more heavily. Eren mentally struggled to picture her. Biting down with an 'omp' into the side of the pastry, he could only imagine how adorable she would look however she ate it.

'Are you the type to bite straight into it, or to pull out the swirly dough and eat it from one end to the other?!' Eren debated in his head, thinking whether Historia would want to unwrap it like a string or start chomping into the middle first.

It was a very important thing to know. Whether your other half goes to the centre first or unwraps the gift.

On one hand, if she eats straight into it, then chances are there will be a few bits of sprinkled cinnamon that would get stuck on her lips, giving Eren the excuse to trail a line around her jawline and wait for the moment to kiss her clean.

On the other, if she starts peeling it open and around before eating it, her fingers would be very sticky from the sugar mixed in, giving Eren the excuse to start licking her fingers clean and needing to suck her digits one by one.

Would Historia go for the heart and dig outwards.

Or around and in towards the centre of the bun.

Searching for what is within and how everything was build.

Observing around at how everything is connected to the core.

"Hey, Sasha… aren't eggs needed as well or something?" Eren asked, noticing how everything between the dough and the moisture was frail, breaking and disconnected.

"O-oh, a-ah y-yeah, I forgot about those…" Sasha coughed and scratched her face slightly, waving her ponytail into Eren's face a little as she stumbled around awkwardly, "um… those should have gone in at the start… I think."

Eren scowled and looked around and at Sasha in discontent who forced a smile at him, trying to play innocent.

"Uh, whatever let's just put them in now," Eren decided, already feeling a bit of dread in his stomach, "where are they now?"

"O-Oh, you still needed those… then er…" Sasha trembled and looked around the room before forcing herself to face Eren again.

He wasn't the brute and reckless kid who always was around Mikasa anymore, who did scare her off a little back then.

No. Right now, Sasha backed away with true terror as Eren held the intimidation of some bloodthirsty tyrant who was about to exact revenge on her with extreme prejudice and hardened titanic power.

Sasha also felt like it was the exact same feeling when from when she and Connie had gone with Eren to see Historia. She had accidentally taken just a small sip or three from the cup Historia had prepared for everyone, and yet the Queen had suddenly grown an aura of rage around her and refused the servants to feed her while she watched everyone else gauging at the feast in front of her.

Sasha had sworn to never get on Historia's bad side after they made up after that near extinction event, though she never figured out why that drink of whatever it was tasted so sweet. Or why there were two straws in it. Or why she had unspeakable fantasies that left her very excited all night.

"A-Ah, wait you can use yogurt or something for binding!" Sasha pleaded and thought of an escape route as she felt Eren's flames calming for a moment.

"We don't have any yogurt," he replied, just as Sasha felt her world spin round as if it was mocking her before a King.

"A-Applesauce or s-some fruitjuice?!" Sasha considered, racking her brains for anything that she heard were used in places chickens weren't had.

"You used the last of it up a week ago when you made that pie," Eren reminded her, allowing Sasha to recall the heaps she had spilled by 'accident' and had to lick clean.

Sasha's life was on the line as she decided she would blame chickens, for not producing enough eggs across the world, to the death.

Actually she should blame the eggs from which the chickens came from for not being greater in number.

Actually eggs would be useful so she shouldn't blame them.

Actually she should blame the chickens before them for not laying enough eggs.

But what if it wasn't the chicken's fault that it could lay enough eggs?

She should be blaming the eggs they came from for not surviving.

But then again, the eggs can't do anything about that.

She should blame the chickens that laid the eggs from which came the chickens that produced the eggs that didn't survive to become chickens and lay the eggs that she could barter for her life in front of Eren right now.

It wasn't her fault that eggs went with everything. In fact, if anything was to blame then it should be the chickens that laid the eggs from which came the chickens that produced the eggs that looked so tasty and seduced Sasha's stomach with half an hour ago.

Or maybe she should blame the eggs those chicken came from.

Sasha also considered quitting the corps, running away into the distant country and becoming a philosopher.

Something told her that her chances of survival where much greater that way as Eren approached her with the great kitchen whisk of destruction.

"O-O-O… O… O…" Sasha breathed out in steady paths as she clenched her heart dramatically and felt her knees going weak, "O… O… O… il… Oi…l…. Oil… Oil…"

"… Oil?" Eren calmed his advance and looked a her confused, "but wouldn't that make everything run even more?"

"S-So long as i-it's v-vegtable oil or something… and water should work…" Sasha tried to cling onto her last hope.

Eren stared at her questioningly for a while longer before drawing back the supreme whisk of judgment away from her and giving Sasha room to breathe once more.

Stumbling in a daze and unable to tell up from down, she somehow managed to hand Eren what he needed and prayed for

Eren sighed for the umpteenth time, knowing just how hard it was to get things done properly, knowing full well that Historia would be struggling just as well on the opposite end of the line.

He wanted to go see her now.

Eren wanted to embrace her, to tell her simply to forget it all.

It was just another day and they could have their own Valentine's day at a different date whenever they wanted, however many times they wanted.

But it was an excuse for them to be elsewhere under the sun and in a place where the land wasn't separated by walls nor a couple hundred kilometers of land.

Eren wanted to rush out and see her now.

But he couldn't without punishment from his superiors.


Just a few more days.

In just a few more days, the flowers should bloom, the pastries should be come out fine and the gift was already ready.

"O-Oh…" Sasha suddenly blurted out and Eren turned to her again, questioning her furiously, "t-t-that may have been a bit too much oil that you added… E-Eren, t-that's a k-knife, you're… E…EEEEKK-"

Late Winter of the Year 851 – A Few Days and Minutes Later in Hanji's Office

"So you started shouting and woke everyone up this morning because you accidentally slammed the door on your foot?" Hanji rubbed her head and tried to verify the simple and yet for some reason unbelievable excuse.

"Yes… it really hurt…" Eren nodded and tried to act by reaching down and rubbing his foot.

"And why were you going out this morning?" the older woman called it to attention. She had heard reports from Captain Levi as to how Eren seemed to leave his post and duties a lot more often now.

Yet she couldn't bring herself to punish him like the captain would in her own form of a mop and bucket.

She didn't have the strength to punish him after all that had happened.

Eren didn't reply, only feel into solemn passiveness.

He had been doing that a lot.

Simply quiet and in the background. So small that he seemed to disappear off so easily despite being their most important asset.

And then came messages from the capital and excuses to leave the headquarters frequently.

Was it that painful to be around them for him? Hanji couldn't deny concern over his behaviour but knew no way of approaching it from her new mantle.

She would have to enforce stricter discipline if the brunet kept shirking his responsibilities.


'It's fine for now. We have time. We can all rest a little before our enemy would strike again,' Hanji decided, slumping down into her chair gently while Eren stood before her desk unmoving.

She was weary as well. Saying goodbye to those who didn't exist beneath their tombstone, again and again.

Until now…

"Well nevermind that now. There's something important that I need to talk to you about," she began. Eren kept his face limply downwards, not even making eye contact or any response to her.

The almost middle-aged woman coughed and tapped her fingers against the desk, trying to get his attentions as she pushed over a letter towards him that she had received this morning.

"Eren… are you and Historia…" Suddenly, his eyes seemed to glow again, and his head swiftly yet somehow almost unnoticeably snapped back up to the bespectacled woman's face as she fixed him the most serious stare that her strength allowed her.

'SHIT! Why the hell is the world picking on me today?!' Eren spewed out every curse and his body began buckling up and sweating in panic. 'SON OF A BITCH! How did she find out about us?!'

By no means did this mean the end though. 'So long as I can convince commander Hanji to keep quiet about it…' Eren began thinking of a plan.

He hated it. Having to keep secret about such a thing. Some small part of him questioned himself if the whole secrecy was just taking the overly dramatic route.

It's not like their lives were about to be threatened, but getting caught up with endless cycles of politics and accusations of the military wishing to install themselves permanently into the heart of power was not something either would ever want.

After all… a some point, Historia would be required to produce an heir. The thrown had to be held by someone after all, even if it was mainly for show, her bloodline also was special and may even be desired to be preserved should the secret behind it be revealed.

"… terms?"

If… the military actually found out about it… the way to use the Founding Titan power. He breathed out steadily, reorganizing his thoughts to how they were about a month ago.

Eren was the only one who knew right now. But he held the feeling that someone else would figure it out later or that the truth would eventually come out at least.

"… Eren, you listening?"

Historia might even be forced into it all… and their relationship would quickly be called into question if exposed.

Concealing matters which threatened the safety of their whole nation, it wouldn't take much more to question what else the pair of them might be hiding and both lose any credibility or trust they had.


Their relationship had to remain a secret.

The entire affair would create sparks and conflicts from the remaining nobility as well, refusing to accept a common man to sit beside the Queen, no less considering that animosity still could be found against him in secret gatherings… or so Historia warned him about before reassuring that she will protect him from the centre.

He had to gain commander Hanji's trust now, even if it meant risking everyone's trust in him should the day come that the way to activate the Coordinate was exposed.

"Eren! Hey, I'm speaking to you!" Hanji knocked her hand on the table, now quite annoyed.

"… Huh?" Eren feigned a cough, and stood at attention again, hoping that his mental debate had not shown on his face.

The commander sighed and looked concerned, pulling up an envelope that Eren quickly spotted had the royal seal on it.

"I just asked you if you and Historia are on good terms?" she queried once more.

Eren brought himself together and realised what she had been asking. 'Does Hanji not know… no, she surely suspects it, I can't let my guard down,' he decided. He would have to answer carefully.

"Yeeesssss…?" Eren hissed like a snake, answering with little confidence. He kicked himself as Hanji dropped her mouth a little and screwed up her face.

"…" she looked doubtfully at him, and for some reason, it gave Eren an odd impression. "… Right. Looks like you don't know."

She seemed to wait for him to say something else. When he didn't and just maintained eye contact while biting his lip, the commander sighed and tapped the envelope in front of him, bringing it to his attention.

"This is…" Eren picked it up and looked it over. The royal seal was deeply imprinted on it, causing him to jump a little, "Historia…"

Without asking for permission, he pulled the already opened envelope up and searched through for the letter within.

'A royal summons…' Eren read through the letter, remembering a few times when Historia had simply used this for the two of them to meet without attracting too much attention.

Of course, she couldn't send it every time as it would get suspicious. And it was supposed to be used only for urgent business and for legal cases or matters of the utmost importance concerning state affairs.

"…" Eren kept reading, screwing up his eyebrows as he looked at it closely.

It was a warrant for his arrest.

Signed by Historia herself.

"… Oh… I'm sure Historia is just joking about… this, commander…" Eren spoke after he confirmed Historia's signature with a twitch of an eyebrow. If he looked closely… he could even swear he saw the dot drawn in a tiny love heart shape.

"Even it was her Majesty, she is not permitted to do such things like this as a joke," Hanji pressed the severity.

Eren took in the words, remembering Historia's scary assistant that would give him knowing looks that chilled to the bone and did not permit Historia to mess around in her presence.

"I doubt she would be messing around full knowing the risk this has," she enforced, "which is why I'm asking, seeing as the charge you are being accused of isn't listed, are you and Historia on good terms?"

'… Like you have no idea…' Eren kept to himself, reigning in any worry that their relationship was suspect for now.

This was a typical prank sort of Historia's that she had already pulled similar on a number of nobles already. At Eren's suggestion. He could already see her adorable smirk in his head before she would give a coy giggle as he looked up at her helpless before her power.

Come to think of it… Eren did accidentally open that damned bathroom door into her face last they met and knocking her out for the remaining duration of his time.

It was her fault for being behind the door and doing… whatever it was she was doing.

Or so Eren decided before trying to wake her and then laying her on the desk after bandaging her head a little.

He had made sure to tell her maids to watch over her after they entered, telling her that the Queen was taking a nap who then laid Historia in bed and asked him to leave.

Surely she wouldn't be that mad at him…

"… There may have been something that she would be unhappy about me for… but I wouldn't call it anything serious," he opted to mention.

"Such as?" she asked, drawing in breath.

"I-I didn't touch her at all! I just… the damn door… And I didn't run away just like that, I… waited for her maids to take care of her before going…" Eren argued, an image of how a big understanding could come about now.

Some of the maids didn't seem very fond of Eren either whenever he was around and Historia and him were sneaking around together, as the blame seemed to fall on him after they noticed how their keys seemed to go missing whenever he visited.

Them starting rumours about Eren assaulting the Queen suddenly didn't seem too far fetched. He was still sure that Historia was only doing it to get them together on this day, but…

"So, um… I won't be punished f-" There was obviously no way he would be executed and there wasn't much to confiscate from him, but in terms of penalties that could be arranged…

"If this was a year ago, then you could expect to have your tongue, ears or one of your hands cut off. Not that it would do much good for you," Hanji informed him, mumbling the last part to herself.

"Right…" Eren accepted the likely result. Jailtime seemed to be all they could actually do against him, and Historia could easily resolve that. If… she was in the mood.

Hanji didn't say anything more, so Eren turned around to the door, taking it as his cue to leave. He pressed down the handle when she spoke again. "Eren."

"Commander?" he called back to her.

The room fell silent and the air seemed to just feel a little less comfortable.

"… The snow will begin to melt soon. I'll obviously receive word on whatever they'll have you do but tell them anyway that you'll need to return here by that time," she said. Their operations would begin a pivotal moment.

The end of the mindless Titans. The beings he swore he would destroy. Though it wasn't by his hand, it was by Eren's Titan power that such a future now looked realistic.

And of course… it was thanks to Historia. And everyone else as well who had allowed them to get this far.

"I will commander," Eren turned round and saluted her once more. Feeling more than ever, just how conflicted the gesture was.

It was something he never thought of back then as he truly dedicated his heart. Revenge had driven him on for so long and so blindly that he had in the past completely thought himself to willing to dedicate everything to humanity.

He had gotten lost in his rage and by the time he noticed, his actions were already contradicting some of the things he had lived for.

The case was so different now, yet more difficult to swallow than ever before as he dropped his right hand from over his unresolved heart.

He would truly dedicate his body, power and life. But to what and the reason behind it had become as unclear as fog and smoke shrouding the morning and blocking out the sun.

After all… he did belong to someone else already.

"The carriage will be here at noon, in the meantime, you'll be on kitchen duty for causing that disturbance so early in the morning," Hanji instructed him off before pulling out another piece of paper and beginning to write once more.

He closed the door behind him, breathing out a sign of relief. Their relationship was safe for now. The day wasn't a completely picking on him today.

'Oh! That's right… the cinnamon rolls should be ready now…' Eren thought, fastening his pace towards the kitchen. They at least have had to surely come out right.

Would Historia go for the centre or the end?

'… Oh, if I'm seeing Historia, I should...' Eren thoughts switched suddenly, remembering what Historia had mentioned a couple weeks ago.

It felt embarrassing to think of and do at her instruction as though Historia was like a mother trying to get children to brush their teeth more often.

Actually that's pretty much what it was, except Historia's motherly feeling was washed down with tender affection when she enters her 'mom' mode.

' "What's this for?" Eren had said confused, examining the instrument. If he didn't know any better, it looked like some toothbursh, just properly made compared to the wood utensils he had used his whole life. Or didn't use most nights.

"… My breath isn't that bad though right?" Eren tried to make a light chuckle. Historia opened her mouth and shut it, looking at him uncertainly. "… oh, if it's b-"

"N-No, i-it's really not awful!" Historia tried to reassure him with difficulty, and started blushing hard, "but… um, well… i-if… you want to go… go… t-t-tongue a-and tongue…"

"You mean…" the heat to his face rivaled the other's. They had so far reached lip locking now. And hand holding. "S-So if I'm brushing really well, we can then move onto…"

"… Yeah," nodding timidly, she tried her best signature coy smile which didn't come out so well, "so be a good boy and -"

"I'll brush them three times a day!" Eren exclaimed, jumping at excitement, "no, I'll do it four times a day!"

"O-Okay, you don't have to brush that often but -" Historia smiled at him questionably. His breath wasn't actually that bad at all, the only reason she made it up was to start the conversation of the 'next stage'.

They had been comfortably closing the distance between their lips easily. It was just the one time but when Eren tried prodding his tongue forward, she had not expected it and broke their passionate kiss.

Being who he was, Eren of course started apologizing over the top and that time had deterred him from any further attempts at prodding her lips apart.

She had been ready then already, only the rushed moment made her feel she simply wanted to lay in his embrace in the few minutes they were able to get together after she dragged him from the corridor to an empty room when the Scouts visited as a group.

Historia had struggled to then respond after that, not knowing how to bring it up and was annoyed at herself for not going ahead the first time and not even giving him a reason why.

"I'll do it fives a day then!" he proclaimed this time, holding the toothbrush as it were an instrument given by God as a sign for him to ascend to the next heaven.

"You don't need to be that excessive," she laughed at how adorable he looked when he no longer had the depressed air around him just like she had been once everything changed, "there's no way you can do it that often though…" '

Eren was now brushing six times a day, once after and before he sleeps, once every time after his three meals or the times at which he would have them on a good day, and once in the middle of the night whenever he would 'wake from a dream'.

The memories and mix between fiction and reality seemed to often focus on Historia herself. Escaping from them almost very night, he would go out and wander like he always did.

And then suddenly have the urge to brush his teeth in pitch darkness when he remembered that Historia would probably like him to.

He had not mixed any of his scheduled six times a day in the past 2 weeks ever since Historia first suggested that he simply 'brushed more often'.

Eren doubted this often was what Historia meant but he satisfied himself with the image of the small blonde girl praising him and giving him some more kisses as a reward.

Actually Historia probably wouldn't do that if she found out, and just stare disbelievingly for a few moments before laughing at him for the rest of… his life.

There were more fingers on his hands than times he would spend this any particular day again.

'What am I doing…' he pondered once more, as with many a time since that day.

The Titans were on the verge of extinction and the operations would re-initiate soon. But that could change easily, just as their understanding of the Titans had many times since.

The snow would soon recede from the fields and wastelands and flood the river banks with dragged along soil and earth.

Once that happened, the horses could then travel across the lands of Wall Maria again. There was a lot planed for the future that he would have to see to, starting in one more week's time.

And yet… he could hardly spare little thought on that.

What filled his mind was…

'Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. Historia's cinnamon rolls. Centre or end. His–'

Such a question could only be answered if there was a little more than a few crumbs remaining in the pantry where they should have been kept.

"…" Eren's chest felt like it was thrown into a pit of emptiness and disappear as he blinked and readjusted to find the same image in front of him.

He drew in a sharp breath when a hand suddenly seized his shoulder and a bald head popped up next to him.

"Hey, Eren, there anymore of those sweet rolls left?" Connie asked, indifferent to Eren's twitching eyes and contorted face of horror. "Oh man, Mikasa must have gotten here before me."

The Titan shifter felt something snap within him.

"Co...nnie? What do you mean Mikasa… she doesn't even like sweet things," Eren questioned, knowing how Mikasa seemed to never like anything besides plain bread and soup.

He had been sure Sasha would have been involved given only she and Eren had hidden the dozen or so pastries.

"Oh you know, Sasha had been acting slightly weirder than usual, said something about how we are all descended from chickens and stuff like that. But then she said about some sweet rolls in here you guys were making for everyone and begged us to go get them for her since she's become weak from hunger… so she says," So Sasha was involved, albeit indirectly.

"So me and Mikasa go, and I needed the bathroom, so…" Connie stopped talking and looked around the room again.

Eren was gone.

Late Winter of the Year 851 – The Scouts Dining Hall

"H-Hey guys, don't hold back on my account, alright?" Jean told them all, looking a bit down while he sat next to Sasha, and trying to get people to notice his new hairstyle after brushing his now shining hair back with wax.

"Hold back on what Jean?" Sasha moaned from beside him. She had changed her mind about being descended from chickens.

"I-I mean, hey Sasha… do you like something that's different about me today?" he tried to get a response out of her, making a point to emphasize his hair to her.

"… No? Your the same Jean as yesterday, except a bit more annoying than usual, so that's not something I really like," the brunette replied, crushing Jean's heart just a little.

"O-Oh right…" he shrunk into his chair, looking over the table at Floch who sat a distance away from the rest of them. His hair transformation suddenly didn't feel so successful.

"I think you look nice Jean," Armin offered a compliment in Sasha's place, trying to cheer him up in her place.

"T-Thanks… no offense Armin but –" Jean scratched his chin, not knowing how to exactly respond. Did nobody else know what day it is?

"Hey Sasha, Mikasa's coming," Armin called the Ackerman's approach, carrying a tray and a dozen pastries on it.

"AHH, MIKASA YOU'RE MY –" Sasha was silenced by a super fast piece landing straight into her mouth, bringing her back to life for a little longer.

The ravenette placed the whole tray as everyone looked in and saw the still warm and gently paid pieces of bread, with a sprinkled like brown swirl going all around it, as it built up into the centre where the shape came to and end.

A soft bit of steam could be seen still seeping out through the gaps, carrying a sweet allure about them.

Jean and Armin looked in wonder at it, the latter surprised that Eren could manage such a thing now while the former tried to reach in slowly.

He had always remembered his childhood friend complaining about having to mind the kitchen. Though that had ceased ever since they became refugees, he presumed that Eren's mother's death was the cause, as opposed to him getting an actual liking to the act.

"Eren made these, so it's not fair for us to…" Mikasa had tried to say, feeling a new sensation beating through her heart. Had Eren done these specifically for… her?!

The thought of Eren confessing his feelings to her while interlocking hands and telling her to wait for him after he had to go to the capital… again… and saying that he'll have something important to say when he got back, filled her head.

And everyone else too… but they were surely for her and Armin first, it couldn't be a mistake that he had been preparing them for this day of lovers.

It had to be the case. Who else was there for Eren to gift such a thing to?

"H-Hey… Mikasa?"

He may have been acting distant away from them, but whenever he did speak, he always seemed so kind and considerate now.

Perhaps he was reflecting on exactly that and their relationships with them all… now with his time at hand, perhaps he was thinking of how to spend it now more than ever.

"S-So Mikasa, d-do you notice anything different about me today?"

Mikasa had resolved herself in her heart a long time ago that she would protect him, and that was not going to change here.

She would not break her promise. She couldn't. Mikasa wanted to be together at the very end, and for him to look at her in the same way she did…

"Hey, Mikasa…" Jean's voice and Armin's nudging broke her out of her trance, looking to her friends emotionlessly on the surface only.

"What is it?" she spoke in her usual calm and almost toneless demeanour, looking down to the… already half empty tray…

"So… you notice anything dif–" Jean tried to begin his question again, not feeling the mood was right but deciding he had to at least try and go with it now.

"Sasha. Why are there only 6 left already?" Mikasa turned the accusations to the hunter girl, sitting besides Jean on the other side of a table while she stood next to Armin's increasingly worried self.

Her female roommate swallowed down another loaf almost entirely at once and looked at Mikasa innocently.

"Eren said I could have half o–, no ¾ of them!" she defended herself and reached to grab another, before having her hand slapped away.

"No more," Mikasa emphasized by taking the one Sasha had tried to get her hands on, and offering one to Armin.

"Oh, so… hey Mikasa, since those are technically Eren's, do you… something els–" Jean was promptly handed one as well, without any further commenting, "ah… well, since Mikasa technically gave it to me, it's -"

"You should have another Armin," Mikasa suggested, while suddenly pocketing an extra one with one hand for her and Eren, just in case, leaving now only one more roll left on the table, while fending back Sasha with the other arm.

"Oh, um… shouldn't we ask Eren…" Armin said, still holding two yet uneaten rolls. Holding them a little too closely to Sasha. Their number was halved in an instance again, "maybe he wanted to give them to us himself or to someone in particul– huh?! S-Sasha…?"

Armin trembled and started to blush a little, as the brunette girl, and ate the roll whole, swallowing some of his fingers inside as well, which he desperately tried to pull free before Mikasa came to his rescue.

Sasha struggled but eventually released a vice like jaw while Armin still held onto one more remaining roll of bread with Jean's help in pulling her away, all the while lamenting about nobody needing to be afraid on give him any chocolate or the sort just because they're shy in approaching him.

It was nice. Or so they all thought subconsciously, drifting out into proper thoughts from time to time.

Not having to fear the walls being destroyed in the morning.

Not needing to worry that humanity might be extinct tomorrow.

Not bothering to keep their guards up everywhere for the next betrayal.

It was peaceful.

It was better.

Armin. Mikasa. Jean. Sasha. Connie.

They all thought on how they could have a peaceful future.

Along with Eren.

Why couldn't this peace last?

Their minds began turning in various directions but the wish was beginning to spread amongst them.

A way to prolong this peace… one more year… another decade… or a century more…

So long as nothing stood in their way or destroyed the process to it… might peace actually be achieved…

"Mikasa! Where are-?!" A certain Titan shifter strutted in like a flood, thundering into the dining hall and skidding to a halt before them all, looking upon the new tray of crumbs and…

The last remaining cinnamon on the table being reached out towards by a hungry monster, who had now knocked Jean on the floor with a kick of her legs.

Without thinking and acting purely on animalistic instinct, Eren jumped straight towards and onto the table, bringing his hand clapping sharply down before Sasha.

His hand crashed down in time, before she could reach it and the whole room fell silent. The force of Eren's impacting palm on the table after leaping out, had caused a crack to appear across the wooden surface.

"… What are you guys actually doing?" Floch's voice broke the short silence as he looked at the rest of the group from other the table, glad that he wasn't involved with the rowdy bunch that had waken him badly in the morning.

"… E-E-E-Eren, I w-w-was… y-you remember you agreed to give me thr- no I mean half right?" Sasha desperately forced up an excuse once again, feeling a dark feeling in the stomach. Eggs. This all started with eggs. She was never eating eggs again. "S-So, t-this is my s-sixth one, r-right?! Since –"

"Sasha. You've already had seven." Mikasa warned her monotonously, drawling a second cold shiver through the brunette's spine.

The born huntress gulped and shrunk under the table, onto the floor and behind Jean who was still unconscious, cowering behind her newly appointed meat shield. "...I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Eren, I'm really, really, really sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry…"

"Hey, um… Eren…" Armin finally got his attention after hesitating for a long while, never seeing Eren being quite this… jumpy and beast like. "Were you… going to eat that…?"

Eren shivered slightly as he noticed where Armin was pointing. He reluctantly looked down, already having a faint feeling of defeat in the pit of his stomach.

Crushed. The last pastry on the table had just been crushed in beneath his own hand when he leaped onto the table to try and block Sasha's path.

"…" Eren's head turned to Jean and Sasha on the floor, then to Mikasa and Armin, who to his relief held one each.

Hope and relief washed away all his suffering as he got off the partially cracking table that still managed to hold on.

"Hey, um…" Eren looked to Mikasa, noticing hers was already half eaten, before turning to Armin. Both were staring at him as though they didn't recognize him anymore and only gazed at him in concern. "… um, Armin, do you mind if I at least hav–"

"Hey guys! Sorry, I'm late, got held up… aww, you guys started eating without me," in the middle of everything that was going on, Connie pranced in carefreely, not noticing everything that had happened, "oh! Thanks for saving me one Armin!"

"H- No, Connie wait!" Armin's plea and Eren's desperately reaching hand went unnoticed as well through the pleasant hums he often dove into the tunes of.

The bald haired boy, took the cinnamon roll that was being held up and brought it to his mouth, taking a swift bite from it.

Eren felt like strangling himself at his foolishness.

"W-Wait Eren… t-those were for us right?" Sasha asked beginning to get concerned. "I-I could have sworn you said… did you… you did… right…?"

His second last hope, gone for a second time.

"Yes. They were for you guys." Eren said.

Late Winter of the Year 851 – Noon of Valentines Day on the Journey to the Royal Palace

First the flowers, then the pastry.


By some miracle, after he had gone back to his flower pot, Eren had managed to salvage something.

The rest of the flowers that he had tried to make into a bouquet had been eaten.

Eren didn't know what it was – though he could at least rule out Sasha this time round unless she also ate wild flowers in her spare time – but he swore to hunt down the animal that had mangled through and vandalized his several weeks worth of toil.

Just like that, the bouquet of flowers and a hidden bag of pastry was all gone, and he was left with a single, underdeveloped flower and a few sweet, tiny breadcrumbs.

Noon had come fast after that and Eren was taken by the guards who didn't even bother saying his name.

It wasn't anything different. Granted Eren had never gotten an actual warrant of arrest but this was just the thing Historia would do to get him to the capital where she would then grab him away and forget everything.

Even if she might be a little annoyed. Probably.

The carriage was spacious despite his technical arrest, with two guards sitting on the opposite seat across from him and Eren having the space for three to himself.

They didn't exchange any words throughout the whole journey, and continued watching him closely and seriously.

They seemed… very forced. Eren considered how fake they seemed to feel but had more troubling thoughts to deal with.

At last in a private space, Eren was able to unfold the second note that had been hidden within the letter while his two guards showed no signs of stopping him.

Historia had told him in the past that she may be able to sneak in hidden messages like that and to make sure he always checked between the two.

His breath hitched as he flipped up the folded parchment he had managed to uncover, setting his eyes on what Historia wrote in plain dark ink.

Dear Titan Shifty-winkies,

'… That's a weird way to start,' Eren thought, biting back a smile and realising that Historia had written him a love poem.

Tried to write him a love poem.

The first line itself had been scribbled out, rewritten, and then messed up with various other words pointing into it, several times before being written us above.

The skies overhead, and the paperwork all around me,

I see birds mislead, along with ailing clerks and divering devotees,

'At least it rhythms a bit,' he admits, feeling Historia's own hand as she wrote it sneakily in between work.

Must I really spend six hours staring at this, not knowing what to write?

Also rhyming is stupid.

'Or not,' Eren considered how Historia would spend the long days chewing on the words to write while making sure to not get caught.

Our relationship is weird, isn't it?

Having to send letters beneath cover letters and messing around in secret.

I guess this is my first love letter.

Struggling to find excuses and chances to dive into empty rooms to talk freely.

I'm glad. I think I'm happy to be in this weird situation with you.

I want to walk with you hand in hand down the streets one day.

But for some reason, I feel like this is just right for us.

'… We will someday… I'm sure of it…' Eren had made that vow some time ago, on the first day that 'they started'.

But… there was some other part of him saying that they should stay like this for now. Some prophetic instinct that told him revealing everything now would spell disaster for the future.

I prefer talking face to face with you.

It would be great if we could send letters whenever we wanted, but that's not possible either.

So you know what day it is right now.

I read a book about it and found a few poems about it.

But none of them fit us.

There's no way that I would be able to say everything I want to and compress it into a few thousand words.

So I prefer to talk to you face to face.

I miss you.

I am angry you just left me like that last time. Just like so many times before.

I know it is difficult to ask, and I cannot blame you.


Waking up to see you gone makes me want to rush out and whisper "we'll see each other again soon" back to you just like you did as I slept.

Eren clenched the paper and tore it sightly, doing his best to bottle down his feelings. He wanted to. But he couldn't for now.

But it didn't change how he too felt unsatisfied when leaving like that/

So hurry up and come back.

And my head still hurts because of you. You touched my body in weird places didn't you? I bet that's why you knocked me out in the first place.

I still have to be wear a stupid plaster in the middle of my forehead like a kid.

'…' Eren turned his eyes inwards, glad that she was okay if she could joke like that. He smiled slightly, feeling the latter begin to end.


Don't keep me waiting.

Her last words where followed up by a love heart shape etched in the same black ink that the rest of the letter was. The brunetfondly kept re-reading the letter again and again until the duration of the journey.

They finally arrived at the capitol with traffic instantly building for an hour until they finally came to their destination.

"Off you go then," one of the guards sitting opposite Eren said unexpectedly. The door opened to reveal nobody awaiting him on the outside.

"Go? You mean, you're not escorting me?" the Titan shifter tried to verify. If he was under arrest, then he surely wouldn't just be told

"Oh we're not actual guards," one of them broke into a smile and suddenly slipped off his Military jacket easily.

"…Wait… what?" Eren examined them, and looked at the rifles they were carrying. Fake rifles. Fake badges.

"We got paid to wear these and bring you up here, that really is it," one of them explained and suddenly waved him out again. "Later buddy, you're not actually a criminal are you?"

"… Oh…" Eren said and cocked his head at the odd spectacle. Was he technically still arrested? He should ask the receptionist to make sure that he wasn't currently an enemy of the state.

Late Winter of the Year 851 – Royal Palace Gardens

"Khuh- Oh m-my…" The Queen's dying fits of laughter gave life to the hall building as she dug her face in her arm lapped across the table and laughed in the face of the pouting Titan shifter. "I-I c-can't… heheheh…"

"If you keep snorting like that, I'm sure the whole country will hear," Eren shot a unserious yet annoyed response. He received an expected jab in the ribs for the comment. Historia always ate desserts with utmost elegance at all times. Aside from sometimes.

"I-I can't believe you…" Historia coughed from next to him. They were sitting out in the empty courtyard after Eren had wandered around asking for where the prison was.

"So…" Historia tried again only to end up giggling again, "you came in saying you're here to turn yourself in, so they send you right into the front office and they just tell you…'I-It's through the courtyard and then on your left'…"

After a lot of weird looks and uncertain employees trying to help him, Eren was told to stop being a bother and to go commit a crime if he wanted to be arrested that badly.

"E-Eren… you know that warrant I sent was an outdated version silly," she tried to stiffle her giggles once again with limited success. Flopping down her arms on the outdoors table which were used to dine during the summer. "You seriously thought t-they actually send people than can arrest you to begin with…? Heeh, do you really think I would arrest you for hurting my head a little?"

It was still very cold outside yet Historia wanted to walk around the gardens with Eren and point out some things she had changed and started growing.

"… I knew that… I was just playing dumb for the sake of your idea…" Eren mumbled under his breath from beside the blonde, refusing to look at her and finding the unmelten snow far more interesting. "Stop with that fake laughing already, I bet you were staring out the window and watching everything happen"

"…" Historia went quiet.

Eren glowered at her biting her lip and smiling awkwardly. Suddenly no longer doing her fake annoying laugh, created for the sole purpose of annoying him in Krista fashion.

"Hey Historia," Eren grew the devil's smirk, finally getting his hands on his real trump card, "how about I speak with the newspaper agents and go public with that excellently written love letter from the Queen herself."

That froze her instantly, and the tables were turned at once. Historia felt icy inside, feeling actually that Eren was serious.

"Give it," she ordered at once, playing down his bluff with her own poker face. She leaned off the bench they were sharing in the private garden and tried climbing over him to reach for it.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. I like the part about you thinking of your body be-" he tried to persist a little more, finding the murderous look she was giving him quite cute. He held the love letter out of her arms reach and smiled her down.

"Give. It." The Queen repeated, unbending to her defeat.

She seemed to plead of embarrassment despite seeing this herself as a bit of justice going her way, she refused it, not yielding to her challenging soldier.

"Fine," Eren swiftly leaned down to peck her on her cheek before handing it to her. Historia's face steamed a little from the surprise attack before she pecked him right back, "and no more jokes like that, the commander got me worried enough that you were actually mad at me."

"Of course I wasn't bad at you," she cooed at him. Saddened certainly but she was the one peeping on Eren in the bathroom to no avail. "But what about -"

"No," Eren shot down any further attempts she might make. He was not falling for any more fake penalties Historia had no doubt been steaming away at.

".. But if -" Historia really wanted for Eren to carry out one particular idea she had in mind.

"I'll go public with this if I have to," he teased again but she saw the traces of seriousness that he had.

"Yes alright, sorry… I may have got carried away… it would be funny though if I could just train you to do… some certain things," standing up from his lap, she winked cheekily at him, keeping her idea safe for a different occasion. "Anyway, we're both getting cold, let's go inside."

Erenn stood up and followed after her. Her gardens were massive and practically a field to herself that was right now overfilled with stubborn snow clinging onto the evergreen bushes and trees dotted around and in patterns.

They were clearly kept in good condition by some employee every year. Historia had shown him all around and told him of the different colours of plants she hoped to grow this year, the fields where she hoped to host festivals and the routes for them to sneak around unnoticed.

They entered the building once more, feeling a soothing warm air exiting from within the various room with the continuous lit stoves.

They walked side by side, fingers threaded with each other when they passed through the empty halls and quickly released before turning a corner or hearing the tapping of footsteps.

They arrived at her room once more, Historia easily dismissing the guards as usual. Things had changed quickly ever since 2 months ago.

Eren was fundamentally also employed as the Queen's personal bodyguard whenever he was at the capitol. It was well known how the two were part of the same training corps and served in the same Survey Corps division for a while.

Of course, what they didn't know, was just how different the relationship between Eren and Krista was, but there was justification enough in entrusting the security of the Queen to the Titan shifter.

The Titan Slayer. The Saviour of the Walls. The Hope of Humanity.

Eren had become a national hero by now, and the response was very favourable to have the people's hero working along side their Queen.

Titles given to them that they would never name themselves as.

"Well... take a seat," Historia woke him up before Eren once more began to think just how little the people knew behind his true nature. Behind the nature of the Queen's installment as well.

But they weren't 'Hero' and 'Queen' now.

They were Eren and Historia.

Eren walked over through the door and closed it behind him, locking it securely. There had been a few close cases of messengers rushing in on urgent business an almost finding them in between tender kisses and fierce embraces.

Meanwhile, Historia had marched over to the still blazing fire in her room and dramatically threw the love letter in, humming contently before watching it turn into cinders.

She was not writing something like that ever again. Eren may have been touched by it, but she recoiled at the experience in having to constantly tuck it in and out from amidst her paperwork during the day.

"H-Hey, close your eyes for a minute," Eren requested as he turned to face her with his back. Historia looked startled for a moment, after flicking her head and walking a few paces towards him, but nodded and shut her eyes firmly. "You can open them when I click my fingers."

"Alright then, I have something to give you as well afterwards," she hinted, already knowing that it was no doubt a gift that Eren had prepared for her.

Her pulse begin to increase dramatically as it did each time.

A gift for Historia.

Every time she received a present, it seemed to fill her up full with feeling.

Being given something from someone else still felt so alien to her.

But she wanted it.

She wanted even if it was just one or two more things, Historia wanted Eren to give her just a few more gifts.

She craved that feeling of the once unneeded girl being given something from the unneeded boy.

She needed it.

Pulling out the hidden object in his pocket, Eren placed the delicate creation in his mouth before carefully turning around and forcing a pose.

Eren snapped his fingers and Historia looked up at him. What did she expect?

A box of chocolates perhaps to make her body flutter over him? Did Eren even know how to make chocolate?

A necklace that he would place so delicately around that she wouldn't even notice? Somehow she doubted that when he already gave her some piece of jewelry though.


'… No way… he c-couldn't…' her heart rushed from a pleasantly fast pace to positively exploding all of a sudden. Taking her hand gently and slipping a cool circular metal around her finger. 'No way. It's.. t-too early for that, way too early… No… No way.'

A couple months in and already proposing something like marriage to her? For some reason Historia couldn't get it past her. So…

She slowly opened her eyes, trembling with uncertainty.

"…" Historia looked at Eren. Very carefully. "…"






"…" Historia's eyebrows began quivering as she pulled her jaw into an awkward smile, leaning her head to the side. "… The hospital is only a few minutes away Eren, we can go there now and –"

"I'm a'soultely 'ine mi'lady," Eren uncharacteristically run a hand through his hair and waved his hand, as if he was some narcissistic noble, obsessed with their apparent beauty. "May I not 'ave the p'easure of thy dance?"

Crunch. Eren took a bite from what he was holding in between his teeth.

A bluish purple flower, the stem of which was tightly gritted and shortened slightly by a little bite.

Just as Eren slowly kept gnawing at it, and eating up the green end out of nervousness, looking as if he truly had gone insane.

"W… Wh… at… are you doing…" Historia deadpanned at him. What was he even doing? Holding a flower in his mouth and trying to appear charming?

She lowered her head a little, hiding her face from him as her shoulders began to shake. Unable to keep it in, her badly tuned and hysterical laughter filled the room as she looked at her grinning lover, now holding a goofy grin and still… eating the stem of the bluish purple flower almost to the halfway point.

She remembered it again. A certain story from her childhood days spent alone.

The prince that would come to whisk her away on his noble stead, riding off into the palace together.

Reality was different from fiction.

But it wasn't completely off either.

An Hour Later

"Ugh, my mouth really tastes bad…" Eren complained, scratching at his tongue and at the grassy feel lingering in it.

"You're the dumbass who lost it and started eating a flower just to amuse me," Historia reminded him, rolling her eyes as she sighed in disbelief at him. "…So you were spending so much time growing them to make a bouquet for me but this morning some animal ate and ate them all."

Eren had been desperately holding the half crunched flower shoot in his mouth as he kept desperately flapping his hand her way and trying to ask for a dance.

She was not dancing ever again either after the incident 2 months back, even if she could actually manage Eren's silliness.

It wasn't charming at all. Not one bit.

"Yeah…that about sums it up. Sorry, I was careless and your gift got ruined…" Eren confirmed, still very upset. He had managed to find about three or four remaining flowers but they weren't enough for a posy, so Eren took the best remaining one.

Historia smiled and shook her head. Eren would act ridiculous for her sake sometimes but it was far better than him skulking around in the corner behind everyone else when they came as a group on official business.

"… One flower is all I need…" she whispered just enough for Eren to hear. He blinked and looked across the room to her desk, only spotting it now after Historia gestured her head over to it.

The flowers petal which had remained along with a tiny amount of the shoot left, hand been places into a tiny vessel in which it was hanging out of.

"Historia, you don't have to keep it a… at…" Eren trailed off. She really didn't need. There would be a next time and he would get make sure to grow enough flowers for a bouquet.

The flower wasn't going to last long, he didn't know how long but it's obvious that flowers will only stay fresh even when kept in the correct conditions after plucking for a short while.

But Historia was of course going to keep it anyway. Until the water run out. Until the insides wilted. Until the petals fell.

Eren was short on time. And Historia was going to treasure it until the end.

"Hey, it's your turn to close your eyes now," she changed the subject, standing up again and wandering to the corner of the room. She pulled open a drawer and looked back over her shoulder to stare impatiently at Eren.

"Fine…" Eren sighed, the words on his lips forgotten and gone. He closed his eyes surely and turned around. "Am I going to open my eyes to you eating a chandelier or something this time?"

"Is that what they do on the streets nowadays, or is this what they do on the other side of the ocean?" Historia smiled and closed the drawer, opening the box ready, "or is this just a new tradition you want to come up when someone wants to for a kiss?"

Eren heard the soft bouncing of the bed and rustling of foil, realising Historia had sat down and was preparing something. "Something like that last one… just without me eating the flower part. It still tastes bad in my mouth"

"Well as it happens, I am a most generous Queen to a most particular soldier, who I don't mind helping out with that," Historia teased. "Count to five, then open your eyes."

"That most particular soldier is most happy to accept your Majesty's aid," Eren shrugged and did so, giving time to prepare herself mentally. When he opened his eyes, he half expected Historia to be standing before him, only to turn round and see her calmly resting on the bed, and…

In her mouth, Historia was holding an extremely thin circular bread roll. Eren had to quirk his eyebrow and approach her a little before figuring out what she was doing as she flicked it towards him as though it was a cigarette.

Eren rubbed the back of his head and grinned awkwardly when he saw the impatient look she had.

She flicked the bread roll again towards him, from where she sat on the end of her bed, asking when they have once asked before kissing.

Eren sighed and walked forward, gently sitting down next to her on the right, before turning sidewards to her, almost getting whacked in the face by the bread roll, no more than a couple centimeters in diameter.

It looked fragile, and easily breakable despite how well it seemed to be sticking together, most likely packed with a fair amount of sugar.

"C-Come on 'en," she angled it towards his mouth, telling him to start eating.

One bite on her side and then one on his.

The two of them would slowly proceed along the two sides of the same role until the inevitable ending in the middle.

Neither Eren and Historia probably wouldn't have picked up on the meaning behind the idea of sharing such a confectionery in the past.

But they weren't so clueless anymore. After focusing on each other so much, they seemed to pick up a lot more from observing people around them and getting the idea between each other quickly.

Eren assumed that Historia had seen it being done somewhere within the capitol city and had bought some of this particular pastries for the two of them to try.

'She knew I'd fail at baking didn't she…' Eren considered. Not that it would make much difference as Historia still probably would have wanted to try this out, but he still had wanted to complete hand-made pastry for her. 'Next time… I'll do it next time.'

Eren took a bite down. And tasted cream. He had only had it on a few rare occasions back from his mother but the strange blend of taste seemed very different from back then.

It felt thick and rather cold on the inside, while retaining the gentle dough like flavour of the pastry around it, neither crumbling nor tearing.

Heat was swimming across his face, as if from one cheek to the other in a soft and soothing motion. He felt his heart rate beat at twice the rate it was moments before, looking forward into the crystal blue eyes of Historia.

"Mn, don't 'et it dwop, 'kay?" she half mumbled, flustered and with a clear red complexion mirroring his, likewise swishing through her gentle cheeks.

Eren barely nodded, taken in at how beautiful she looked, her soft doe eyes embarrassed yet daring and as unbending as always.

Historia took a bite forward along the cream roll, sinking her pearl teeth through the bread and eating some of the cream inside, before carefully balancing her end in her mouth again, as she sheepishly looked up to him and urged him to take another bite.

He did, similarly being carefully as he felt a few bits of the crust flake off and fall to the ground.

Only then did he realize it. Just how close they were. The roll was fairly long at the start, big enough for the two to enjoy eating slowly even between themselves.

Yet their noses were already almost touching. Just after two bites, they had both jumped across the distance and there was barely a couple inches left.

Bells were ringing nonstop, chiming into the silent tune, and the allure of ocean and sky met with earth and woods.

Eren mumbled into the roll, the vibrations easily being picked up by Historia's tender lips, who quickly averted her eyes in embarrassment before turning them back to his with soft delight.

There were only 5 centimetres left between their lips.

Sweat creased across his brow as Eren took another small bite, nimbly tasting more.

4 centimetres left.

They could feel the soft crumbling and crunching of the other and the soft breathing through their noses, both buzzing in anticipation as Historia took another nibble towards Eren.

3 centimetres left.

Savouring the gentle, sweet, milky cream, Eren seemed to recall a memory from after his time as he crept another way towards Historia's face. He couldn't make sense of when it was but he recalled something akin to this being called the 'Pocky game'.

2 centimetres.

Their noses bumped and tickled each other softly. They both mumbled apologies through their closed mouths.

Their lips were practically touching. Their faces tilted to the side as the both felt the circular pastry cracking between them both.

Historia leaned forward and almost closed the distance before them, taking a slightly larger snack off.

There was less than a centimetre now.

The air gently tickled both of them, sensing the other's desire in the air from their blush filled face off. Their lips trembled, burning for union.

The last step and the endgame was obvious.

Eren was about to open his mouth once more, balancing the end on his lower teeth before advancing to the finishing goal. But before that –

"Hum?" Eren stopped and looked startled, noticing something was missing. Historia tried grinning cheekily at him, as she sucked through the straw. And taking the sugary cream with her.

He scowled, left with only the bread crust, and… he had something to compensate for sweetness.

"Eup?!" The Queen's mouth was sealed by the much rougher lips, pushing her down softly onto her back.

She fell onto her bed, just as Eren's arms crossed above her shoulders, securing her escape. Their lips still entwined by the sudden kiss, both racing to take the initiative and smouch away at all the sugary sweetness that remained.

It wasn't long before they started moving their lips together in harmony. Their lips, always so soft and gentle to each other, blood heartily streaming beneath the ruby gemed flesh.

Eren always seemed to taste the wheat from Historia's constant snacking, along with many various richer foods that he himself had tasted on occasion when Historia was able to. Sometimes hers also felt almost flowery, like soft petals of flowers departing off with the zephyrs.

Historia on the other side would always be a little concerned at how dry his felt sometimes. And on other days she could taste the common broth he would have eaten. They were just like every bit of the tender strength he always displayed around her. An armour of feathers.

Today, there was only an exhilarating flood of sweetness plastered between the two, passed back and forth from the rocking collisions of two lovers.

"Mn, Eren…" Historia parted her lips for a second, sighing seductively from the fierce contact. Her head was dizzy. And she loved it. "Aren't you bold today."

"Sorry your Majesty," Eren smiled, nipping her lips once more quickly, "are you going tell me you weren't aiming for this."

"Getting pinned down a ruffian?" One hand felt its what through his dark hair while the other caressed his neck, bringing her Titan shifter closer. "I assure you my standards aren't nearly that lax."

He kissed her once more, pressing his body gently on hers, moving his hands through the golden curls sprayed across the bed.

"So not an ordinary ruffian?" Eren's voice grew heavy, speaking practically at her own lips. "He must be a very… special person then…"

Historia softly breathed out and brought his face down a bit lower, pushing him down into her neck and moving one hand down his body.

She hugged him in that difficult position, and shuffled up further onto the bed, bringing her only along.

"Yes he is," she re-arranged his curls downwards, smoothing them out after twirling them in between her fingers, "he's a very special person to me who has such qualities that he refuses to see. How troublesome."

Eren continued breathing again, leaning himself up and over his Queen again. "Is he a bother when he comes to see you?"

"It would be for more bothersome if he didn't come and stubbornly hauled his thoughts silently to himself," her back arched upwards and she kissed him herself.

Sometimes she considered it. Finding out whatever it was Eren was keeping hidden from everyone else. If she wanted to, she could open up to the electric feeling that buzzed and caused her whole body to shiver and desire to see his memories.

Historia had no guarantee that she would find out, but there was no certainty with anything given their circumstances of the Founding Titan for the first time in the two millennia.

But she decided not. Resisting against the lightning fast images burning into her head again, she chose to sink Eren into her once more and drown with his trust.

They were always tender, even as they kissed more fiercely than in the past, the tender affection refused to part ways from them.

The continued for a while until Eren finally broke off for a breather, and started fiddling through the jacket he left on the chair.

"Hey, um… I… tried making you some pastries as well…" Eren blinked and decided to bring it out. A bag that he had stuffed along with the remaining flower. "… They didn't come out so well and… circumstances… arose that… lead to… this."

He had gone back to the pantry in defeat for his kitchen duty right after the whole fiasco, and decided to collect the crumbs of mixed sugary dough and some thin tastes of cinnamon still lingering.

Pointless, futile effort to scrape up the remains. That was why Eren did it.

"Circumstances involving -" Historia began scratching her finger to her chin and visualizing a certain brunette.

"Yeah, you guessed it," Eren cut her off. "I was going to give everyone else extras and bring the best ones for you. But it didn't turn out so well…"

His other half looked at him curiously before nodding and unpeel the bag open that Eren was holding out to her in his hands.

"It's… pretty small… oh," she commented, as she finally saw all that was left. A few breadcrumbs. Eren's inward exasperation showed but he made no further excuses, moving to retract the remains away.

Historia stopped him, carefully lifting her hand and picking up one of the larger sized crumbs. Eren watched her curiously as she took it in between two of her fingers and placed it in her mouth, savouring the taste.

"Hmm…" the Queen scratched her cheek, "it seems really sweet, but also kind of chewy. A little bit too hard on the inside, a bit sticky on the outside. There's also something strange that I don't know. The cinnamon feels out of-"

"Y-Yeah…" Eren unfortunately wasn't a master chef who knew how to tweak the necessary components next time like the back of his hand.

Eren slowly took a piece himself, and sampled it. His whole body shuddered as he tried to bite down. His complaints caught up to Historia quickly and he felt everything she was talking about.

"And," Historia added, licking her fingers and smiling at him, "… and I don't even feel like saying it."

Full of messy, troublesome and ingrained feelings.

Just like everything seemed to be him from him.

"… Oh, by the way, if they came out right," Eren brushed the praise aside. It was awful and nothing was changing his mind. "… you know how cinnamon rolls are shaped? W-Would you start eating towards the centre first, or eat around it?!"

Historia stared at Eren in confusion at the abnormal anticipation. He seemed to be very interested in finding out.

"I-I don't know…" she said after a while, scratching her hair and stuttering. How was she supposed to answer that when she never ate something like that and only pointed it out to him on the stores they visited in the capitol. "What does it even matter?!"

"I just need to know these sort of things!" the Titan shifter insisted, "f-for future reference!"

"Like for what?!" The Queen panicked. What could possibly involve wondering whether to dive right into the centre and deepest point or start snaking all around slowly before going in?

"L-Like if you want to… to…" He desperately pried away dirty memories and think of something. "L-Like… never mind."

They went quiet for a while before softly chuckling to themselves.

Before Historia sent her naughty Eren a dangerous giggle right afterwards.

"Anyway…" Eren finally grasped on the final thing he had brought, "this is what I really wanted to give you."

"Oh, I-I do too!" Historia shot up off the bed and started rushing around her room, searching for something. She paused through scrambling inside a drawer before turning around to Eren again. "Let's show each other at the same time alright?"

Eren nodded at her once more. The internal countdown from three started simultaneously and they opened their eyes right after holding their gifts out in the middle of the room.

" – Ah…" Their breaths came as one, both set on what their other was holding out.

A key.

A book.

Remaining fragments of a past childhood that had lost their value.

– "It's…" Both spoke and stopped at the same time. It wasn't the same ones of course.

"A… key?" Eren wondered first, observing the hard metal chiseled design, that went into a love heart shape at the end connected by taunt string.

Eren glanced back to her chest where Historia lifted up the familiar metal from beneath her breast by tugging upwards slightly on the string.

There were two objects hung by two separate loops of thread around her neck. Both of them from Eren.

"I… just thought…" she twirled her fingers around it, She looked once more at the cover of the book he was holding out to her.

"It's perfect," Eren said. He took one hand and caught the string around it. As soon as Historia let it go, he noticed how light it was.

"Yours is perfect," she countered, acceoting the book from his him.

The title was 'Historie'. The same name of the book she had ta the child. Yet this book was completely different besides that.

The one she had received so long ago by her half-sister had not been printed anywhere else.

The book must have been held amongst others by the Royal family which had gradually decreased over the years in the private library just outside the palace.

This book was different. She opened it onto the first page and read its contents. Past the introduction and the prologue that made her heart skip whole beats out.

Chapter 1 : My Soulmate

The ink was undoubtedly hand written.

Chapter 2 : Our First Meeting

Just as the cover and the binding was done by hand and carefully procured designing.

Chapter 3 : The Krista Girl Who I Never Liked

The chapters continued on and on.

"When could you have gotten the time…" she tried to clock it in. The dark circles under his eyes and the added tiredness from lack of sleep.

"It's not finished of course… I'm only getting to the part about your birthday, and maybe…" Eren explained, "… I thought you could do that chapter."

Historia closed it and looked at the cover again. Just as a minute ago, it still read 'Historie'.

Beneath it however, there was a smaller title.

'Historie - unserer Liebe'

It read altogether.

Of course it wasn't finished.

But it was already perfect for them both.

"Of course I will," Historia hugged the book at her chest, and let a few stars of happiness shine from her eyelids, "we'll write it together until the last chapter…"

Eren nodded, promising that they would. A basic diary for them both. An album with no photos.

But it would remain in the hands of only one of them before the end.

"By the way… this key…" he pondered for a moment, before turning over to a particular window in Historia's room.

"Yep!" Confirming his conclusion, she cuddled the book to her chest even more closely.

The key to the window to which he was beginning a trend of entering through.

A key to the window of the Queen's bedchamber.

If word got out, there would be no end to the amount of stories being weaved about the soldier sneaking into his ruler's lodgings.

It's not like he was going to let that happen, but it was the feeling of how much value a key like that held.

A key to his lover's room.

Why did it feel worlds lighter than his old one?

Eren kissed her again.

Unable to hold back anymore, Historia quickly accepted him onto her and slowly pushed him backwards until his legs hits the back of the bed again.

They refused to part even as she pushed her Titan's strong body deeper into the bed. Eren pulled his Queen in, letting her soft stomach lay on his own, never breaking the hard pressing contact between them.

One of his arms snaking its way around her waist, the other lost in her silky hair while Historia held his head in both hands and cupped his cheek, furiously sucking between their lips.

The exchange was so passionate yet soothing to comprehend.

Silently prying that no sudden appearance of memories would get in the way, they deepened the kiss as far as they could, lips burning wet from the intense pressure.

Warmth of sunset and sunrise, dawn and dusk, expressed itself in the feeling that was both freshly awakening and contently enticing.

Historia's breath traveled outwards, and tickled his lips as they briefly parted to gain more breath, before locking lips once more, this time a bit more gently.

He could still feel the sweet remains of cream and the taste the remaining crust crumbs on her lips which he gently sucked clean.

Historia's hand began traveling down below his waist and at the brim of his trousers, teasing his belt a little, before slipping in beneath his shirt and traveling upwards.

Softly and gently, her delicate skim was making him lose his mind. Eren rotated his body, squirming through the sheets once more as he allowed Historia to get a better position.

He gasped into her kiss when her hand finally arrived over his core, gripping gently the spot just to the left of his chest.

Eren had no qualms about whatever her hand was doing. Why should he when it belonged to her already.

He opened his eyes that he hadn't even realised he had closed, and barely a second after him, he saw Historia open hers and stare brilliantly into each other.

They kissed for a little longer, maintaining eye contact that displayed their thoughts clear as day with mists of lust telling them to go a step further today as they broke apart in steady, excited breaths.

"Eren…" she called, wobbling her jaw, as she longed for it. For more. For it all. For everything of his.

He leaned up and kissed her neckline, her body jolting in delight at the touch. Her skin was sucked gently and released, holding her heart shaped face in his hands while she rested her arms in a cross on top of him.

"Historia…" Eren moaned. His mouth apart, he brought Historia down onto him again. Their lips touched and he guided his tongue upwards, prodding at her lips.

She opened her mouth for him this time, allowing his tongue to enter. Unexplored territory where nobody else had ever been before.

Their tongues felt almost ready to explode when they touched. Soft, wet, hot, delicate flesh touched and licked the surfaces, rubbing the two sensitive and strange muscles together.

So many tastes of thrill and other worldliness violated the unidentifiable flavour. If they could describe what it tasted like, they could only say like something that connected the world from the sun to the sky and to the woods.

The flavours of the world lied up, Eren and Historia bathed in each other's soft caressing and the amalgamation of their bodies.

Unable to get enough, some moisture begin to collect from both of their mouths around their joint tongues working violently, trying to wet and make them watery so that they may force them to separate.

It indeed became harder to keep swirling and staying connected by their tongues but the impulses generated from it became even more sensual.

Historia's legs, shuddered, losing all strength in her knees, she completely fell to lay on top of him, legs lost in a mess together, and the spot between her legs resting on his hard belly.

At last, their tongues slipped out of contact and instead began swiftly and hungrily devouring and exploring all the other components of the other's mouth.

Eren's hot, wet tongue searched for Historia's own, roaming through the delicious tastes, sweeping out every bit of the liquid he could taste from her and collecting it from all over her mouth.

Sensations of pure bliss wriggled up and down their spines, making them shiver in pleasure just as Historia did the same, gliding through his mouth, his saliva started lubricating her every motion as she nicked the perfectly healthy teeth he had.

Around and around, their tongues stole away and mixed burning waters that foamed in their mouths, responding to their desires.

Her tongue lightly rubbed his on the way out, trying to not clog up his entire mouth cavern, but was pulled and sucked right back in.

Escape was impossible. They didn't even want to escape.

Staying merged like that for eternity didn't seem bad at all.

However their breaths became irregular, no longer capable of just breathing through their noses in the intoxicating smell of heat and desire, their mouths parted at last, tongues retreating back out and panting desperately.

Drool connected their lips in uncountable amount of lines, sticking from the sides of their mouths and still bridged by a great thick rope of saliva that had been fusing together between their mouths.

It rolled down their chins and slid downwards onto Eren's clothes, and slapped across Eren's throat. Throbbing through them both, curiosity took over as both wondered how so much hot liquid they had actually managed to accumulate and mix together.

Historia leaned down desiring more and licked the remaining trails of liquid back up and into her throat again, shivering in delight at the result of their mixed spittle.

"So…?" Eren mustered enough focus to ask her innocently while watching his lover tongue and swish their combined drool around her tongue, letting him watch up. "Have I been brushing my teeth well?"

Her tongue halted its relishing at the indescribably hot mess of enticing liquor and stared at him disbelievingly.

"…" Historia deadpanned, at him and brought her mouth to his entrance prodding her tongue out to open his mouth. As soon as he did, she let the remaining slobber she had managed to suck back up, fall into his mouth before she could speak again. "… Yes… you've been a good… boy…"

Eren kept his mouth open as Historia stared down in fascination, watching tongue savour her collected mixture seductively, rolling it around his mouth before it sunk between the gaps of his teeth and was spread in luscious amounts everywhere in the mouth of her lover.

And they began making out once again.

Their grips on the others body slackened and moved widely without thought of reason beyond the desire to touch.

Their concentrations stolen by the focus off their tongues meeting in the centre and pushing back against each other, trying to gain dominance and enter their opposition's cave again.

Racing and pounding without pause, their hearts beat a tune equally for them both, causing tremors through their bodies.

He invaded her mouth once more, searching for his prize. He slide through the hot cavern everywhere looking for it, but couldn't find it.

He then realised it was already roaming through his own mouth, submerging his mouth with hot sticky saliva and marking his teeth all around with it.

She grinded herself a little along his waist, almost unnoticeably as their hands became lost somewhere far away.

Their heated exchange continued, their tongues fighting for dominance.

Their surroundings, the time, the place and all the world melted away from the heat, leaving only the two of them separated by only a few thin layers of clothes.

Nothing else mattered except the other to the other, completing an unending circle.

Breathing through their noses, their tongues wrestled in an unending battle.

Thrills of pleasure came in floods and explosions, absorbing everything into one. They wanted to play with each other even more. Lightly biting their lips that curled inwards once more from their almost unbroken harmony.

They had been playing with their tongues and had gained a solid feel of their explored caverns for a while now. Now, Historia gently added soft pressure onto Eren's tongue, giving him the next idea to move onto adding pressure to their movements.



Unintentionally, Eren accidentally bit Historia's little tongue a bit too deeply, clamping his teeth down hard.

They sat together in silence, a big distance placed between them.

Every time Eren tried to shuffle down the bed and close the gap, Historia would shuffle away from him a little more.

"I'm really, real–"

"I know, you don't need to tell me once, let alone this many times…" Historia mumbled, not hiding her irritation.

They sat in silence once again.

"I'm –"

"I. Know." Historia punched both words in hard. To no avail.

"Maybe I can kiss it better for y–"

"No. No more kisses." His response only made her mood worse.

"Wh– for real?!" He shot up in betrayal. His head began to swim in panic. "Y-You don't mean ever again, right?"

"No, that's precisely what I mean," the Queen reassured, "No more kisses ever again."

"B-But, Historia…?!" Eren pleaded.

One wrong move and he had been banished from the farthest heaven and cornered completely.

"No. More. Kisses. Ever."


"Oh by the way, I haven't forgiven you from last time," her eyes seemed to glow in reminder, giving her the perfect opportunity to change the topic.

That had been an accident. And so was this. The ruler decided something needed to be done to prevent anymore accidents.

"W-Wait," Eren shrunk back against the wall as Historia approached with it. "P-Please, a-anything but that… H- IIIIIIIIII!"

"Your punishment." Historia held in her hand, the most feared instrument known to the Founding Titan.

A feather.

Torture to death by tickling.

Late Winter of the Year 851

"Hmm hum hmm," Historia hummed gently, writing down in the book Eren had just gifted her.

She sat by the table at a spot where the light of dusk filtered through and gave her a nostalgic feeling, and from a point where she could keep an eye on her currently passed out Eren.

He hadn't moved after crying through the muffler for mercy at her relentless barrage. She turned down and continued to write in the book.

It was more a present for both of them. But it would be her who would surely outlive him, and be the one to hold onto it forever.

Or so that was the idea.

She had already resolved herself to the contrary.

But in the last moments of the near future, Historia wondered what she would think as the two of them would read through it one last time.

Perhaps she would curse herself and her stupidity, or maybe she would be glad she had picked the pen up dipped it in ink once more without getting caught in the sticky webs.

But she was certain that she would treasure it. Whatever they wrote in here, they could keep track of themselves.

Their memories.

Not the memories of the past, not the memories of other people, not the memories of someone else.

Their own memories.

The young blonde Queen looked out of the window and to the sky. Then back to her lover still unconscious.

Pushing the chair out and wandering by his side, she smiled down and brushed his dark brown locks.

She could hear his breathing, see the gentle movements of his chest and feel his heartbeat.

Eren was alive.

That's all she needed for now.

He would have to leave soon. Again.

And she would go back to the papers and the documents the next day, then sneaking off through the ancient library and searching everywhere for a hope.

She hadn't given up hope yet.

She would find it.

She would discover a way to save him.

Historia swore that upon her life.

But for now, she wanted to spend the time with him.

She returned back to the table for a brief moment and finished writing down the latest entry of their story, before returning to his side.

Laying parallel to him, she nuzzled herself into his chest, not caring who might walk into them, as she let herself nap just for a little moment.

Winter was coming to an end.

The snow was preparing to melt.

And the last flowers of the dying age were beginning to blossom.

And that's Eren and Historia's first Valentine's Day! Or my month and a half late version of it of course! Hope y'all… enjoyed?

This would have hopefully been in line with where I am at in my main fic but yeah… that ain't happening at all lol, but alas!

"Hey, Mikasa," the dejected Jean tried calling to her once more, "I was wondering if you have some time later to maybe… like g-"

"Stop eating the ingredients Sasha!" Mikasa slammed her hand down onto the table and shook the whole room.

Going into a fright, the huntress teleported into the farthest corner away from the Ackerman and tried to hide in it without making a complaint.

Mikasa then returned back to her work, besides Armin who was also helping out with an ever growing amount of sweat on him.

They thought Eren's baking was standard. They thought they could make it up and make something even better for him.

The kitchen was literally on fire in some places, and Connie was rushing around with buckets of water, after he had mistakenly thrown a bucket of alcohol on the small flame that had broken out.

"H-Hey, Mikasa, could you… just for a moment?" Jean pleaded once more until Mikasa finally turned around to face him expressionlessly and waited for him without saying anything.

"S-So, I was just wondering if you might like to… to g-go outt with me t-tonig-?" Resolving up his courage, Jean spoke from his heart.

He had thought about it for a while. His feelings for everyone and for her as well. It may have been just by that flowing hair that he had been caught in that trap, but that wasn't the case anymore.

The problem was –

"Jean, please save me!" Squeaking in fright like a corned animal, she jumped right behind Jean for cover, placing him in front of her and Mikasa.

Jean panickedly shook the pleading girl off him desperately, who looked at him betrayed. Mikasa was approaching.

And then half of the room exploded into flames again.

In his panic and fading consciousness from the heat, Armin had accidentally cut himself. He had thankfully suppressed his will, however in the midst of the sacks of flour all around him, a tiny spark had resulted.

Mikasa managed to get him out of the way in time but the kitchen was ¾ ash and cinders by the time Jean gave up completely and consoled Armin.

There was always next year.

Assuming they lived to see it.