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' "speech" ' - thinking about someone else's words

Fragment 9 - Penalty 'Game'


"HAH!" Jean slapped Eren on the back in joy and a bit of relief, "as expected, you have the lowest score of us all Eren, and you know what that means."

"Huh?! Get over yourself, you're only -" Eren snatched Jean's test paper out of his hand to check again, "2 points above me?! I bet you copied off Armin again anyway!"

"H-Hey, don't change the subject loser," the ash haired boy stuttered, "you got the lowest score no matter how you face it! Sasha and Connie are out just as we agreed."

The two in questioned nodded, both of them still wearing band aids and glaring at Jean who put up his hands in apology for the last dare.

"E-Eren…" Armin whispered with a sigh, his perfect full score keeping him in the safe zone as always, "weren't you also… sneaking glances on my -"

"Alright, alright, I get it!" The brunet slapped his hands down onto the table they were sitting on in the outside gardens facility. "Whatever, just hurry up and get on with it then."

"If Eren doesn't want to do it, I will -" Mikasa spoke up, volunteering to go as his substitute.

"No… I'm the one with the lowest score," he dragged his hand across his face and sat down again in his spot next to his two childhood friends and looked at Jean on the opposite side. "So…?"

"Hmph," the horse faced guy smirked as Bertholdt, who was sweating more profusely than he need be, pulled up the box onto the table from his side. "You ready Eren, it's time for the penalty game."

Eren rolled his eyes and glanced to Reiner, who still had his face smacked down onto the table. "Hey… what's going on with you?"

"He's uh… been like this the last few days…" Bertholdt shrugged, seemingly unsure the exact reason either as he glanced towards Annie who was standing up, leaning against the tree away from the group and didn't speak up either.

The older boy didn't reply and just mumbled something as Eren pulled out his test that was left face down in front of him.

"Ah…" Eren took a glance and put it back down. It actuality, Reiner had gotten the lowest score out of their group, albeit only 1 point below Eren's, not including Sasha and Connie.

It was rather surprising since nobody had bothered to check his when Reiner always scored amongst the top 3 out of their group.

Even so, Eren decided to keep quiet about it, glancing at Jean who didn't notice and had pulled his hand out of the box with a thin strip of paper.

"Hah, prepare yourself Eren," he smirked at him, reading to unfold the paper and hoping for something entertaining in the dare.

"Hey, watcha guys doing?" At the opportune moment, Pieck came to his rescue and grabbed the paper out of his hand.

"Hey, don't ruin it when we were getting to the good part!" Jean tried to grab it back as Pieck danced away from him and stuck out her tongue, knocking into Porco who sighed and didn't bother trying to stop her as he showed them their papers which were in the clear as expected.

"Relax, I'll read it out," Pieck reassured him and instead looped her arms around Eren's shoulders, leaning her head over his shoulders and ignoring Mikasa's look of disapproval.

"What you doing…" Eren gave up asking and didn't bother pushing the small girl away who was always getting close to him for some reason.

Pieck smiled and brushed her hair next to him as she opened up the piece of paper and Jean leaned in from the other side.

Confess to a girl.

"… Eh?" Eren's eyes grew as wide as saucers.

"…" The group went silent as a number of mouths fell open.

"… What?" Mikasa was the first to offer a word to reply with. Along with a sudden excited blush that followed.

A number of the other people gathered around their table also followed with flashing red faces soon after.

"Hohoho~" Jean grinned broadly, the closest he has ever been to becoming his imaged animal, "this is gonna be the best."

"Wha?! No!" Eren stood up, and Pieck pulled off him, sporting a rare sight of embarrassment herself as he pulled the paper out of her hands, "who put this in the box?!"

"It doesn't matter," Jean waved his hands, brushing it off, "it's not against the rules when we first all wrote and put them in, it's just a confession."

"No but… this is just a horrible idea." Eren grumbled as he saw the rest of the group gather into a circle around Jean and suddenly begin discussing. Quite quickly, he felt himself getting angry. "Hey jerk… who put this in?"

"No idea~" Jean grinned back at him, "and it don't matter, you're not going to chicken out on us now are you? Anyway, since it doesn't mention who, we'll put it to a vote."

"No." The brunet raised his voice defiantly. "I'm not going this, only an asshole would agree to it."

"Ah come on man, what's the harm?" Porco took Jean's side, "unless there's someone you like that will be upset about this?"

Mikasa, Armin and a number of other people turned to look at him with an awkwardly excessive look of interest.

"No, there isn't," Eren shook his head and got some sad expressions in response that he ignored. "Pull something different out. I'm fine with yelling back at Shadis, carrying your shit for a week or walking around shirtless if I need to. But don't involve someone else's feelings when they're not a part of this game."

"Then it's fine if it's someone here right?" Jean sharply cut in.

Eren glared in response and shook his response. "No… not unless they agree to it and understand it doesn't mean anything."

"Then if that's the case, it'll be fine right?" The group nodded to the words, all very invested in Eren's penalty game.

Pieck swerved round and sat down on the table, facing Eren as she folded her hands with a broad smirk. "Well I definitely volunteer."

"W-Wait, that's not fair," Mikasa stood up herself and turned to her childhood friend, and obvious crush.

"H-Huh, wait it's only one person…" Jean suddenly changed his mind and now wasn't so keen on the confession, not when it included his obvious crush.

Already he was getting a bad feeling about this.

The boys and girls all followed up

"So like, it has to be a girl then?" Connie spoke up after the conversations got split all around them.

"Yeah, I think… it might be better if Eren chooses?" Armin turned around to face him in question, not too certain if it actually would be better.

The brunet facepalmed and nodded, silencing the group as they all looked around.

Annie who usually stayed until she heard the dare before leaving, was still sticking around near them by the tree.

As he glanced over to her, she quickly looked away and back to the book.

Since she was actually staying for once, Eren scanned and looked around the gathering at the table.

A brief though also passed his mind regarding what would have happened if a girl had ended up drawing this slip but saved the thought for later.

Annie, Pieck, Mikasa and Sasha.

Hitch and Marlowe would also sometimes stop by but after the former ended up on the receiving end of one of the penalty game, she had since been avoiding them after the tests.

In the past, Mina and Thomas's group would also play this with them but they were not present here today.

There had been Ymir as well, and the girl who had often been beside her…

Eren shook his head for a moment, making eye contact with the four of them one by one and the rest of the group as well as he considered everyone's relationships with each other.

"Okay then…" He sighed, "who's alright with me doing this dumbass dare then?"

5 hands were raised into the air.

Eren blinked for a moment.

"… Armin put your hand down."

Jean had told him rather obviously.

Eren gave him a questioning look as his childhood friend hid his face behind his blond bangs, now the centre of everyone's attention for a moment before the brunet looked between the two.

Annie didn't face his way but had weakly raised her hand noticeably but felt her eyes glancing at him. Pieck was smiling broadly at him with a teasing expression, while a couple other guys weren't smiling so much.

Actually looking around, it seemed none of the guys were really smiling given the inevitable sour mood. Aside from Reiner who still had his face on the table and seemed to be sleeping through it all.

Mikasa was looking very brightly and eagerly at him and Sasha looked curious but rather honestly unbothered about it.

"This is ridiculous…" Eren sighed as he made up his mind, "fine then, and I'm only choosing someone who would obviously reject this jerkish fake confession and not be affected by it."

Eren turned his head and locked eyes with the chosen girl.

As all the girls, and boys, would agree, Eren was rather attractive. Especially when he was bold and assertive as he often was. Especially with a strong sparkle in his eyes when he looked into you.

Especially now.

She gaped at him for a moment as her eyes suddenly raised up.

"I like you Sasha, please would you go out with me?"

The group of 10, minus a still sleeping Reiner, gaped at Eren.

"E-Ehehe…" Sasha brushed her brunette hair with a wave and made an odd giggle, scratching her cheek and looking at the table before blushing deeply and looking up at him. "… Sure?"

"No," Eren covered his eyes painfully, "I wasn't actually… for God's sake, I feel like trash."

"Awww…" Sasha deflated and visibly sad herself.

"What do you mean 'Aww~'?!" Jean stood up and yelled, grabbing Eren's collar. "You bastard! I swear, are you a harem protagonist or something?!"

"Piss off you asshole, what's your problem?" Eren slapped his hand off, pushing Jean onto the table. "Why are you getting upset over me confessing to Sasha?"

"A-Ah, s-shut up, you thieving bastard!" The ash haired boy snorted and slumped onto the chair next to Armin, pushing his head into the palm of his hand and looked at Sasha. "And why did you say yes?!"

"A-Ah well… I dunno, Eren's kinda nice, it's not like I have any reason to turn him down…?" The brunette girl looked up at him honestly before then shivering and noticing Mikasa's stare. "N-No! It's not what you think! I'm just was sayin' Eren's a good guy… right?"

"I'm a good guy too!" Jean bit his tongue as Porco patted him to calm down.

"No, you're the asshole who wanted me to do this," Eren sighed for the umpteenth time, glancing as he noticed Annie sneaking away unhappily.

"Shut up already! Besides what kind of confession was that?!" Jean roared up. "You just straight up said it to her! That doesn't count."

"Yeah? What else do I have to do?" The brunet argued back. "I'm not doing it again."

"Yeah, you are!" Jean flared up and turned to the group to who Eren's increasing anger, all nodded to his support. "That's not a proper confession. You didn't even kneel down to her or anything! Are you gonna confess to someone when they are sitting at the table with all their friends about too?! God, you don't know anything about the mood do you?!"

"What the hell… I've done it already, get over it." Eren struggled as suddenly Pieck and Porco grabbed either one of his shoulders. "Hey get off me you guys! Why are you listening to him?!"

"No can do man, he's got a point," Porco shrugged and held on firmly while Pieck was pouting and not looking at him, "you can't say stuff like you're only doing it 'cause you're being put up to it. I mean yeah, you are being put up to it, but that's not a proper 'confession'. You need to say some nice things and why you like them and uh… stuff."

"You and Jean have never seen someone actually confess, have you?" The green eyed victim grunted and stopped struggling.

"Oh shut it, neither have you," Jean clicked up in tow, "but you said you'll be fine if you are going to be rejected right? Then we'll find someone who would just obviously reject you and that way you won't be hurting anyone's feelings who isn't involved."

"No, I'm not messing around with this anymore," he tried to shrug the pair off again in annoyance, "besides, that's why I chose Sasha."

Following after them, Sasha talked things over with Mikasa who rubbed her cheeks into her scarf as she listened to her friends reassurance with Connie suddenly tugging on Armin's sleeve about earlier with Bertholdt following behind and listening curiously as well.

"Oi, don't get cocky you bastard," a tick mark appeared on Jean's forehead before an idea flashed through him. "But… I have the perfect person in mind who will be sure to definitely reject you."

Recalling through the certain girl's rough schedule, they pulled Eren into the hallways. The bells chimed twice in the end of the lunch break.

"WHA?! What's happenin…" Reiner shot up, rocking the empty table as he looked around. Standing up he took the remaining piece of paper and checked the score again, making sure it wasn't a dream. "Oh shit, mom's gonna kill me… least it can't get any worse, god I didn't think she'd send assassins after me just for confessing to her…"

School Hallways

After the last period ended, Jean and the rest of the group pulled Eren along into the hallway which they had monitored over at the end of the lunchbreak.

"This isn't funny guys, I'm going home," Eren tried to pull away and join into the crowds as Sasha and Connie who had now been enlisted, stopped him.

"Yeah. Eren needs to be home on time today," Mikasa added in response, watching all the classes hurry on home, not wasting a single moment to get to their gathering spots by the gates.

"Hold on… your target will be here soon," Jean grit his teeth, seeing the number of people thin into small groups and individuals now. "There!"

Eren turned to see her step out of the class and froze.

"… Huh?" He blinked as Jean clapped his hand, turning to him, "that's…"

He knew her very well.

Who wouldn't remember her after seeing her?

Just as Jean intended, it was someone out of his league.

The problem was that she was several leagues out.

The Last Princess Historia Reiss.

Everyone in the school knew her. Her own father owned it, and the entirety of the kingdom as well.

She was the very depiction of royalty, a school idol that stood out even though when she kept to herself and a so named 'Ice Queen'.

Walking alone through the hallway at the very end of class, she didn't look at their way at all, her blonde locks swaying through the air as she passed them.

For just a brief moment he saw a glimpse of her azure eyes.

'… So lonely...' was his only impression.

"Hah, I can't wait to watch you get shot down at last," Jean happily slapped his back, pushing Eren forward.

"You're absolute scum, you know that?" Eren growled, noticing Mikasa try to reach out for him.

"Stop already, Eren did what you asked." The oriental girl fixed Jean a hard look who shuddered and tried to think of an excuse. "Eren, let's go home."

For once, he actually considered it but Sasha and Connie then gave him another edge towards her, down the right hand hallway and the group all scurried forward, leaning around the corner to watch her go.

"Princess Historia!" Just before she would disappear behind it, an elder boy called out of her, following out of the same class she came from.

The blonde turned back and looked at him, carrying 3 different textbooks between her hands and looked at him in attention, not saying a word.

"M-My father has spoken to his Majesty, the King," the noble's son, who was rather attractive and they recognised from being a runner-up in several public examinations and tournaments, pulled out a bouquet of flowers towards her, "he has granted me the chance to speak to you over an important matter. Please…"

"W-Wait, is this really…" Armin mumbled, all them astounded themselves at the timings. Then again, they had heard the princess was constantly being asked for her hand, and at the end of the day with fewer people to notice, it seemed like the best chance to act.

Even so, it was occurring right before Eren's scheduled penalty.

"Please… would you like to enjoy the remainder of our youth together?" The well raised son, at least for appearances, seemed kind and well-mannered, gently bowing as he held out the flowers. "Please, may you go out with me!"

For the sole princess of the land, it was well known that she didn't have any suitor and was not engaged in any way.

"I am sorry, I am not interested." Her eyes pierced through him and made him pull away. They were empty and regarded him with no meaning to her apology.

"… Shit." Porco wiped the sweat off his brow, glancing to the taller guy who was hiding behind him, "Bertholdt, nobody's going to kill you."

Armin gulped as he glanced to Eren who was watching.

The princess turned around and left.

"W-Wait! Please may you tell me why? Do you find something unpleasant about me?" The noble's son called after her again. "If it's about my father, he has sworn complete obedience to his Majesty! If it's-"

She stopped in her tracks but didn't turn around.

"You are lacking."

With those 3 words, she left them and turned the corner.

"W-Woah… talk about cold…" Connie shivered as Sasha suddenly began to cough inexplicitly next to him.

"Ah… ahaha… well," Jean draped a hand over with glee, "well after shooting down some high class fellow like him, you've got no chance of scoring a few minutes after! Not that you had any chance from the start."

"Thanks asshole," Eren grumbled but had to agree. Now was the best time to get this ordeal over with.

The group passed by the noble's son who cast his head down and turned to the gates, swaying side to side as he left miserably.

Looking around the corner, they caught sight of the princess walking down the empty corridor.

'Wait… why is she going down towards the principals office…?' Eren wondered for a second and watched her enter the room.

"Seems like we should try another time?" Armin tried to suggest, and the group all began to lose spirit.

Mikasa tugged on his shoulder again as everyone picked up their bags. "Let's go."

Slipping her hand off, he was about to do so but the doors opened and closed again and the blonde beauty stepped out of the office.

"Ah, quick," Jean and everyone else pulled Mikasa behind the corner before the girl would notice, leaving Eren as the only one in the hallway in front of her.

Eren scoffed, considering to turn away.

The princess glanced along, and noticed him standing there.

For a while, they stood there before he blinked and felt compelled to trudge forward.

Lowering her head slightly, the blonde princess held a book in one of her hands and began the awkward walk down the hallway towards him, both slowly approaching each other.

Mikasa grumbled, wanting to put a stop to this. She glanced at Pieck who seemed rather interested in it all despite not being the confessor target. "Why are you so happy?"

"Ah, I wish handsome had chosen me of course, but…" the smaller ravenette wiggled herself against the corner, "it's really exciting to imagine being in her place and getting Eren confessing to you…"

A couple of the guys grumbled, watching intently to how it played out.

Eren breathed slightly, approaching her closer.

They would pass each other at the sides at this rate.

Less than 10 metres between them now.

He glanced over and saw that she still kept her eyes down to the floor emptily.

It was rather unusual for a princess who would more often look confident and be looking down on other people.

It seemed more like she completely wanted to be avoided.

Less than 5 metres.

By all means, he would just seem like another person confessing to her that she would no doubt forget after a while.

Even so, he would have to do a proper confession like the guy from a few minutes ago, otherwise Jean would drag him onto another target.

With just a couple steps between them, he realised how bad of an approach it was to walk in opposite directions to her, especially after looking each other and now looking away.

'It shouldn't affect her feelings anyway but… screw it, I'll try making myself look a bit more pathetic as an apology,' Eren decided in his head and opened his eyes.

He blinked. They had passed each other a second ago.

Stopping in his tracks, he turned back to look at the princess walking away down the hallway, seeing the group hide behind the corner completely.

She was 2, now 3 metres away and walking away. It seemed like he had already missed his chance.

"U-Um, excuse me…" Eren called after her, taking a quick step forward closer to her and stopping again.

The blonde turned her clear blue eyes to look behind her, staring up at him.

His breath hitched in his mouth when he looked within those blue orbs once more.

Forcing his body to stutter and trembled, he tried to make himself look as weak and helpless as he could.

He swore she raised an eyebrow in confusion, doubt and impatience for him.

Bending his back down fully, he extended his hand out like a chop sidewards instead of cupping it up like a hand for her to take.

Purposefully trying to make a bad impression and doing things out of order like he was nervous, Eren popped out the first words that came to his mouth.

"I've liked you ever since we first met. It was love at first sight!" His face pointed straight down onto the floor, not making eye contact with her, he pulled out the worst line he could think of. "I swear to be your lady's knight and defend you with my life. Please would you go out with me?"

The hallway echo died out into silence. He hoped that would satisfy them.

As he waited for the inevitable response, his mind played out the cliché scene. In a place where the only logical thing was to be rejected, the beauty of the girl would for some reason say "yes".

He had seen it in some fictitious stories, sometimes they would turn out funny or explained later on but more often than not, something which simply happened to get a first meeting developing.

In other words, such a confession and relationship would never happen in reality.

It only existed in the realm of fiction and the musing of the mind.

"I am sorry, but no."

Eren nodded and stood up straight, catching her eyes which blinded him for a second. He followed up quickly by closing them and bowing gently, thanking her politely.

With this, the penalty game would be over and he would never speak to this girl again.

After giving her enough time to turn away and leave, Eren opened his green eyes again.

She hadn't left.

"… Eh?" He blinked as she pulled up the sides of her skirt gently and did a sign of courtesy.

"I am sorry, it does not feel right to accept your feelings." Her blue eyes opened up with a shine, completely different from before and she extended out her hand out to him like a lady, "would you care to take my hand and accept my feelings?"

Eren blinked again. Doing as he asked, he cupped her hand beneath as she felt him tug him down onto one knee. 'Is she… gonna slap me?'

Her hand lifted up his chin, pulling herself in and kissing him on the lips.

His body and heart electrified and his hair stood on end whilst his eyes was blinded my light. Or the golden locks which reflected it from the afternoon sun.

Behind the corner, he felt several people die, some frozen into statues or ice and others collapsed dead on the floor before being tucked in by a shy Bertholdt who had looked away and missed what was happening. He also froze again when he peaked and saw.

Tracing her lips over his, he felt her lick over them and pull away, still holding the sides of his face.

Eren looked up and stared in bewilderment. Historia smiled down at him and pulled him up, cupping his hand that she held firmly and pulling him along the hallway.

"Shall we go then?" The princess turned her head, hiding a strange smile as she pulled him along. "I will happily presume you have accepted my confession. Please take good care of me and live up to your words, sir knight."

'… Wat?'

Eren was no knight. The class of soldiery was outdated but the nobility still held them some as guards for customary services. Even so, sword practise was still on-going in this age. However, he was a commoner, and currently a student.

And that was all he was.

Until today.

He was now also the Last Princess's fiancée.

"… Eh?" He could only struggle, pulling his bag on his shoulder whilst letting the small blonde girl lead him. "Where are we going…?"

"It is home time right?" She replied, "so we are leaving the school grounds?"

"Y-Yeah…" Eren missed the expressions of his friends when he passed the corridor, forgetting about it until it was too late.

Being pulled along by the heir to the royal throne.

They exited the school grounds and were walking outside to the road where a high class carriage was already waiting for them.

"Hey…" Eren called, alone just for the briefest moment before they got in. "Why… did you…? You… said yes…? Why… I don't… why me?"

"Hm, who knows~" she didn't let go once as a servant stepped out and opened the door for her. Taking a stop as Eren realised, he extended his hand for her to take a step on. She smirked at him mischievously.

"I will tell you, 3 days from now. If you figure it out before then, I will give you answer to any other question you will have."

Royal Palace

Eren blinked up at the unfamiliar ceiling. He was sleeping in the room of the King's palace.

After they had gotten on, Eren thought he sensed Mikasa chasing after them when he glanced out of the window. Historia had called for the servant who then sped up and they quickly lost her.

When they arrived here at the castle itself, they had gone straight to meet with Historia's father, King Rod the 5th.

After introducing Eren as her fiancée, the whole gathering at the table had gone quiet and Rod asked Eren to step out.

The moment the doors closed, they began yelling at each other. Motioning him away, a passing servant took him to a waiting room nearby so that he wouldn't hear.

Later on, Historia entered the room and told him that she had discussed the matter with her father and proceeded to dine with him separately of all people.

She had been curious and began asking about him, inciting him to do the same off-handedly.

He was then also told that a messenger had been sent to his family, informing them that he would be staying overnight.

Eren was not looking forward to what his mom would say when he got back.

Right now however, he was more than out of his space.

The whole time, he had felt like he was being watched, like assassins might jump out at any moment for his trespassing here.

There were many servants and knights patrolling all around, he had met the strange captain as well who went by as 'Kenny' and openly badmouthed King Rod wherever he went.

Historia was known as the 'Last Princess' for being the only surviving child of the King left. The Queen and the rest of the children had apparently been died in an unknown accident although the rumours went that the King had been involved with it and had faked their deaths.

Besides the general scope of Historia's past however, he still had no clue what had transpired today.

He was no closer in figuring out why on earth she had just half rejected his fake confession and then turned it around into her own proposition.

Whenever he tried to get a hint on it, she would repeat that he had 3 days to figure it out.

He somehow got a bad feeling that it won't turn out well for him if he didn't find out by that time.

But more than that, he didn't feel any less guilty.

He had confessed to her out of a penalty game.

Had she misunderstood and taken pity on him or been affected by his words?

'No way… she rejected that other guy since he was 'lacking'… ' Eren kept wondering what the difference could have been.

But even so, it was a lie when he confessed to her.

There was no changing that he had gone along with a horse faced bastard's wishes and ended up in this relationship because of it.

His irritation kept bubbling as he wiggled in the overly fluffy bed, making a mess of the bedsheet as he grimaced when something shone in his eyes.

Getting up very tiredly, no further in figuring things out, he pulled open the blinds to see what was out there, shining into his room.

It was dawn.

He had stayed up late speaking to Historia and getting an understanding of who she was before spending the entire night awake, thinking about it all.

It was also another school day so he couldn't go back to sleep by now.

Groaning and rubbing his tired eyes, he got dressed and left the room.

The hallways were well kept and had detailed carpets and expensive paintings on the walls in whichever direction he chose to go.

A few servants passed him by at one point and bowed their heads to him as a guest but didn't question where he was going.

It was honestly just nauseous. His stomach hurt and he considered just leaving already.

He had clearly been dragged into something above him.

But it was something he still felt responsible for and couldn't leave without speaking… to her.

'What the hell… first she sorta shot me down, then pulls me along with… whatever you call that…' Eren turned around the corner and saw a balcony which he walked out onto, vaguely recalling that he was on the second floor.

The veranda was wide and gave a few view of the castle's grounds and gardens. Leaning onto the edge, he saw various knights training on the field, rushing around or practising sword movements while being yelled at by their instructors.

"I hope you're not planning to run away." He jumped at the voice and almost did lose his balance over the edge.

Turning around, he hadn't noticed the table which was on the edge of the veranda, hidden behind the corner when he first stepped out. Sitting there in the white chair in a modest dress, the blonde girl who had brought him here was watching him with a smile, her fingers holding around a cup in her hands.

"No… I just… couldn't sleep…" Eren approach her slowly, his bloodshot eyes showing it clearly. "You're up early."

"For a princess you mean?" Historia gestured for him to sit on one of the chairs. There were 3 of them, all around the neatly laid out table.

"Yeah… princess Historia huh…" the brunet stood beside her, pulling the chair out for himself and waiting for a moment.

"You can sit, we are engaged after all." She smirked and nodded at him.

"HUH?! Engaged?! Wha-" Eren stopped when she pulled up a hand and pointed for him to sit before pressing a finger to his lips for him to be quiet. "No… this is just a big misunderstanding…"

His head was completely spinning and he seated himself, not that it helped when he could smell her gentle scent now.

"What misunderstanding could there possibly be? After confessing your heart out, we came to an agreement and I presented you to father. I am sure you heard but he did not take an immediate liking to you but accepted under a few conditions." She offered him a cup of the coffee and poured it herself instead of calling for a servant.

"…" Eren shook his head. "Please… no… I don't understand any of this… start at the beginning, why, what… you rejected me right."

"Yes I unfortunately had to," Historia nodded, appearing sad. For some reason he could get a good feeling of when she was acting and teasing him before, but for a moment… he wasn't so sure.

'Unfortunately… ?' Eren slapped a hand to his eyes.

"You have to be careful how you address me," she said, waving her hand to below them, "I do not care for formalities especially if it's from you, but there's many people passing around the palace and below us. If you do not take care to maintain appearances, the King might just cut your tongue off. And that's the first condition – Tidy you act up."

"What are you saying…" The green eyed boy tried to calm himself but pressed on after his question was half dodged. "Then… please tell me, you… went ahead and… k-kissed me… and then took me away?"

"Yes." Historia nodded her head simply. "It was a token of my feelings, and you did not pull away either. Since you did not reject it, my confession was successful and so here we are. Ahh~"

"… W-What…?" His eyes narrowed and expanded, then narrowed again. She had rested both her elbows on the table easily and press her face in the palms of her hands, looking at him dreamily and making a happy noise. "… I… still don't understand, you… want to go out… with me?"

"Yes." Her blue eyes pulled in and she pecked his lips before he could do anything again. There was absolutely no time for him to even consider rejecting her.

Although… he didn't know if he would have tried rejecting her anyway.

Thoughts on romancing aside that seemed too mundane and flawed to him, he was more simply curious than attracted to this girl. But in that sense, he was attracted to her. That he couldn't deny but argued it was a different matter.

"Lost in thought again?" Giggling at him, the princess pulled away and returned to her position, examining his flushed face directly.

"Yeah… I still don't get it…" He sighed, sorting out his thoughts. "So… why… if you wanted to go out with me, no wait… why do you even… agh, so wait… why did you reject me when I…"

For a second he had forgotten it.

The reason why he had tried to confess to her in the first place.

It was all part of a stupid penalty game.

Having crossed the line already, this was surely his punishment.

'Ahh right… I see… she's just toying with me,' Eren thought, seeing her expression, her eyes filled with mirth and excitement. Despite thinking so… he couldn't help but feel that her amusement was real. 'But then… if she wanted to mess with someone, that other guy was flat out rejected even though he was a noble… no wait, is that why… she's the princess so she would get suitors all the time… and her father seemed angry about bringing me home but agreed… so I'm a fake cover for her…?'

"Yes, you look like you are almost on the right track," she nodded as though reading his thoughts, "but to answer you, I did it because I liked you."

"… Eh?" Eren wondered, 'then… she likes me…? But still picked me up just to act as her fake fiancée…?'

"I chose you for the same reason you said," she snapped her fingers and folded her hands dramatically, "it was love at first sight!"

'No… that's just what I made up, there's no such fictional thing like that…' Eren stared at her, her facade concealing what he should make of it, but…

She looked genuinely happy.

Like she believed this sort of thing actually happened.

"Love at first sight…? But you still rejected my…"

"Of course," she frowned down at him, "you stole the words right out of my mouth! I wanted to confess first so I had to reject you of course!"

He stared at her in disbelief. 'That… makes no sense. Like I thought, she's messing with me.'

"Hey… princess Historia…?" He wasn't sure how to address her. "If I'm going to act as your fiancée -"

"No?" She blinked at him. "You are my fiancée now."

"R-Right…" Eren didn't recall agreeing to that exactly. He had been dared to ask a girl out, not suddenly get betrothed like royalty. "Then… I'm just asking to confirm things, I don't mean anything by it, just um… since you mentioned stuff like 'love at first sight'… just to be sure… do you… know where babies come from?"

Her face remained impassive and silent for a little while.

He knew full well that this was a dangerous question to ask.

But he was more concerned about the princess's beliefs right now which he needed to confirm just how much she believed… fanciful ideas and how much was her using him.

"A stork carries them into bed at night obviously," the princess answered unfazed before smirking and pointing at him with a giggle, "what is it? Did you think I still believed that angels would deliver them like ghosts? I am fully aware such things are unrealistic and fictional."

'That… doesn't seem much more realistic…' Eren wondered just how young he was when his mother told his that story.

"Angels are busy fending the world off against demons, they obviously do not have time to deal with babies," she waved her hand relaxedly, acting as though she was fully confident on the subject.

"… Of course," Eren nodded. 'Oh dear… so she's both a romanticist but is also making use of me so that no other suitors bother her any longer.'

"Well…" Historia stood up from her chair and walked around to his chair before leaning in to him. For a second he thought she was about to kiss him for a third time, which he still didn't know what to feel about.

She leaned down however and loomed over him, her eyes revealing herself fully for the first time.

As though a different person had taken her place, she grabbed his shirt and pulled his face up to face her.

"I guess that's enough teasing for now," her blue eyes were sharp but not completely cold. But they were still uncomfortable when he was the target of them. "Honestly… you didn't seem like a bad guy but you suddenly get excited at the thought of babies, huh?"

"I-I wasn't," Eren denied, unable to shake her of when she drove her knees into his stomach, "just… wanted to make sure we were on the same page… thank god you were just acting huh…"

"Yeah 'thank god' huh," she leaned into his ear, "listen, if you start talking about stuff like having children in the hall, my father will have you castrated no matter what I say about it."

Eren's sensitive shivered at her seriousness. He also realised he had spoken of a rather problematic topic and she had just acted childishly innocent to play it off. "S-Sorry I got it… you're right, I'll be more careful. But… why…?"

"… My father doesn't want me succeeding… no, it doesn't matter," she pulled away from his ears and continued fixating him seriously, "it's a family issue, you shouldn't get involved there. Listen, even after you leave this place, you must never speak of what we talk here. You will probably be followed and observed the entire time when you're not at home. Right now, we're lucky in the morning that my watchguard for this time is on my side and won't speak to my father about our encounter."

Eren frowned. Being watched and followed wherever he went right now.

It was a severe violation of his freedom.

Without thinking about anything else, he knew he didn't want this.

"Then… I'm sorry for getting involved, let's stop this and tell your father the truth… sorry but I can't go ahead with this, if I admit it now… he won't punish me right now, right?" Eren asked hesitantly.

He knew he had just made a bad move. She still had him locked in a hitting distance right now.

"I wouldn't be so sure, but that's not the issue. Really… what makes you think you can just leave?" Her eyes grew colder, filled with disappointment, "I guess I was wrong about you if you're just going to forget why you went along with me, huh? Mr Penalty Game Loser."

Eren gulped, feeling the shivers run through him. He had no idea when she found out, or if she had known from the start.

"Yeah… I'm sorry," he nodded, ready to admit everything, "that all was… just something I was put up to. I swear, I wasn't doing it to mess with you or anything, I seriously still don't get why you agreed anyway… but we can quit this before it becomes a bigger problem and I'll make amends…"

"Why you huh… I told you already," Historia's hand stroke through his growing dark hair which almost reached his shoulders, brushing his locks with intimacy, "it was love at first sight as they say… the moment I saw you, I could tell you were perfect."

"Eh… for real…" Eren could help but doubt before considering a different way of taking it. "Oh… you mean… I was perfect for you to use?"

"Yep, you got it," pressing her fingers together, she flicked his forehead, her hand imitating a gun. She smiled and patted his head, "you're not a coward, rather you loathe being called one. So, you won't run away will you? It doesn't matter if your friends put you up to it or who told me about it, the truth is – you crossed over to me and started this."

His heart jumped out of it's place, or it might have just died on it's own.

'… Yeah…That's right… I did…'

It may not have been his idea and he had argued back against Jean and everyone else about it. But –

"You pushed yourself into this in the end, unlike those brainless nobles' sons asking for my hand in marriage, you went ahead with a game, and toyed with a maiden's pure heart and feelings," she playfully faked rubbing her eyes before smirking down again. "But, you're not someone who will back down, are you."

"… No, I'm not," Eren agreed, his breathing a little calmer now, "I'm sorry… for thinking of running off… I… will make up for playing a stupid game."

"Mhm," she nodded, her eyes still showing her true colours but a lot less intense and pleased almost, "it's not like I can blame you for feeling unhappy from being watched henceforth, but I'm glad… like I thought, you're not the type of person who would run away from his problems. Anyway, you understand what you have to do right?"

"Yeah… I guess, I'm your fiancée…" Eren forced himself to imagine the situation a bit better. "I'll act the part so you won't be bothered with other suitors and well, the King's wishes."

The Last Princess Historia Reiss of the kingdom.

A key figure of the entire nation.

The heir of the throne who stood above all others, even though he had never met her until yesterday, he had heard the rumours.

The beautiful girl that was always alone wherever she went.

If word got out…

"But hey… I'm a nobody," Eren pointed out his social standing, "how would this work, doesn't a princess have to marry a noble? The whole political factions and shit would start internal conflict and all that if you don't have an acceptable partner right?"

"Yeah… that's what…" she began again and shook her head, standing up and reliving the pain from him. Returning to her seat, she stopped whispering and began speaking formally again. "It is not something you have to worry about, so long as you meet the conditions, my father is the only one who needs to approve you… and that is the second condition."

"Right… and how am I ever going to get the King of the land to approve of someone like me?" he asked, recalling the previous evening. He had been given one dirty look and been ignored. He was glad that he had straightened out his school uniform on the journey here.

"Why by proving yourself of course, sir Knight." The blonde brought up the coined nickname now.

"I'm not a knight, that's something that came to me on the spot, well…" Eren recalled back his families generations, "I recall that we were of the class a few centuries ago, but whatever happened in my father's time caused the King to revoke our title. Now I'm just a commoner, I'm only able to attend the academy since I got on the scholarship program…"

"Yes, I presumed so as well," she clapped her hands looking pleased. "The moment I saw you… I knew you were not a noble born. You had the physique of a knight trainee but I have never seen you on the field so I did not think you entered through the middle class admission. Which meant that you were a commoner and your family either had connections or you got through the high standards exam on the scholarship program."

"Yeah…" Eren nodded, considering if he should reveal the truth but Historia continued before he could.

"Someone who is not after my title or family position, someone that can keep honest to their feelings and still consider their conscience, someone who I have leverage over and does not lack the abilities I need on my side," Historia smiled brightly, bringing the cup to her mouth again and finishing the drink. She stared at him with a smile. "Plus, you are reasonably attractive so you can suit appearances. You have the potential physically to perform and will earnestly support me. And, you will not take advantage of me or act unreasonably so long as I reward you… right?"

"Yeah… that's right I guess," he nodded sincerely. Considering it all, he could see why he suited the role for what the princess was after, however… he still wasn't certain if he had really been the only option for her. "So… how long will this take? No, I guess it doesn't really matter… so long as I'm free to go in the end, I guess I will do it."

"Great, I am glad you are on board," the princess reached out across the table extended her hand out. "I cannot promise you how long it will take but I swear, you will have your freedom from the royal house once my father gives in."

He stared out her for a moment and nodded, reaching out to take her hand with a firm handshake. "Alright, what do I have to do?"

"You should start with preparing for duels," she said with her dark smile returning.

"Huh? What are you… no, only knight and noble classes are allowed to participate in duels whether they are in or outside of the academy as long as they are students," Eren recalled.

"Mhm, that is usually the case. However, my father is the King after all," she got up with a smile and he moved to follow. "This will be your first test, starting today, the academy's tournament tryouts will be finalised. Since your family is a former equestrian, you will participate as an honorary esquire. Defeat all the knights in your duels and make it to to the finale eight and my father will at least accept you for now. Of course if you score higher then father will be forced to accept our relationship sooner."

"Wait… the Academy's annual tournament…" Eren gapped in disbelief, "no way… I'm going to get the life beaten out for me."

"Is that so… well, my father will only cut you off sooner…" she shrugged and made for the door.

"Okay, I know… I will…" he sighed, walking after her as she stopped before the doors of the veranda again.

"That's the spirit," she beamed. "I trust that you will live up to expectations."

Eren chuckled grimly. "Yeah… hey, so… what is it that you want? If I succeed as your… partner or whatever, what will happen to you then…?"

In the last dawn before they set out for morning, the princess turned to the honorary knight apprentice.

"I want the same thing you want… from the moment I looked in your eyes, you really were the perfect tool…" Historia smiled sadly. "Just as I knew what you would be after the moment I caught you up in this…"

But to him, she looked more real than ever.

He still didn't know what to make of her.

However, if it was one thing he knew, was that they truly felt the same in that moment.

"I want my freedom back."

Next Morning at the Academy

Eren sighed again, not listening to the class who all shared the rumours around them openly.

The entire school already knew.

"That guy really…" He could hear again and again.

"No way… look at him, this is all some fake joke someone made." Someone else said.

"Damn little, piece of -" And the cursing would continue, condemning the thought that he even tried to make a move on the most beautiful girl in the school.

'Great…' Eren thought, glancing at his friends who all turned away.

Jean had bumped shoulders on the way in and shoved him around a little before he had to kick him off. It wasn't a good start of the day.

Armin likewise seemed to not want to meet his eyes and Mikasa had been worrying the entire night for him and had been trying to infiltrate the palace to get him back.

He was glad at least that the others stayed up all night to stop her, however he wasn't exactly grateful for their behaviour towards him.

Sasha and Connie treated him alright but where a clear source of much of the rumours spreading.

Pieck had struck up a conversation with him but he was grateful for Porco for dragging her away and recognising he didn't want to talk.

Aside from them, Bertholdt nervously asked him if he wanted anything which he denied. He hadn't seen Annie so far today and looked around and saw that Reiner wasn't in either.

He wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing but was struggling with his own problems right now.

"Hey, you're Eren right?" A member from a different class walked into the room. It was break already and he hadn't noticed.

"Yeah?" Glancing up from the wooden table, he vaguely recalled that the guy's name was Floch.

"You're the guy that asked out the princess right?!" the bird's nest haired guy jumped up excitedly as Eren turned away with a sigh, not responding. "Hey, hey, what's it like? Did you really get to… you know… smoochy up to her?"

"No," Eren denied.

That was something he still didn't get.

There really was no reason to have kissed him twice now. They had only started this fake relationship and the second time had been out of everyone's sights.

Yet she had cleanly pressed herself into it.

It had only been brief but there seemed something strange about it.

There was no need for such exchanges when he was simply a tool for her to disengage from political matters.

So why…?

"Oh well, anyway you're on the last tryout for the tournament right?" Floch continued once Eren nodded. "Come along, you'll be disqualified from the start if you miss it."

Picking up his bag, he followed after him.

The duelling tournament which his school held every year.

It was a public event and it's final competitors were individuals who would receive fame and credit towards their future, all people who would be important to the country some day.

It was a sword competition without saying.

Eren had never once wielded the sword.

Gripping his fists, he considered the experiences he did have in fighting, but there were simply hand to hand brawls.

Having watched the competition in the past years from the audience seats, he knew that any techniques which didn't follow customs would not be looked upon favourably.

Still, he didn't need to look flashy or skilled, just so long as he played the bare minimum to the guidelines.

"So, you just gonna win the competition to stop any challengers for the princess's hand?" Floch struck up a conversation.

"Huh? What do you mean…" Eren pulled himself out of his thoughts, recalling that Floch was from Jean's class, both of them from the middle class background.

"The tournament of course? You know, King Reiss declared it a few months ago since he was tired of his daughter shutting out her suitors that he wanted to end it with this competition. Didn't expect it be moved up so suddenly after yesterday though, but apparently the princess still wasn't happy about just being betrothed to whoever was the strongest." Floch opened the door for him, leading out to the courtyard. "So hey, what's exactly your relationship with the princess?"

Eren sighed at the topic. He had only met her yesterday.

Or so he thought at least.

It felt weird a little but the way that Historia had spoken to him this morning, made it feel like they had met before somehow.

"I can't talk about that," Eren looked around behind him. Just as Historia had warned him, he felt that he was always being followed and listened in on school grounds.

"Ah come on," the leading boy whined, oblivious to the spying company, "tell me just a little would ya? Like, are you gonna win this tournament to prove yourself to her?"

"Not to her…" Eren mumbled, biting back his words, "I mean yeah… I got to win this for her or I will never feel I'm good enough."

Floch brightened up, seemingly happy at the answer. "Aw come on, I bet she likes you plenty already."

'As a convenience, sure.' The brunet thought.

"You should just scoop her up in yours arms and take her off on your warhorse, I hear that the princess is fond of romantic stories," Floch continued on with various rumours until they arrived, Eren mostly zoning him out.

The competition would take place at the Colosseum, the test grounds just outside of them.

As he arrived at last, he caught sight of the familiar long blonde hair, dancing in the wind.

She turned to face him with a smile that made him pause for a moment.

Her school uniform was just like yesterday.

But he only noticed it now. The deep red stripes, the long dress that passed over her knees, almost down to her ankles, the dark blazer which was adorned with more crimson shapes including the symbol of three walls, the royal family insignia.

"Ooh!" Floch slapped him forward on the back, making him stumble as he glared at him, "looks like you have business to take care off. Good luck man-!"

"FORSTER!" The instructor who had been speaking to the princess until then, yelled out at him. "What the hell took you so long?"

"I-I'm sorry," Floch trembled before the bald haired man, "I brought him here as fast as I could-"

"If you have time to be yapping like a legless squire then you can get to moving the equipment back inside!" The intimidating man seemed almost as tall as Bertholdt.

"Y-Yes sir," Floch set to as well before whispering to Eren, "be careful around Shadis, god he's such a prick."

"Oh really, do you not have the balls to say that aloud you faithless mutt?" Instructor Shadis loomed over him, having overheard the whole deal after crossing the distance with just a few paces. "You want me to expose your beaten ass to the whole ladies gathering tomorrow?!"

"No daddy!" Floch screamed and got to work.

Eren coughed at the questionable choice of words before Shadis turned to look him over and Historia walked besides him.

Faced with the dark circled eyes, Eren didn't flinch or show any weakness at all.

He couldn't say he wasn't intimidated at all but understood that was how the instructor taught. If he backed down now, he wouldn't get any further.

Despite that pressure being on him, compared to his past experiences, this didn't feel particularly scary.

"So, Instructor Shadis?" The princess looped her arms around Eren's arm, holding him lightly, "will you approve his entry into the tournament?"

"… So be it," Shadis nodded without any further testing. "Jaeger, you will be in the fourth rounds next week."

"Yes sir," Eren did the school salute and waited as Shadis nodded and turned away. "… Uh sir? So the… tryout?"

"You're in. As if there's anything I can do against the royal family's wishes," the instructor leaned down and picked up two swords.

Eren blinked and turned to the blonde who fashioned him a smile, 'that's… it?'

"See? There's no problem thanks to me," Historia patted herself exaggeratedly.

"But, if you think you will get far in the rounds, you are mistaken," Shadis then spoke again turning around and throwing a sword to him.

Eren caught it easily and breathed in, realising that he did need training no matter what.

"Instructor Shadis, remember like I said," the princess called out to him easily, "don't hold back one bit against him!"

"Huh?!" Eren's open mouth demanded at her. He knew at least that Shadis was a fully fledged knight with decades of experience before he retired to training at this school.

"Very well your Highness," the instructor nodded and glared forward, making Eren back into position a little before he began stalking forward. "Jaeger. I do not know what your circumstances are but I hope you show the potential that the princess had assured me of."

Feeling the impeding sense of danger, he held the handle of the blade, a thin razor like sword designed for speed and pointed it forward.

Before he knew what was happening, the sword had snapped in half and he had fallen backwards, flying into Floch who at least softened his fall after being knocked out.

'Did he… just headbutt me?' Eren gnawed, brushing a hand over his head like it had just been hit by iron at the same as the sword swing had launched him.

Shadis was staring at him darkly, from the spot he had been in a few minutes ago. He already felt they weren't off to a good start.

Already up and ready, Eren engaged himself, imitating the position the instructor had before he started.

"Hm~" Historia hummed contently, feeling her act drop as she watched.

The whole practise was one sided.

Eren had been thrown dozens of times before the end and Shadis had broken out into his usual encouraging (?) insults and talk.

She watched over him, listening to his replies and addressals that he was ready each time.

Each time just as the instructor proved, he was not ready. She felt she had made a good choice in picking the one known as the cruellest teacher on school grounds.

"Just as I thought…" Historia smiled. The evening hours ticked by. "Ah… I suppose this almost makes it 24 hours now since we began…"

Her blue eyes examined him happily, the instructor stood over him not out of breath at all whilst Eren kneeled before him.

And stood up again.

Each time, just a little bit, his movement improved, the speed of his reflexes revealed a bit more power, and his swings refined just a bit more.

For something that had began 24 hours ago, he had already improved fast.

She knew she had to tidy up his speech, make him less gloomy and properly equipped for the tournament.

But even so… she was happy with who she found 24 hours ago.

Every hit he took, not once did his will break.

Not for a single moment… did he lose sight of what he needed to accomplish.

Her heart fluttered for a second as she watched him again.

'E-Eh...' she rubbed her cheeks, feeling them warm a little as her eyes instinctively glanced at him again, 'ah… oh dear… I might just end up… n-no there's no way.'

Slapping her cheeks, she focused ahead of her on what was important.

Even so… more than any other feature of him, his spirit… was truly bright.

She couldn't help but feel attracted to it…

It even began to hurt to see him push himself and bring himself pain.

It was finally over when the school bell rang for the day and the instructor left with Floch in tow after he had somehow gotten hurt on the way to the infirmary and the instructor had to go and get the medic himself for Eren.

"So… how was it?" She leaned down over him in the low sun, extending out a hand.

The green eyed boy robbed his face in pain, glad that he wasn't bleeding from anywhere.

"… I hate you…" Eren muttered under his breath weakily without any malice, staring up at her as she giggled at him. "You were enjoying watching me get hurt weren't you… god, even I could tell he was being meaner than he would be with Floch. I bet you threatened him too with something."

"Hm, yes, yes and no. That's to answer your questions in reverse order," Historia smiled mischievously, "in other words, don't blame the former knight commander, but it's not like I did it to be mean to you… you know… I actually… for a moment there… I thought…"

Eren felt her pull him up, surprised at her arm strength although partially since his whole body had been spent after putting all his effort into it. "… You though what…?"

"Nothing," she shook her head, "well I was sure you could take it anyway, there's little time and a long way to go, but… I do not regret choosing you."

"… Thanks," Eren gave her a small smile and they began treading forward inside, when she pulled him onto her shoulder, "ah um… princess?"

"Historia," she smiled, "well… I suppose are not on the day where you can call me by name yet."

"Yeah, that's right, is it alright for you to be helping me like this either?" Eren pointed out.

"O-Oh right," she stuttered and stopped, about to pull away from him but she changed her mind instead, "actually… it is fine. You are my fiancée after all and here we are just students."

"Right…" Eren chuckled, "despite that, you're not going to help me out if I'm in pain."

"… Who said I will not?" she turned aside and pulled out a handkerchief, wiping the dirt from his face a little and otherwise cleaning up his uniform. "I may be the worst girl who is using you… but I am not like my father or his noble friends who will cast you aside."

"Ah no, sorry… I didn't mean to think of you like that," Eren denied and reassured her, patting her shoulders. "I didn't mean it like that… and… you're not the worst girl. I mean… I'm the worst for getting you involved to begin with… and well, turning into the enemy of the whole school as well."

"Oh dear, I suppose there is no going back for you either," Historia spoke again, the wind swaying her ponytail to one side, "I am not intending to cause you pain… but it is unavoidable to achieve our goal."

"Yeah…" Eren nodded pulling his hand out again as she clamped around with their handshake anew, "I will bear with it for now. Partner."

"Partners." Historia smiled anew and agreed with his term.

The deal was set.

And the trouble was inevitable.

"After all… this is your Penalty Game."

To Be Continued…?

Intended originally to whizz through a mini-tournament and end it off at a stage where the two basically realise they've gotten to like each other properly… a more genuine love created from a fake on basically lol, which I'm sure you all know the theme of haha.

Anyways, basically intend to right now mix this with another bit for a two short basically, since I wanted to write a tournament kinda fic as well lol but will see for now, either way if I don't decide to do it as a two part, I might come back and change up/add to this chapter… maybe lol.

Historia walked into the classroom, silencing the rumours going around as she passed before they initiated anew.

Taking her seat in the corner, near the window, she sat alone, nobody making a move to approach her.

There had been no more suitors since that day or tasteless proposals asking her to be involved with them.

Peaking through the window the whole time once class started, she excitedly waited for the 3rd peiod.

Just as the few days before, Eren was out, this time training with Floch who he could easily disarm now.

His style was unorthodox but effective.

She smiled, full faith in him.

"KYAAAA! Oh my… he's so hot!"

Historia's head snapped towards the annoying sound, noticing after glancing back and forth that they were staring at Eren.

It was a group of girls… and boys who were chatting eagerly amidst themselves while admiring the sweat coming off him, the new arrival to the classes striking much attention.

She breathed in and out, calming herself and turned to stare at him.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna marry him."

The finger in her hand snapped and her chair fell to the ground, causing the whole class to jump, all their attention on her.

"Oh really..." She glared with pure rage, considering pulling out her sword before choosing the newly developed weapon in secret.

"Y-Your Highness… what is that?" One of her classmates, whose name she never cared to remember, questioned her.

"Oh, it is nothing for you to worry about…" The blonde girl reassured them, aiming the flamethrower straight at the group. "In fact, you will not need to worry about anything anymore in the future…"

The royal family paid for the damages of the school in monthly instalments.